HTC releases update for Touch Pro

While we all had our eyes last week on the Touch Pro 2 and Touch Diamond 2, HTC quietly released an update for the original Touch Pro. [via] Here's what's fixed:

  • The display of TouchFLO 3D sometimes may appear cracked.
  • When taking a picture, the auto focus function may malfunction in some circumstances.
  • In some circumstances, the preview screen will become black after taking picture.
  • In some circumstances, the device may hang while loading TouchFLO 3D.
  • When hanging up a phone call, there may be a delay in the display response.

This is a generic ROM available for the following languages: English (Pan Europe and UK), Italian, Dutch, German, French, Finnish, Portuguese and Spain. That also means if you're using the AT&T Fuze, you likely won't be able to use this update and if you do, your carrier settings likely will be wiped.

Consider yourselves warned. And as always, back up your data before updating anything. Now go get it here.

Phil Nickinson

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