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I tried Microsoft's HoloLens: It is mind blowing, but many questions remain

Microsoft announced yesterday many new features for Windows 10 including details on the new phone OS. However, perhaps the oddest part was in the last quarter where the word 'holograms' unexpectedly came up over and again. Of course, this was the prelude to Microsoft HoloLens, the new Windows 10 hologram powered hardware, due sometime in the near future.

The press was invited to an exclusive look at the lab and working prototypes of HoloLens, including four operating scenarios demonstrating real-world application of the helmet. Unfortunately, photos and videos were forbidden as we even had to check our smartphones in a locker. Regardless, here are my thoughts and experience with HoloLens.

Alex Kipman

What it is

Wearable technology that augments the real world is hardly new. The promise of virtual reality (VR) has been around for years, peaking in cheesiness with the movie The Lawnmower Man in 1992. The problems have always been numerous, including dizziness and just underwhelming experiences.

Oculus Rift appears to be the real next-gen VR system for those curious, but it remains to be seen how well it sells. Google Glass is mostly considered a failed experiment, but considering how cautious Google was in selling it, it can be regarded as just that, an experiment.

HoloLens is not any of those though. It is not VR (you can see through the lenses and your environment), and it is not Google Glass (you're unlikely to wear this outside the house). Instead, it uses technology developed by Microsoft from things like Kinect to map things on to your environment.

The final product is a one-size fits all device that looks rather nerdy, but still very clean and elegant. The weight is balanced to feel comfortable, it has no tether to the real world as it is battery powered and runs its own computer (with three processors). You can also wear your glasses with it.

As to battery life? Microsoft has no idea as that finalized design that was publicly demoed is still very new hardware (the lab uses a wearable computer and much rougher looking equipment, more on that later).

Minecraft, Skype, 3D model building and going to Mars

Microsoft escorted the press under heavy security to the secret lab where HoloLens was developed over the last few years. In fact, references to HoloLens appeared back in 2012 when an internal Microsoft PowerPoint deck leaked. In it, 'Fortaleza' was mentioned as a "breakthrough heads up and hands-free device" with "seamless integration of the digital world with the physical world". Yes, folks, this has been a long time in the making.

The current lab versions of HoloLens are much cruder than the near-final production model shown on stage. The latest version has much of the hardware exposed, and you have to wear a somewhat heavy mini PC around your neck, all tethered to more computers. The fact that Microsoft has been able to shrink this down to a small wearable with no wires is impressive.

Four stations were set up for the media, which included different experiences:

  • Skype demo
  • HoloBuilder (Minecraft)
  • HoloStudio (3D model building)
  • OnSite (NASA/JPL Mars Rover)

The HoloBuilder one let you build up a Minecraft world in a room, using bookshelves, the floor, a bench and more. By far the coolest part was the ability to blow virtual holes in your walls or the bench to see beyond it. It was truly a fascinating experience as you felt like you were looking into a new cavern. Another example was digging a hole in the bench, which then let the light through to the floor beneath. HoloLens can create holograms underneath objects, letting you look around corners, below benches and more.

The Skype demo let you install a real light switch, live electricity and all. Luckily, you had guidance through a Skype friend who walked you through the process. The installation was achieved by sharing your view with your Skype contact, who can then "draw" in your world through a Surface or another computer (she was not using HoloLens). Which wire should I attach? Let your friend draw an arrow in the air pointing to it in your field of vision. Just imagine looking around your room while John Madden draws pointers, circles and diagrams on your walls, objects and more. It was crazy.

Since the HoloLens has speakers, microphones, and cameras, the whole Skype call was "internal" to the device.

3D Printed HoloLens

The HoloStudio segment showed how you could build 3D models in the air, rotating them around, adding things, resizing and more. Once completed, with one touch you could send it off to a 3D printing company who can then send it back to you in the mail. Whether it was printing toys, a USB thumb drive with a Koala Bear (that cute guy pictured above) or a sign for your room, HoloStudio is perfect for pro artists or even hobbyists.

Finally, the OnSite application was in conjunction with NASA and JPL for the Mars Rover mission. By taking 3D imagery taken by the rover and mapping to your world, you can walk on Mars. Even better, you could have a conference call with another scientist to collaborate. With another person in your world, you can see where their gaze is going, put flags down on objects for later and more. The interesting feature was how you could use the PC to manipulate that world and vice versa.

Perhaps the best part of all of these were the experience did not feel gimmicky. They truly felt like real problems that could be solved. Being able to share your environment on Skype ups the whole collaboration thing to a new level, building a virtual city in your living room that you can walk around and manipulate, printing 3D models that you can interact with, it was all well, useful.

