HTC abandoning HD7? No plans to release Windows Phone 7.8 update

HTC has revealed on Twitter that no plans are in the pipeline for Windows Phone 7.8 to be released for the HD7. While this is no confirmation that the company will never update the HD7, it's a shame there's nothing for consumers who still wield the handset. Sporting Windows Phone 7, the user experience is still butter smooth and rich, but everyone wants the latest and greatest, right?

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So is HTC wrong to leave out consumers? It depends. While we can moan and complain that the manufacturer should continue to support its released hardware, but the HD7 is many generations ago. Those who purchased the handset have either upgraded to newer smartphones, or are nearing the end of the contract.

We'd of course like to see each and every owner with the 7.8 update, but if this holds out it shouldn't come as such a surprise. That said, if you're into hacking your way through the thorns to reach your goal, there are available ROMs out there which would bump the HD7 up to Windows Phone 7.8.

We'll be sure to update you should any details arise.

Source: Twitter; thanks, Er. Akshat, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Ugh...i feel for the HD7 owners. Sorry bros and brozetts.
  • Im with you
  • lol true say haha
  • Yeah this sucks Tmo want even release Tango for the HD7.
  • HD& (Based on the HD2) will last FORVER!
  • That sucks I'd flash it
  • That sucks I'd smash it
  • That sucks I'd....I'd...I'd....that sucks!
  • Lol!
  • I just might. I swear, after each article I'm leaning more and more away from HTC and towards Nokia.
  • Such reason I got the 920 after owning my HD7.... HTC is lacking in near all aspects...
  • Ahh, I feel for you guys/girls. I hate it when this happens.
  • HTC - blowing it at every turn
  • I hate to say it, but I agree. Loved my HD7 while I had it, but am happy I went with a L920 this time around.
  • I did the same
  • Yup, just like when they didn't include tethering for mango on the surround. It actually pisses me off too when people think the 8x/s have high quality builds.... Just rub the corner against your jeans and repeat that statement lol sorry but I don't see a reason to buy anything other than a Nokia WP from here on. I loved my 900, and my 920 even more. The build quality and support have been unequalled by any other WP (or android for that matter) manufacturer.
  • I see a reason, if your carrier doesn't have a good Nokia wp
  • I've still got mines sitting in the house. Shame, would have been nice to upgrade it along with the Lumia 900.
  • This is why you buy Nokia and not HTC/Samsung if you are a WinPhone fan. These companies are not as committed to the platform.
  • Fully agree on the Nokia support
  • Totally agree, Nokia IS Windows Phone now, honestly I would love to see a comparison done on the Nokia updates/exclusives and Google with their Nexus devices.
  • I'm glad someone finally said it.
  • I hope this isn't a death sentence for all first gen devices. My mom is already jealous of my 8X (and now my dad has an 822) and so she was really looking forward to 7.8 on her trophy.
  • Buy her a phone :) that's your mom you only get one :D
  • Seriously. Time to move on from that Trophy.
  • Wait for that Nokia Lumia 920. They rumored it already so it shouldn't take much longer.
  • She can't upgrade until summer
  • cant you get one on craigslist?
  • Magenta L920 mothers day
  • The Trophy won't get it either.
  • I have an email from HTC saying the trophy is getting 7.8. I mailed to WPCentral aswell
  • Is the Trophy getting the update still?
  • Doesn't seem so if this is the case for HD7. Trophy is being retired from Verizon. This seems to be a pattern with HTC in general. My old HTC Inspire never even got Honeycomb. They seem to love to abandon old hardware.
  • Honeycomb was a tablet only android os, and was replaced with the Hybrid ice cream sandwich that merged tablet and phone.
  • That was dumb of me. I said Honeycomb knowing full well it was tablet only. D'oh
  • Honeycomb? That was a tablet-only version.
  • As I mentioned above
  • Lucky me I didn't wait wait for them to release an update to 7.8.
    Currently running Deepshining 7.8.
    It runs smoothly and bug free.
  • help a brotha out and point in the way to get this to happen. ive put a tiny bit of research, but i cant seem to find a nodo rom to start with.
     this is shit news and i want some mini tiles.
    thanks man haha.
  • I'm guessing my HD7S shares the same fate
  • I think this might only be for first gen HTC devices
  • It is a 1st Gen device. The only difference is a screen, charging port, and signal bands.
