Huawei says no plans for a Windows 10 phone, surprises no-one

There's a tale doing the rounds today about Huawei's confirmed decision to avoid making any Windows 10 powered smartphones. It's true, the company did say that during a press briefing at its Shenzhen headquarters as reported by several media outlets who were in the room at the time. While hearing a phone maker confirm they're skipping Windows 10 doesn't feel great, this one in particular comes as no surprise.

After all, Huawei has already ditched Windows Phone 8 because "it wasn't profitable" for them.

So, what was actually said? As reported from China by FoneArena's Nirave Ghondia:

"When questioned about Huawei's past Windows Phone devices and plans by John McCann, Yang said that the biggest problem with the Windows Phone platform is differentiating between manufacturers. As an example, Yang said a Huawei device running Android has several unique characteristics compared to other Android devices but Microsoft's platform has the same interface across all devices. As such, it's difficult for the company to differentiate between themselves and other Windows Phone devices which is why the company has no immediate plans to launch a Windows Phone device."

Nothing said there is at all inaccurate. On Windows Phone you run Windows Phone. On Windows 10 you'll run Windows 10. Huawei's Android devices run the company's own, customized software known as EMUI. And while that might not be to everyone's tastes, it's not the same as competing devices from HTC, Samsung, LG, Lenovo et al.

Ultimately, just like Microsoft, Huawei is in the phone business at all to make money. The recent earnings report released by the company shows just how successful it has been basing its phone business on Android. All told Huawei sold over 75 million smartphones in 2014, itself a 45% increase year-on-year. And that's without a significant presence in the U.S. and a still growing presence in Europe.

It's still disappointing, though, as 2014 saw some really great devices from Huawei such as the Ascend P7, Ascend Mate 7 and the Honor 6. Good phones by any standards and with hardware that Windows Phone would just fly on. But, the differentiation question is valid. How do you make a Windows Phone that truly stands apart from what the Lumia range already offers?

It's not all bad news, though. Huawei doesn't just make phones. The same question regarding Windows 10 also prompted a response about where the future may lie with it on the company's tablets:

"Whilst discussing the possibility of Huawei's future plans however, Shao Yang did concede that the company may look into Windows 10 on its Tablet range. Yang suggested that the company has no plans to launch a solely Windows 10 device but is considering a dual-boot system to run both Windows 10 and Android on the same tablet."

We've seen combined Android and Windows 8 devices announced in the past from the likes of Samsung and ASUS. Whether it ever comes to fruition or not, only time will tell. But it's clear that Huawei isn't going to stray too far from its successful Android enterprise any time soon.

Source: FoneArena

Richard Devine
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  • No loss. I'm waiting for Microsoft to release a new flagship at the end of the year
  • Its true windows 10 for phone didn't surprise anyone also me. Nothing new . No download manager,no WiFi direct,no otg, no true multitask,no no intractive tiles no quality apps available music player,videoplyer ,facebook,massenger,etc sucks. Future of windows phone is in peril after 21january.
  • Yes, because we can tell all that based on the fact that they haven't really said anything about it. THE ENS IS NEAR!!! TIN FOIL HATS AT THE READY!!!
  • This is MS we are talking about. The Consumer Preview before for Windows 8 didn't really deviate far from the RTM version. Let's see what they can show this time.
  • Except that the 'consumer' preview of W10 is still a technical preview. It does not include nearly all features. Plus the features they included we know are a barebone version of what is intended. It really is a preview.
  • 1) the build we saw of windows 10 for phone, wasnt even a beta 2) windows 10's consumer preview is much much earlier in development than windows 8's consumer preview
  • @SwimSwim Ikr, we barely saw anything about the phone outside of an extremely brief, incomplete demo and a photo. I keep trying to figure out where people are getting these long lists of what it doesn't/won't have.
  • There's a reason why your tour of windows 10 (for phones) was brief. I don't know how long you've been in tech, but almost 20 years ago, Bill Gates himself was debuting Windows 98 to the world during CES I believe. And midway through his presentation - it BSOD'ed on him.  One of the most awkward moments in all of tech. Since that point, Microsoft has never debuted any feature on a piece of software that they were 100% satisfied with. So them only shows limited features of Windows 10 for phones just means to me that the preview that comes out will be a true beta, not anything close to release. It's going to bump and gride, and a lot of fit and finish work will still have to be done. But as for features? I don't know.  
  • I'm afraid they will pull out something like, " We simply just didn't have enough time to complete those (features)," like their lame excuse for Notification/ Action center smh.
  • Oh God, shut up.
  • No one can't see the future.
  • Dude, where do people like you come from? Do you keep your list of "what's missing" near by just in case you need to copy/paste this ignorant unrelated crap in a forum somwhere...
