Quick tip: How to easily and safely remove the Lumia 1020 Camera Grip

For those of you lucky enough to be sporting a Nokia Lumia 1020 along with the addon Camera Grip (PD-95G), you may have noticed that sliding on the accessory is easy as can be. However, removing the grip can be a tad finicky with users feeling like they may snap it or even damage their device. We know we’ve experienced this and we’re sure others have too.

Now, user antiochian2010 in our forums has kindly posted a quick 90 second video (see above) showing his method for removing the grip. It’s worth taking a peek to see if his method is better than yours and if it helps to alleviate any worry over stressing the plastic accessory.

Does his method work for you? Do you have a better technique? Let us know in comments!

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Gosh the black x yellow is sexy...
  • Pheew...!!
  • Nice! Thanks for taking the time out to make this little video
  • Agreed. Always nice to see folks taking the time to help others.
  • Good to know before I start swearing in frustration.
  • Thought it was Elop for a second.
  • Nah, Elop would say 'just buy another one' lol
  • How else was anyone else taking the phone out? That is exactly what I have been doing. Got this from common sense. It is basically just the revere of how you put the phone into the grip. You slide it into the base and get the USB connector in. Then pop one of the top corners in, then the other. I havent seen any damage to y yellow device and I take it in and out of the camera grip regularly. Once every day or two I would say.
  • Good and thank you...
  • Im sold....thanks for the video!!!!  Dumb question does anyone use this case daily or only when they are going to events or somewhere they are taking a lot of pics???
  • I only pop mine on when my battery is low or if I'm going to take a lot of pictures. The rest of the time, I have the wireless charging cover on.
  • I wish Nokia would combine the wireless charging cover and the camera grip together. Maybe even add an extra battery inside between the lens and grip.
  • Not sure if you know, but there is a battery iside the grip already
  • Never enough battery power.
    You need to make it more flat for the Qi to work.
  • Totaly agree with the more battery part. 1000 mAmp isn't enough. But how would the Qi work? 1020 doesn't have wireless charging built into it. 
  • Wishes for more battery you understand as a wish.
    How about combining the Qi cover and the battery grip cover?
    It's a wish. I'm not going to tinker them together.
  • I use it daily, 3G and 4G Networks here where I live sux, so the battery discharges really quickly, with the Camera Grip I get 9 hours in 3G/4G.
  • Looks like the video attached to this article on the WP app directs you to a 10 minute video of the Lumia 720 and not the camera grip? Anyone else seeing this?
  • Funny. I just assumed everyone was taking it off that way. I guess I should have made a video.
  • Not to start anything, as I don't own a 1020, but really?  an article to remove an attachement?
  • If there is confusion over how to use an accessory, and someone clarifies it, how is that not worth a news item? Skip it if you're not interested... it really won't harm you.
  • Yes, this is pretty much the exact strategy that I've been using from day 1. Well done, antiochian!
  • This video was filmed with the Lumia 520. How awesome it is to have the high-end and the low-end from Nokia filming eatch other.
  • Where in hell are the yellow camera grip
  • Exactly..... I spoke with a MS store on Sunday and he stated in would be September...
  • Here in Brazil the only way i could find the Yellow is if a buy from a chinese import shop. Even the Nokia Store doesn´t have one :(
  • Tip: Microsoft Store is giving away free camera grips with purchase of a 1020!
  • I finally got around to unboxing my grip, and I got the impression that some people might (have) miss(ed) the extra wrist strap that's hiding in the bottom of the box (despite it being mentioned in the documentation).
  • Perfect timing! Just got my 1020 w/ free camera grip today and was experimenting with the most efficient / least damaging / least potential to have it fly across the room way of separating the two. It's a snug fit for those of you who haven't tried it. I was a little worried that the lateral movement would do more harm than good, glad to see that's not the case. Thanks for the tip! And BTW, this camera rawks!
  • Cool video - thanks for sharing...
  • Got my 1020 and camera grip last week and this is exactly how I've been separating the grip from the phone. However this is still a useful video for those who are not sure what the best way of separation is.
  • This is really cool....i was searching for this from a long time :) Thanks a ton