HTC HD2 Windows RT

The HTC HD2, a smartphone from the Windows Mobile era, has been continuously pushed by developers and the hacking community to support Windows Phone 7, 7.5 and even Windows Phone 8. But now they've managed to get the handset to run Windows RT. Yes, Windows RT.

@CotullaCode published the above photo on Twitter, which shows the HD2 running Microsoft's tablet OS. This name was also involved in the Windows Phone 8 port to the device. Unfortunately, it's not known how the team accomplished such a task, and the end result is not yet available for the public.

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The HTC HD2 has proved its worth more than once, and remains a true fighter when it comes to legacy hardware running the latest software. The hacker has posted a number of images that show the desktop app and main start screen in action. It's quite an achievement for such a barrier to be smashed down.

Source: @CotullaCode, via: The Verge; thanks everyone who tipped us!

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