HP Elite x3 could be used in the future as a portable medical lab

HP says the Elite x3 smartphone could be used in the future for a variety of jobs, including in the health industry. The company believes the Windows 10 Mobile smartphone could be adapted and used as a portable medical diagnostics lab.

HP described its vision for using the Elite x3 in this manner on its website. It points out that the company already has some experience in the health care industry:

At HP we have the privilege of legacy and leadership in the technology arenas which are needed so urgently in the healthcare industry: microfluidics, measurement, commercial mobility, and computing. As the world's largest microfluidics company we have the know-how, scale, and leverage from our print business by making sophisticated microfluidics cartridges for healthcare diagnostics. Adding micro-scale sensors, precision programmable fluidics and embedded electronic systems to the microfluidic chip to interrogate human biology and interface the biometric data with a device for read-out and data communication are fairly simple to implement. Hence, our unique economy of scale of microfluidics cartridges and global reach have the potential to democratize diagnostics effectively.

The HP Elite x3, combined with the company's microfluidics cartridges, could be turned into a mobile medical lab that could save doctors lots of time compared to current methods:

Turning the Elite X3 into the data center and processing on-site healthcare data into contextual information will enable everyone to access personalized medical information. Health information consolidation, big data analytics, and machine learning in the cloud will offer new insights into human health. This will improve healthcare delivery, compliance and treatment outcomes. Precision Medicine will drastically improve quality of life due to an individualized treatment and recovery rates. Today's Imprecision Medicine wastes billions of dollars on inappropriate, error prone and ineffective drug administration and treatment

The HP Elite x3 launched in Europe this month and is scheduled to start shipping in the U.S. in early to mid-September:

Thanks to Ticky Thakkar for the tip!

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John Callaham