HTC Titan, Radar take center stage in video series with Jim Gaffigan

HTC has a series of demo videos over at their YouTube Channel focusing on the Titan and Radar Windows Phones. HTC has teamed up with comedian Jim Gaffigan to add a light-hearted approach to showing off the various features of the new phones and the Windows Phone operating system.

The short videos cover a wide range of topics such as the Games Hub, Office Hub, linked Inbox, Bing Vision and yes, Pie pie charts. There's about sixteen in all and if you're curious about what Windows Phone has to offer, they're worth checking out.

You can find all of the HTC Windows Phone videos here at HTC's YouTube Channel.

Thanks goes out to Robb for the tip!

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  • Gaffigan?I don't have to watch the videos to know they're awesome.
  • Seriously though, you need to watch "Fibshuz Knibsef"
  • Double Face Palm.
  • They should do a video where they say when I can buy one.
  • I think this time the marketing strategy will be OK. They finally understood that they have to advertise the DEVICES and not only the OS :)
  • direct translate, 'to the right' in spanish 'en el derecho' lmao,
  • I am glad to see the manufacturers are stepping up to market their WP7 devices.
  • yeah but they're still doing exclusive deals with carriers. Until MS starts offering the phones across several carriers, they will never be the leader. I want the Titan on Vzw, but noo, it has to be At&T. Such a waste.
  • Created a playlist of them... sorry, got one in there twice and can't figure out how to remove it.
  • Going to see Gaffigan in December. *he's weeeeeird*Showed my wife this spot and she loved it. I hope that's what can help get the message out. I personally like my One Note One Note notebook.