HTC HD2 coming to the U.S. after all!

Looks like all of us who said the HTC HD2 had no chance of coming to the United States were flat-out wrong. According to Slashgear:

Perhaps best of all, HTC CEO Peter Chou has confirmed that HTC will be offering a US 3G version of the HD2 in Q1 2010.

Rejoice, rejoice! We can pretty much rule out Verizon, most likely, because it just launched the HTC Imagio. And AT&T just put out the Pure. That leaves two ...

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  • Wooties!! I can't wait.. I wish we could get some solid dates earlier than a day or two before a launch. But anyway, this is great news!
  • T-mobile don't screw this up,Get the HD2 in your line-up and offer something other android that's being shoved down our throats. The HD2 will be bigger than the Iphone in sales if it does hit the U.S. market.
  • gimme a break... bigger than the iphone... whatever your smoking, please share.
  • I'm talking about Tmo getting the Iphone next year verses the HD2. Talks are already in the works for Tmo to get the Iphone like DT in Europe. But the HD2 will be bigger i predict. I have a Iphone unlocked on T-mobile right now and its great but a4.3 screen and WM would be way better than the Iphone.
  • haha, iphone lover...
  • No that would be Hacked/Unlocked Iphone lover thank-you. But i still like Wm phones as well. Just wish T-mobile would offer better WM phones in their line-up. The Dash is a joke,the TP2 is a brick with a qwerty board.
  • T-Mobile is a joke. I can't believe people are still using their half network.
  • Call it what you want, i only pay $75.00 amonth for unlimited Everything. You will never get it that cheap with Verizon and AT&T's service. Their in business to gouge you and then limit what you can do on their service while paying outlandish prices.
  • I am hoping for Tmo as well - I too get a great unlimited everything rate for $75/mo, but refuse to upgrade to their Android MyT3G, Cliq and Winmo TP2. I am lucky enough to be in a well lit Tmo metro and really look forward to the upcoming HSPA+ 21! Sorry ATTers only 7 for you.
  • You worte:
    "I have the Unlocked iphone right now on T mobile and its great???" What??? Are you kidding??? You have no 3G internet. No real use of the crippled useless functions of the iphone (i stands for idiot's). iPhone's quality of the signal is horrible it drops calls constantly and speaker sound quality is super horrible. Well What is great about an unlocked cripled iphone???
    You've not owned a real multitasking quality phone such as Newer HTC and most of Nokia N series models. Do you know what multitasking means?
    It means having the Music player or the Internet Radio play your favorite pre-programmed station, while you are playing a game and then you get to reply to an email or be on the internet simultaneouely and then you get a phone call. Once the call is over the radio resumes playing, and you can continue with your game or web use or any other apps running in forground ready to use simultaneousely. Which iphone model can do this? I'm familiar with the iphone. It has an awesome web browser which is extremely easy to use snd fast. But the browser is missing the flash player and the only thing it can stream is YouTube. I have an old Nokia N95 and amazingly it streams most of the flashes on many web sites such as Google, Nat Geography, etc.
  • This phone does blow away the iphone, hands down. But it wont in sales. The iphone is a kids' phone, meant fit pop culture and be fun and all. Everyone of my little cousin's and wife have it. HTC is more business targeted, and you see more professionals with htc devices. Heck, you can load a power point, and do a presentation all from the phone, plus run excel spreadsheets, word, etc. It is a lot better than the iphone, but wont put a dent in the sales.
  • The HTC HD2 is as wide as the BB Bold.
    1 mm thiner than the Iphone
    just 2 mm taller than the Omnia 2
    And lighter than most smartphones. And faster than all of them!
  • Haha maybe a late comment, but your an idiot. The iPhone sales will not be touched for awhile, considering it was the first of and now the best of the touchscreen smartphones. It will be awhile till something does as good. The droid is your closest bet, not this shitty HD2. I am considering to buy one, but that will be after the iPhone HD(4th gen) comes to my pocket.
  • it would be t-mo then right? i thought that sprint was getting the touch diamond2/imagio...
  • Place yer bets. Who'll be bright enough to say "sucks" to the Imagio as their TD2 and go with this in its stead? I hate to say it, but as awesome as Sprint's been with the smartphones lately, I think it more likely that T-Mo would be more willing to change up their game and go with this as v2.0.
  • Not that it means much if anything, but back in the day there was that online petition requesting a Sprint CDMA Version of the HTC Touch HD. I can't find any articles about it, but I believe Sprint said they noticed it.
