How to acquire the PK Crossbow in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2
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Dying Light 2 isn't short on weapons, and it's definitely not short on great weapons. In many cases, you'll have to rely on the RNG gods or a vendor coming up with the goods, but there's one weapon that everyone who plays Dying Light 2 should get.

The PK Crossbow.

This ranged weapon is an automatic crossbow with high damage and a high fire rate. It also scales with you as you level up and it reloads like a firearm, dropping a new cartridge in when you've emptied the last one.

Anyone can get the PK Crossbow without too much effort, but not everyone will get it. Here's what you need to know.

How to get the PK Crossbow in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2

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As the name implies, the PK Crossbow in Dying Light 2 is a Peacekeeper weapon, and acquiring it is linked to your support of this faction. So how do you do that? You're not going to be able to grab this thing right out of the gate, but you can get most of the way to acquiring it just by playing through the story.

The PK Crossbow is a reward for assigning facilities to the Peacekeepers. As you progress through the campaign eventually you'll hit your first water tower when you're looking for Jack and Joe.

All these facilities are initially offline and when you enable them you get a choice of assigning its control to the Peacekeepers or the Survivors. As you assign a facility to each faction you'll unlock some kind of rewards, and the more control you hand over the more rewards you'll get.

Along with water towers, you'll also come across electrical substations, though you won't come across your first in the story until you reach the second part of the map.

How to unlock water towers and electrical substations

Dying Light 2

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Unlocking the facilities involves completing a mildly challenging puzzle and potentially clearing out some enemies around the exterior. Water Towers are parkour puzzles that involve climbing to the top of the building to activate the facility.

Electrical substations are a little trickier, in that you have to connect up a series of cables between generators. There are always labels telling you which fits where, but the cable length means you might have to think outside the box when it comes to a route.

Both types of facilities also boast some great loot which you need to get before you flip the switch and complete the activity. Once the facility activates the loot will be gone. Water towers you'll find it all as you climb so it's just a case of opening some crates on the way up, but the electrical substations you might have to go hunting.

You can also find GRE crates and inhibitors at some of these locations so scour every corner.

Assign four facilities to the Peacekeepers to get the PK Crossbow

Dying Light 2

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The PK Crossbow will find its way into your inventory when you have assigned four facilities to the Peacekeepers. That means if you're on a full Survivors playthrough you won't get it. If you want this crossbow then you'll have to at least split the facilities down the middle.

The actual reward is the Crossbow Pack, and with it, you get the PK Crossbow and the blueprints you need to craft its ammo. Crafting bolts takes similar materials to arrows for your bows. The crossbow itself doesn't have a durability score and will scale as you level up, meaning it's a viable weapon all through the game.

You'll encounter three facilities up to and including the all-important "Broadcast" mission by playing through the story leaving you only one other to activate outside of the campaign if you wish.

Dying Light 2

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The ones you'll unlock as part of the campaign are:

  • Horseshoe Water Tower - visited during the main mission "Water Tower" (Old Villedor)
  • Downtown Electrical Station - visited during the main mission "A Place To Call Home" (Central Loop)
  • Garrison Electrical Station - visited during the main mission "Broadcast" (Central Loop)

From there you'll have to venture out and find one at your own leisure to be able to unlock the PK Crossbow. You can find these easily enough by using your binoculars from a high point to scan the area. But, if you're only interested in getting the PK Crossbow, the easiest location to hit along with these three is the Wharf water tower.

Where to find the Wharf water tower

Dying Light 2

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This is probably the easiest to unlock if your primary goal is the PK Crossbow as it only has a 160 stamina requirement making it accessible to basically everyone who's progressed to the second part of the map.

Head to the Muddy Grounds district and you'll find the water tower in the upper right-hand corner. If you zoom in far enough on the map you'll see its 3D outline to help you locate it.

Dying Light 2

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There should be a loot chest on each floor as you climb so make sure you have some lockpicks handy. The parkour puzzle isn't too difficult but keep your eye out for ladders you can drop as you go higher. They make it much quicker to recover from a fall.

Enter the room at the top, mop up any loot you find, flip the switch and assign it to the Peacekeepers. This should be number four and you'll now have the PK Crossbow in your inventory.

Acquiring the PK Crossbow isn't difficult but it does require a bit of patience to play through the story first to get where you need to be. It's also worth noting that if your inventory is full at the time you unlock it, you'll have to visit your stash to retrieve it.

In lieu of any guns in Dying Light 2 the PK Crossbow is a must-get for damage dealing so it certainly makes sense to lean towards the Peacekeepers. Hopefully one day a New Game Plus mode will arrive allowing you to support the Survivors but keep hold of your precious crossbow.

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