Huawei hasn’t exactly taken the Windows Phone ecosystem by storm, not even with their low-end, "let’s compete against Android" Ascend W1. As it turns out, Nokia seems to be beating the Chinese firm to most of the entry level consumers interested in Windows Phone devices.

And then there’s that exclusive apps/Store thing called the Nokia Collection that you may have heard about.

Huawei Windows Phone Store

Well, Huawei has evidently thrown the switch on their own “collection” in the Store, which is simply called “Huawei Selected”. They now join the ranks of LG, Samsung, HTC and Nokia in providing custom apps for their consumers.

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Problem is the Huawei store has one measly app called Find Me (by Seth Kigen), which is available to anyone with a Windows Phone and for some reason it has only 1 star for its single review. No custom apps, nothing interesting or unique (even LG used to have some killer stuff back in the day).

Maybe we’ll see the Huawei Store populate with some interesting, exclusive titles in the future. But for now, they’re about a marathon away from coming close to Nokia.

Source: Windows Phone Italy, Reddit