HTC Arrive is the highest rated phone on Sprint but do they care?

The highest rated phone on Sprint is...

The HTC Arrive, one of our trusty go to devices on Windows Phone especially for you physical-keyboard lovers, never got too popular despite its uniqueness. The phone is a bit thick and sort of lacks that ‘sex appeal’ that Nokia or Apple bring to the market yet it’s still a darn good device despite its age and lack of updates.

Looking over Sprint’s customer ratings though, the device comes out on top with 89% of customers recommending the phone (from 402 reviews). Here’s how the Arrive ranks compared to the competition...

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Phone ratings on Sprint:

  1. HTC Arrive – 89% (out of 402)
  2. Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G – 86% (out of 984)
  3. Blackberry Tour 9630 – 86% (out of 905)
  4. iPhone 4S – 81% (out of 139)

Granted, the Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G (seriously, that's its name) has more reviews but the Arrive certainly holds its own against the competition when it comes to user satisfaction.

What makes these details interesting is the fact that Sprint has been very lukewarm to the Arrive—barely pushing it in its heyday and even offering it up for trade-ins early in its life.

Sure, the Arrive wasn’t pushing numbers for sales but could Sprint have maybe done a little more to boost it? After all, their own customers seem very satisfied—but that makes us ask the question, do they even care? The iPhone and Android are all the rage and who are they to recommend something that has high user satisfaction over popularity, right?

With Sprint’s so-far lukewarm support for Windows Phone 8 we can only hope they come around and notice that Windows Phone endears loyal and happy customers.  But will they?

Source: Sprint; Thanks, Venom5150, for the tip

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