Huawei gets a Store of its own on Windows Phone, kinda

Huawei hasn’t exactly taken the Windows Phone ecosystem by storm, not even with their low-end, "let’s compete against Android" Ascend W1. As it turns out, Nokia seems to be beating the Chinese firm to most of the entry level consumers interested in Windows Phone devices.

And then there’s that exclusive apps/Store thing called the Nokia Collection that you may have heard about.

Huawei Windows Phone Store

Well, Huawei has evidently thrown the switch on their own “collection” in the Store, which is simply called “Huawei Selected”. They now join the ranks of LG, Samsung, HTC and Nokia in providing custom apps for their consumers.

Problem is the Huawei store has one measly app called Find Me (by Seth Kigen), which is available to anyone with a Windows Phone and for some reason it has only 1 star for its single review. No custom apps, nothing interesting or unique (even LG used to have some killer stuff back in the day).

Maybe we’ll see the Huawei Store populate with some interesting, exclusive titles in the future. But for now, they’re about a marathon away from coming close to Nokia.

Source: Windows Phone Italy, Reddit

Daniel Rubino

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  • Who a they...?
  • I managed to take a hands-on with Huawei's windows phone, and I was surprised how cheap the build quality felt - maybe cause there were Lumias right next to this Chinese toy...
  • I have one and i am seriously not aware of any problems with the quality, in fact it feels rather solid and well built, why are you writing this here, it is obviously wrong, do you have somethign agaisnt the Huawei that you would make a negative comment where none is deserved, event the techdirt review comments on how solid it feels in the hand.
  • Loved LGs app store. Great offline QR reader (before it was built-in), solid toolbox including a torch, and a decent weather app. Sigh.
  • LG had a great thing going with their app store.  Real shame they gave up too soon.
  • I'm glad to see efforts by any OEM for Windows Phone.  But honestly, I can't see any reason to recommend a Huawei WP over Nokia.  And no, I'm not saying that with bias toward Nokia.  The Ascend W1 is way too expensive over the Lumia 521.  And with Nokia, you know you are getting a better app selection and update support.
  • The Huawei is £109 right now and you can get it for under £100 if you shop around so where is the problem with price, seriously reading some stupid comments in here.
  • Don't call me stupid, that hurts my feelings.  My Mom assures me that I'm very smart.
    I compared their prices from Walmart, which in the US is the only place I know of that provides both.  $130 for the 521 compared to $230 for the Ascend W1.  I apologize if I didn't know its price in the British market.
  • At least someone, other than Nokia, is making an effort in wp.
  • Saddest part is they could be so much more appealing even spending just a little time making apps for their phones. I can't understand why OEM's don't get this except Nokia. Obviously the difference is Nokia is 100% dedicated to WP but honestly why would anyone take any other vendors seriously with such a pathetic effort of offerings with their handsets? Am I alone on this? Seems pretty minimal work to me
  • Go Nokia!
  • How apt that the only app is named "find me".
    Maybe there's 100's of exclusive apps hidden as an easter egg for Huawei owners to find?
  • LOL
  • Lol.
    There are other apps under Huawei Selected store only that, they are available in African Markets only. Huawei Selected store is part of the 4Afrika initiative, this app was selected under that initiative and it is the only application which was set to global availability.
    Disclosure: I developed that app.
  • One measly app with a one star rating from one review...
    ...doesn't exactly sound like putting in much effort.
  • Maybe it has more in China region
  • Don't buy these Chinese gov't phones.
  • From what I've seen the phones look like they have a quality build to them.  I have never held one but I would be willing to take a look.  The problem is that they do not make a @MSWindowsphone that is appropriate for the US market.
  • I have made suggestions to them that as a marketing campaign they could walk up to people and ask them to pronounce @Huawei  As consumers are watching all the ways to mispronounce their name they will learn how to actually say the name and remember it.
  • I also told them that if they made a high-end @mswindowsphone they could take a good chunk of the WP Market.  As it is they will be remembered as that company with the funny name that nobody can pronounce.
  • That's my app. I know it's not really top notch but i am working on making it better. I am an independent app developer in the developing world with minimal resources, i am really trying.. all i need is more feedback.
    Kindly use the app and if you find it wanting, ps give me feedback so that i can make it better.