How to use a gaming controller with Star Trek: Bridge Crew on your PC

The latest update to Star Trek: Bridge Crew made it possible for PC players to enjoy the game without putting on a VR headset. This made it possible for people to enjoy the Star Trek universe no matter where they are, as long as they are connected to the internet. It's still an experience best enjoyed with a VR headset, of course, but if that's not an option the next best thing is going to be picking up a gaming controller.

Using a a gaming controller with Star Trek: Bridge Crew hasn't been possible until this update, so here's a quick guide on getting started!

Before you get started

Obviously the first thing you need here is to have a gaming controller and making sure it is connected to your PC before you fire up Star Trek: Bridge Crew. If you have a wired gaming controller, just plug it in and you're good to go. For wireless gaming controllers, make sure your controller is powered on and connected to your PC.

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You're also going to need to make sure you have Star Trek: Bridge Crew installed with the latest update, V1.2.53149. To confirm which version of Bridge Crew you currently have installed, check the bottom right corner of the starting menu in the game and you'll see the text appear in a slightly lighter shade of blue than the rest of the panel.

Using a gaming controller in Star Trek: Bridge Crew

In order to use a gaming controller to operate both of your arms at the same time in this game — something you can't do well with a mouse and keyboard — you need to enable the controller mode as the game loads. Here's how that works!

  1. Open Steam and head to Star Trek: Bridge Crew
  2. Click Play in Steam
  3. Click Play Star Trek: Bridge Crew when the VR pop-up box appears
  4. Pick up your gaming controller as Star Trek: Bridge Crew loads
  5. Press any button on the gaming controller when prompted

Once the game finishes loading, you'll be at the main menu and your gaming controller will operate the individual arms of your avatar. It's not quite as quick as moving around in VR, but it'll keep your ship from descending into chaos while you scramble to charge the warp coils.

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