  • There are ZERO leaks about a diamond2(topaz) on Sprint.. It aint coming.. If you remember correct from the very accurate leak sheet from early 09 sprint had a jasper and a topaz(diamond2).. Alot on there from verizon not getting the topaz(diamond2) and gettin the whitestone(imagio) on their has been correct the jasper and hero were supposed to run android.. The jasper has been canned for the instinctq so what has the topaz been canned for?? If sprint was getting a whitestone or topaz they would be launching now.. So the question is what is going to be Sprints 3RD candybar wm phone?? The answer is the Leo or HD2.. Tmo has NEVER had a candybar WM phone.. But I would bet to see an HD2 sourced Android phone on tmo maybe not Q1 but H1 2010.. Since the beginning of the "smartphone wars" CDMA has always led the US in WM.. GSM hasnt led in the US since the Tilt..
  • Sprint will get the diamond2. Sprint got the first pro, first diamond, first treo hehe so I don't see how sprint will got get the diamond first.
  • If Sprint was going to get the diamond2, they would have released it by now.
  • Anyone remember the Hands-on from a while ago? When they went deep into the settings it showed CDMA in the settings. My bet is that sprint will be getting this. Unfortunately I am not going to wait on a TP2 long enough to find out lol.
  • Yeah, I give Sprint credit for great phones and great plans but their coverage just sucks for me. I just switched from Sprint to AT&T (yeah, AT&T; my wife wanted an iPhone if we were switching to a new network) because Sprin't coverage was so bad. YMMV, but I just cannot find good and consistent signals from Sprint.
  • Just because AT&T just released the Pure doesn't necessarily mean it won't go to AT&T. They carry more than one version of a lot of phones.... Not sure how Apple would feel about it, but I'm really crossing fingers for AT&T.....
  • I wonder if well get it up here in canada.. we always seem to get screwed and our plans are alot worse than yours.. but maybe well get lucky and see this launch first here like the touch pro 2
  • Ive been very pleased with sprints' lineup of phones recently, but if they got this, i'd be first in line to get one. I already have the touch pro, so getting a TP2 just for a bigger screen, just doesnt seem worth it. Please sprint, get this HD2!!
  • I'm just glad to see that the HTC HD2 is actually going to be here, even if it is months after much of the world has already had it. BTW, I was reading some online news moments ago and this is being widely reported in other sources as well. Not that it really matters, but made me take the jump here to get more info. As for the carrier debates, I think it is extremelly difficult to guess as the market is changing so fast right now, mainly due to the huge upturn in smartphone demand and technology. But my personal hope would be for VZW to get it due to their coverage. If they don't and AT&T does, I could be pursuaded to jump carriers. As for T-MO and Sprint, due to their bad coverage (my experience in my area) I wouldn't consider them for anything. Lower monthly fees aren't worthy of mention with service/reception that bad.
  • As much as I want to see this on ATT, I just can't see this happening. I mean - HELLO. This is a BIG time competitor for the Iphone and we know what that means to ATT.
  • Although it would anger Apple, it might be a boon for AT&T to pick up this phone. As one of the better direct competitors against the iphone, some clever marketing could create a phone war between the iPhone and WinMo fanboys. With AT&T being the supplier of BOTH phones, the two factions would be competing on the same network. Big money for AT&T.
  • Yes, that may be true, but look at the "server" issues that were created when the Next-Gen iPhone came out. Now, imagine those same issues, only with the iPhone AND the HD2 competing for "air time". MAJOR dissatisfaction brewing if that happens.
  • Sprint, I hope you guys jump on this. The HD2 with WM has the flexibilty to span a broad marketplace. I'll switch my family over to the carrier that gets it. I work in the U.S. at a Big4 international accounting firm and a WM device like this would be red hot for your professional clients. In addition, I'd image that, if marketed properly, the processor and large capacitive screen would attract many from the iPhone camp. My wife and the kids would love this device and professionals would have a laptop/tablet-like experience. (I liked the TP2, but have been holding out for something like this before entering my family into another contract.) I'd suspect that the large touchscreen would make a nice internet linked replacement for my GPS as well - something my wife would especially appreciate!
  • This is an everyone phone (ePhone).
