Chime in: How do you clean your filthy PC?

Building an insane PC rig is one thing, keeping it clean after hours of operation each and every day can be a real chore, especially if you do not have adequate dust filtering installed. For those without dust filters or older machines, we're interested in learning how you keep your system clean.

Community member Duvi asked the Windows Central forum community how they go about cleaning their PCs.

How do you guys clean the inside of your rigs? Aside from a couple of dust sprays, a couple times in the first year I built my rig, I haven't touched the inside to clean. What's the best and safest way to clean inside?


There are a variety of options available, including vacuuming (only reserved for worst case scenarios), compressed air sprays, and an anti-static brush. We recently detailed ways to effectively clean a PC and employ preventative measures to safeguard components against pesky particle accumulation.

But how do you keep yours clean?

From the forums: How do you clean your rigs?

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