HP Elite x3 could be used in the future as a portable medical lab

HP says the Elite x3 smartphone could be used in the future for a variety of jobs, including in the health industry. The company believes the Windows 10 Mobile smartphone could be adapted and used as a portable medical diagnostics lab.

HP described its vision for using the Elite x3 in this manner on its website (opens in new tab). It points out that the company already has some experience in the health care industry:

At HP we have the privilege of legacy and leadership in the technology arenas which are needed so urgently in the healthcare industry: microfluidics, measurement, commercial mobility, and computing. As the world's largest microfluidics company we have the know-how, scale, and leverage from our print business by making sophisticated microfluidics cartridges for healthcare diagnostics. Adding micro-scale sensors, precision programmable fluidics and embedded electronic systems to the microfluidic chip to interrogate human biology and interface the biometric data with a device for read-out and data communication are fairly simple to implement. Hence, our unique economy of scale of microfluidics cartridges and global reach have the potential to democratize diagnostics effectively.

The HP Elite x3, combined with the company's microfluidics cartridges, could be turned into a mobile medical lab that could save doctors lots of time compared to current methods:

Turning the Elite X3 into the data center and processing on-site healthcare data into contextual information will enable everyone to access personalized medical information. Health information consolidation, big data analytics, and machine learning in the cloud will offer new insights into human health. This will improve healthcare delivery, compliance and treatment outcomes. Precision Medicine will drastically improve quality of life due to an individualized treatment and recovery rates. Today's Imprecision Medicine wastes billions of dollars on inappropriate, error prone and ineffective drug administration and treatment

The HP Elite x3 launched in Europe this month and is scheduled to start shipping in the U.S. in early to mid-September:

Thanks to Ticky Thakkar for the tip!

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  • Android is to business fragmented. It's the total package HP will be able to offer.
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  • Dead? It's in the process of development and conversion from its own desktop computing into mobile form factor, Continuum is a small step to further achieve this. Do you think Android/Chrome and iOS/OS X can be made to take on higher tasks from a phone just because it owns the market? (may be it can be done but it takes time) Msft doesn't compete with rivals for the mobile market share anymore, it is into the future and who knows better about Productivity and true Operating Systems than msft.
  • A better desktop than Continuum is already built into Android 7. If the idea ever catches on, it will be through Android. Continuum is reliant on the app store to be useful. Android already has this down. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • A better desktop than Continuum or a remote desktop app?  There's a difference.
  • The hidden Android desktop can run multiple apps and they are free form. You aren't limited to a single full screen app.
  • It's not about multitasking alone, an OS should be the perfect powerhouse to carry and balance the developed features. Code isn't a strong suite for any other desktop OS to come down to the consumer experience other than Windows.
  • The only advantage Windows has is x86 support. Without that, Continuum isn't any different than Android, except it doesn't have software available.
  • There's a reason for sw not being available and ppl not interested in developing one.
  • Only Windows Mobile is capable of this why? It definitely could be developed for any platform and will be if useful. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bleached, I like your comments lately. They are more sociable.
    On your question, may be HP will try to create a distinct use case trying to sell their phone to some businesses.
  • Awesome stuff.  This would be an awesome tool for home healthcare nurses.  So many possibilities.
  • Third World countries. But with a cheaper phone
  • I don't see any future for Windows Mobile when everything is Android!
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  • People said PCs don't have a future. Surface changed the Mindset and IFA Berlin (today) is a great Example to prove that.
  • Did they? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes, in face tablet sales are up, only if you include the Surface in the numbers... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • PCs are here to stay no matter how powerful mobile handsets get.
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  • I have a new found respect for HP - good job :)
  • That would be perfect for me as a lab tech, too bad I'm ditching Windows Phone...
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  • I can imagine tons of patches to fix false positive cancer diagnosis
  • I'm glad that HP made the right decision in choosing to make Windows Mobile phone(s). It clearly expands the possibilities in development, and the partnership of HP - msft is working well for sure.
  • Why this "demo" does not utilize the pogo pins at the back of the phone?
  • Is it me or has HP become more innovative and efficient after the split up? Their laptops are getting a lot better too based on what I've read recently (albeit with some help from Microsoft with Elite X3?)
  • Wow, such an innovative device...
  • Neat
  • HP understand the Microsoft way.
  • Microsoft don't understand other phone manufacturers ways. Lumias are the only models which get all the decent upgrades and apps
  • Respect to HP. That's really great!
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  • That's awesome creativity, well done hp
  • I salute HP development, they deserve it, keep building this X3
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  • So it become modular like lg g5??
  • So it launched after all..
  • Already did. Unboxing and review already done.
  • This looks like the first prototype of the Medical Tricorder! (Star Trek for those unaware)
  • Hp already thing ahead, that's what's called ideology
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  • So just like an iPhone then?
  • I think its future is probably as a door stop.
  • Tricorder, one step closer.
  • It seems that HP has planned everything this time. Elite X3 may be the phone that eventually turns the tide in favor of Windows smartphones.
  • And if you are one of those people who have the question as "Why HP did not go for Android", the answer is simple. Android has SECURITIY ISSUES. And in an enterprise segment, security is very important.
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