  • No its true . I always be a fan of nokia and now of Microsoft because no other ways left . First you decide you are fan of Nokia or microsoft or windows phone.
    People like me come from India. Ok
    I have two phone both belongs to lumia ie 520 and 630. And thought to buy 7** series if 10 gives me some missing features. Whom you love if never go as you think then it is always painful. Truly speaking I was not a fan of microsoft neither windowsphone. I love Nokia but now nokia turn microsoft.
    But the truth has own meaning. Microsoft not going as we want. Some basic feature not included after 4 years. I shun from recommending windowsphone to my friend due to those resons except myself.
  • Yeah, would never buy a phone from a Chinese company while their government requires spyware to be installed on their products. I don't know if they do this for sure with Windows phones, but i've heard that it's widely known on Android. Also, i'm aware that our government can spy on us as their leaisure as well. But all in all, not trying to be xenophobic, just don't want to support Chinese gov/companies.
  • And where the F do you think many of the components in your phone are being made? Manhattan?!
  • Well, there's a big difference between a Chinese-manufactured phone and a Chinese-manufactured and OWNED phone. Western companies (and overall non-Chinese ones) don't allow such things in their phones. Chinese companies build the phones with spyware embed in by order of the Chinese government.   Now, of course you have the European certification authorities and the FCC etc which review the devices before they're allowed on the market. But still...the risk of those devices coming with that spyware is bigger. It's a legitimate concern that will keep existing while mainland China is a communist dictatorship that basically operates outside all the international laws regarding privacy and user rights. Even if a Huawei phone doesn't bring a trace of spyware, suspicion still reigns.
  • Right because the American NSA did not spy in on everyone. Oh wait! They are a western democracy! They can't be bad. Naturally they spy on us to keep us safe. That said China is not in any regard communist. It's truly a dictatorship but they are not communists.
  • I'm not claiming my own government doesn't spy on me/us. Just that i don't want to knowingly allow another country access as well.
  • As a British user, I would far rather the Chinese Government spy on me than any American organisation. Silicon Valley is far more dangerous to me with their social experiments / advert privacy invasions then a paranoid Chinese public worker will ever be.
  • Haha oh man: "Surprises no one" xD. Such a,low end WP company
  • All we do is waiting for the end of the year. Every single time.
  • Except 2014 which was skipped. It's almost comical.
  • Have fun competing with Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, and OnePlus in China huaweii
  • They are. With Android Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Agree. Who needs them anyway?
  • That leaves HTC.
  • And, I think Samsung said they would...
  • The time is now that (in hardware terms at least) I think Huawei makes better phones than Samsung. I know which I'd prefer to have Windows on it.
  • Kudos Richard, this was a very balanced article. It was devoid of fanboyism, something that I found very refreshing.  I was fully expecting the same; "Windows Phone is great" "Hauwei is bad". " Let's rally around and piss on them" kind of article. Thanks for keeping it fair..  keep up the good work. 
  • Knowing cross-platform stuff does have it's uses. But thanks for the kind words :)
  • +1520
  • I believe it was "we'll consider it if MS drops the lawsuit against us"
  • But HTC already has -- and rumors I've just been pointed to indicate they are planning on continuing to -- supported WP with their Android hardware. And yet, on this site, people are always giving them crap and saying "Lumia Lumia Lumia" despite the fact that they are the only Windows Phone manufactureer to ever release a flagship phone in the US (defined as well-advertised, up to date, and available on several carriers).
  • i thought HTC One M8 for Windows was only verizon exclusive, which other carrier is it on in the USA?
  • Att(which I'm currently using mine on) and I believe t-mobile is carrying it too!!
  • oh well that's great, i don't live in USA,i live in caribbean, but i remember it being a Verizon exclusive, nice that it's on AT&T as well, i just noticed it on their site, now checking t-mobile's
  • Its on AT&T
  • AT&T
  • Yeah, this site(comments wise) is getting very snobbish with their lumias. I understand the love, but no reason to hate the other OEMs who are trying to support this ecosystem!! Ultimately, if an OEM makes a phone, and the WP faithful bash it or anyone who, then it wont sell, won't be supported with updates, and they will simply move on. If you love wp and want it to succeed, support it fully and drop the fan boy attitudes! They get us nowhere!
  • For real. I love WP, but I got tired of waiting for some of the app support (including support for my Pebble), so I bought a used HTC One M7 to hold me over until Win10 comes out. Hopefully things will take off from there. I love the look and feel of the HTC One though. Never really wanted a Lumia that much. If the leaks of the HTC M9 are true and they release a Win10 version of it, I would be all over it!
  • I would be all over the HTC One M8 for Windows if the camera wasn't such a step back from the one on my Icon. It's a great looking device with great performance based on all I've read.