  • This is the reason I left HTC, they forget about their previous models. I mean seriously, they released One X then a month later the One X+ was released..
  • They released the One X in may of 2012, and the One X+ in november 2012. So a month later is a little bit of a stretch
  • Well that is true and it was more of a point I was making. Still, I think the One X+ was released way too soon as One X was supposed to be their flagship device for the year..
  • I hate to be THAT guy but look how quickly the 920 came out after the 900's release...920 owner by the way.
  • And manufactures wonder why they don't sell more phones. I'll never buy a HTC after hearing this. I've had my problems with 920, but I have to say Nokia isn't going to just abandon it's users.
  • I'm doubtful the focus s will get the update either. Probably won't matter though as I'll be able to upgrade fairly soon anyways.
  • Cab sender in a few more days
  • Im optimistic about the Focus S seeing the update. It received the Tango and is a 2nd Gen device. If released, I say April. But if u are do for an upgrade no worries. I'm waiting for 2nd Gen b4 jumping into WP8. Just how i do things. Besides, I like my Focus S so no rush.
  • Yeah, my upgrade is in June, so if nothing new has come out recently (2nd generation of wp8 devices) I'll just wait until this fall when more new products come out. (may go back to Verizon if they are carying the Nokia's by then.
  • I exchanged my hd7 for a nokia Lumia 920 some days back!
  • The way I read it is that HTC is not going to do it for any WP7 phones
  • This
  • This is why you go Nokia. A better product and a history of software support.
  • There goes MS's promise to upgrade all the phones all the time.
  • Hey, they gave it to OEMs and they drop the ball once again! Partners.?! More like Frenemies!!! =/
  • Shit like this is why MSFT invested in Nokia and may do the same with Dell.
  • Yep that's why I left my Titan in the dust for Nokia. Pretty colors don't get you upgrades and cool apps either 8x.
  • I have one question. Is this even possible? Should Micosoft not be able to push the update now? is the requirement for a system not to provide the hardware so all updates run on those systems? was this not the argument to laugh about android due to fragmentation ? I wonder why provider and developer still have control over the updates? its not like PC updates would be send out by HP or  the reseller of the PC
  • Because carriers are never going to allow a repeat of the iPhone where lots of people don't buy the latest and greatest because the old stuff gets updated. They make no money off of you updating your phone. Also, manufacturers do have have a say on some pc updates. My mom used to get HP specific updates on her desktop.
  • Most carriers loose money when you upgrade and want you to stay longer than your two years but are scared you'll run to another if you don't have the latest and greatest spec'd out phone. It's a Catch-22. Though I do think they are silly because people rarely jump ship, better longer support would make them more money.
  • Carriers should want you to sit with your old phone and keep paying the monthly fee. That way, they aren't out the subsidy for the new phone and get their same monthly payment. However, carriers (and some OEMs clearly) don't want to spend the $ (man hours) testing new software for the old handsets. This is a relatively new thing as before smartphones, they had to do zero work to keep the customer. Now they should be realizing they need to invest just a bit more to make customers happy and retain them.
  • That's more than one ;)
  • Didn't Microsoft all but say Generation 1 devices would not get the update? That means that the HD7, Trophy, Arrive and a ton of others won't see 7.8. I'm doubtful that the Titan and Radar will see it as well. I think the majority of Gen 2 devices will get passed over as well. The entire Focus line from Sammy will be next in line for the skip as well. Honestly, except for colors and live tile sizing, there isn't much to miss. Still, my Titan awaits in the wings for AT&T to deliver Mango...
  • No. Microsoft never specified or stated bluntly that Gen 1 would not get 7.8. What they said was "all phones currently on the market will get the update" but never clarified if Gen 1 was included in that because at the time the current market was the 900, 800, Titan II and Focus 2.
  • Giving our hardware requirements is the main reason to guarantee phone updates. else everybody could just produce what they want without the need of respect of requirements.. just like android.
  • The problem with that statement is that the HD7 hardware specs as good or better than the ones listed above. There is no reason why WP7.8 wouldn't work beautifully on a launch-day HD7.
  • Radar might get the update since the new start screen was put up on it during the launch
  • If you're on At&t 7.8 is important, because you'll actually get the previously skipped updates. Mt 1st gen Focus never got the keyboard fix from Jan. 2012 or Tango.
