How to dominate with Scorch in Titanfall 2: loadouts, kit list, battle tips and more

Titanfall 2 gives you six Titans — enormous, mechanized killing machines — to choose from. Scorch, as the name implies, is all about fire, from the thermite-launching primary weapon to the Flame Core that sends a wave of fire across the battlefield. Here's how to do the most damage with Scorch.

Scorch's weapons and utilities

Scorch is a Titan that deals a lot of damage, has high health, but is a slow, lumbering target on the battlefield. In order to play successfully as Scorch, you must first learn its fixed loadout:

  • Primary weapon: The T-203 thermite launcher is a single-shot weapon that launches a thermite grenade. It creates an area of splash damage when it hits something.
  • Offensive: A firewall is deployed in a straight line toward a target. Any enemies touching the firewall take damage.
  • Defensive: The thermal shield will melt any incoming projectiles and, if touching an enemy, will cause damage.
  • Utility: A canister can be launched and will begin emitting gas as soon as it lands. Hit it with some thermite to create a large, fiery area that will kill anything that touches it.
  • Flame Core: Launch a wide thermite wave toward enemies.

Scorch also has five kits available to unlock and use that will tweak the set loadout:

  • Wildfire launcher: The amount of thermite emitted by your primary rifle is upped. Wildfire launcher is available immediately.
  • Tempered plating: Your Titan is covered in armor that prevents damage from your own thermite. Unlocked at Titan-level 6 or can be purchased with 24 credits.
  • Inferno shield: Your thermal shield lasts longer and will do more damage when hitting an enemy. Unlocked at Titan-level 7 or can be purchased for 24 credits.
  • Fuel for the Fire: Use this to make your firewall burn longer. Unlocked at Titan-level 8 or can be purchased for 24 credits.
  • Scorched earth: Your flame core wave now leaves a wide swath of thermite in its wake.

How to use the thermite launcher and flame core

Scorch's primary weapon, the T-203 thermite launcher, is the weapon you'll use most. It launches a single grenade each time you pull the trigger and must be reloaded each time you fire. You want to pick your shots carefully, compensate for your target's speed, and also compensate for the drastic projectile-drop. There is a small area of splash damage when a thermite grenade goes off.

The first time you fire the T-203, you'll start your journey toward becoming a marksman. With enough practice, you'll be shooting pilots out of the sky when they eject from their doomed Titan.

The Flame Core Scorch employs launches a wide wave of thermite toward the enemy. This wave kills pilots immediately and does significant damage to Titans. The Flame Core can be bolstered by enabling the scorched earth kit, which leaves thermite burning in the wave's wake.

To maximize your Flame Core's effectiveness, ensure you release it when you have multiple enemies in sight — if they're in a crowded space, even better. It will pass through all enemies until it reaches its maximum distance. As you become accustomed to the Flame Core, you'll know exactly where it ends and you'll be able to plan shots accordingly.

The Flame Core does take a significant amount of time to build, so use it wisely. Launching it at a single Titan, while sometimes necessary, generally isn't good practice.

How to be successful as Scorch

There's one thing that Scorch really excels at on the battlefield — area control. This big, slow machine lays down thermite like you wouldn't believe, and while it's down, no one can touch it without taking heavy damage.

Every attack Scorch has will inflict some sort of splash damage. Even the T-203 launcher, especially with the wildfire launcher kit enabled, will put down a small pool of thermite. When engaging the enemy, you usually want to be at a close or medium range. If you're too far away, your Firewall and Incendiary Trap will be useless.

Firewall extends in a straight line ahead of you. Try using it in a crowded area, or use it to block an entrance. It's also super effective against Grunts and Spectres, as they're usually grouped together. Firewall, like all thermite, can be used to ignite the incendiary trap.

Your Thermal Shield is a dual-purpose item. When deployed, it melts any incoming projectiles, rendering them harmless. If you're close enough to an enemy to touch the shield to them, it also does quite a bit of damage. You can pretty much deplete a Ronin or Northstar's health completely with one deployment of the shield.

The Incendiary Trap is where things get really good. Launch up to two canisters — the cooldown kicks in after launching the second one — that start spraying flammable gas as soon as they land. When you hit them with thermite from any source, they'll immediately create an enormous pool of fire. Launching a couple of these into an intersection and igniting them will almost always throw off the enemy team's strategy. Likewise, if you see a group of enemy Titans backed into a corner, throw down your gas and ignite it — watch as they melt.

Avoiding self-damage

Scorch's weapons lend themselves to close-range fighting, and one of the biggest threats to you is inflicting self-damage by thermite. That's right — thermite doesn't care about friendly fire.

If you throw down a Firewall and proceed to take a step forward, you're going to start taking serious damage. Likewise, if you launch your Incendiary Traps and get stuck in the mix, you'll take the same damage as your enemies.

It's important always to keep a safe passage open. Yes, you'll be fighting face-to-face, but never let yourself get backed into a corner. Scorch doesn't have a dash function without the turbo engine kit, so there's no quick exit.

One of the best ways to negate self-inflicted damage — other than playing smart — is to use the tempered plating kit. It will significantly reduce the damage you take from your own thermite.

Your career with Scorch

Does Scorch appeal to you? Have you already started a career with this Titan? Let us know in the comments section below!

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