  • Go test the camera for yourself in Verizon/AT&T/T-Mobile store.  Rumors of it's inferiority are greatly exaggerated.
  • Problem with HTC is that they dont really try, for example, already HTC has abandoned a windows phone for updates, now we already see the past repeating (just google htc's support for their WP7 devices) I would lvoe an htc device, but at this point, I need to see them actually support the device before I'd consider leaving my lumia's behind.
  • What phone did they abandon?
  • well.. pretty much every android theyve made honestly, also many WP7 devices. HTC pretty much ahs a "drop em and leave em" policy
  • HTC blu Samsung yazz there's a couple not as many as android but were getting there
  • I think I read somewhere that Acer has plans as well.
  • "No surprises" XD
  • Yup. I was going to skip this piece entirely but there's too much of a "sky is falling" vibe that can follow something like this.
  • It isn't surprising, but it's still bad news. I have no interest in a Huawei device, but it's a major player in one of the fastest growing markets, one that Windows Phone badly needs to make a dent in.
  • Exactly right. 75 million phones a year is a crap ton more than Microsoft is selling. Sure, those are all Android phones but Huawei has such a strong position in the likes of China that a good, high end Windows Phone from them could get some traction in that kind of market. Especially when their latest higher end offerings have been as good hardware wise as they have.
  • Huawei? No thanks.
  • Who uses Huawei anyway... Maybe just a few
  • You mean Windows Phone or in general? Because if you're speaking generally you didn't read the post.
  • Windows phone of course
  • Which is why they ultimately stopped. Question still stands. How do you stand out against the Lumia line enough to make it something someone wants to buy?
  • That's a million dollar question which needs to be answered... Only time will tell... I rest my case
  • It's tough but its possible
  • You make beautiful hardware, that's how. Also, Microsoft has shown that they're willing to build features into the OS for OEM's.
  • Problem is people bashing other makers. For windows phone to expand, people must support other devices that run windows, not just only lumia.
  • Not really as big a problem as its made out to be as in reality that is confined to forums and not the actual point of sale where it matters.
  • Don't know why people are hailing Lumias. All that's been released is low end garbage. Moonshiners could pull off a better Lumia at this point.
  • Simple. You build in hardware and software features that stand out. With Nokia we already have an example of how that worked. We have a precedent, who ended u owning 90% of the WP market. It's possible. You just can't expect it to come for free, and it will require a bit more than recycling MS' reference hardware design and recoloring the UI.
  • the only way is to have those different manufacturers engineers come with great suite of apps to compete against lumias, HTC has chance but don't really bring anything to the table software wise for WP
  • Simple. You beat the Lumia line in its own game: Value. Although still in their infancy (especially with Windows Phone), BLU and Yezz seem to be making reasonable in-roads with WP. Their devices are entry-level, but they have certain features you didn't typically find on Windows Phone at the $150-200 price-point, e.g. 720p displays and 1GB RAM. I've seen a decent number of BLU WIN HDs up here in Canada. On that note Yezz is planning to push the game further by offering a competitively priced phone that is on par with the Lumia 735. The Billy 5S LTE will have an S400 CPU, 1GB RAM, 720p display and LTE for under $300 (and potentially as low as $250). Those specs are identical to those of the Lumia 830 as well, but this phone will come in $150-200 cheaper!  Windows Phone fans will probably cycle between different Lumias, so the focus shouldn't be on them. Rather, the focus of OEMs should be to actually *grow* the WP market, and to do so, they need to go after people who would otherwise go for Android. Not every Android user is - what I term - a conscious smartphone user. Not every one of them is out for every single app or cares about granular control over customization. A great many are just people who just care about the basics: email, text, call, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and Angry Birds. What an OEM needs to do is tell these people that there is an alternative, a fresh change to what they have now (if they have Android) or a natural step-up (if they're on feature phones).  The above requires a level of product and marketing investment we don't typically see from the OEMs. Nokia actually took this route and they etched out their territory, a cool 97% of the Windows Phone market (after expanding it from the single-digit millions to the 8-10 million a quarter it produces now!) If Huawei, Samsung, etc, made that kind of investment, I am sure they would have grown the market and made a reasonable amount from WP ... especially since Samsung had brand cache in the high-end in 2011-2014.
  • Well the point they made about differentiating from other OEMs is basically, in a word, CRAP. Nokia set itself apart by offering a robust set of camera apps and PureView algorithms, arguably the best navigation system there is, polarized displays, top-notch build. Outside of the actual interface, so many things in WP are customizable now that since WP8 MS has let go of a lot of compulsory requirements they had in 2012.   Huawei is lazy in that they don't want to offer anything outside of an ugly f***ing UI. They have literally NO innovation besides the whole 'thin and light' obsession, at cost of battery capacity. Blaming it on Microsoft is arrogant crap. WP is better off with OEMs who put in the effort to stand out, like HTC and MS itself.