HoloLens demo

So many questions

If you asked me what I thought of HoloLens as a personal experience, I'd say it was fantastic. After a few minutes, I felt like I was in that world, that I was really walking on Mars. Having a Skype call appear in your line of vision was fun. Pinning that call to a wall in your room was even cooler.

The problem for Microsoft right now is this: How will they position HoloLens?

I do not know.

Is HoloLens going to be a $299 product aimed at Minecraft fans or a $1299 gizmo for architects, hospitals, and NASA? Will Microsoft push this like Xbox One or let it trickle out like the Microsoft Band?

Since we do not know any of those answers yet, it is hard to make a full judgment on HoloLens. The technology is impressive, make no mistake. I think HoloLens can span so many categories, from brain surgeons to MMOGs (Massive multiplayer online games). There is a role for HoloLens to play just about everywhere.

HoloLens does solve many problems experienced by Google Glass and Oculus Rift. With Glass, you have the social stigma of wearing a heads-up display, which itself is quite limited in function. Oculus Rift is immersive, but perhaps too much so to the point that people can get motion sickness. Oculus is also more narrow in scope of function when compared to HoloLens.

From that perspective, HoloLens is truly a unique entry into this field, and I think it has a better chance of being a real hardware segment for Microsoft. Still, until answers on battery life, pricing, marketing, availability and more become known, I'll remain excited but cautious.

