HTC 8Xs locking up after GDR2 update? Numerous reports say yes

File this under anecdotal, but we’re getting a few complaints that the recent GDR2 OS update for Windows Phone on the HTC 8X (mostly unbranded) is causing the device to lock up, irrecoverably.

From our forums, member Serdard notes “While listening to music, I got a message on WhatsApp and when I tried to open it, my phone froze”. Normally, if a Windows Phone device locks up either a simple battery pull or key combination (down volume + power) will restart the device. However, in this instance such a method is not working (plus you can’t do a battery pull on an 8X).

Others have chimed in in the thread noting the same thing, with the device freezing and not being able to be restarted (Update: it seems to occur specifically when playing music). There’s a secondary thread also started on the same topic with the similar results. Not even a full battery drain helps.

Outside of those handful of complaints, we haven’t been flooded with tips on this, meaning this does look fairly isolated and is not widespread. Having said that, there are now numerous people with a completely useless and broken 8X, with no known way to recover.

The HTC 8X was released last November as part of the Windows Phone 8 launch and received mostly positive reviews. However, stability issues did cause some delays (more so with the 8S) from HTC and we’ve even have a pre-release device “bricked” due to a bad over-the-air update (Portico).

We recently reported that T-Mobile US is due to push out the GDR2 update for its HTC 8X devices tomorrow, July 22nd. The update, which brings FM Radio, Data Sense (for some) and other numerous enhancements, also brings HTC’s fix for deletion of temporary files. While not a massive update, it does bring along with it some nice additions.

Have you experienced any issues like the above with GDR2 and the HTC 8X? Sound off in comments.