  • You couldn't be more wrong on battery capacity for starters. Huawei's last couple of high-end phones have offered huge batteries for the size of the device. The Mate 7 has a 4100mAh battery in a 6-inch phone that's smaller by size than the Lumia 1520 which 'only' has 3400mAh.
  • ... and 4100mAh on Android is not a guarantee of longer life than 3400mAh on Windows Phone.
  • @Muhammad Ridha Ar-Rasyid YES. Thank you.
  • And yet it lasts nearly half the time the 1520 does per charge. Doesn't that tell you something?
  • Great hardware design. However, these chinese manufacturers have no imagination and rely on specs. Then they wait for a company like Apple or Nokia to come up with a unique design and they will immitate it. Is there anything great about Huawei's UI skin that makes it better than standard android?
  • Go eff yourself, Huawei
  • Good
  • Huawei is stupid. That's why they are always catching up behind Xiaomi. Now give us a xiaomi windows phone. That will be interesting. Huawei go die please!
  • Xiaomi you say? What are their phones like? And yea fukc huawei
  • Almost zero chance of that ever happening. Xiaomi is selling probably more Android phones than Huawei. Not to mention they're heavily invested with MIUI.
  • Don't ever come back to phones
  • The title = Lol!
  • Legit worst phone ive ever had was a huiwei...forgot it in a subway...remembered it was there a minute later...never went back for it. #truestory
  • Man that's sad.....
  • don't know why this comment is killing me.
  • Lol nice one there
  • No surprise. But would be glad if a few more oems join windows.
  • Acer to the rescue (ok, not really)
  • Honestly, I really don't care. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of devices Lumia and HTC will come out with and if Sony, LG, and/or Xiaomi will come out with Windows 10 flagship devices. I've been critical of Microsoft in delaying new flagships but at this point I can wait if the ultimate response is devices that are over the to spectacular. I also don't give a damn if Samsung offers anything.
  • -_-
  • I really don't want them sullying the Windows Phone name anyway, so this is good news.
  • Huawei makes money off low end android devices and there are many manufacturers who are currently making low end windows phones. I don't see a reason why they should release a windows phone. I think Microsoft, HTC and Samsung should be the ones pushing Windows 10.
  • There are more manufacturer making low end Androids than there are Windows Phones.
  • You do know Huawei also sells some decent high-end stuff, right?
  • Fine.... We Dont Need Ya Huawei !!!
  • Jackal and the sour grapes.:)
  • Not really concerned I've got a Lumia 920 I think I'm pretty much covered until that "sometime in this year flagship"
  • Windows Phone OS is too secure for them. Huawei cannot put any backdoor or eavesdrop they "may" be doing on their Android phone.
  • Huawei is right!
  • How so? How do PC manufacturers differentiate. They also have the same OS Ui across all PC lines. They do with with hardware and load some custom apps. Some of those apps might be helpful. Many of them are preloaded crap that they get paid to load. However, pc manufacturers have been able to differentiate their products while running the same OS.
  • I am also no plan to buy a Huawei stupid phone
  • Bye.
  • Hua- who?
  • Who?
  • Even if this Chinese company had launched one, no one would buy one would like to splurge on a company like this
  • Huawei says Windows 10 isn't great curse them.If they don't wanna make phones they should shut up and support lagdroid not to insult a new OS which have not released yet.suck huawei :-\
  • You read it wrong. The never said windows 10 sucked
  • Lol my mistake but they don't like Windows phone (and this is confirmed).
  • I have a lagdroid aka HTC ONE M8 (GOLD) and yea my phone doesn't lag Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol I also have a Samsung galaxy S5 and yea it lags alot but my nexus doesn't lags like this shit.
    Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Those idiots.
  • "surprises no one" lol
  • I don't care for them as their phones are of awful quality, literally falling apart. But still, they sell quite a bit of phones, wouldn't hurt to sell WP phones too.
  • I really think the crap about differentiating its self is a load of crap. The UI is the same essentially of course but if they had some decent software (like exclusive apps) and the hardware the differentiate itself I didn't waltz into Verizon and say give me a windows phone and it don't matter which one there all the same. I chose my m8 over the others because I felt it was a better phone. Due to hardware and software. But o well there loss.