  • The evidence suggests Sprint (though HTC could always go rogue like it did with the Diamond and offer it direct. Personally that's what I'd like to see.) Switching GSM frequencies is trivial and there would be little or nothing for HTC to work on. Going with a CDMA Snapdragon chipset is a little harder, but only a little. That would leave either Verizon or Sprint. However, Verizon and Google just announced a big partnership today. It's clear that Verizon thinks that Android is the ticket for taking on AT&T and Apple. That leaves Sprint, which is still thrashing about for an "It" phone after the failure of the Pre to attract new customers and retain old ones. (The Hero might had been Sprint's new "It" phone, but it's about to go to Verizon.) I'd caution everybody about taking something too seriously that so far has been reported in a single blog based on a statement that's not entirely unambiguous. It wouldn't be the first time the Chou has said something to the press that HTC's PR department had to "clarify" the next day.
  • Sprint's clearly not getting the Diamond2. And while I love its form factor, I'm disappointed by the lack of upgrades to its internal chipset so I'm not losing sleep over it (went ahead and upgraded my original Touch to a Diamond for cheap off eBay.) I wish Sprint would've got the much more impressive Omnia2, but they're in tight with Verizon. T-Mobile may get this. But I'd personally welcome this to Sprint with open arms . . . and open wallet. The best thing about finally getting some next gen chipset devices like this is that supposedly/hopefully (based on the rumors) is that these will be more compatible with WM7 whenever it drops.
  • Regarding this phone coming to Verizon: there are two videos on Engadget's web page for this phone and the second one shows "Verizon Wireless Accessories" in the contacts list at about 50 seconds into the video. So hopefully it is coming to Verizon. If so, I will hold on to my Samsung Omnia and wait patiently for the first quarter of 2010.
  • Sprint has a way better 3G network, statisticly speaking sprints 3G coverage is 4 time bigger then att and 2 times bigger the vrz, and those are facts. The talk coverage is a little iffy but you can roam for free on verizon and us celluar towers and even get verizons 3g network when sprints is absent. I live in a metro area so coverage isnt a issue. And if i did i would just buy a mini tower for inside my house called an airave. Sprint will most likely get this phone. Mark my words. This phone will replace most peoples gps units and the sorry proprietary Iphone. Sorry apple its back to the drawing board, maybe expandability and external battery next time?
  • this is bs. im tired of all these great phones going exclusively to certain networks. i have verizon and if they dont get the hd2 then im stuck with the imagio which looks great but not an hd2. hopefully i can unlock one or something. verizon has stepped it up though lately with there smartphone line up.
  • Holy Balls this phone looks good and I am so stoked that it's coming to the US soon! HTC, if you read this (ha) please send this to AT&T!! My thought is that they will want to avoid direct competition with the iPhone and will avoid AT&T though :( HTC just put new devices on all the carriers except for T-Mo so my money says it goes there. That's sad because T-Mo limited 3G coverage will hinder this amazing device. I want this thing on AT&T but I imagine that would be quite taxing on the network to have this next to the iPhone.
  • its gna be freakin expensive if i cant get it on att. but lucky for me my birthday is only a week after christmas.... lol.
  • Can the current European version of HTC HD2 work in the US on ATT or Tmobile network? What are the limitations to buying the European version and using it in the US right now.
  • No 3G, only EDGE/GPRS - that's all
  • I am so hoping this comes to Sprint, it would be perfect because of all the services you get forthe flat price, it would be dumb of HTC and Sprint not to make this deal,also to answer the previous post question this phone can be used on ATT or t-mobile just no 3g
  • I've had a HTC XV6700, 6800, & 6900, HTC Touch HD, a Hero, (a few other Pocket PC phones) and now I have a Motorola Droid (on Verizon). The Touch HD was a nice phone. Great display! The Droid is nice, but not all it's cracked up to be and is slow in processing! I also own an iPhone 3Gs. I was a hold-out, being that I'm a staunch PC and Windows Mobile user. I'm looking forward to the HD2 coming to the US, but I've become pragmatic about it as such: The HD2 looks fantastic and it features some incredible new technology, but the problem is that it runs * Windows * Mobile. The Windows Mobile (and Windows) OS is too unpredictably unstable. Microsoft writes the base OS, but it has to work across multiple hardware platforms, and that's why it has so many problems. The iPhone, on the other hand, just WORKS, and it works beautifully. I don't have to kill apps, threads, or tasks. Things scroll on the screen slowly, smooth as gliding on ice, without being plagued by "pixel jump" as on Windows devices. The reason iPhones work so well is because Apple controls the both the manufacture of hardware and Operating System. As an IT Executive it's imperative that it "just work". When a new phone like the HD2 comes out, it's easy to be WOWed with the incredible new features and screen resolution, but it's frustrating as hell when the simplest things don't work, and that in itself makes all of the new bells and whistles worthless. However, I'm not switching from using a PC, regardless of how horrible Windows 7 has been. I'm optimistic about the HD2, but it's difficult to get excited while knowing it will be limited by Windows Mobile.
