How to turn off the camera shutter sound on the Lumia 950 & 950 XL

When taking photos with the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, a fake shutter sound goes on. Sometimes, it can be loud and annoying, especially when you're trying to snap a picture discretely. We'll show you two ways to disable the sound.

Put the Lumia 950 or 950 XL in silent mode

If you mute the Ringer & notifications volume on your phone, the camera shutter sound will also be muted. Click one of the volume buttons on your phone and tap the bell icon at the top left corner of the screen. The icon changes to the vibrate or mute icon. This method is great if you just want to temporarily turn off the camera shutter sound.

Completely disable the camera shutter sound

If you want to completely disable the camera shutter sound go to Settings > Personalization > Sounds. Uncheck the box for Camera shutter. That's it. You no longer need to worry about it from now on. This also turns off the sound when taking screenshots!

Camera shutter off

Will you be turning off the camera shutter sound on your Lumia 950 or 950 XL? Let us know in the comments!


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  • I want to change the shutter sound to the Lumia 925 sound; that would be a nice option...
  • Same here. I personally find the Lumia Camera 5 shutter sound to be obnoxious. I like the older shutter tone on my Lumia 925. It is a clean, quick click. I also feel like the older shutter tone is a better match for the new alert tones and notifications of Windows 10 mobile as opposed to the Lumia Camera 5 sound.
  • we need to request it on feedback app
  • Lumia 925 users unite
  • Wait, we have have a different shutter sound to other Lumia users? Cool.
  • I've had it turned off since WP7 iirc, and will be doing the same once I get a new one! P.S. Any idea when we can expect to see Dan's 950 XL review?
  • Maybe this week around Friday. So much stuff we have to get done.
  • That's completely understandable! I know you guys are busy and I'm waiting patiently, and thank you for letting me know :)
    Edit: Also forgot to say I'm glad you're taking your time with it as it means you'll have a better impression rather than just the week you originally said. Just glad to know we should be seeing it before the 950/XL release over here in the UK.
  • Much difference between them? Any favorite so far?
  • It is annoying when taking screen caps aswel
  • Only creepers turn off the camera shutter
  • Proud creeper. Or, alternatively, I just find the noise super annoying. The hell, it's not a real camera. It's like using a classic LAN ringer for your phone, simulating old technology. Dumb.
  • Hey, I resemble that remark... I literally have a dial up modem sound as my ringer... Only old people know what it is and laugh, where as younger generations look at me like "what the hell kinda crazy ass noise machine is that?" And then they start dancing to it like its techno/ dub step...
  • Lmao, I'm surprised no one -has- turned it into or used it in a techno/dubstep song!
  • Only old people?  It isn't even an old technology.
  • Well just imagine your friend in an embarrassing situation and you want to click it.
  • I once put the Nextel chirp on a device as a messaging alert tone. Many people had no idea what that was. The Nextel chirp was an incredibly annoying sound back in the day. Posted from my Moto X Pure Edition via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Only if that's a fake sound
  • As Dan said it's incredibly annoying and can also be disturbing in some scenarios e.g. You're at a gig: The last thing you and others around you want are clicking sounds as you're trying to enjoy the music.
  • Hey man once I lend my phone to a friend in class and he wanted to take pictures of the powerpoint and  obviously it made the loudest sound :P same thing happens if you go to the library and need to take pictures of a book Also if you go to a museum you can't make too much noise
  • That black cover look good. Very retro, like an old camera.
  • it's growing on me. Definitely better than the original case, though.
  • What look best, the brown, white or black.
    Was going for white, then brown bow the black is tempting.
    I got a real camera retro feel when it was photographed beside the objectives.
  • It is law on some countries to have a shutter sound ok any digital camera. Japan for sure, UK & US were proposing it.
  • Thats awful
  • 80dB minimum probably too, and the flash must be on.
  • On my 930,. the shutter sound often goes AWOL of it's own accord on Windows 10 preview
  • I remember on the Nokia Pureview 808, I don't think you could turn the flash noise off and it was very loud and annoying, especially at a house party and you want to take a lot of pictures, the sound gets tedious and annoying!!!! Plus I like to take pictures of my Dog and that wouldn't happen if it made a noise because she is shy, plus my Niece (9 months) doesn't smile when she sees a Camera, so her Mom who has a Galaxy S5 from Korea can't take the sounds of because of a problem they have on the um subway so she has to use an app to take pictures but it leaves a water mark on all the pictures!!!! So I'm glad we can take the sound off and thanks for showing us!!!! I won't need to read the instructions (not that I do) when I get the phone, because Windows Central have given me all the information I need to know including this!!!! :p
  • There is no problem with her phone. There are territories that forbid the sale of phones that have a feature of turning off the shutter sound. South Korea and Japan are examples since they have privacy laws that covers such phones. With my experience with Android modding, I always get an advisory that using phones with disabled shutter sounds can be a civil or criminal offense in certain territories.
  • One of the first things I made sure was turned off. As others noted, the sound is distracting and unnecessary. We use it to take pictures of the kids and the lack of sound helps ensure they'll keep doing whatever we want to capture instead of stopping so they can come over and look at the pictures.  We also use it to take pictures during some of our troop events when shutter click sounds would be distracting. I understand some countries have made it a law and some people use it for less than good purposes, but for those of us who just want to take pictures of family/friends without the unnecessary extra noise it makes sense to have the option.
  • Hey guys quick question. Why does my camera seting says 16MP. Where is the 20? L950
  • The sensor is a 20MP one. In a 3:4 photo, you'll get close to the advertised resolution, may be 18 or 20MP. In a 16:9 (fullscreen) resolution, the photo will never of the resolution of the camera's sensor
  • 4:3*
  • Glad it's so simple to disable the shutter sound.
  • Can android even do this? I know I can't on my Lenovo tablet hence why i've never used the camera on it ever.