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I personally want it. Anyone who says Microsoft can't innovate( cough, my roommate aka google fan boy) was surely proven wrong by this.
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  • Yeah, I definitely want one also.
  • No matter how many times I read this or other articles, I will never understand how this is. I just can't imagine it. So you can "put" a virtual screen on your wall and then walk turn around and it'll still be there?
  • Yes, future is here my frnd -Posted via the Samsung Galaxy Note® 4
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  • Thanks :) -Posted via the Samsung Galaxy Note® 4
  • Rahul.sharma if u r a real microsoft fan dare to ditch that dead Samsung and get urself a brand new Lumia
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  • Them's fightin' words. Only kidding. I have never played with a Note 4, but have enjoyed my Lumia 1520 greatly since getting it.
  • Happy to hear that
  • No, only the person with the HoloLens will see the holograms.
  • Or other persons with HoloLens can see it. Or other person can have a completely different experience in the same space if they want...
  • Ahhh... finally.... The debate of who wants to watch what on TV has been solved. You put your TV on the wall there and I'll put my TV on the same spot of the wall. Saving marriages the world over.
  • Interactive TV?
  • Mristian; You are killing me. (Want to get me fired at work? making me laugh so loud)
  • DVR has saved mine a few times, lol.  And kept my son content and eating , except when we go to a restaraunt and he can't watch Peppa Pig...
  • Your going to have to ween him off that, one of my nephews is so addicted to peppa pig he watches it 24/7 on his dad's iPad. Unless his around me, he gets a book instead and is finally getting accustomed that he can't watch his fav show when I'm babysitting. The only caveat is the constant running around playing tag lol (which I don't mind).
  • @Mrisitian, lmao!
  • One step closer to the Holodeck. (You know - Star Trek).
  • Yep I definitely also want one, I just hope it does not cost more than 300/400 $  You can tell your roomate that he is an idiot. I mean unless he never heard of windows phone, surface, kinect , etc he has no grounds to say that Microsoft does not inovate.
  • I can't see how this would realistically cost under $1000.
    Come on, its a full computer... with brand new unique technology... and a head mounted display. How could this possibly go for less than a Surface Pro 3?
  • Lol agreed though, id love to have it, but like Daniel mentioned: How would they take action at releasing this and who would they mainly target?
  • I can't help but think it will end on the scrapheap like so many MS innovations for some other fruity company to pick up and turn into a worldwide market.  MS has come up with so many revolutionary technologies and because of lack of vision and marketing just let them twist in the wind and die or outright killed them off. . .
  • Not this time, I've never seen MS so determined as they've been recently.. They are not playing games this time around!
  • They are playing games. They are playing Minecraft. I'd rather play Halo with this.
  • Imagine you just play Halo in a random Forest near you. Level gets created through satellite pictures + gps and well you really run around like a freak. That would be what I dreamed of as a child and pretended to just that.  You could also enhance Laser-Tag with this. Imagine explosions, laser beams travelling the room, smoke and so on.  Damn you can talk about possibilities with HoloLens all day and night.
  • Depends the big thing is the API is embedded into windows. Meaning google glass, occulus etc can us it, just like hp can use windows to promote and sell.
  • There was a econom running Microsoft before. Not so now! (Economs are as we all knows, unable to longer than 3 months ahead.)
  • +925
  • VIVA Microsoft!
  • The thing about google is the R&D department is probably like 90% of their budget. They are really focused on trying new things, even if it doesnt sell or produce money.Space X and Google Car etc. MS tries new things but is more focused on selling licenses.  And it safe to say Apple doesnt even bother researching anything. Maybe just how to market an old idea and sell it for more?
  • The thing about google is the R&D department is probably like 90% of their budget.
    Even in the unliklyhood that Google is spending such a high percentage, it still is only, almost exactly, half of the money that Miscrosoft sinks into R&D. MSFT: ~$9 billion GGL: ~$4.5 billion Update: MSFT: $10.6 B GGL: $6.7B this is more recent data (2013 instead of 2011). Worthy to note that Forbes has shown a correlation between increase in R&D and Profits in tech companies in the last several years. </Update>   Microsoft has traditionally spent a ton on R&D throughout it's lifetime (it's also usually has the second number of software patents created each year, usually behind IBM) and Microsoft Research comes out with numerous products. I think it is a combination of them being largely segregated form the Silicon Valley scene and being a pretty tight lipped company when it comes to research that people perceive they don't inovate as much as they do.
    MS tries new things but is more focused on selling licenses. 
    This is generally what people see. They especially like licensing their patents which people don't usually think of. MSFT makes ~$2 billion in revenue (profits are estimated to ~95% since there isn't much overhead in licensing patents) off it's patents used in Android alone. Many times Microsoft would rather be profitable than be recognized for their research. Also, why is there no freaking spellcheck in the comment section. It's driving me crazy, I can't spell worth crap half the time and I keep having to look up words...
  • Some additional information.  Microsoft has consistently year after year spend considerably more on R&D than Google.
  • Who care about google. I want this!