  • IPhone is an awesome device...
    but my old Voyager (custom hacked BREW OS) was 5 times faster then the 3Gs.
    I want the battery life that the iphone has, but I have had all the problems of "pixel jump", killing apps, phone rebooting, phone bricking and OMG the dropped calls and up to 2 hour delay on some SMS, on the iPhone. I run 3 IT businesses and use several different devices to monitor SQL servers and services. I haven't found the perfect device yet,(besides my notebook hooked up to 3G speed at all time, not very portable.) I hope Omnia II or HD2 are the answer to my prayers, because VzW has the best coverage in my area.
  • Something I forgot, WinMo is a very versatile OS, any device I have ran WinMo on I have modified to run as smooth as the iPhone (as long as the hardware isn't complete crap!) Some devices aren't strong enough to be a "Smartphone" they should have some watered down version of an OS.
  • once I saw the review of the HTC HD2 I was hooked. Finally a phone with the screen size to match my PSP. Plus all the other bells and whistles. I am an avid Windows Mobile user so I was a little disappointed that once in the states, the HD2 will not be running WM on the Verizon version (Passion). However, that's just my own lack of experience or change. After reading a bunch of reviews, it sounds like not having WM OS will be a plus. If you own a HTC HD2, you discuss the phone at I will be there often to share tricks.
  • I purchased the HTC HD2(unlocked)for my husband this Christmas after much research. We currently are AT&T customers for the record. The HTC purchase was made because my spouse works in the middle east (I travel here and abroad also) and was especially in need of all the Office programs (Windows 6.5 Professional,WiFi and all the other features that come with the phone. He became tired of hauling his Sony Vaio laptop around with all his other gear. He plans on using a locally purchased SIM card and prepaid phone cards (which is what he did this past year using a basic Razr V2) since reception is poor there (Iraq and surrounding countries). The PDF User Manual is pretty friendly,and you will absolutely need to read it cover to cover! Since it is unlocked, there is no 3G for it in the USA, but he didn't care as it has WiFi and he doesn't watch FLO TV. I currently have an LG VU with all the services except GPS...don't need it as I have an awesome GPS already. It meets my basic needs. BUT,after seeing HTC HD2 T8585 in operation, I also am going to purchase it when it comes available here using whichever company offers it. It is awesome! In the words of my husband after he messed with it initially, "Oh yeah, SNAP!" followed by a big smile, and he is particular about his gear and equipment...his job demands it. My present phone service contract has expired so I can easily switch. The HTC phone is incredible! NOT too big as some critics state. FAST 1GHz Snapdragon processor, wonderful features. Very sensitive touch screen. Check out HTC website and look up the HD2 User Manual so you will be better informed as you consider your next phone purchase. We considered the iPhone at first because AT-T is our carrier,but we decided like many others it just didn't have the professional programs and abilities we needed. We were close to purchasing a netbook or notebook...glad we didn't. We already loaded it with optional apps purchased online so he is a very happy man at this point,especially after I bought him the Bose in ear headphones...the ones with a phone speaker attached, to use with it. Bottom line, the consumer will have to decide what they need and are willing to pay for. If you don't need something this loaded, don't buy it. Stay with a more simple and basic phone geared toward entertainment.
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  • Got e-mail from T-mobile. HTC HD2 will have mobile TV,Transformers 1&2 will be preloaded on cell phone.Will have Blockbuster-so you can download movies.Will also have eBook over one millon books to download.Gogo Inflight Internet. Maybe coming out March 24,2010! But not sure. Register on T-mobile for update on cell phone.Not sure what the cost for the extra stuff will be.
  • I just called TMOBILE about getting my HTC HD2 and they said that the charge for the internet service was 30 dollars!! They said i couldnt use the phone without it..COME ON 30 DOLLARS I GUESS I WILL KEEP MY IPHONE!
  • DUde, internet for the iphone is $30 too. what the hell are you talking about? lol
  • PLEAASE BRING THE HTC HD2 TO SPRINT!!!...if it reaaly juss comes with t-mobile that thaat will bee such a waste of a great phone!!!come on NO one has tmobile in my area!!
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  • I use this one and I like its features. It's outlook-friendly WM, huge display screen and lightening fast processor, this is a phone that can impact a broad marketplace. French Chateau for hire