How to change the email signature in Outlook for Windows 10 Mobile

When sending an email on Outlook for Windows 10 Mobile, a signature is automatically inserted by Microsoft. It says, "Sent from Outlook Mail for Windows 10." If you don't mind having that in all your emails, then move along… nothing to see here. However, continue reading if you want to remove or change the default signature.

  1. Open Outlook and tap the hamburger button on the top left corner.
  2. Tap Settings (gear icon) on the lower right corner and then select Options.
  3. Scroll down to the Signature option. You can edit the signature or completely turn it off. You can have a different signature for each account. Just tap the dropdown menu at the top to switch to other accounts.

I like using signatures on emails sent from my phone. I use "Sent from Windows 10 Mobile." It's one way of telling the person I'm emailing that I'm not in front of a computer to write a long or more detailed email.

Do you use an email signature on your phone? Let us know what is it in the comments!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • I use 'Sent from my Surface Pro 3 on Windows 10' and also 'Sent from my Windows 10 mobile'. Occasionally when bored I change if to 'Sent from Outa-Space' just to see if anyone actually takes notice of the signature.
  • Mine says 'Sent from the Surface Pro 5 in the year 2017'.
  • I swear I turn off my signature about once a week and it keeps getting turned back on. I'm thinking every time they update outlook, it get reset back to the default. No one cares what device your email was sent from.
  • Same problem! I hate the Windows 10 mail app right now! No swipe via mouse or trackpad on my surface as well...
  • My email hasn't been working on windows mobile for the past three updates. All I get is a "something went wrong" error
  • Same problem. Very annoying!
  • Totally.  This illustrates MJ Foley's point from a few days ago that Windows 10 is becoming an annoying excercise in figuring out what automatically changed itself against my wishes today.
  • Can you send email from other aliases?
  • Nope...which is an absolute joke!
    As is the default conversation view. Pressing 'to' should also bring up a contact list like in Outlook where you can select multiple contacts. Also, I could really do with having HTML supported in the signature.
    A very half baked app in its present form.
  • Yes you can, in the "From" field you can select which account you want to send from.
  • In the current Windows 10 Mail app, there is no 'from' option. Just to, cc and bcc...
  • It's too blend (or how to bring it). Even the default one has a link, which you can't do by yourself.
  • No formatting for the signature text?
  • Would be nice that the settings can be backup to the cloud. I know the accounts do, but not the setttings.
  • I need the ability to change font size!
  • It is there, look deeper, at the bottom. Same shit for font/format just like Word.
  • Lumia 630 update for window 10 when officially announced??
  • Sent form "seems faster" OS !!
  • I can't believe this requires an article, but it does.  Who the **** cares if the email they got was sent from your "Verizon LTE Droid Smartphone" or whatever it says.  Mine says "Probably sent from a toilet"
  • Actually, sometimes it is useful. If someone sends a too brief of an email, but it says 'sent from phone' you kinda get why. Also, yeah, it's a form of advertising, which is not a bad thing if you like Win 10. Signatures are important for professionals too who put their job titles and contact info. Saves having to retype it every damn time.
  • What I don't get is, if outlook is a universal app, why the hell can't I insert a formatted and multi-lined sig like I can in the desktop version?? It doesnt make any sense!
  • Send feedback!  Outlook mobile supports full formatting now like the desktop app, so it shouldn't be too dificult to add the formatting ribbon to the Signature box.  I've already requested it, so maybe upvote it :)
  • Mine says, "Sent from Hillary Clinton's private e-mail server. It's secure... no, really!"
  • Lol, awesome
  • So sneaky and deceptive that the vendors add their own advertisments to our email messages.  It is nice that it can be changed but I am guessing that 95% of the users don't realize their sending these advertisements and also have no clue how to turn it off.  Oh sure, some of you like them as it somehow give you an excuse to write a sloppy, condensed message because the receipiant will know that you used your iPod phone to author the message.
  • I'd like to tell them that I'm on a mobile device, be it tablet or phone for the same reason as you. I don't want to appear rude. I do sometimes not have one, depending on the situation.
  • So what good is my email signature if my mobile outlook won't send any emails via my pop3 rackspace hosted accounts, or any other account I have other then ones?
  • Sent From My Nokia 1110
  • I hope there will be support for HTML signatures in the future
  • I want HTML (formatted) signatures as well.  Outlook mobile now supports full formatting in the New Message / Reply compose window, so it shouldn't be too difficult to add it to the Signature box.
  • Would be nice if we could add images, like my company logo.
  • It better for ms to add an html support in it's signatures as It done in ordinary outlook on pc
  • I'd love to see the HTML signature I've defined on also used by my Mail apps on Windows 10...
  • No html or formatted support?
  • Why does the Outlook App for WM10 not allow you to remove thread view? You can on the Outlook App on Android?
  • I have no functionality issues other than no HTML signatures for more business use...
  • I use 'sent from my NSA monitored divice'
  • You must have a different version of Windows 10 Mobile than the one installed on my 640XL. There is no "gear" iconed button anywhere on screen as mentioned in step 2.