  • A better name for HoloLens might be to call it something that reflects the depth of the user's experience. For Instance. "VISCERAL" which is short for "VISual Computer Enhanced ReALity"
  • This will be a hot with fleshlight accessories.
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  • Made me think of Demolition Man, lol!
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  • Well Hello there...Cortana.
  • We need an up vote button.
  • There IS one! (on the desktop site)
  • HoloLens bundled with remote controlled over IP Fleshlight and 1 year subscription to a live channel. P/S : Please install latest AntiVirus software. Damage caused by hackers is not the responsibilty of the company.
  • I read the engadget piece. It's a neat concept, bit its far off. I think to preserve the advancement it would be initially like glass. High price maybe invite only and then improve on that and try to make it more practical and charge significantly less. Just as long as it doesn't stay a concept for many years.
  • Its coming out this year. Its not a concept.
  • Didn't they say it would be "in developer's hands" by the end of the year? or maybe it was "by the time Windows 10 ships" or something like that.That's a big distinction, but I can't remember the exact phrasing.
  • "In the Windows 10 timeframe" I believe is what they said, which was very non-committal. I'd imagine they'd want it out before Christmas, of course.
  • Ummmmm, Daniel... I think a very Important question concerning the Hololens is will we be able to take screenshots❓ Any word on this❓
  • Wouldn't the Windows10 timeframe be in the lifecycle of that product? Probably 2 years?
  • "shipping within the Windows 10 timeframe" is what I thought I heard. Whether that means when Windows 10 is released, or sometime before Windows 11, remains to be seen.
  • I seem to recall them saying that some developers could get their hands on it in the second quarter, and that it would be released as a product "in the Windows 10 timeframe"... so probably around the same time as we finally get to see the Windows 10 Lumia(?) flagship phone.
  • Wired seems convinced. I personally trust them (and here) more than Engadget (Engadget more than Gizmodo) I think they should get this out as soon as there is enough to do on it to make it consumer friendly. No less than 50 apps at launch for sure. Battery life at least 3 hours I think. I want to see somebody take the idea and do some crazy stuff with it (like renovation campanies mapping out a bathroom reno and letting the customer see it) 
  • Not that I don't agree, but I should point that that 3 hours is a pretty long time to have a tool like this mounted on your head.  I'm just wondering about expectations being too unreasonable. Oh, a nice little stand that charges the unit would be nice though (ala Nyko XBO/ PS4 chargers).
  • Then again, for a gaming accessory, 3 hours is not long at all. It is not great for industries as it would need to last at least 6 hours. Even for non-gaming general consumption, it would need to be constantly available, especially given the limitation of it being something to use only indoors. I really like the idea of HoloLens, just not sure the tech is quite there yet. MS and its partners need to figure out the viable use-cases of the device in its current form, much like they did when designing the Band.
  • Well i could easily live with a battery pack in my pocket or hell even a small shoulder bag with a bigger battery. That would drastically increase the battery life.  We have Vuzix glasses in our company and they do exactly what I said. The device itself is smaller than the hololens though, but also has smaller computing power.
  • Well i could easily live with a battery pack in my pocket or hell even a small shoulder bag with a bigger battery. That would drastically increase the battery life.
    This is what I thought. I doubt it for the model sold in MSFT stores, but I imagine (well, hope that) some third party manufactures will make external batteries that you can plug the HoloLens into. If I'm wearing this on my head for a 4 hour gaming session I'm not going to notice a little backpack to give it extended play time.
  • Well, innside the house for gaming, you could just as well put vire to the outlet, and then you could plays for days, or even weeks?
  • The Engadget piece is crap. Read the Wired piece
  • Engadget also shit can it in the first paragraph, then goes on to say they know everything about VR and end up saying how impressive it is by the last.... The piece when broken down leaves the reader with a vision of something like,
    " says its a too heavy and uncomfortable concept, they doubt will go anywhere, and they know because they are the experts in VR, but 10 points for trying..."
    How the fk can't someone get excited about this? The potential of it blows my mind, this technology will change the world as we know it.. It's here now!! Can buy it this year! This should have been all over the TV news by now??
  • Because it wasn't made by apple.  
  • I hate acting like us against them, or anti Apple (each to their own) but I can't stand reporters/websites neglecting real news, for their perception of what would be popular... If you report news, report all news, Without bias or opinion! Sites which do that end up being more respeced and trusted = regular returning readers. I didn't always get my WP information from WC, but by experience it is one of only a few I will frequent!
    -End rant- ;)
  • When that day you dream about shows up, please text me
  • You said, those folks that can not make smart watch on time. How I wished, Apple was apaid, coarced or allowed to announce it for MSFT, The media blitzz will be unbelievable before the Apple media actually knew it a MSFT thingy.
  • Or even if the general public knew that Siri is driven by MS services...
  • Yes you are rite ..even I was totally disappointed by the event attendees, not even a single person reacted wen the Hololens was revealed!!
  • They were probably speechless and at the same time highly sceptible. I would be.