Source: Windows Phone Central Forums 1, 2; Thanks, Shaikh A. and SLO Eclipse, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Guess I won't be updating mine when the update is available until we hear about a fix...
  • +1
  • +920 ...
    Best regards!
  • That's not good.
    Didn't know you could do the dwn➕ power button to restart. Thx!
  • WP finally gets an android "feature" lol
  • LOL, lets not start that..
  • LOL, but let's hope that "feature" won't come on Nokia's, Sam's, and Huawei's Windows Phones.
  • I've already 'bricked' 2 lumia 920s just by clicking on 'Factory Reset'.  I was able to recover one of them, but the other had to be sent in to Nokia for repair.
  • I think it is fair to say that the 920 is something of a Lemon.  The rest of Nokia's lineup seem to be much better put together, at least anecdotally.
  • I think software wise YES , the Lumia 920 is the most troubled one of the lumias but i still love it the most.
  • That's a good one! Well done
  • Excuse me, but Android is "a stolen product". In this case Android stoled that feature from Nokia Symbian. You are paying license fees for MS and Nokia for using that feature. Have a nice day.
  • Fuck you. Android does not freeze up.
  • Come on WHERE'S MY UPDATE (Tmobile 8X) I want GDR2.. I went to my local store and lowered my plan with work discount and had hands on time with 925 and finally realized not much of an upgrade besides camera so I'll wait till its on Craigslist, my 8X has been a beast and amazing. Now I want GDR2!!!!
  • So you want a broken HTC 8x, then go ahead, take the update. I'm waiting until they fix this, I have no time for a broken phone. I have my old second gen one, but I don't have a sim converter tray.
  • Thats what you get when you waste your money on copycat HTC.
    HTC - Silently stealing
    #switch Lumia
  • Also fuck you. HTC is great.
  • I see someone's a little bit promiscuous.
  • ^ This guy should be hanged.
  • and then there's Nokia owners having fun with exclusive apps/updates
  • +920
  • Totally relevant.
  • +928
  • And there are those who have pull a soft reset each week on his Nokia because the touch screen will stop responding, And THIS is on a Lumia 520.
  • Never had this problem... 520 is cheaper hardware, so problems might be more common, 900 and 920 never had a problem with
  • Stop responding and rebooting never fixed on my Lumia 920.
  • I want a Nokia :( HTC doesn't do anything really...
    Surprised GDR2 isn't Nokia exclusive ;)
  • Of course GDR2 will not nokia exclusive. It's OS update from Microsoft for all WP.
  • I'm just kidding, bro. I was simply making a joke about how Nokia is dominating the WP field.
  • Some people have no sense of humor...
  • Off topic: I see you play bioshock infinite.
  • I see you have a good taste in games.
  • You too. Can't wait for the other DLC's coming out!
  • but the amber update dat comes with d GDR2 is exclusive to nokia! ;)
  • As if Lumias don't get lock ups too. Spinning gears, anyone? Microsoft just needs to get this crap sorted.
  • Sucks. I feel your pain. I had to return my 920 because my device would not boot up. on the brighter side of things, I'm on my way to pick up my 920 from Rogers. Lucky for me I still had my 900.
  • 900, 920,, what's next the third generation 930 for you❔.. Geezzz.. Lol❗
  • thanks daniel for highlighting the trouble we htc 8x users are facing .
  • +1,tnx :)
  • I think it's awesome to put this front and center because it might save someone a headache if they happen to read it prior to updating. Also, this being one of the most prominent Windows Phone communities on the web, perhaps HTC will respond more quickly than had it not been publicized. Working for a cellular carrier, I can tell you that I see all kinds of bugs that brick phones across all manufacturers, and the manufacturers say "we haven't heard of that, its an isolated issue", and then they fail to even create a new report for the issue I'm bringing to their attention, so the next person that calls will be told "we've never heard of that..." etc.
    So frustrating. Please keep this up in front so people know and why not post HTCs phone number so people can let them know what's happening. Calling your carrier will get your phone replaced, but HTC needs to know as well.
  • Go home HTC, your drunk!
  • My AT&T branded 920 froze last night. All live tiles worked and flipped around but touch screen and buttons did nothing. Had to wait a couple of minutes before the screen turned off and then tried a soft reset which worked.
    I should say that I don't have GDR2 yet.
  • I have the same problem and it has happened more than once. I dont have gdr2 update yet.
  • I've seen that bug too. It happens if you touch the screen right as its turning off for idle use. It turns on at the last app state, but the phone thinks it's locked. Have to turn display off/on and unlock normally.
  • Hmmm , Had the Same Problem Too, Bro , But Thats Because Of Whatsapp app, since the windows phone whatsapp App was updated 3rd last time this type of Bug/problem occurs ,  guys u can uninstall any app from your mobiles , so uninstall ur whatsapp . then see your mobile all goes fine , the bug will be removed . Now the Whatsapp is updated two times more after that update and works FINE  :) I have the latest version of whatsapp and now the problem is solved > Mee to still waiting For GDR2 update , it will surely comes this week :) THANKS :D
  • no way, i had latest version of whatsapp. Issue is not about whatsapp but about OS or gdr2 update.
  • +1 I had many bugs with whatsapp couple of months ago ---> uninstall. Till then, everything works fine, even with GDR2 update on my 8x.
  • +920 - only seen it with whatsapp. Without it, never had issue. No GDR2 here.
  • I had this problem three times since i have my 920, unlocked EU version ... i have my device for about three months now, luckilly a soft reset won't delete anything but time and date :)
    I wonder if this issue will be solved with the GDR2 + Amber update :)
