How to remove the Live Tiles section in Windows 10 Start

We think the Live Tiles section in Start is an awesome feature for Windows 10, but it can be completely removed. It might not be obvious for some users, so we made a quick how-to video. See it in action on a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10.

  1. First, you'll need to unpin every tile in Start. Right-click each tile and select Unpin from Start.
  2. Once all the tiles are gone, use a mouse or trackpad to drag the right edge of Start all the way to the left.

That's it! We tried resizing Start using the touchscreen, but it doesn't work. You'll need a mouse or trackpad.

If you change your mind and decide to have Live Tiles again, drag the right edge of Start towards the right. You can pin apps by dragging them to the empty area or by right-clicking and selecting Pin to Start.

Microsoft does not make this option easy. There is no toggle to turn the Tile section on or off. Will you be removing the Live Tiles area from Windows 10? Sound off below!

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Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • THANKS BRO    Microsoft should add on / off button under our name in Start - it will be too easy for user    hope microsoft will see and make it more more better 
  • Are you an Insider?
  • yes bro i am insider since first day for both os . what about you ?
  • Why would they want to remove the best feature? The start is awesome!  It makes the OS that much better.  Old timers may not like it, but this is not created for that generation.  It's for the new generation.  These people are the future. These are the ones who will be buying the operating system or using it in the future.  Those complaining about it not being Windows 7.  Well who cares, you are not going to be responsible for the future of Microsoft.  Look at the younger generation and what they like.  They like social, constantly being notified, seeing new notifications, organizing their apps  and seeing what's new within those apps. 
  • Windows 7 is jurassic
  • At home I'll use Live Tiles - at the office I probably won't, but I haven't really decided yet. A lot of what you're saying is great for home users, but you can't have all those distractions in the office... Calendar and Mail make sense, but I'll likely pin my essential apps on the taskbar, and being able to open specific documents inside the start menu again is fantastic!
  • Because it is said that live tiles drain battery and use data. For someone who has to share the internet with 4 other people, It isn't worth using when I never use any of that stuff anyways. I also don't go on social media websites, so live tiles are pretty much worthless. Hence Microsoft had the sense to give people an option to disable them (I very much respect that). Personalization is what makes products great; not forcing new things onto old people (I'm 18).
  • Justbwondering why would you want to remove the tiles?
  • Because not everybody wants all that crap flashing in your face like a cheap poledancer trying to distract you from what you want when you opened the startmenu in the first place!!!!!!!
  • Start menu is so yesteryear anyway. Cortana starts my applications :)
  • Good for you. The whole point of Windows is to make it personal.. make it work how you want it to work. I love the tiles, but it's not for everyone. To each his own.
  • Thanks for the Cortana Boost, tell them
  • Then turn OFF the LIVE tile so all the poledancer crap is NOT flashing in your face
  • Then turn offLive Tile functionality or remove only the tiles you don't want to see. Small tiels actually make far better use of screen space than any older style of icon/shortcut. i.e. Small Tiles are BETTER for mouse/keyboard use than desktop shortcuts or anything pinned into Windows 7's Start.
  • I have no use for them. Fortunately they made it possible to shrink the empty tile portion near the end of the insider preview period.
  • I didn't know this. Now I can install w10 in my mother's pc in a few weeks without her complaining much. She can't even stand to see those live tiles, she hates them lol.
  • My start screen has been like this since the first day of being an insider.!! Simple and lovely. :D
  • Except they got rid of pinning anything yourself to that "old" style start. Still can only have recent or most used...smh...
  • What? I can pin whatever I like to start. What os are you running?
  • You can pin anything to the far left? How? I can only pin stuff to the right side with live tiles, not the left side list.
  • He's trolling. You can only pin as tiles to the right. I also miss that feature. It was possible in the early insider preview builds but then removed.
  • Windows 9
  • I'll probably keep the tiles, because the "Most Used" section is useless to me. I already have my most used... on the taskbar and/or as desktop icons. What I really need is an easy and alphabetical way to find the applications that I only rarely use, like on the traditional start menu. The more I think about it, the more I'm likely to install ClassicShell or Start10.
  • Just open all apps and they are there alphabetically. You can even click on the letters to bring the letter selection up to jump to a different section
  • The problem with the alphabetical list is that it looses context. The letter the app starts with is uninportant, but being able to distinguish between the Visual Studio x64 Command prompt for VS2008 and the Visual Studio x64 Command prompt for VS2010 is important to me. We have lots of legacy projects that are still supported, but unlikely to ever be retartgeted to a new compiler.
