Here's how to buy the Surface Duo 2 outside of the U.S.

Surface Duo 2 White Case Pen
Surface Duo 2 White Case Pen (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has announced many new Surface devices.
  • These devices are being subjected to differing regional release dates.
  • Shopping concierge Big Apple Buddy is committed to helping those in regions with later release dates get the products earlier.

If you want a Surface Duo 2, here's the scoop: It's arriving on October 21, 2021, so long as you live in the U.S., UK, France, Germany, Australia, or Canada. If you're not on that particular list of countries, you'll receive the Duo 2... later. How much later is up in the air.

However, Big Apple Buddy has a solution. With its help, those customers outside of Microsoft's favored regions can get a hold of the company's upcoming Surface devices not long after the U.S. receives them.

Big Apple Buddy works with FedEx and DHL to ensure people anywhere can get the devices they want a few days after their initial release, meaning if you're in a region that's not set to get the Surface Laptop Studio or Surface Pro 8 for a while, you know where to turn to.

Take note that there will be a minimum fee of $50 USD per order, dubbed a "service fee" due to the company handling all of the international logistics on your behalf. You can check out more details over on Big Apple Buddy's site.

And on the flip side, if you live in the U.S., you don't have to worry about any of this. Just enjoy instant access to everything Microsoft announced at its 2021 Surface event.

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  • Thanks for sharing this WC! I'm in Canada, but it's good to share this with others. Would you happen to know why Canada was listed as a country with access to preorders but when you go to the CA site, the duo pre-order page just says "coming soon?" Right now, anyone in Canada can't preorder. it was available to preorder on Sep 22 for about 3-4 hours, but since then it has been disabled with that coming soon update (note: i did fortunately get a pre-order in, fingers crossed it's shipped on time).
  • I suspect they had a limited number available for preorder. I got my two Duos successfully preordered though, about 10 minutes after the launch event finished. 😊
  • Just got an email that mine shipped today!
  • Unfortunately my country is not listed here either 😢. Oh well
  • Woop woop, they just added Australia on the list! Edit: Just looked it up. Looks like it will be only available for business orders at the moment here in Microsoft Australia website.
  • Yes currently only a Commercial release 🤭makes sense I suppose, Australia is a IPhone dominant country, hopefully things change, otherwise my intriguing mind will import one from ABB, again, looking forward to a proper reviews on the Duo 2, as if the software is fixed, I'm sold to be honest, I'm still using the OG Duo, as a daily secondary device.
  • I don't get why that would be a problem. At least here in Sweden there's no problem for anyone ordering through the business channels.
  • Yes, and there are perhaps more Android phones than iPhones so it would make sense to sell to end users.
    And besides, after the way we were treated with Windows Phone, Microsoft should reward those who have supported them.
    I continue to use my 950XL and unless the Duo 2 becomes available in a timely manner I will source a Chinese one.
  • I'm in Australia and, assuming the reviews are OK, I'll get a Duo 2 at some point. Certainly not at release though. The base model is AU$2,319, which is equivalent to US$1,693, so we're paying a US$200 premium at the outset. I'll keep an eye on the price and probably get one if they hit AU$1,500 in a reasonable time frame. The fact that they are aimed at commercial customers here is Australia makes me think that prices won't go down as quickly as they might for consumer-oriented devices though. Only time will tell.
  • Not exactly. Australia includes sales tax in pricing, the US does not. So knock off the 10% GST from the Australian price (or add 10% to the US price - for worst case US pricing) to get a fairer comparison. I make the difference less than $30 US at the current US/AUD exchange rate. Not saying you shouldn't hold out as I think the Duo 2 is too much money - but the Australian price is, compared to the US pricing, extremely reasonable.
  • Exacly, I can't believe people don't get this. Here in Europe all prices are including VAT as well and people complain it's so much more expensive here than in the US. And if taxes are higher where you live, don't blame Microsoft, blame your government.
  • Maybe it's not that people don't "get it" but rather that they either don't know it in the first place or, as in my case, they simply forget. We all know that you're really thinking "I'm so much smarter than these people" so maybe get over yourself a bit.
  • Fair call. I'm so used to Australian prices including GST that I do tend to forget that US prices don't include sales tax.
  • I just rang the Microsoft business team Australia to see how much and possibly place an order for the Duo 2. 128gb model is about $2300 for a single device. I want one so bad, but I have a Pro 8, keyboard and Slim pen 2 on order. Will probably sell some old tech in the next week or so and then pre order.
  • Do you know whether you need to provide an ABN or can anyone order one?
  • Because it's business only at the moment, mine is definitely going to have to wait until after Christmas at the current Aus retail price. Was really hoping to cheat and add a new handset to my existing plan lol Ahh well...never mind.
  • If I'm not mistaken, Europeans can actually order Surface devices from Microsoft Store UK or Germany with free shipping and a full warranty.
  • Absolutely correct. No shipping cost from Germany in to Benelux