HTC adds ability to delete temporary files on the 8X and 8S with latest OS and firmware update

One issue that has been bugging some users for a while now is the inability to delete temporary files on their Windows Phone 8 devices.  Nokia got around this by building in their Storage Check app and even Huawei is reportedly making an app to do the same.

Now, after reports of the GDR2 (and firmware) update rolling out for unbranded HTC 8X owners today, the ability to delete temporary files is evidently built right into the OS.

HTC Temporary file deletion

We’re not sure if this is a Microsoft fix or an HTC one. We can say our Nokia Lumia 925, with GDR2, does not have this on board, but perhaps that is because it would be redundant. Therefore, this may either be an optional configuration for all OEMs or HTC did some fixing here to enable this feature.

The option reportedly works by heading into your Settings > Phone Storage area and tapping the storage progress bar. A new area, called “temporary files” is now revealed along with a “tap to clear” option, allowing users to regain some space. It's unclear is the will have an affect on "other storage" or is just for temporary files, akin to the earlier mentioned app Shrink Storage.

Certainly a nifty feature and one we look forward to finding on other Windows Phones.

Update: The trick to enable this feature is you must also have the "Make More Space" app by HTC installed. Thanks, @TuanDesomerChu, for the tip!

Thanks, Dennis A., for the tip and screenshot!

Daniel Rubino

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