  • Maybe update issue thru att is with 1st Gen devices. I use Focus S, 2nd Gen, came preloaded with Mango, but att released Tango for my device. I'd get rid of 1st Gen and upgrade only if contract matured of course.
  • Exactly the reason I bought a Nokia Lumia 920 this time, after 3 htc's... Complete lack of support :(
  • less than a 2 year lifecycle?? Contracts in the UK are 24 month and this phone is now effectively unsupported 5 months before the end of my contract.
    I'll be flashing it :)  
  • Not to mention the three year contracts I hear rumor of up in Canada...seriously I was close to purchasing the Titan II previously and posts like this make me glad I didn't.
  • Ain't no rumor, I'm on a 3 year contract with Bell and have an HD7, not eligible for an upgrade until end of the year. It's not stopping me though, I'm terminating my contract and picking up a 920 at Rogers today.
  • You Canadians need to move South....give up Socialism & Hockey
  • And free healthcare and a stable government and no overpopulation and good jobs for the majority of citizens? Oh, yeah, that's reasonable.
  • There's no such thing as free healthcare, the US isn't overpopulated, and the job situation isn't that much better in Canada, but it is still better. Canada also is in much better shape economically with their more fiscally conservative government. But anyway...
  • Not a rumor at all. I bought a Focus right at launch in 2010 and still have almost a year left on my contract. :(
  • I doubt the Titan will see an update either. HTC makes nice looking devices, but their motus opperandi is sell it and move on. Thus, I'd tell anyone looking to get a phone, to look at the pretty designs HTC has produced but move on and buy something else.
  • Wow that sucks HTC.  Not cool at all!  I feel bad I already told someone that their HD7 will get the 7.8 upgrade.  I wonder about the Trophy now?
  • HD7 was my first WP device. Son still rocking it but will be replaced by Lumia 820 shortly and from there on no more HTC for us.
  • I am sporting the Titan II. This is just 1 more reason to NOT get another HTC.
  • But the Titan II has been on the market for less than one year - You still have a manufacturers warranty to address any manufacturer's defects, and there is no word from HTC confirming that the Titan II will not get the 7.8 update.
  • It is not warranty issues. It is just sorry hardware. I had a Focus before this POS and the Focus was a much better phone. It was smoother and NEVER crashed. This thing has serious operating issues.
  • Point taken :)
  • That's strange. I've had my Titan II for 6 months now and never had any major problems and it's always been smooth. The POS was my old LG Quantum. You should consider sending your's in to HTC.
  • Remember all the talk when Windows Phone first launched....There will never be fragmentation. Every phone will be upgraded and it will be so easy......LOL!
  • The OS is fragmented anyway. Allowing each carrier and OEM to 'tweak' it to suit them. Do the carriers tweak the iPhone? There may be something to be said for a Surface WP (unlocked of course). I would get 1.
  • The OS isn't fragmented. There are different lines (7.x and 8), but there are also older iPhones and iPads that cannot be upgraded to later versions of iOS. Carriers cannot customize the OS. Carriers and Manufacturers can release their own Apps. With WP they can limit their App from being used by users with other phones or carriers, but that is not OS fragmentation.
  • But there is a hardware requirement to guarantee support for all hardware of that requirement. It was already a joke not supporting the new kernel in the old system. but now tell people that within the old system they will ot get support is just wrong. actually it would be a reason not to trust MS anymore. why should the old win7 device not get the same lame 7.8 version as other ones.. why give the carrier and OEM the chance to do something like this anyways. just to push the system and demands so they can go wit hthe next generation and say .. well .. you will just use stock version or no version and hope that the demand on WP is high enough to guarantee the market
  • Carriers can't customize the OS? Think of Data Sense as an example. Any deviation, IMHO, is fragmentation. I agree about different versions, 7.x v. 8. Some of it is hardware dependent. I also agree about the apps being carrier or OEM specific. With the exception of apps, the OS should be exactly the same, if there is no fragmentation.
  • Data Sense is from Microsoft, not the carriers. It's just exclusive to Verizon right now, kind of like having an exclusive phone. It's going to others later on.
  • Yes, from MS, part of the OS. ATT chose to not include it in their 'customized' version of the OS, creating fragmentation. It demonstrates the carriers can fragment the OS, if they want to.
  • It's not about AT&T not including it.  AT&T needs to have the backend to support it.  It's just not a matter of installing software on your phone and it works.
  • How is it fragmented when other carriers are going to get it?