  • It could be an actual motocycle helmet a la DaftPunk and I'd buy it.  Of course, there needs to be software to use.  This would blow my nephews mind away for Minecraft.  Hehe. As for Engadget, I like reading their stuff. But man... sometimes I just don't connect with their opinions because of stuff like that.
  • Try this .. or wired magazines imo. But be up on the live streams from Build April 29th for more informaiton for sure!!
  • You read the engadget piece, huh? Then you probably know less than if you never even heard of it.
  • Haha, spot on... I enjoyed this piece recommend by Cortana
  • Disappointing, no videos by WC for Microsoft announcements Shame :(
  • Videos and photos were not allowed of the demo units, either for HoloLens or Windows Phones. It says that in the opening paragraphs.
  • Hey Daniel, since HoloLens was initially planned as a gaming accessory until Satya got a look at it and expanded its vision, (next part is pure speculation based on severely limited data) is it conceivable that the price(if the tech currently in this expanded iteration of the device is not vastly beyond it's original hardware) would be nearer the $299 everyone can have one, rather than the $1299 price point for professionals, enterprise and private sector.
    Again more speculation, especially given the use case scenarios in the demo, it seemed clear that Microsoft means for the Hololens to be used by a the regular Joe/Jane as well as professionals. Further supported by the shere ubiquity they seem to be aiming for with Windows 10, coupled again with the diverse use case scenarios in the demonstration, bolstered further by the presenters pressing home the point that all Windows 10 PCs(he may have even said all Windows 10 devices) are ready for developers to create apps using the holographic APIs, seems to really build a case, and an infrastructure, that Microsoft wants to introduce Holographic Computing to the masses. An accessible price point would be the final key to this scenario. Again this is just my speculative analysis based on the limited info we have. Your thoughts?
  • If it was $1299, I'll preorder it
  • I'm sure he read that. He was merely expressing his disappointment about it. He deliberately added the sad smiley to keep his opinion non aggressive.
  • What about a video of windows 10 for phones didn't you try it?!? they said that they will let you.
  • I think it would be really cool to have different iterations of the hololens. For example, to appeal to gamers just wanting it for home use, you could have one that doesn't even rely on battery power, and could be a little bigger to cut down on costs, while the more streamlined battery powered one could be aimed at industry professionals like architects and businesses. I mean, there would be more than just battery power and size to distinguish the two, bt you get my idea.
  • I read that it has limited field of view... True?
  • Besides the fact that the article state:Not allowed, what the hell do you aspect security wise regarding such a piece of technology?? Security is key me thinks.
  • I'm so in!  This to me leaps over VR.  I don't want isolation and blind to my surroundings.  
  • Exactly my thoughts, I'm not against VR, but for me it's more amazing aggregate elements to my real environment, so I can have both worlds
  • Yes! I want to play a zombie game in my apartment!!! That would be amazing! I hope they make it so that it can connect via wifi to a gaming PC or a Xbox One to process high quality 3d games and store a full 3d model of my apartment so it remembers how it's all done when I'm walking from room to room with a fake gun chasing 3d zombies!!! That would be freakin' amazing!!
  • VR is pretty incredible. But it is also exhausting. I can only be in the Rift for about thirty minutes tops. AR on the other hand, would be a really beautiful way to interact for more regular use things, or casual gaming for longer periods of time.
  • HaloLens... Freudian? :P
  • I was going to point out that same exact thing.
  • Cortana, Master Chief... HaloLens... lol
  • Also Spartan ;)
  • Haha xD
  • lol I wrote Master Chief but with Spartan in my mind xD
  • Did any one think or is it me on the naming of the browser aspect... Why spartan. Because like the 300 Spartans fought mighty Persians... this browser has to fight with mighty Firefox, chrome and Opera... Just my 2 cents... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Windows 98 :|
  • I want to know what is the exact price and availability, waiting for info
  • If even half of what they are promising works as intended, they can just "shut up and take my money" already.
  • Yours and mine both. 
  • A kola holding a Hoover logo
  • The HoloLens logo now
  • That's exactly what I thought! Lol.
  • yup, I thought Hoover as well...    
  • "Is HoloLens going to be a $299 product aimed at Minecraft fans or a $1299 gizmo for architects, hospitals, and NASA? Will Microsoft push this like Xbox One or let it trickle out like the Microsoft Band?" I am hoping for the $300, and Xbox One style push.    
  • Well, I mean...that is the obvious preference, lol
  • Should make 2 models one for the regular person or gamer and one for hospitals, NASA and all that fancy business
  • Gaming would be tiresome on it though, wouldn't it?
  • Yeah, I'm thinking beyond the craziest of applications like the NASA/JPL stuff gaming is likely more hardware intensive than most other use would be.
  • Next time you see or meet a tiring gamer let me know. I want to introduce that gamer to my son and tell, this is the type of gamer you need to aspire to be.  For now, I kick him off XB1 and take his phone, since I am tired is currently part of their lingo
  • How about augmenting the gaming you already do on XBone or PC?
  • Exactly! Would be cool to be playing a game and pieces of the environment show up outside the areas of your tv. Like explosions landing to the side, vehicles driving pass you, maybe even your tv appearing like its on fire on the edges.
