HTC Touch.B aka Rome makes an appearance; Runs Android?

It is with awe and envy when we see chief Windows phone manufacturer HTC take one of its devices and convert it for the competition.

And that seems to be the case here as the rarely talked about HTC Rome, now appropriately dubbed Touch.B, takes the stage for the first time. And guess that labeling on the back is here to stay? We're okay with that.

Not much is known about the specs, so nothing to get worked up over at this time. It certainly does look nice and we suppose it's not that different from the Eris (which to us trumps Motorola's DROID).  

Still, it is odd having Android running so closely with Windows phones these days. It's like our twin sibling evil twin sibling plotting to kill us.

[UnwiredView via MobiFrance]

Phil Nickinson

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