  • I'm Not a fan of mini-start, prefer to go full. Although ms should let users turn off live tiles in mini mode and have all the tiles in full view.
  • Microsoft could and I would imagine for Enterprise that they could add that as Enterprise probably do not care about apps. But for all other versions my guess is that Microsoft didn't want to make it easy or obvious to remove those tiles because in essence the tiles represent apps. I would guess that Microsoft wants to encourage apps to build userbase and their app ecosystem because it impacts the livelihood of the Windows Store and other devices such as mobile and ultimately Xbox that will use apps. Kinda like the Windows Store icon is automatically on the taskbar to drive traffic to it. I don't know how successful that will be but we'll see.  
  • yup, good points, I agree.
  • This is true, but the enterprise world will also have apps with specific enterprise stores.  And an enterprise could roll out certain apps to all their call center computers etc.. So you have a start button that is customized for your department with the apps that are required.  You could have live tiles if a new ticket is open as well as notifications.  There's a lot that can be applied to enterprise.  And on the server side it may be different all together.  Has anyone actually gotten a copy of Windows 10 server edition?  Does it exist?
  • MS should improve Group policy preferences to customize start menu on AD domains
  • Good point. I develop for enterprise users and something quite surprising happened today. When I gave a presentation, I opened my start menu and got a big "what's that?" Response. So I explained the concept of live tiles. One manager then asked me if I could use live tiles to show KPI from my application. I told him that, indeed, I could build applications where the user can pin certain parts of the app as tiles by using subtiles. Well, guess what? The next version of my application will need to have content that users then can pin to the start menu via tiles. And every user can pin what they want to see. Just like the weather tile, updated frequently. All completely personalized. The start screen becomes a business dashboard. Perfect use case. Didn't even think about it myself, but it looks like Windows 10 is off to a good start here.
  • I think you're right and I also think that is why they've made it so "not obvious" to remove the preinstalled apps, requiring you to go to a powershell to remove things like XBox or Music.
  • I can turn off live tiles by just right clicking on the tile. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • This is not about turning off live tiles. This is about removing all live tiles to make it like a legacy start menu
  • no . he is talking about where apps shows ( to turn off that )   only list bar will show ( when press start ) just by un-pinning apps 
  • This is not needed by me. I enjoy the one click to open my email in an app. Gone are the days of lists and browsers and websites and passwords just to check my email!
  • That's actually come full circle to the past :)
  • You are right
  • Knowing that the tiles can be live tiles, I'm thinking its smart to have to delete the tiles befor minimizing the start menu area. Those live tiles take up processor time and memory allocation. If you were able to just drag the tile area to the left, the tiles would still be running in the background.
  • On older PCs that "may" help performance. On newer PCs the impact is negligible.
  • That doesn't sound logical.  That would mean every app that supports a live tile whether pinned or not is going to be updating.  I think pinning is what turns on the live tile. Unpinning should turn it off until it's pinned again.  And as far as processing goes.  This is not a huge load on your processor. If it is, then you have some pretty bad hardware.  Windows 10 is about the future.  And it runs on old hardware but my guess is that people will now be more likely to update their computers since they like the OS they are running.  There's also cpu scheduling, so if you're doing something serious in the foreground i doubt the livetile will take precedence. 
  • No... Live Tiles run on PHONES and ATOM based Tablets where CPUs are very limited and battery usage is important. (WP and Windows Tablets have some of the best battery times, beating other phones with the same hardware and beating Android tablets with the same hardware.) Windows 10 does not support OLD ENOUGH processors that they are consuming a measurable amount of CPU time or RAM.
  • Get a new computer. I hate how people with old tech feel entitled to demand modern os run on old tech. I say no. Dont let old tech hold back new tech.
  • Thank you and I feel you. I am afraid by the time these old tech folks finish asking for let it do this, No I want it to do that, you are back at windows 7.... Old tech folks, stay with your windows 7 and you are not mandated to upgrade to windows 10. I have met folks and companies that still has some tool in windows 3.1 and windows NT, Guess whatm you are ahead of them, but please stop all these demands to bring windows 10 back down to windows 7
  • Nope, I won't be when I do upgrade to W10. Not sure when that will be lol...
  • If you want a mix of the win7 and 10 startmenu get startisback++ Using it since win8 and still loving it :D
  • live tiles are good for quick info checks like weather, calendar etc, why hide them?
  • Some people just don't like change.
  • Yup. That must be the reason. It certainly can't be because different people have different tastes... LOL ;-)
  • Indeed, why hide them in the start menu only when users should be allowed to pin their favorites to the desktop. :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Some people just don't like good things. Sad, right?
