How to acquire the Cyberpunk-inspired Cyber Hands 2177 secret weapon in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2
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Dying Light 2 is absolutely packed with interesting weapons, locations, characters, and easter eggs, and all four of these combine to produce the Cyber Hands 2177. It's an easter egg in the sense that it's a clear nod to Cyberpunk 2077 while being an interesting weapon in its own right and found in a location that is easy to miss.

Why is it called the Cyber Hands 2177? It's an obvious play on Cyberpunk 2077 and, well, it's a set of knuckledusters that go on your hands. The actual weapon is a clear nod to the Mantis Blades from Cyberpunk 2077, and while not a like-for-like recreation, you can certainly see the resemblance.

Importantly, it seems that the Cyber Hands 2177 can only be acquired before completing the main campaign. So if you want this unique weapon then you need to bear that in mind. But it's certainly worth getting.

Here's what you need to do.

How to acquire the Cyber Hands 2177

Dying Light 2

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The Cyber Hands 2177 is definitely one of the most interesting weapons in Dying Light 2, not least because it's grey (common) quality, fairly low damage, seems locked to level 4, and breaks quickly. But none of this tells the story, and getting the weapon in the first place will give you a nice little easter egg. And with melee weapons like this who even needs guns in Dying Light 2?

The first thing you must do is complete the "Broadcast" mission. This is because you need access to the roof of the VNC Tower. You could veer off and claim the Cyber Hands 2177 before completing the final steps of the mission, but you'd then have to scale the entire VNC Tower again. And you don't want to do that.

Once you complete the "Broadcast" mission you unlock easy access to the roof of the VNC Tower. To get there now you simply go into the lobby on the ground floor, get in the elevator and ride to the roof. No parkour is necessary.

Dying Light 2

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When you get to the roof head to the shelter where you have a bed and your stash and climb on top of it. Looking towards the south and southwest you'll see two towers, similar in height and both much smaller than the VNC Tower. Your destination is the furthest tower away, and if you have enough stamina you can simply fly over there with the paraglider.

But, a much better route is to first head to the nearest tower. Besides some insurance, you'll find a military airdrop here which contains some good loot and military tech, which is important for certain upgrades. Military airdrops also class as an encounter so you'll get XP for opening it as well.

Once you've opened this you can then use the paraglider to head across to the second tower. When you land, head left and you'll see a small campfire with a figure standing next to it.

The Liquidator

Dying Light 2

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The figure is the Liquidator and this is part of the easter egg. I won't spoil the conversation, but it's fairly interesting, and even name drops Kyle Crane from the original Dying Light.

Once you complete the conversation with The Liquidator, a box will spawn next to you. Open it and inside you'll find the blueprint for the Cyber Hands 2177. Meanwhile, The Liquidator will vanish.

Crafting and using the Cyber Hands 2177

Dying Light 2

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The good thing about getting a blueprint over a weapon is that you can always get another. The bad thing is it costs materials to craft, and in this case, it's quite a lot of scrap.

You might also look at the stats and wonder why you'd bother. Sure, the damage output is low, you can't apply mods and it breaks really quickly. But this weapon has a party piece.

Dying Light 2

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It's absolutely ridiculously powerful when it comes to shock. You have to be close to enemies, but in just a few slashes you can easily stun lock an entire group. And you get shock applied on every single attack. That is to say, a 100% critical hit rate. It might only do 40 damage, but that does not matter.

The Cyber Hands 2177 can be used in tandem with any other high damage weapon to absolutely shred through large groups of enemies or even tougher bosses. The constant application of shock allows you a window to follow up with some big hits from one of your other weapons to make light work of whatever is in front of you. This power makes it viable for any level player.

So there you have it. Getting one of the more unique weapons in the game takes very little effort so long as you've reached the right point in the game.

Remember though that all signs currently point to The Liquidator not spawning once the main campaign has been completed, so as soon as you're done with "Broadcast" head on over and snatch up the Blueprint.

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