HTC says HD2 getting Windows Mobile 7 isn't a done deal

If you ever need more confirmation that the HTC HD2 was going to get an update to Windows Mobile 7, we'll point you to the facts that (A) The original tweet saying an upgrade was coming was quickly deleted and (B) the above non-denial-denial recently posted by HTC. OK, we get it. That the HD2 might be upgraded to Windows Mobile 7 is "unconfirmed." Sure thing, guys. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)

Phil Nickinson

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  • I'm glad the erroneous post from a Russian tweeter was corrected. It was only going to lead to disappointed users who ran out to buy a HTC HD2, only to later find it can't be upgraded and is stuck with Windows Mobile 6.x
  • Given the past limitations on current phones getting OS updates, I really doubt ANY current WM phones will get upgrades to WM 7.
  • I even wonder whether Windows Mobile 7 will come out at all. The market position of Windows Mobile seems to have collapsed.
  • How has Windows Mobile collapsed?
  • This should be a lesson to all. 1. Marketing and sales branch companies don't usually have much solid strategic info, especially if the parent company is east asian. 2. Never trust Russians unless alcohol or firearms are involved*. * rule does not apply if they are actually using said alcohol or firearms!
  • i'm kind a waiting for winMo 7. I wanted to buy HD2, but then.. I have a good Diamond Touch.. as a phone.. it's doing prity good :) HD2 is bigger, than a phone.. in all meanings :)
    I would go for WinMo7 and for something smaller in size :)
  • I'll worry about this in a year and a half when I can upgrade...
  • If a negativity for IE7 is a reality I would think Gen 2 is on its way.
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  • thanks for confirming the actual should be ensured that wrong or incorrect information is not posted on social networking sites so easily as it 'll lead to blunder that was almost buzzing around.
  • but if it is a done deal, can i upgrade my HTC Diamond 2 to wm7?
  • No to the diamond...
    It doesn't even come close to the min specs for win 7. Processor Qualcomm
  • I received and email from HTC this week and HTC reported that Windows Mobile 7 will not be offered on any current windows device including HTC HD2. Sad but true
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  • Feeling glad for WP7.Best Of Luck for it! blackhawk tactical
  • It could actually turn out to be a great deal.....
  • Hey it would actually be good if the HTC HD2 deal with windows mobile 7 works out... rolls royce phantom hire derby
  • i guess Windows 7 would be even impressive with the HTC HD2 deal...Prom cars derby