How to get the best fit for your Oculus Rift

A proper VR experience demands a proper fitting head-mounted display (HMD) — if the Rift isn't properly fitted, you might experience some display issues thanks to your eyes and lenses not aligning. A good fit is especially important when using the Rift's Touch controllers, as you'll be moving around a lot more and the HMD could fly off. Here's how to get the best fit for your Oculus Rift.

How to get the best fit for your Oculus Rift

Before fitting the Rift, those of you with long hair should use elastics to pull it back. Take a look at the Rift's strap orientation to determine where exactly your hair should be going, as the straps meet at the back but leave a triangular opening that is handy for feeding hair through.

  1. Loosen all Velcro fasteners.

  1. Pull each strap away from the display. They shouldn't pull through to the point where they detach.
  2. Flip the built-in headphones up and away from the straps.

  1. Place the display on your face using both hands. If you're wearing glasses, make sure they're comfortable against your face. You also don't want your glasses touching the Rift's lenses, as this could cause scratching.

  1. Pull the straps down over the sides and back of your head. The side straps should be sitting horizontally, but not covering your ears.
  2. Tighten and fasten the side straps simultaneously. Don't go too tight!

  1. Tighten and fasten the top strap. Don't tighten it so much that you feel the strap pull away from the back of your head.

  1. Flip the headphones down and position them over your ears.

You'll know you have a good fit when the Rift doesn't feel like it's being supported by your nose or cheeks. The weight should be held by the straps.

Now that you have the Rift on your head, you'll want to adjust the interpupillary distance. While looking at an image in the display, use the knob on the underside of the HMD to adjust until you can see clearly and don't feel any strain on your eyes.

If you experience blurriness in either eye, hold the Rift in both hands and adjust it on your face until you can see clearly.

Your Rift's fit

Do you take the time to fit your Rift by loosening all the straps, or do you quickly pull it on and go? Let us know in the comments section below!

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