HTC announces the Touch2 (aka Mega)

HTC this morning announced the Touch2 (opens in new tab), which we've come to know previously as the Mega. As expected, the specs won't knock your socks off:

  • Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional.
  • Qualcomm MSM7225 @ 528MHz.
  • 512 ROM/256 RAM.
  • Dimensions: 104x55x12.9mm.
  • Weight: 110 grams with battery.
  • Display: 2.8-inch QGVA (240x320) screen.
  • Quad-band EDGE (850/900/1800/1900), dual-band HSPA (900/2100).
  • GPS.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR.
  • WiFi b/g.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack and ExtUSB.
  • 3.2MP camera (fixed-focus).
  • 1100 mAh battery.
  • MicroSD card.

So, this isn't a top-shelf device, but it does move the low end of HTC's smartphone lineup into the same ballpark as the likes of the Touch HD, Touch Pro 2 and Touch Diamond 2, with the full-front screen (even if this one is smaller and of a lower resolution) and zoom bar. The Touch2 will be available as part of the Oct. 6 Super Duper Windows Mobile 6.5 launch day in European and Asian markets. Note that the Touch2 will work on U.S. GSM networks but lacks the U.S. 3G frequencies.

More pics after the break.

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  • I hate to be "that guy" but Displey => Display. :)
  • That's what we call low-end displays nowadays. ;)
  • The good: Extra button goodness at the bottom edge of the screen. Also noticed the zoom bar goodness. The bad: no D-Pad. I *really* used the D-Pad a lot on my Touch Vogue to get around some of the shortcomings of the soft-only keyboard on a QVGA device. Bulk email deletions are gonna be painful on that thing.
  • The dpad is what kills this phone. It can't be the Touch2 without a dpad.
  • I can't wait for the 4th generation of this device (and Diamond4, TP4, etc.) to come out in 2011. I hear they're going to be sporting a brand new Qualcomm 528Mhz processor. Gripes about HTC's glacial chipset upgrades aside (and I'd honestly expect that chip for a lower-end phone like this) I still love my Vogue. I was toying with idea of picking up a Diamond for cheap off eBay, but after messing around with one I really don't see any major advantages other than screen resolution and wifi. And that's negated (for me anyway) by the Vogue's better d-pad and the way it feels in your hand. Glad to see this one's still going with the rubberized feel and more rounded form factor. I'm a bigger fan of that than the slick-shells and sharp edges that seem to be popular currently.
  • I also agree that HTC's slow motion upgrading of chipset kinda annoys me. I mean the latest and great TouchPro2 that we got at work is quick and responsive but, I would've though that such a highend device to be a standout in both design and hardware. In saying that I am still purchasing a Diamond2 because they are absolutely awesome to me!
  • I have a vogue (touch) now, still working, latest rom, do I have any reason to upgrade? the answer is no!
    HTC is like the winmo os in general, no major difference between winmo 2002 and 6.5, i had them both, i dont recall any major difference.
  • If you guys want a cheaper but high-end WM device check out the Pharos 137, with a 3.5 WVGA screen, trackball and BUTTONS, gps, 3MP auto focus camera and works on T-Mobile 3G. Starting at $490 you could probably find it cheaper with bing cashback or discounts from Dell which brings it closer in price to the so-called Mega.
  • So is this what Windows Mobile 6.5 is officially going to look like? When the upgrade rolls out?
  • I owned the original Touch and really appreciated the form factor. The Touch2 looks like it will carry on the tradition. The lower resolution screen QVGA screen is a good match to the Qualcomm MSM7225 chipset. HTC 480x800 models are really pushing the capabilities of the MSM72xxx chip set. The 3.2MP camera is a better match to the optics. Two small quibbles: - I really wish HTC would push the screen real estate out to the edge of the device and reduce wasted space on the front (like eliminating the rarely used zoom bar). - HTC has been using a common camera module in all its phones lately, one that includes AF. I wonder if HTC module in the Touch2 has AF that's been disabled to create a "mid-range" phone. Note to the previous poster: that's TouchFlo you're seeing, not WM 6.5.