HTC YouTube app hacked for all [Homebrew]

Although we've seen quite a few OEM apps ripped from their exclusive hardware (see Samsung, LG) there was one HTC app that proved extremely difficult: YouTube HD.

The app had unique tie ins to the hardware and some real custom programming that made ripping a functional app impossible. However, it has finally been done by Tom Hounsell, who's been very big on the XDA seen and led the charge on making these apps available for all (who have a developer unlocked device).

So what changed? HTC evidently "...did the kind thing and removed all the breaking code from the old version" as Hounsell informs us in a Tweet. So does HTC want us to rip these? We doubt it, instead it was probably done to just make things easier. Regardless, we loaded it up on our LG Quantum and had no issues running it, making it a great addition, much to HTC's probable disapproval.

Source: @tomhounsell

Daniel Rubino

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  • Stuff like this is exactly why MS is locking down the OS so tight. What else do OEM's have on WP7 besides exclusive software?
  • I blame HTC for not releasing this app for 3.99 or 4.99 in the Marketplace for the non-HTC phones. They missed an opportunity to make a good chunk of change. Now, this is what the community has resorted to.Now, if the Samsung Focus No-Do update truly comes tomorrow, most likely all of the homebrew software will disappear on our phones, and we'll have enjoyed the app for a total of 1 day.
  • Not if you have an actual developer unlocked device :D
  • True, but the homebrew community is pretty small right now due to devices being so locked down, so MS's plan IS working for the overwhelming majority. Kenny has a point though, OEMs could sell this software for some decent money in the Marketplace.
  • do i need to be rooted to install this? if not, how do i install this? (new to wmp7.. my Samsung Focus arrives in a few days)
  • You need a developer unlocked device. So either pay MS $99/year for the privilege or use ChevronWP7, which is pretty much obsolete in the next week.
  • Ugh stupid spam! GTFO!Back to the topic: This is awesome and if NoDo isn't coming out tomorrow I will do it! :D