  • I could care less for a crappy company
  • That's the spirit :)
  • BIG DEAL :p
  • Hahaha they slept the whole time on the WP8 ecosystem and now cry as an little kid and say "Nokia has more to offer and they differentiate" hahahaha of course they do because they put all man power they had into Lumia and therefore Lumia is successful in the WP8 system. Sorry Huawei thats no excuse that you dont have much OEM WP apps that shine like Lumia Camera, Refocus, Cinemagraphs, Moments, Selfie and Storyteller! Its not just about the UI its also about those little apps that make the Lumia line shine!
  • Haha yea when I had my huawei it had one app that was a web wrapper I was so glad it was a back up
  • I'm not surprised at all. Huawei usually change the UI on its phones, but they don't have any break through features that based on software. For example: Camera app (it's only iOS-esque camera app). Another thing that Huawei decided not to develop the Windows Phone because for now, Huawei wants to use their very own SoC on every devices. So, it's no space for Windows Phone in Huawei's mobile devices.
  • if the market share increses the same guy will say microsoft platform is so unique and will jump on the windows phone wagan, they all care about is market share. We need to support those OEM's who are with US when the chips are down- not when we are dominating the market share ( in two years time with windows phone 10,11,12).
  • So because Huawei don't know how to make anything but a launcher to 'Differentiate' their phones they don't want to make a Windows Phone. Well learn to innovate you lazy bastards.
  • See, this guy understands.
  • Exactly.
  • Except it isn't just a launcher. It's a completely customized (at least visually) version of Android.
  • I've never had any interest in Huawei's hardware either software. I just find them no being interest in their own way to their work
  • I don't care about it, best windows phone of all is Lumia from Nokia or Microsoft
  • that's right.
  • Apps being pulled, manufacturers dumping us....are we nearing our end. This is sad.
  • Grow up please...
  • In related news, I have no plans to purchase Huawei phones.
  • I wouldn't entirely agree with Huawei. You CAN make yourself stand out. You just have to invest people and resources into developing a differentiating factor. Take Lumia, for example. There's a plethora of unique and exclusive apps for Lumia devices which aren't present on Samsung and HTC.
  • Well said
  • But what are Microsoft's plans for encouraging manufactures to build more windows phones,?just a free licence is not that enough.I hate huawei smartphones,but HTC made their smartphones identical by having identical design.
  • How do you but there phone if I never had the option to purchase it's?
  • Dual boot is useless
  • Who cares about Hauwei and their mediocre phones...
  • hey Huawei when did we say yes to your crap.
  • "In other news, Nohra has confirmed that they have no intention of purchasing a Huawei product in the foreseeable future..."  
  • A Chinese manufacturer have no interest to support an American company like Microsoft what so ever. The lines in the sand have been drawn on this point. So I expect nothing from Huawei except them waving there power of the Chinese people to take over future markets.
  • If they don't want to that's their problem
  • Actually from the Huawei point of view..... They are absolutely correct..... From the wp lover point of view..... Great OS and great companies don't need other OEMs to rule the tech world...... Apple, blackberry, even nokia with Symbian are the examples. Everyone knows how great are they..... MS is such a company or a tech giant.
  • I don't understand how a company with the name "Huawei" can aspire to be profitable outside of Asia. Nonetheless, we don't need them. Microsoft is where it's at. They need to step their plans up since it's the ONLY OEM whose phones I will buy from now on.
  • Well that didn't hurt Sony or Nokia.
  • Nokia is Finnish. It could pass as Asian but come on, at least these names are easy to pronounce and don't require you double or triple checking before saying something.
  • So Microsoft doesn't want to sell phones in Asia then?
  • I'm pretty sure Huawei is not the only OEM in Asia. And if they think they don't need WP in their family, so be it. There are plenty other OEMs over there that will take the chance. Though Microsoft SHOULD expand to more countries.
  • Microsoft doesn't carry the local brand familiarity in somewhere like China to even make a dent. Huawei and Xiaomi have things locked up. Well, those two plus Apple. Those are the big players in China. China is the biggest smartphone market on Earth. Microsoft should be out there making deals to get Windows Phones in peoples hands there. But not necessarily phones with their own logo on.
  • In some ways Windows is a way to differentiate among the massive ocean of Androids. :P But I do understand it is somewhat difficult to compete against  Lumias (although there would have been bit of a window (hah) of opportunity at the high end for someone in the absence of new high end Lumias).
  • Honestly I think Microsoft should go the route of Apple and ditch OEMs
  • Microsoft is a software company. They have no interest in becoming a full OEM. They'll sooner ditch Microsoft Mobile than ditch potential OEM partners. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nope not anymore, Surface, Lumia, XBox, HoloLens, their hardware product line up is expanding not contracting.  Microsoft is hedging their bets cleverly and has fingers in every pie, they are actually in the position to go either way which is good diversification.  If licensing is the eay money then they'll go for it, but if MS can make Apple like profits from their hardware you'll be crazy to think they won't ditch the OEMs.  Afterall all companies are in it for the profits.
