HTC shopping Maple to four U.S. carriers

Our excitement for the HTC Maple has been steadily growing, and it appears that HTC is serious about bringing it to the United States.

Digitimes is reporting that it's expected to make an appearance at the CTIA convention in a few weeks. Moreover, it cites a Chinese Economic Daily News report stating that the Maple is in active talks with several carriers.

HTC has been in talks with four service operators in the US for joint marketing of the BlackBerry-like HTC Maple, the paper quoted sources at HTC as indicating.

Hopefully we'll find out more at CTIA. And pimping your wares to four U.S. carriers doesn't necessarily tells us that much, seeing as how there are four major carriers out there. Could mean GSM and CDMA versions, or it might not. Just have to see who (if anyone) picks it up.

Electronista throws a couple more details into the ring: A 2-megapixel camera and a 2.4-inch display. It then says that 3G isn't a done deal, but we're hoping that's just rabble rousing. Seriously, unless this thing has a tiny battery combined with the best Windows Mobile Standard ROM ever seen in the history of man, a lack of 3G is almost a deal-breaker now.

Phil Nickinson

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