HTC Spark: more photos; HTC Hub present

A lucky chap over at XDA got to take some nice pics of the HTC Spark (Mondrian). While of the keyboardless black-slab type, it sure looks nice and thin.

On board is also the HTC Hub, which for some reason people are under the impression wouldn't be there on launch (though we think it will be).

The device features 8GB of internal memory, which for our needs is about 8GB too short. Also on board is 576MB of RAM, 1GHz CPU, 3.8" screen, etc.

You'll need to register to see all of the photos (there'a quite a bit), but we selected the most interesting, which can be seen after the break.

[XDA Developers via Engadget]



Daniel Rubino

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  • The phone looks great, but only 8GB, give me a break HTC!!!! How does MS hope to compete in the iPhone class with no inadequate media storage (I can see the ads now). Since I am on AT&T, there is no way I can pull or stream a lot of data either due to the BW cap.
  • First thing I'll be doing is removing Sense from my device. First thing.
  • lol, they're just Tiles that link to mini-apps. They're actually pretty nice, but yeah, you don't have to have any on the Start Tiles, totally optional.
  • Kirdasa... how the fudge do these cow lovers get it first? I work in an AT&T building and i'm already sick of the amount of curry i see in corporate support.