HTC S710 Audio Manager Preview

A couple of days into using the HTC S710 (opens in new tab) and I have a new favorite feature that you'll be interested in: a custom audio player HTC has included called "Audio Manager." It is a music player that uses an ipod-like interface instead of the standard Windows Media Player. It's very easy to use and quick. Even better - it has two additional features that are lacking in the default player - a playlist creator and a ringtone creator! Check out the video below.

We'll bring you a full review after more time with the device.

WC Staff
  • Can this app be downloaded to other HTC apps?
    I have a Dash and I am tired of TCPMP and WM 10 mobile.
  • I love the ipod menu system a lot, but the actual media player doesn't look that nice to me. One question is compaq going to allow HTC to use this interface, cause remember they have the patient on the ipod interface system.