  • Microsoft is a devices and services company.
  • Can see where you're going with this.
  • Sometimes I think the same.
  • It doesn't matter how many phones they've sold. Did they actually make a profit on those phones.
  • It is smart of Microsoft to become platform agnostic. If the "Microsoft Experience" can be found any where regardless of platform or hardware then they win. It's similar to Itunes or Chrome on windows. These are just ways to draw people into the experience so it. a paying microsoft account should be the goal not the OS. I just wish they would go ahead and release an all in one subscription service. Office, Xbox music, and Xbox gold quickly add up.
  • Huawei is right windows phone lacks ability to customize and companies are so limited in putting their personal touch on their products
  • Seen anything spectacular on Android devices? They all look the same to me besides design. Seen anything different with iPhones besides consistency? Don't need to take someone else's design and try to manipulate to make your own. And that's why Apple iphone sells millions.
  • Customization on software??? Yes. But customization on hardware? Hell, no.
  • All Androids look the same to me too. I doubt the average user knows they're running a customized version of Android. They only knows it's Android. OEMs shouldn't create a skin of Android and think they're innovating. It's plain stupid. Creating unique, exclusive apps and creating outstanding devices should be what differentiate the devices; It shouldn't just be some crappy launcher that slows the OS down. You do realize that's why Android is called Lagdroid right? Stock Android is okay, those launchers are what causes it to lag.
  • Nothing to differentiate? Bullshit. My mom owns a Huawei Honor 3. My bro owns an Xperia Z. And my dad owns an S4. The hardware is only real difference between them. The Xperia is immediately attractive, cuz of its premium design. Software wise, at least to someone who doesn't know Android that well (and really, does anyone but pros and experts care about which Android skins are the best?), all of them are the same. The key things are always the same. Design, build quality, feel in hand, camera quality and of course marketing. Those who excel in most of these fields, always get the market share. Samsung does it in Android, and Nokia does it in Windows phone (overwhelmingly). Two low end phones, which don't excel in anything, and not even them doesn't win customers Huawei. Software differences or not.
  • LOL I don't care about HuaWei
  • Huawei says there's no way to differentiate, but really it sounds like they're saying they want to be different but in a lazy way: they want to be able to make their own app launcher, but have the same hardware. With WP you can differentiate the hardware to your heart's content!! Look at HTC: the M8 is the only WP to have dual back cameras. Nokia: the only 41MP camera in a WP. BLU: wild colors. Some WPs have camera buttons, others don't. Some have accessable batteries, other's don't. There's plenty an OEM can do to add uniqueness to their WP; it should be up to the consumer to make the UI as they want it. If Huawei wants to be different, come out with a physical keyboard phone, come out with a phone with 10MP front and back cameras, come out with a phone that's water-resistant like the Galaxy Active, come out with a phone that is so tough it doesn't require a case, and on an on. There's plenty they could do, but it just sounds like they want to make excuses. Of course, it's not easy to create unique hardware, it's always going to be easier to just copy others, but that's what Huawei will need to do if they want to be successful in any product line.
  • Iagree! In hardware they can make a lot of differences.and some thing important dont judge a book by its cover,we dont know the exact features of windows 10 yet
  • I really hope that differentiation talk crap didn't influence Windows into getting new launchers. I hate the way Android does it
  • The answer for their question is easy:
    Apps, Lumia has the best camera apps + phones design: You can easily differentiate between Samsung running a WP and a Lumia.
    So, this isn't an excuse
  • No suprise. They are followers, not leaders. They dont want to take a product, innovate, and push it to be a success. They want to take something that's already going and me-too. Nothing wrong with that, I guess, but not where you expect to find any innovation or anything interesting going on. If WP miraculously explodes with Win10, they will follow along and make one. They will wait for someone else to do all the work first though.
  • By that time, millions would not recommend Huawei wp. Lolzz
  • Yes Microsoft should do something to improve or rather customize interface and input many other features ...
  • Make better hardware, improve your camera, offer different materials and/or colors. Leave the OS alone. Create a suite of exclusive apps. Otherwise, kindly go f*ck yourself.
  • They did go F themselves, and sold 75 millions android phones on their way.
  • Waiting for the Flagship Lumia , I Think it will come with the new Intel chip soon to be available.
  • Sony + Windows 10 = PERFECTION
  • Unfortunately, that's as likely to happen as it's likely that Nokia's return to phones is done with WP. Sony is amidst a severe restructuration and the fate of its mobile division is still uncertain. Latest reports are that they're going to fire 1000 more employees in an attemtp to avoid the sell or closing or whatever of the entire division. So a Windows Phone powered Sony is now more unlikely than ever as going with WP would be investing MONEY in a platform that's sinking. Or burning. And specially since they already sold their Vaio division.   (If you ask me, the big problem with their mobile division is that idiotic strategy of releasing flagship phones every 6 months. It gives no time for real R&D and creates an enourmous amount of hardware that will then need to be supported, specially in terms of software).