    Best regards!
  • Didn't this happen with GDR1 in which T-Mobile delayed it? I hope they do the same thing here
  • Risk bricking your phone for such a minor update, ultimate irony.
  • How is that ironic?
  • It's like rain on your wedding day
  • Heh, sounds like Alanis.
  • According to the American Association of English Grammar(or something like that)" Rain on your wedding day" is not an example of irony. I learnt that the hard way.
  • Free advice when you already paid
  • As the saying goes: Americans don't understand the meaning of irony.
  • Not true.
  • Alanis Morissette was born in Canada :P Besides, singing a song about irony and ironic events, but with no irony in it at all, is pretty ironic... Don'tcha think? ;)
  • Hey having 10 000 spons when all you need is a knife is pretty ironic
  • As long as this is not 7.8 all over again, I'm ok with it. Truth be told I don't care if it's a HTC problem...but if the problem is with the update itself, then it will also affect Nokia. And that will do damage since Nokia is the moving force behind WP. It will affect way more people and word gets around.
    It's bad enough that Microsoft is sooooo slow releasing updates for WP. If whenever they release one this happen, it won't reflect too good on the plaftorm.
    Balmer should hurry that restructuring. Maybe then the WP team will get their act together.  
  • It has to be a firmware bug (only affecting HTC devices) because soft reset isn't working, which is below the OS level; the bootloader. So HTC has to fix it and all other vendors aren't affected.
  • ^^^This
  • Wow i get scared of reading the comment of DJCBS lol, i am very excited for the GDR2 + Amber update but it would be so a disaster for me if my 920 won't boot up anymore :o Best regards!
  • I prefer that my device gets bricked because that way I can try to get a new one with other 2 years of warranty :P
  • Ha! You got a point, but i can't get trough a day without my 920 :( that's a totally disaster if that would happen :( to bad my 920's flashlight is broken, but i'm gonna wait till i drop my phone, i never dropped it since i have it :p but when that must happen, and i know it will happen, there will be some damage, then i'm going to send it back to Nokia and receive a new one becouse my flashlight is broken xd isn't that an idea!
    Best regards!
  • I don't think that would work. Don't play with the warranty that way because they can argument that the faulty flashlight was caused by the drop of the phone. Just give it back when they can know for sure that was their fault
  • I'm just gonna try it, i can live without my flash as i have a so wonderfull pureview lowlight camera :)
    Best regards!
  • Just get a new cover for it, they come w/ a new flash
  • No problem with my 8x for now
  • Whatever you do just don't play music until there's a fix for this.
  • Me too I don't have since I don't play music but is watching a music video on youtube also causes this problem?
  • Turn off xbox music sync as well
  • I only experienced stability improvements with each update. Lucky me :P
  • noproblem here.. just press the power button for 5 seconds or so and the phone reboots doesn't it?
  • Volume Down + Power buttons for 10 seconds will soft reset your phone.
  • So far ok. Unbranded 8x from Malaysia
  • HTC phones that I've used have always had stability issues as a result of updates. Touch Pro 1 and 2, and EVO. Never had trouble with Titan, but only because it never had updates.
  • Titan lol
  • Every HTC WP I've owned randomly reboots. I've owned every HTC WP that AT&T has released except the TITAN 2. Now I use the 920 and have had none of the issues that the others have.
  • I never had a problem with my HD7 - plenty of updates too.
  • My 920 keeps rebooting so I wonder if gdr2 will fix the problem. Not holding my breath
  • My 820 also reboots a few times almost once a month for no apparent reason. Although the phone gets very hot before the reboots. Nothing important but I still wonder why.
  • Sync problem...
  • check your apps one of them or some might be the cause of the problem. This happened to me when I opened certain app (I forgot which one) my phone rebooted, and when I uninstalled this app my phone rebooted after that it doesn't do it anymore.
  • When is Nokia releasing amber btw?
  • I'm nit sure but I think shortly after the 1020 is released
  • Sounds about right because they keep talking about 9xx devices getting the pro camera app, so pro camera has to be coming soon.. Pro camera needs Amber to run, so... He's probably right.. A few weeks after the world gets its hands on the 1020... Nokia doesn't want Pro Camera reviews based off of the lower spec camera of the 9 series devices, so after all the reviews come out using the 1020, we will then get Amber on our lowly, little, forgot about and neglected 9's... Remember Chicago❔
  • All working great here on my unbranded 8X.
  • Spotify has lags while playing music and I've started to have mp3 duplications since the update, everything else is fine.
  • Turn off xbox sync
  • Point is, it is a new bug I never had before the update.
  • I had it on my Lumia 521 without the update. Unchecked Connect with XBOX Music, and reloaded all of my music back onto a reformatted SD card and all is now well. If your phone does not support the SD card, I guess you should delete all of your music and reload it from your hard drive on your computer. Bust first rebott after unchecking the option and see if the duplication is still there.
  • Well I'm not updating Tomorrow until I hear things get better. Can't afford to brick my phone.
  • Updated my 8X on Friday. Aaaand: it freezes!!! But I have another problem. Mine freezes when shooting Photos. After taken some it freezes and nothing then a softreset works. When it reboots (yes, mine does!!) all the latest shot photos are gone. But the rest works fine!
  • If it's sound related try turning off the shutter sounds (if enabled)
  • shutter sound is off, so that's not t