HTC to Manufacture WM Devices for Sony Ericsson

You know what I hate - when I make a prediction about technology but forget to tell somebody. Then, when I am proven right, I can't legitimately say "Ha ha! Told you so!" Case in point: Sony Ericsson wants in on the Windows Mobile game and has tapped HTC to manufacture the handsets for them.

"Volume shipments of the smartphone - Sony Ericsson's first Windows Mobile-based smartphone and HTC's first ODM orders from a first-tier handset vendor - are expected to top over one million units and to account for 10-20% of HTC's total shipments projected for 2008," said the Chinese newspaper

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These things take time, so we're likely a year out from seeing anything in the stores. I'll make another prediction now - actually it's more like wishful thinking: Sony will resurrect the "Clié" name for these smartphones. Sony saw the writing on the wall back when they pulled out of the PalmOS. At that time, they were making the coolest PDAs available, bar none. Hopefully they'll bring back some of that hotness -- only this time on a smartphone platform that actually has multitasking and, you know, a future.

WC Staff