  • For a three year contract the adult entertainment industry will sell it at 299
  • I am betting they will give it to you free.
  • First thing that came up in my mind after I saw the HoloLens was... "Yeaahhh, Lego.." :D
  • You can now play with Legos without the damage of stepping on one!
  • Haha, I just got through getting my kids to pick up their Legos...took about half an hour! Halolens come to papa!
  • *Lego :P
  • My frost thought after I read your comment was, "My God!, My kids can play with Legos and I wont have to yell at them T clean it up when they are done and no more stepping on rogue Legos in the middle of the night!"
  • Ya, I'd love to take Lego's 3D program and use it with HoloLens instead. That would be epic!!
  • Can I use it as an 80 inch big screen TV? If it does that, I'm sold.
  • Pretty sure you can. ( the skype part proves that and I think I saw Netflix ) But it will have to be streamed from a device I'm guessing.
  • Not if the HoloLens has Bluetooth and wifi built in...which i thought they said it did...
  • Yeah, the Netflix reference makes it sound like the app runs fully on the device. They have repeatedly said that the HoloLens experience is completely untethered.
  • Like the Xbox One and the newly announced streaming capabilities :)
  • Gotta remember that battery life tho
  • It runs universal apps so if your streaming service has a Windows 10 app you should be good. Maybe leave the charger plugged in though for battery life's sake? I guess we will see.
  • Seriously why but an expensive TV if you can just buy this
  • From what I've read my understanding is that the "holograms" are all slightly transparent. Unless they can change easily just through code, I would think the viewing experience would not be very satisfying... even if you pinned the holo-screen on the wall. :)
  • No, not all things are transparent.
  • At the very least you should be able to run everything you can run on a PC... They said it was a full computer, with everything built in... :)
  • >80 inch big screen TV
    All the space could be amazing for easily readible and navigatable Mind Map formats for everything. Each node could be text, pictures, animations, or all 3 combined. (They just need an eye-tracking "select-what-I'm-looking-at-button" asap, which might come from their investment in FOVE).  
  • "Halolens" lolz
  • It's AR Argumented Reality not VR Virtual Reality!
  • Yes, your reality is altered.
  • My reality is argumented enough as it is, thank you!
  • I literally say HoloLens is not VR.
  • But other than that... 
  • But what if the entire field of vision is covered with objects or some background? Won't that practically be VR?
  • How was the resolution of what you saw? And did anything appear to have weight to it?
  • This is my question too.  How was the quality of the holograms?
  • 4k
  • Resolution was good, not amazing. Definitely "good enough" in my book. I mean, higher resolution is always better, but what they had worked for the Mars mission, etc.
  • Thanks. I was just curious if it looked convincing our if it had a Roger Rabbit kind of look. I guess essentially it's a masking effect?
  • It looked fairly crisp in the Keynote demo, so hopefully the low resolution was simply because it was a prototype.
  • Would you say that the resolution was anywhere close to the video/demonstration?
  • Man, most people seem to forget that Microsoft is not just Windows. I'm always amazed by the futuristic technologies Microsoft is creating in their labs. I wish I was skilled enough to work in a Microsoft lab :/
  • And I wish I was Bill Gates son but oh well.
  • I need help guys. I wanna know. If I put on the HoloLens and see stuff can a person standing beside me without the lens see that too? Or only I can see?
  • No. Just you man.
    Yes. Through the Xbox app, someone else can see what you're seeing.
  • Of course not xD
  • Well, they'd need their own Halolens for sure, but don't know if there'll be a NFC type of sharing in this release pr if it'll be added down the road.
  • Yeah!... If you smoke the same pot
  • Rofllll... Lololzzz Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Windows 98 :|
  • Only you. Unless you hook it up to a monitor like they did during the demo.
  • I thought so.. It's really cool though to stream your view to a Xbox or a PC
  • LOL. Sorry, but Jesus Christ.
  • Unless they put some sort of blocking on the front surface of the lens, someone would be able to see what you were looking at, just mirrored.  So yes, your (wife/girlfriend/parents/boss) will be able to tell you're looking at porn, lol.
  • I think your porn viewing will be safe.  From what little information I could find, it looks like they are projecting the stereoscopic images right on to your retina.  Hence, no backwards porn display for your boss to see.  :)
  • Enjoy your shiny new watch, Apple fanboys, I'll just be over here playing Minecraft on Mars...
  • I'll be playing Mars on Minecraft.
  • I'll be watching my porn in a whole new way
  • This. The porn industry has always helped define media and technologies staying power. You know there will be apps made where you can probably have people doing the nasty on your household furniture. Haha.
  • Omg, lol.
  • The only fanboy is you Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And dont forget, there has not been too much talk about it recently but the media was falling all over themselves about  Apple supposedly releasing a TV. Apple talks about a watch, Microsoft delivers with the Band. Rumors of an Apple TV, Microsoft delivers with the Surface Hub.
  • Watching Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley gush over this on Windows Weekly was fun. Thurrott was actually giggling over the Mars simulation.
  • I was so blow away by the announcement of this HoloLens. I absolutely can not wait to get it around my head and try it out for myself. This is now my most coveted item.
