Busy if not unexciting day for HTC leaks so far...

First, it appears that those earlier pics of the HTC Schubert were mis-identified. Instead, it seems that it is actually the HTC Mozart, a more low-end WP7 device headed for Telstra  (rumored for T-Mobile too). A few more non-thrilling images are below via Xmoo on Twitter (as evidenced by the low-quality images, he must be using an HTC camera--zing!)

So for those thinking "Is that all HTC's got?", the answer would be "???".

The other info is on the HTC Spark, which is, we're told, basically an HTC HD2 with a smaller screen. The Spark_W was mentioned for Verizon awhile back, but who knows about that anymore.


We're still waiting for the big guns from HTC but at least appreciate the fact that Windows Phone 7 will be on a wide-range of devices/price points--well, as wide a range as "black slab" can go at least.

[via WMPU 1,2]