  • (If you ask me, the big problem with their mobile division is that idiotic strategy of releasing flagship phones every 6 months. It gives no time for real R&D and creates an enourmous amount of hardware that will then need to be supported, specially in terms of software).
    Except this strategy is designed to cater to their Japanese domestic market which uses a 6 month release cycle designated by the carriers.  Japan is also where Sony sells the majority of their phones (almost 50% of their mobile revenue comes from Japan), so they cannot change this strategy at all else they conceed 50% of their revenue to competitors.
  • Even if Sony weren't so low... I still wouldn't think that would happen. Windows Phone is tightly integrated with Xbox. Sony purs PlayStation stuff in their phones. So even if Sony had the money to waste, I doubt they'd ever make a Windows Phone.
  • When will manufactures realize there are ways to distinguish one brand from another. It just not with the OS but with the unique apps that each brand offers... The thing that makes Lumias far superior are their apps. HTC, Samsung and the others just haven't figured this out yet. They could even be successful without making their own apps but simply provide others will discount or for free. Stupid manufactures :/
    And its really the same problem with shops saying there isn't enough sales in WP. But if those shops would spend even 1/10 the money on advertising as they do when a "new" Apple product hits the market, they would surely sell many more devices.
  • I'd buy a Nokia, Samsung or Blu. That's all. Not interested in Huawei.
  • I'm surprised they even bothered giving a justification. They sell more phones in a year than all the WPs ever made (give or take some)
  • Why is this even news
  • Who wants an Huawei? When Microsoft is making phones...
  • Thank god
  • Huawei keeps building cheap shit expecting huge profits.  Build a phone with some muscle you lazy developer.
  • Huawei is just lazy. While the OS may not be a differating factor, device design, build quality, support and service are.  Huawei just wants to ride MS coattails and not innovate on its own.
  • Yeah, Windows doesn't want to be in your shitty phones either, huawei-ed bitches
  • My experience with Huawei devices has been negative. My brother and my mom both have Huawei andrid phones. They are just... average at best. I feel this phones are the ones made for people who doesn't know about phones or that are looking for a cheap enough alternative to "the more expensive brands", for example "How am I able to afford a nokia? I don't know what's the price but must be expensive... on the other hand, this Huawei is free with the 25$ plan" 
  • I have a high hopes for Microsoft Windows 10 for phones that will be demoed in keynote on Build 2015 or MWC 2015. But windows 10 for PC,laptop etc will be a big hit. I am cent percent sure about it.
  • Who needs em anyway. Unless they start making pcs/aws based hardware not worth our time
  • So, if Microsoft allowed some sort of customization to WP for OEMs, they may consider it?
  • Noone cares
  • "When questioned about Huawei's past Windows Phone devices and plans by John McCann, Yang said that the biggest problem with the Windows Phone platform is differentiating between manufacturers."   Oh, Huawei was able to differentiate itself from the competition- no other manufacturer made such crappy hardware, firmware and bad support for their devices as Huawei did. They leaving is no loss to the WP-ecosystem.
  • Don't care, lol. I'm not giving trading my L920 in anytime soon anyway. Only thing that would make me switch is maybe the Microsoft flagship this year. I wish they bring a high quality device kinda like the surface pro series or something.
  • I almost feel as if Microsoft should take an Apple approach when it comes to Windows Phone, as in they should be the sole creator of Windows Phone hardware. The other offerings have never offered anything exciting --- Nokia's design pretty much created a unique offering in the Windows Phone space. Bright colors, unique designs, PureView camera technology. If feel as if any of manufacturere isn't really giving you a Windows Phone exerperience, even HTC. I own an HTC One M7 (Andorid) and it's beautiful with the Sense UI --- it's what makes the phone so much more than just an Android phone. With Windows Phone on it, sorry but it looks boring imo. The metal casing and design just doesn't work well with the Windows Phone UI. The only benefit to an HTC One with WP is the HTC Boomsound. I love Blinkfeed, but the WP version looks awful.
  • Got the Ascend W1 for $99. It only had 4gb of storage with SD. It was a no brainer deal since WP 8.1 was right around the corner and could eventually install apps on the SD card. Got the phone to find out my phone stuck on WP8 GDR1 with no updates for my region. Hell I couldn't go on developer preview since you needed GDR2. Huawei support always blamed Microsoft for not being able to get updates on my region. All the while Russian and Chinese phones got GDR2. Last time I do business with this company.