  • Totally agree.  This is definitely on the top of my list (passing the Parrot BeBop drone with the flight controller @ $900).  When the price is announced, here's how I'll likely respond: If it's > $1,500, I'll be bummed and not buy it immediately.  I'll probably save up the money and get it 4 to 6 months after it debuts. If it's around $1,200, I'll likely purchase it within a week or two of being available.  (I'll have to use that couple of weeks to talk the wife into it.) If it's around $1,000, I'll get it that day. If it's aimed for the consumer market at $500 or less, I'll pre-order it immediately. If it's $400 or less, I'll buy 2!!! Hope Microsoft is aiming at the consumer market for sure.  @joebelfiore, are you listening???  :D
  • Yup. How will they turn this into a consumer product is also what I'm waiting to see.   I'll probably pick it up, whether it costs 299 or 1299. But I'd rather they tried to push it for 299. Why? Because I'm perfectly aware that many people can't afford 1299 toys and the HoloLens will make a lot more sense if more people have it. The potential of the device is so great that it would be a shame to restrict it to only those of us who can afford expensive gadgets.   Also...I'm ready to bet that the first people taking advantage of this, whenever it's released, will be the porn industry. For better or for worse, they're always on top of the latest innovations. Pun intended.   
  • I'm guessing that it will be pretty expensive but not 1300 expensive. Maybe $500-600.
  • I have a feeling it will be very very expensive. In the range of Google Glass ($1500). I mean come on, the thing has a CPU, GPU, AND HPU. Plus it doesn't need to be tethered to another device. I'm not saying it won't be worth the money, just that it will be expensive.
  • If MS sells at profit with the intention to recoup the development costs, yes, though I believe it's quite possible that MS will want to get this thing in the hands of as many people, both developers and consumers, as possible, in which case they might heavily subsidise the 1st generation Hololens with the intention to make a profit with the later generations, somewhat like they did with Xbox. In fact, I'm almost certain they will subsidise it, the question is to what extent...
  • I think 500-600 will make sense. Its expensive without being unaffordable. Like a computer or a console. I'd probably even pay it. But a piece of tech like this I can see it costing near 2000. Feels like it has the power of a full blown gaming laptop.
  • If its *only* $500 and they get it out before the holidays, this could be THE gift that everyone from the 12-year old playing Minecraft to their parents would run out and buy. Microsoft may have a huge hit on their hands.
  • Or riding on them.
  • Microsoft could potentially license some of the underlying technology, e.g. sensors, cameras, HPU, etc, to other companies. Like the Band, Microsoft could try and drive adoption of the hardware architecture as a means of driving adoption and standardization, and in the case of HoloLens, recouping the R&D costs. The more companies adopting the HoloLens system (i.e. underlying hardware and software), the better it will be in terms of not only pushing the price down, but also generating developer interest and, ultimately, user adoption (and vice-versa). That said, Microsoft does kind of have a solid use-case scenario for this from the get-go, and that is gaming. Not exactly sure how it would incorporate gaming since it could potentially make HoloLens a standalone device or an addition to the Xbox and/or PC, but they have a cloud back-end and trusted IP to rely on, either way.  
  • I know exactly what's going to sell this thing... That freaking Netflix clip they showed where the guy just sits down and he's watching a big, resizable screen right there on his wall. No TV required! That's cool as hell IMO.
  • Yup. This is the most important application. Instant iPad killer, Kindle killer.
  • I thought kindle killed itself?? Oh well this ought to do the job
  • Blackberry killer! Oh wait...
  • Windows killer I wait.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hahah .. :)
  • Do you think this will be positioned like the Microsoft Band.  That is,will Microsoft seek to license the technology after demonstrating its efficacy?  Which leads to my second question.   How many sensors does the visor use?
  • Daniel, have seen reports that say the relatively narrow field of vision is a bit of a negative. How did you feel about it? And were you allowed to even try on the "production model" prototype or just the "developer kit" with the PC-nekcless? :)
  • Not allowed to try production/final model. Re: field of vision, it was fine, but I would liked to have seen more. Look straight ahead at a wall, now put a rectangle in front of you that takes up about 80% of your space, and that is what it is like.
  • Ok, thanks! I gather something they can/will improve in years to come. Oh another thing if I may: read somewhere soemthing like "the image is projeted to your retina, not on to the screen" - is that correct? And the image is sharp and glitch free? Sorry, so many questions as you said. :)
  • That would be surprising, but if it is retina-projection this thing just went from Ubercool to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  • See towards the end of this article:
    "Full and partial virtual reality look different because of the underlying technology. HoloLens doesn't display images on any screen, but projects light directly onto the retina, imitating the way light travels from real objects. The augmented view is contained in a rectangle directly in front of your face. Oculus Rift shows its images on a screen in front of the eyes and extends farther out and around for a more encompassing view."
  • Whouldn't that be cool that all the movies would have been processed by the hololens and projected on to your retina in 3D model? I am so fascinating on this.
  • Yeah.. Not realistic as the movie source data does not have the necessary information and even if it did, would require a lot more processing power probably. But perhaps in the future! :)
  • how much ?!?
