The next software update for HoloLens is coming early next year

The last major HoloLens software update to have been released was the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which dropped in mid-2016. Since then, Microsoft has released two major Windows 10 updates, those being the Creators Update and Fall Creators Update, but oddly none of those releases were ever made available for HoloLens.

While Microsoft hasn't explained why this was the case, the company has today announced that the next feature update for HoloLens will be coming early next year, which likely means it'll be released alongside Windows 10 Redstone 4.

We are also working to bring some of the most asked for software updates for HoloLens to our existing customers. We are committed to delivering an update to existing customers sometime early next year.

Microsoft says this release will focus on the "most asked for software updates" from developers and businesses, we don't know much else about this update at this time. It's also unclear if Microsoft plans to take advantage of the HoloLens Insider Program, which hasn't seen a new Insider build in over a year.

Bringing a new software update to HoloLens is exciting for Insiders and developers in possession of HoloLens devices as it means new APIs, features and functions are in the pipeline. Now that the Windows Mixed Reality platform is officially here, new software updates to HoloLens will only be beneficial for developers.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • I'm very excited for this.
  • Is this article in reference to what Lorraine presented today?
  • Very excited to hear about this...have mine for over a year and all I have done so far is to showing it off to everyone :)
  • Oh Boy! Can't wait;")
  • Is the hololens still useful now mixed reality devices are out?
  • The Windows Mixed Reality platform is the evolution of the Windows Holographic platform from HoloLens. The reason for the lack of Creators Update and Fall Creators update for HoloLens is probably that the platform evolved for the tethered VR HMDs and needs more work to support MR headsets again. There are no mixed reality devices for PCs out yet. The headsets they've just released are VR only ("occluded") headsets for PCs. In the future, occluded (VR) and combining (MR) headsets will merge and we'll have a single headset that can do both depending on apps needs. However, we're still years away from a unified mobile standalone headset. In the meantime, both occluded and combining, and both PC-based (cable or wireless) and mobile (HoloLens) have their place, we might still see categories with occluded mobile headsets and combining tethered headsets before we see unified ones.
  • I agree with Philippe Majerus. Also, in some ways hololens is more advanced than current mixed reality devices in the sense that it doesn't require cables/being tethered to a computer. The problem is that it's probably really costly to make and also isn't powerful enough by itself to do things that tethered devices can. 
  • Finally!!!
  • When will we see non-tethered headsets?
  • There will be two kind of non-tethered headsets: Mobile ones (all-in-one as in the PC is in the headset) and Wireless ones (the headset is only sensors and optics+sounds, uses a PC for the rest). Intel cancelled their mobile occluded headset reference-design Alloy, seemingly out of concern about the rendering it was capable of for games. Now they seem to be working on WiGig-based wireless headsets to get the photorealistic rendering from a powerful PC in the same room. I guess wireless occluded headsets will be coming during second half of 2018, probably for the holidays again.