  • Who cares!
  • "How do you make a windows phone that truly stands apart from what the Lumia range offers?"
    By including a notification light at the top like older Nokia phones? By making the buttons light up as per the accent colours? By making slimmer and lighter phones? By having more phones with snapdragon 400 processor? By making apps that can use other Huawei hardwares better(like wifi direct through Huawei modems, etc)? By focusing mostly on the markets where Nokia or Lumia or Microsoft(hello China!!!) is not so popular? By making phone design different from Lumia but still eye catchy? By choosing from the wide range of colours that are not used by Lumia(like cyan which was dropped from Lumia it seems)? By making music/video players that sync wirelessly? By "really" putting effort into improving their firmware to be on par with Lumia? By adding any of the feature that's not available with Lumia as of now through their own apps? I guess they can stand out from Lumia if they put as much effort as they put into Android. Besides, even with same phone model, all windows phones stand different from each other. So a company with good resources can definitely stand different. Also, they have their own UI in android. But all the phones would look the same when they are rooted. So UI is out of question here. If they can fight in a space dominated by Samsung, surely they can fight in a space dominated by Microsoft.
  • I think Microsoft should ditch other phones and only focus on the Lumia line... Cause if you look at it, windows phone 8.1 or 10 is the as IOS running on iPhones
  • Microsoft isn't Apple.
  • Rugged or waterproof would differentiate. I've been waiting for one of those for four years now.
  • Differentiation from other Windows Phones should not be about interface, the interface is good as it is now there is no need for a custom one. They should differentiate them with other specials like good hardware, some extra apps, that have some benefits and are only available on the hardware makers devices and, one really important thing is support. If you can offer these things, you're already different from others, but you have to point out what you can offer and not sell a phone and let people see that you don't care about the platform.
  • First of all windows isn't even meant to be had on a phone with the standard of Hu-hu. These chinese junks musn't have been able to obtain secure data from users of windowsphones as well as bug the OS with their own modifications. That would tell the story. Besides I don't think windows should be looking forward to gain as many OEMs as possible. iOS runs only on iphones. Windows has the security, quaity, fluidity of iOS and is more usable than iOS. That's the kind of level we should expect windows to be aiming at. We don't need a gazillion chinese or china-based OEMs to invest in windows. Infact they shouldn't be given the privelege to even do so.
  • "what can you do to differentiate on WP? Answer: You differentiate with special apps and you differentiate with hardware. Same way Nokia does/did with their apps and with they awesome cameras. This is a lame excuse in my opinion.
  • "Can't differentiate from other phone manufacturers" is just another way of them saying their phones are crap and couldn't compete with others if they were all running the same platform.
  • Huawei could stop making phones altogether and I wouldn't care
  • Huawei Go to HELL! best place for such an idiots
  • How the hell this Huawei in making phones...their phones are ugly...
  • Care factor zero. No one cares for anything other than Lumia anyway.
  • Yes, Android is indeed differentiated, or better said, really fragmented. There are so many different forms of forked Android, which are different from the Android we know. On the other hand Nokia differentiated it's WP's in different ways, namely by using new materials, unique design, own apps, bright colors and excellent camera. Huawei could learn a thing or ten from Nokia. 
  • So your suggestion is to copy the Lumia line then to make a good Windows Phone? How does that help anyone?
  • Who?
  • Rather than relying on the OEMs to make Windows phones, Microsoft should just make it easy for users to install Windows onto Android phones - how about an Android app that serves as an installer? Supposedly Windows now runs on the same hardware as Android (see HTC M8), and they already give the OS away for small screen devices, so what difference does it make who installs it?    
  • yes, and every Android users can test Windows on their phones, and maybe they will switch to Windows.
  • Well they are a cheap crappy phone maker who dont even update the android phones and always bring out a new phone with an old os
  • What's Huawei? Never heard of them or seen anyone using it..
  • OMG, what am i going to do now!?
  • sadly, again, we are the "waiting people". waiting and hoping the future of our windows phone will be better. waiting and hoping tomorrow developers join Windows, making apps or bring updates. Microsoft, please make it better with Windows 10! I'm hoping and waiting...
  • They are not a loss, after all they make awfully substandard devices. Owned a Broadband Stick, Pocket Wifi, Mobile phone, Landline and WiMax CPE. They all functioned perfectly at the first months of use. Then they fall apart. Huawei's a brand that i'm gonna avoid from now on. There's this Huawei booth at a local mall and no one seemed to care to take a look at their crappy products.
  • Microsoft needs to make an Ultimate Edition flagship phone with Windows 10. They MUST GO ALL IN!!!
  • Huawei, anyway even if they got one phone with hololens I won't take notice of them.
  • Huawei, EAT SHIT DIE