  • The only "live" tiles I use on my tablet are Mail, Calendar and News. Everything else is a glorified app-launcher. Many people don't use the calendar, don't care about news, and still use a browser for their email... so there's really nothing that "must" be pinned. Everything else essential can just be pinned to the taskbar etc. It really depends on how you use your PC, whether it's for home or business etc.
  • Anyone having troubles with search in settings ? Nothing is right !
  • Most Modern apps if not all are best to access from the Live Tile menu such as the news and blog sites, social media, podcasts, mails  and games, because these apps can take advantage of the live tile feature of Windows 10. However, if you are using mostly legacy applications or the browser to read news, watch videos or check your mail, then you can remove the live tile section. There is no shortcut to that though.  
  • I​ would turn all this off on my mom's laptop considering she doesn't really utilize the app store or any of the live tiles. The only thing I would consider keeping is the weather tile at least on her laptop. She's easily confused, if it doesn't look exactly the same like before she acts like its the end of the world. Boohoo! Lol.
  • Well since "no one" liked Windows 8 and it was a "disaster" I'm sure this will be a welcome tip.....
  • I will remove on my work machine but keep the live tiles on my personal laptop and desktop.
  • That makes sense, because seeing your latest 'email' 'messages' 'appointments' or the 'weather' is never something that should be done on a work computer... /s   I truly do not understand the logic of most users.
  • A tutorial on how one can make live tiles truly live again and appear on the desktop would also be great, if possible
    ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I know it's out the topic but I want to know is anyone facing the problem of nothing happening after clicking on add account in mail app in windows 10 ?
  • Dumbiest article of the week.   At the very least, users should be encouraged to keep their Live Tiles for at least a few days to see how they work and the information they can provide at a glance. These types of tips should come with an explaination why users probably would never want to do them. Next time, maybe wait a couple of weeks before posting ways for users to destoy the features and functionality of their new OS?  Should we expect an article tomorrow on how to run Progman.exe as the Shell too?  
  • I actually did that once, and ran like thar a bit, but then realized there were a few Modern apps I needed to open on a regular basis and since there is no way to pin Modern apps to the desktop (and I dont like clogging my taskbar with pinned apps) I had no choice but to re-pin Modern app live tiles again for quicker access to them.
  • Which "modern" apps did you feel you needed?
  • There is actually, you take the icon and drag it to the desktop
  • Why can't we pin Modern apps to the desktop? Why only to the Start menu or the taskbar? IMO everything that's pinnable to those two places should alo be pinnable to the desktop!!
  • Tablet mode.
  • While I too would like to be able to pin to desktop, full screen start menu is a close second.
  • Also, I think I might create a "dashboard" desktop I can flip to with things like weather, news, sports, and nextgen all open and waiting for me to look at.
  • Just drag the icon from the alphabetized list and you can make a link on your desktop
  • Really? I didnt know you could do that.
  • Will not be removing...
  • Just stay with Windows 7, then.
  • I found I use the apps more with Win10 especally with Live tiles than I ever did with windows 8.1 as they are there at a glance.
  • When I can organize my programs/apps in an easy accessible area so that I don't have to go through the entire start menu list to find them, I'd be crazy not to use the tiles. Not to mention, I don't even have to open a program to check on something for things with live tiles, like the weather app.
  • You know you can click a letter access the jump list don't you?
  • Of course. That gives 2 clicks, if you don't have a long list for that letter. If so, click, scroll, click. With the tiles, you have the apps you use most and just click the app. Done. I prefer the simplicity and speed of having the tiles. I don't have to open my calendar to see what my next appointment is. I don't have to open a website to check the weather. I don't have to log into Facebook to see if I have any new notifications. I don't have to log into my email to see if there are any new emails waiting. I save time all over the place, because I learned to embrace live tiles and use them to serve me.
  • Is there a way to reset the startmenu tiles? I kinda messed mine up by moving them around and minimizing them all to small tiles and now they look all stupid. Is there a way to set it back?
  • Don't think there is a "reset all" function, but you can resize your tiles again by right clicking each one and change the size under "Resize".
  • No, I will not be removing it, and what is the fun in that, I might as well stay with windows 7 if I am to configure windows 10 down to it.
  • The live tiles on my PC are here to stay. It is my "quick info at a glance" dashboard and my fastest way to access my most used applications. No pining to task bar or desktop here. The start menu has it all in one place, new apps and legacy applications, all as tiles. And for applications I don't use that often, there is Cortana. Just type the name of the application in the search box and after the first few characters, chances are it shows up on the very top of the Cortana window. Doesn't get fater than that. I don't see myself using the "all apps" list ever. I love the start menu the way it is.
