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HTC Viveport online VR app store launches worldwide

HTC has launched its Viveport online VR app store to the rest of the world, after previously making it available only in China. It gives owners of the HTC Vive virtual reality headset another way to browse and purchase apps and games. Before today, the only other place for Vive owners to get apps was via Valve's Steam store.

HTC's blog (opens in new tab) has the info on what's included in Viveport:

  • Viveport Premieres: 
Experience the best new and updated content from top VR creators.
  • 48-Hour Launch Celebration: 
Stuff your library with experiences for $1 each, for the first 48 hours only.
  • Vive Home: Customize your personal space with the debut collection of objects, experience streaming media with the web browser widget and more.
  • Viveport Community: 
Join the community and connect with other VR fans, at

Some of the apps included in the Viveport Premieres section include "all new content from Everest VR, Google Spotlight Stories' Pearl, Lifeliqe, Stonehenge VR, The Music Room, an all-new edition of theBlu, and many more."

Check out HTC Viveport now

  • I just have a hard time not seeing this as another fad.
  • It may be just another fad, but as someone who has one, I can tell you it is a seriously fun fad!
  • It seems like all the gaming podcasts I listen to, Giant Bomb, The Patch, CAGcast, are already over VR. The sales of both systems post-launch have been abysmal. VR is the new 3D TV. So much hype and then quickly forgotten about.
  • Ugh...sales really bad?
  • I can see why. The cost of entry is still prohibitively high. Not only was it over $800 for he vive, it was also another couple of hundred dollars to upgrade to a GTX1070 card to run things smoothly. This will never be main stream until the prices come down. But who knows what he PSVR set up will do for things?
  • Put one on and it will all become clear.. I've wasted more on worse so fad our not I'm a happy customer
  • I tried it at the Microsoft store. It was cool, but as the other guy said, kind of like 3d TV...i cant see myself putting it on over and over without it becoming ho-hum.
  • All tech becomes a little 'ho-hum' if it requires a little bit of setting up, I used my 3D on my TV 3 or 4 times and it was naff.. but as of Today Vive is worth the price of admission, if only for the fact Steam is behind it to provide a bit longevity. Did you get to try out the HoloLens at the Microsoft Store? I've just convinced my employer to buy 2, getting them imported from the USA, should arrive next Friday.. the limited AR FOV is ideal for the manufacturing use we have planned.. Health and safety and all that.
  • Nice, looking forward to checking this out over the weekend on my scorpio-VR PC.