HTC's November financial report shows signs of growth

Hold your breath everybody, we're publishing positive news about HTC and the company's finances. After a number of reports released by the manufacturer have each displayed signs of continued negativity, the November unaudited financial documentation is a different story. 

According to company numbers, there are possible signs of improvements with revenues of NT$21.2 billion ($729 million), up from NT$17.2 billion ($529) million reported in October. This boost can be attributed to the release of new hardware on the Android and Windows Phone platforms.

The company has two Windows Phone 8 smartphones, the HTC 8X and HTC 8S and both are launching in multiple markets through the festive holidays. Unfortunately, while the down spiral has halted, HTC is still performing weaker than what was reported on over the summer. With both the 8X and 8S going into consumer hands, it'll be interesting to see how well they perform through to 2013.

via: Android Central

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I hope they pull through. I like HTC and their hardware.
  • I hope they can get through, although I don't like their devices.
  • Its about time! But with the way the release time hijinks and stuff, I doubt those sales can be attributed to the windows phone. In due time though. They have no carrier exclusivity.
  • Where are these festive holidays at? I want in.
  • I wish nokia 920 body design and very light weight like HTC 8x many weak people will not complain too much of nokia weight
  • I've never understand the HTC haters???? I've had a dozen HTC phones starting early WinMo and ending with the excellent T-II and not a one was a dog. True, the early one's cameras sucked but the hardware quality of the phones were great but later on you can't beat either of the Titan's cameras and its software that are still on par with the cameras of the Win8 phones. I own the NOKIA 920 and love it but it doesn't feel near as good in the hand as my T-II or the 8X. I still want the HTC 8X & I will probably get it or the next premium HTC Win8 phone out of the gate.... TITAN-III anyone :D
  • I don't think HTC really has that many hardcore "haters", but their ARE a good number of people like myself who have grown wary of their tendency to cut corners. The current HTC 8X, for example, has that nasty little uneven spot on the lower left corner of the screen... even the review phones they sent out to tech sites have it! Light leaks, dodgy USB connectors, crackly headphone jacks... all these things have plagued various HTC models over the years. The worst example (IMHO) was the sloppy hinge on the T-Mobile G2. That phone's hinge was so loose it would actually flop open in your pocket!
  • I've had no such problems with any HTC
  • They need more phone support. I love their phones but the lack of updates and support is crushing them. I'd love for them to update their camera with digital stabilization and some nice apps. Just a little HTC and u will do better
  • I never had any problems with support and updates for my HTC Mozart. The phone worked fine and all OS and firmware updates were released in a timely fashion.
    With the Lumia 800 however, I waited 3 months for the update that improved the battery drain from horrid to mediocre and introduced dreadful volume bugs along with it. After that I waited another 3 months for the update that almost fixed the volume bugs.
    As for the apps, only Nokia Drive is actually useful and worth mentioning.
    So please, tell me more about HTC's lack of support and updates.  
  • I have own 3 HTC phones. HTC Touch with Windows Mobile, EVO, and Arrive. All have had great build quality. The EVO had stability issues (I'll chalk that up to Android) my Nokia L920 is my first Nokia and the extra services really make a difference.
  • the htc Evo is the best phone i ever owned...dont hate on that majestic phone :) it was amazing.
  • I never had problems getting updates on my Trophy.
  • I've had regular HTC updates for my HD7. The only reason they might be slow is if you're on AT&T, which always seems to be the last carrier in the world to push out updates.
  • I hope that the increase includes positive sales for their windows phone devices. I like the approach they are taking by putting equal weight behind both platforms.
  • Positive like in more than zero? Sure. In November they sold at least a dozen 8Xs on and another dozen on expansys, while they were available to purchase for a brief moment.
  • They deserve it, beautiful, beautiful devices, their WP8 portfolio.
  • Gorgeous phone and much lighter than my Lumia.  Hope they make it.
  • I went to see 8x and wow so fricken light and thin. Perfect size and light weight. Nokia should have made the body design thin and lightweight like 8x. 16gig with 8x is fine as I can always use my 25 SkyDrive for extra storage. Besides mostly left out of 16gig will go low 10gig depending how many apps installed
  • I won't argue the weight, some like light devices, I don't care, I want solid.  But the "thick/thin" thing gets me.  The difference is .6mm, it's just the 8X is more tapered at the edges I guess so it seems thin.
  • Does weight = solid? Just wondering cause people keep saying the weight means it's more solid. Not saying the Lumia 920 isn't a solid phone, just that weight of a device doesn't actually mean it's "more" solid.
  • Nice hope this will encourage them to make even more high end wp's
  • I really hope both HTC and Nokia do really well, I like what I have seen from both of them and could see them set the standard for mobile phones, on the other hand I don't know how well Samsung will do but I hope all the companies that jump on the Windows phone bandwagon succeeded, and thank them and Microsoft for all their hard work.
  • The only hope I have is for the 8X and 8S to have been mostly responsible for this improvement because it would mean lots of them were sold therefore good for the WP platform. The Android Central, source for this news, actually attributes this up-trend firstly to the Droid DNA. Not surprising for them to think so because first and foremost, HTC is still an Android OEM.
  • i think the htc 8x is the best looking windows phone on the market of course thats just me...but htc has a history of taking no name hum drum operating systems and making them appealing to the consumer i.e. android and windows 6.5. and even the radar is one of the best looking windows 7.5 phones on the market today. i know they have potential but got cocky and stale until samsung showed up and killed it.