  • Having had multiple HTC devices this business as usual.
  • I'll take it as a harbinger of how HTC will treat the 8X 18-months from now. How you treat your old customers will lead them to believe that's how they'll be treated in the future.
  • Oh well HTC its time to move to Nokia, its been good but your done for me with that move. BYE.
  • "Many generations ago." two is defined as many?
  • +2
  • How hard is it to add some accent color and make the tiles bigger. Here contracts are 3 years, so i'm stuck for another 12 months. Windows Phone was supposed to be updatable. Very disapointed.
  • This is the whole reason I went with Nokia this round. Screw HTC
  • Yeah.. HTC seems to be inclined more towards android. Wonder when they will release the update for the HTC Radar :O
  • So the fact that one of the phones pictured behind the MS bigwigs at their official 7.8 launch at the end of last year was the HTC Radar apparently means nothing??? That would be very shameful!
  • That is the main reason I did not stick with an HTC device. I had the Titan and did not get one firmware update to fix the bugs, while my wife got firmware updates for her Lumia 900. That is why I switched to Nokia over HTC.
  • I used to like HTC, but this and the "don't put your 8x in your pockets" stunt have turned me against them.
  • This is the reason to ditch 8X and 8S too. Just stick with Nokia, at least you know they're committed 100%
  • Good thing i switched to the 920.. I had the hd7
  • If I get standed on 7.5, I'll just have more inclination to drop WP permanently.
  • This not WP issue, this is a HTC issue..Just get a Nokia or Samsung. I just ordered my Nokia Red 822.
  • But the whole point should be that its not up HTC or other manufactures to decide which phones get the update. It sucks cuz they want u to buy a new phone when u don't have too if they could just update it and have it feel new. And I have a 8x gave my bro my radar.
  • The european Samsung Omnia W (seems to be the Focus Flash in US) will receive WP7.8 and an update to bring this phone the internet sharing (tethering). Source: Samsung italy.
  • Tethering? Didn't everyone get that just after Mango?
  • HTC are probably the most arrogant and the least user friendly company out there. 
  • Better support trophy at least. Even though I have the 8X.
  • Does that mean people with HTC Trophy won't get it either?
  • quietly dying
  • I see what you did there/
  • :( Sad. I have not received neither the Tango update.
  • That's your carriers fault... I have a proper version of Tango on my HD7 (via Telstra)
  • This is exactly ... Exactly !!!! ..why NOKIA Rules !!
  • Good hd7 is old news and if they update all the old phones you'd never buy a new. Spend
  • well I was thinking of upgrading to the 8x from the hd7 but after this game I am moving to nokia.
  • I will when I can get the 920 with microSD...
  • Good.. Happy waiting...
  • I have no problem waiting... there is not one, single, feature of WP8 that I want that will make me happy to lose all of my data on my current WP7 mobile. Everything I really wanted & hoped for hasn't been implemented yet :( Actually, that's not quite true - native code is a big boon to the OS... now we just need a flood of native code apps & games! I was so excited at the prospect of every mobile having microSD, but both Nokia and HTC failed to deliver on their flagship phones (only on the low-end models, WTF?!)
  • But the phone has been on the market over two years!  After one year, the manufacturer's warranty is no longer applicable, so anything a manufacturer provides after that period, at no out of pocket expense to me, I consider a bonus.   Even if I had a two or three year contract, I guess I just wouldn't expect mfg support after the one year unless I paid for it.  That's just me, though. 
    I think the issues with the Titan not being addressed, when those issues were presented within the one year it was released, is more telling of HTC's lack of Customer Service.
  • Yeah, but this is THE LAST UPDATE... Tango refresh was boring & I was resigned to getting just one last update to change the start screen before WP7 calls it a day for good. Very disappointed now. The only way to update is to flash and lose all of my data :(
  • Damn! They can't do this to us....if this bad news is true, HD7 will be my last HTC doubt. Soo Stupid.
  • Dude !! ,, what are You still waiting for ?! , Go and buy a "Nokia LUMIA" alrerady .
  • You won't regret!
  • I ask who controls the OS, MS or OEMs? Seriously, this is not Android! Come on Baldmar! Where is the Nokia/MS relationship. You have a better chance of getting things done with Nokia. For God sakes you're not listening!
