HTC Windows Phone 7 leaks roundup: Mozart & Spark

Busy if not unexciting day for HTC leaks so far...

First, it appears that those earlier pics of the HTC Schubert were mis-identified. Instead, it seems that it is actually the HTC Mozart, a more low-end WP7 device headed for Telstra  (rumored for T-Mobile too). A few more non-thrilling images are below via Xmoo on Twitter (as evidenced by the low-quality images, he must be using an HTC camera--zing!)

So for those thinking "Is that all HTC's got?", the answer would be "???".

The other info is on the HTC Spark, which is, we're told, basically an HTC HD2 with a smaller screen. The Spark_W was mentioned for Verizon awhile back, but who knows about that anymore.


We're still waiting for the big guns from HTC but at least appreciate the fact that Windows Phone 7 will be on a wide-range of devices/price points--well, as wide a range as "black slab" can go at least.

[via WMPU 1,2]

Daniel Rubino

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  • The other pics of HTC Schubert looked like a finished phone, these ones show a prototype...
  • There was an interesting tweet by Xmoo that said the HD2 will run WP7, sent him a message about it but he didnt reply. I would presume he meant HD3 but Mal since you are in the know maybe you can dig deeper?
  • I know he mentioned that the Spark is basically an HD2 but with WP7 on it; no doubt the HD2 *could* run WP7 if they can get it on there. Will look into it.
  • If the Spark is a HD2 but with WP7 then I guess that's a good thing, lots of people want wp7 on the hd2, so this is basically the same, in a sense.
  • I am interested to know how much memory there will be. I need a min 8GB but would prefer 16GB+
  • I would like a 16GB as well, with MS taking control of the software this time I see OEMs taking a sorta race to the top with hardware, so we could see this race to 32GB and higher phones, specially if you market the Zune parts more.
  • Eh, I dunno about HTC devices having shitty cameras, I've taken some mighty fine photos with the HD2... I trust it enough now to leave the Canon 50D at home for some stuff. As for this device, can anyone say fugly?
  • EVO can take decent pics too but Samsung and LG do a lot better. Actually, HTC's problem is more in relation to their processing algorithm, which is not so hot (often there's too much compression).
  • Didn't know that about Samsung and LG, I guess I should pay more attention to those devices. I know Nokia has had some amazing cameras on their devices. I must admit, I did change how much my HD2 would compress the superfine photos through a registry tweak, so I guess you could say I was cheating. Biggest thing that annoys me about HTC, is why they can't use a flush fitting camera. WHY does it always have to stick out so the lens can get scratched??? And why aren't they using something like gorilla glass on them yet??
  • Come on.. where are the 4" screens, front facing camera WP7 phones. MS needs to come big on launch day they need a high end phone.
  • If HTC can't step it up I'll just have to go with Samsung or LG probably.