First Windows Phone 7.8 custom ROM lands at XDA Forums for the HD7

File this under shocking, but wonder hacker Dotcompt has gone ahead an managed to port over Windows Phone 7.8 (early build) from a Nokia phone to a the venerable HTC HD7.

The ROM is now live and ready to be downloaded though like all ROMs, there are some caveats and things to pay attention too, including the fact that this has not yet been widely tested. For the most part, it looks like you just get a new Start screen but it's too early to tell.

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Dotcompt’s notes on the release are quite specific and if you are willing to flash your HD7 for the new OS, it should be quite a wild ride:

  • OS Version: 7.10.8835.35
  • ONLY FOR HTC HD7 (I will try to port it to other devices as soon as I have some free time)
  • Available languages: only English
  • You can now have the the new Windows Phone 8 Start Screen.
  • I did not test it properly, I was in a hurry to share with you guys.
  • For sure, it is still a Microsoft Beta Build so some thing may not work, specially in none Nokia Devices.
  • The Rom was dumped from a Nokia device and is based on Tango 12180, because it won't boot if we use WP 7.8 kernel.dll and probably most 3d party apps from Marketplace might crash.
  • The Rom is almost untouched, this means it is not full unlocked or rooted and homebrew apps will not work (for now). It has only a few Deepshining customizations.
  • You can always flash back a WP7.5 Rom if you wish.

Of course we’re not sure if its more astonishing that Dotcompt managed to get his hands on WP7.8 (which is most likely unfinished) or that he went so far as to port it over to the HD7.

For those wanting this on other Windows Phone, we’re sure that it is just a matter of time before other ‘chefs’ pick up and do just that.

Source: XDA Forums; Also see Jaxbot's take from Windows Phone Hacker here.

Daniel Rubino

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  • What I really want to know is how someone got their hands on 7.8 but no one can get 8.0. Microsoft must be guarding WP8 with their lives!
  • Lol.
  • Keep us posted on the extras as they come in ;)
  • It's just a matter of time till they find a way to rip it so we can use it on all phones....Man, I wish I had a HD7 today just to try it..
  • Agreed
  • If you've got an 800/900 I'll trade you straight up for mine...
  • I hace an HD7... But I don't want to mess up my phone...
  • Man, my Arrive works great with 8779 but with this upgrade... man o man... wouldn't it be sweet? I want it and agree with DavidinCT... Wish I had an HD7 just to try it out... heck, just to have that home screen and see what else may be in store... jejeje. GO DEVS!!! GO HOMEBREW!!!
  • It is the one I have but sounds too risky to try for now. Still no tango for me, unlocked from AT&T and using it in Costa Rica, btw.
  • I would like to here something for the Lg optimus 7 sometimes :( maybe a custom ROM for example?! Hope onr day :)
  • Dotcomp the man always making the best ROMs. I followed his work since the touch pro 2. Too bad I don't own that device to test.
  • the hd7 is one heck of a phone! i'll keep mine after upgrade, just for this very reason of always trying out new roms first ;)
  • Jaxbot tweeted he got it working on his Focus.
  • How ?? Is there a quick and painless way to get it on my HTC Trophy??
  • Its very buggy anyways so don't be so eager to try.
  • I second that. I have a feeling in going to have the Trophy for a long while unless Verizon gets the 920. I'd love to get 7.8 soon and I don't think any other phone coming out soon will be able to touch the 920.
  • I have a hd7. If I want to revert back to the official 7.5 version will that be possible?
  • You'll need a 7.5 ROM to revert back....
  • Where will I get that?
  • Either a backup, or you can download a stock ROM if you can find it.
  • I got an hd7s, but ill wait til its stable and can used as a daily driver. ill definitely be keeping on eye on this!
  • Me too.... My contract is up next month and I'm eagerly awaiting news on the 920, so I might give it a go in the next few weeks
  • Well thank goodness I didn't sell my HD7! I've been using this 7.8 ROM for some time now and I must say it's impressive! But I will still be upgrading to a windows phone 8. :3
  • How was the process, I've been looking for a project for my old HD7.
  • Is anyone else able to actually view the post on XDA through that link? It takes me to a page that wants me to login, and then tells me that something is wrong (and gives several possibilities). Also, when I go to the HD7 forum on XDA I can't find the post either. Did he... or someone other entity... delete it?
  • Thankfully my phone had still been rooted using chevronWP7 but overall it wasn't to hard. I did run into a couple bumps here and there but overall not bad. Someone with more windows phone experience might be better then this because I mainly work on android... But still it worked :)
  • Ah...  "The forum link has been removed for the time being, as the original leak contained identifiable information."
  • Sadly elessarelfstar is right. For the time being the thread has been removed from the forums. We can only hope now that the creator will re-upload it and maybe work on it for other devices!