  • Ironically I'm abandoning HTC for a Lumia 920
  • Yes I have a hd7 and was looking forward to the update. MS said all devices will be updated. Guess if I won't get an update I'll roll with deep shining. Rooting and updating my phone. Ech
  • That sux glad I switched out my HTC Arrive for a Nokia 900
  • That hurts.
  • HTC gained some good will with their 8X. People were giving them the benefit of the doubt. This may destroy that for many consumers. And news like this spreads from one consumer to another. Dissatisfaction can be infectious. HTC should feel pressured to give older devices support if for no other reason than the fact that Nokia is doing it. HTC is asking to be trounced by the competition by offering inferior product build quality AND inferior support.
  • I don't even understand why HTC is needed for HD7 to be updated. It's not like they need to provide new device drivers or anything else!
  • Woww this is horrible. Guess it's time to sell that HTC HD7 and get a WP8 device
  • With contracts lasting as long as three years, this seems rather short-sighted. My HD7 has been my faithful companion these last two years, and I was looking forward to this one last update. HTC dropped down on my list as possible options. Likewise when friends ask about which phones to consider.
  • HTC, its over! was going to buy 8x over  920 but  will never buy/recommend your products anymore. BYE for ever
  • Time to SWITCH. Leave HTC, go Nokia!!!
  • Fortunatly when i replaced my HD7 i took a "No HTC" policy. From past experience HTC are only interested in selling new phones to the point where all they release are minor hardware upgrades.
    Unfortunatly, my nephew now has a hand me down that wont be upgraded.
  • ALL htc users should complain. This kind of think happens on Android too. HTC are only interested in selling phones and not keeping customers.
  • Terrible, guess that means I'm getting a Nokia to replace my HD7.  And then flash it.
  • You know my Nokia N97 mini came out in 2009 and it still gets updates for every nokia service app and firmwire updates for bug improvements, just goes to show that Nokia is way better than HTC.
  • Maybe Titan 2 will be the only device getting the upgrade? C'mon HTC at least the mighty Titan can receive 7.8!
    Or u can always install it w ROM or android
  • Why wonder? Microsoft did a similar thing to Lumia 800 and 900 owners, only more serious as far as the consequences are concerned by not providing even a light/basic type Apollo OS upgrade for us. Have they set a standard for other companies? Perhaps...
  • ???
  • Lumia 800/900 owners are getting 7.8 this week... Not sure what you're talking about really
  • This week... That's a good one! I doubt T-Mobile/EE UK releases it befor the end of March. I didn't mean that phoney upgrade (well, a bit more than that, but not much more), I said it clearly: no Apollo for Lumia 800/900. And consequently, almost no apps now, mainly those who had been around before WP8 was released. Mainly if not ONKY. Abandoning is one of main things according to MS's philosophy. I will probably do the same to them as far as my smartphone upgrade is concerned. And you, happy users of WP8, don't get shocked if you hear your Lumis 920's cannot upgrade because they miss that special button or have no 24MPx cameras or... :-)
  • Telstra have announced that it will take place this week... so that's all that matters :P
    I do realise you said "apollo" but that ship has sailed and isn't worth discussing further. The only thing that matters is getting a final 7.8 update for ALL WP7 mobiles. Lumia owners either already have it, or will get it this week unless your carriers are lazy. HTC owners have been completely shafted on this matter.
  • Disappointing, but keep in mind that it was supported for two years.
  • Anyone know how I can flash a custom 7.8 Rom to my HTC HD7S because i can't find roms for the HD7S just HD7 
    I have the bootloader version at 4.5.22
    Carrier is AT&T
    I understand that the reccomended method is to downgrade to bootloader 3.x but I don't see any pre-nodo roms that support my phone, am i aloud to use any HD7 t-moble rom or will that brick my phone?
  • Bloody ridiculous
  • Glad I upgraded from my launch day HD7 to the 920.. I gave my hd7 to my mom she has no clue about a update and I will keep that way lol
  • That's dicouraging. I was going to get an 8x next month (they are much cheaper than a Lumia 920 in the UK) but this will make me think twice.
  • "At this time, HTC does not have plans to deliver a Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade."
    What worries me (as a Titan owner) is there is no mention of this being specific to the HD7. Sounds more like HTC just isn't going to be bothered to do it at all, for any of their Windows Phone 7 handsets.
    As many others have said, I cannot wait for my contract to expire so I can jump ship to Nokia. They seem to release new stuff for their WP handsets constantly.