HyperX QuadCast vs. Razer Seiren X: Which mic is right for you?

The QuadCast is the microphone for you if you plan on setting up your own streaming studio and don't need a portable solution to take on your travels. The QuadCast boasts good audio recording quality and pre-assembled pop filter. The Seiren isn't quite as good in the audio department, can only record using a single polar pattern, but is more compact and easier to use if you frequently travel with a microphone.

The new king of affordable streaming mics

HyperX knocked the ball out the park with the release of the company's first standalone microphone. The QuadCast is an excellent microphone, sporting a pre-assembled shock mount and pop filter so you're good to go. The shock mount is used to help mitigate any vibrations that are passed through the stand or mount to the microphone, while the pop filter shields against the "popping" sound from your voice.

The Razer Seiren X comes with a built-in shock mount that's within the unit itself, which is another reason that makes this microphone perfect for streamers and gamers who travel frequently. Sound-wise, both microphones pick up audio very well, considering the price, though the QuadCast comes out on top. If audio quality is most important, you'll want to go with the QuadCast.

Battle of the specs

For performance, where the numbers are important for audio quality and actual recording, the microphones are close but you can tell the QuadCast has more going for it. If your budget can stretch to the HyperX QuadCast, it's well worth considering because of everything that's included.

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Header Cell - Column 0 HyperX QuadCastRazer Seiren
Frequency response20Hz to 20kHz20Hz to 20kHz
Power5V 125mA5V 100mA
Condensers3x 14mm-
Polar patternsStereo
3.5mm jack
3.5mm jack
Sensitivity1V/Pa at 1kHz17.8mV/Pa at 1kHz

The above table may look a little confusing, but it showcases some of the benefits touted by the QuadCast, including support four polar patterns (how sound is recorded from different directions), though power, ports, and frequency response are similar. Regardless of which one you choose, you'll be pleased with the recording as the Razer Seiren X isn't bad.

Polar patterns are important when selecting a microphone as this depicts where microphone will record sound within its immediate sphere. This is where the Seiren X falls a little short as you're unable to switch between the available patterns. The QuadCast allows you to choose how you want the microphone to pick up the sound, whether you want it to record from all its surroundings or just focus solely on your voice at the front, making it more versatile.

Everything you need

Going with the QuadCast from HyperX allows you to get a stream or podcast up and running without having to purchase additional equipment. All you'd need is a decent pair of headphones and you have a quality audio setup.

More affordable for travels

The Razer Seiren isn't as sharp as the QuadCast, but you are paying for that extra audio quality. Where this microphone from Razer truly shines is by how portable it is, allowing you to pack it away in your bag and quickly set it up at LAN events.

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