HTC Touch Pro Gets Official

Also (better?) known as the Raphael, HTC announced the Touch Pro today. The specs are pretty much what we expected, which is to say they're very similar to the HTC Diamond with a few key differences:

  • 512MB ROM / 288MB RAM
  • No 4gigs of internal storage, but there is a MicroSD slot (better)
  • Slide-out Bluetooth keyboard
  • 1340 mAh battery good for “397 minutes” on 3G. 397 exactly?
  • All that goodness comes at a price, which is 18.05 mm of thickness. ...which is to say, just 1 mm thinner than a Tilt

Otherwise you're looking at the same awesomeness: AGPS, WiFi, 3.2mp Camera, 2nd camera, bluetooth, VGA resolution, sweet Opera 9.5 browser, sweeter TouchFLO 3D. Also, the same bad news: Dual-band HSDPA and Tri-Band EDGE, which make this another European/Asian affair. They'll be getting it later this summer, we'll be getting it later this year.

HTC's site

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