  • I don't see myself using the "all apps" list ever.
    I have to admit that I have already used the "all apps" list. At least long enough to scroll through and "Pin to Start" for everything I saw I was wanting on my start menu tiles. ;)
  • I've already switched mine to the full size start screen for the time being. I'll have to get that organized before I try it in the start menu again. I do wish the edge tiles weren't all blue though. It makes them really hard to differentiate.
  • No. I think live tiles define windows 10. One could even speculate that if the desktop was replaced with the start screen and live tiles, you woould be able to enjoy the best of windows 7 and 8 by pinning files, shortcuts, folder, apps, programs, live tile widgets, interactive live tiles and maybe more as a potential future feature update for windows 10, striking the right balance between desktop and tablet without maybe needing a tablet mode button. Lifehacker wrote an article today showing that you can get rid of the new start menu and replace it with the familiar windows 7 start menu with an app. Truly mindboggling.
  • Just upgraded my 8.1 laptop to 10. I had Classic Shell installed on 8.1 and this carried over to 10 and looked/worked great. Uninstalled CS just to see the new 10 menu and what a let down! Mishmash of 7,8&8.1. Sorry MSFT, back to Classic Shell unless this is re-thought out soon.
  • Windows 98 Third Edition?
  • How to destroy Windows 10
  • Yeah, I'm going to remove it
  • Start menu on Windows 10 is a bad cmobination. With a mouse, Start menu on Windows 7 is easier. With a touch panel, Start screen on Windows 8 is easier. And the live tiles are same as Windows 8. No progress.
  • I like the live tiles, it's like my phone now. Too bad they don't sync.
  •   I love the live tile area. it's clean, no longer a full separate desktop. I use serveral apps like, Mail, Calendar etc because they are quick views of what I have going on today or tomorrow etc. I'm sure some hate live tiles, great, live in the windows XP era. I like the new stuff.  Windows 10 is really good. Of course people are going to whine and complain but they would do that no matter what MS did and no matter how perfect it was.
  • I just wondered, so now we have programs/apps in the taskbar, program/apps in the Start menu.... So what are we actually supposed to use the deskop for? More programs and apps? Add the notification bar to that... WORHHHH!!!!! It's program/app overload insanity if you ask me.  
  • Dont need'em (especially not on my working machine) and that has nothing do with my age or my understanding for technology. Its only a matter of taste.
  • No thanks.
  • Actually kinda stupid, not only do you have to click every single tile to get it on your "touch" start (no multiple select or resizing like  in 8.1) and.... You have to unpin every single individual tile to remove from start menu...  Tedious as h%%%.   Btw, does anyone know? What's the deal with only being able to pin 3 tiles next to each other and why cant the order of the start menu tiles be different than the Touch tiles layout?
  • Thanks for the Info. I like Windows 10 start button tiles plus menu as it is. but prefer Windows 8.1 full start screen with Horizontal scrooling. I think that Microsft went to verticle scrooling because Ipad users are used to that so it would be easier for them to use a Windows 10 Tablet. Old desktop fans and people who do not like MS info tiles now can have their dead looking start Menu again. All these options will make Windows 10 very appealing and useful to a lot of folks. including the Plain jane screen desktop crowd. Folks I think Windows 10 is a WINNER it's not perfect for sure but it will get the job done   
  • Unpinning doesn't work, the tiles will not go away.
  • should be folder option available too in live tile section to the start menu
  • I have yet to see anyone complaining about the live tiles who really even understands why they suck on anything but a surface or tablet. Their design is based on a touch screen device where the user is never even using a mouse. I have a touch screen laptop so when I am not using my mouse, just the touch screen, they are awesome.  However, I am a software developer, and that forces me to use my mouse all the time. Also, most users of Windows are desktop or laptops, and even more of those users don't even have a touch screen. SO WHAT REALLY NEED IS AN EITHER AN AUTO DETECT OR TOGGLE BUTTON FOR LIVE TILES. Sorry for the all caps, but I am very irritated with today's Window's 10 update. Up until today, I was happy with the new Windows 10 start menu. But now, whenever I minimize one of my many windows that are always open, the screen defaults to the live tiles, and instead of the last window that was open.  This new behavior is completely unnacceptable and my productivity has been reduced drastically because of this. I am losing my loyalty to Windows on weekly basis because of 10.