HTC Losing WM Standard Edition Share?

DigiTimes seems to have gotten ahold of some internal Microsoft data with some surprising info - HTC may be rocking the touchscreens (2 million Touches sold, didja know that?), but they're not doing so hot when it comes to non-touchscreen, Standard-edition Windows Mobile. In fact, they've dropped, apparently, from a 50% share worldwide down to just 30%. Who are the losing to? Motorola and Samsung, and Moto has a tiny lead:

High Tech Computer (HTC) has lost the title as the global top ranking vendor of Windows Mobile-based smartphones (excluding touch-screen models), with its share of the segment falling to below 30% currently, trailing behind Motorola and Samsung Electronics, according to internal data from Microsoft.Motorola, Samsung and HTC have been competing fiercely in the segment with each vendor accounting for a 20-30% share globally, with Motorola now leading the contest with a small margin, the data showed.- HTC share of Windows Mobile smartphone segment declining

As we just said, though, HTC is hanging on to their Pro mantle, at 50% share. Nobody else is even close, Palm's a distant second at 10%.

WC Staff