  • $8, but if you buy two they are $7.50 each.
  • I will take 100 at that price point.
  • Lol
  • I was just watching the event live, business as usual, happy with what the had been showing.   And then this showed up. I was blown away. This is seriously amazing and it is without a doubt a milestone in computer history.
  • they quickly paased through the part where they attached a virtual tv to the wall with metflix playing. I think this is the sweet spot for consumers. Manipulating 3d images is great for designers, artists, architechs, and similar professionals. gaming with virtual creatures running around your room is gimmicky. however, having a virtual tv would definitely attract the average comsumer. many people don't have room or can't afford a large screen display. plus I can see multiple people watching different shows from the same couch. Or how about projecting multiple virtual TVs to watch different football games. no need to create a man cave anymore.
  • Hololens - carry your flat screen tv with you everywhere!
  • flat, bended, curved, rounded or whatever ; )
  • Exactly what I was thinking mostly. That was the game changing moment when I saw those examples
  • If Apple released this, it would be breaking news on every media outlet and every school in the world would get canceled for Friday...Great Microsoft
  • After this event I bet my school regrets buying Macs.. Those dumbasses
  • Any school who invests in Macs is....well,kinda stupid. That is guaranteeing no hardware upgrades until the computer dies. What a waste.
  • I know! Good thing I'm a senior and will be out before experiencing the struggle.
  • We found this out the hard way.
    We've just replaced 2 rooms of Macs with PCs running Windows 7 and our problems have reduced significantly.  Its just our music teacher that is holding us back now.  He still insists that his 6 year old Mac Minis are more capable than a new PC.
  • I don't know what you mean, I've seen nearly every tech site (even Apple and Google sites) covering this, Tom Warren was on CNN. They covered it on Fox and MSNBC. This has got tons of media coverage.
  • There is a difference between covering news and evangelicizing a company. If Apple did this, you would see every news outlet reporting how they have seen the future and this will be a monster success. When Microsoft creates something amazing, they acknowledge it's great but then downplay thing and say they will have to see what they do with it and it they will get developer support. Even this article says "many questions remain". When Apple releases anything, success is assumed and difficiency are ignored. When the iphone was missing the notification center, no one knocked Apple for it. When it was finally added, they were nearly universally praised for adding it. WP was knocked for not having a notification center and when they added it the articles would say finally they added it and would knock them for not getting it sooner. I believe Microsoft added it less than a year after Apple. 
  • I don't know where you're getting that from, but I would love to read those articles. Many people made fun of the iPad, and even Apple's biggest fans criticize them for never updating Apple TV. Also, iOS had a notification center 2 1/2 years before WP.
  • Much like WP, Apple had a "notification system" before a center,  with those tiny numbers on the icons. Because of WPs animations, that tiny number was about as effective as the live tiles of WP. And then they had a notification center out way before WP. I think the difference between say, the HoloLens and Apple products is that the HoloLens is way more "prototypey" and has so far not been presented with a clear audience in mind, whereas Apple -products tend to be very targeted (in their message, not necessarily in their utility). AR and VR (and 3D actually) also face the difficulty of trying to present actually 3D content using 2D media and for audience used to 2D (no matter how many polygons a model has, if it is presented through a 2D screen, it's 2D content). And then there is the matter of them being bulky head-mounted wearables.
  • The fck this guy speaks...
  • Lol you mean the guy who presented HoloLense during the 21Jan Event? :D
  • I want a horror game a la Alien Isolation using this. Holy shit I wouldn't be able to sleep for a week.
  • That could totally work. Honestly, the gaming stuff for this is pretty incredible. You can have holograms come from around corners, out of holes in the wall, floor, etc. Could be some real creepy stuff.
  • I can imagine a haunted mansion buying a bunch of these and you go around having things jump out at you. Now THAT would be creepy
  • I rather see it as an accessory for existing gaming platforms; enhancing a great experience rather than tryng to create a totally new one with inferior hardware. Whole GUI-systems could be taken to a whole new level, as well as other aspects, without needing to reinvent everything (like VR or fully AR games).
  • Lol I personally can't wait for Minesweeper
  • Just move to Romania, it'll be basically the same thing...
  • ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!
  • First thing I thought when seeing the 3D modeling, the first Iron Man movie with Tony working his next suit.
  • I've explained hololens to three people using this same movie!
  • Exactly!
  • Come on, sounds cool, I want it for the Xbox one...with games..
  • Am I the only one that saw this and immediately thought, "So now we can actually have Cortana the hologram?"
  • +1020
  • BRAZZERS is already developing.
  • They revolutionized porn and took it to a whole new level.
  • I was waiting for this for I wanted the fanboy, MS does no wrong take after reading the MS haters take shots at it. I think I have a good picture of it now and I'm excited but not about the device. I'm excited MS is kicking ass again!
  • What about shaking camera effect? How well the head movements is tracked?
  • Had no issues, TBH. Maybe there was a slight delay, but not much.
  • Great! 
  • How about porn with it? lol
  • I'm sure that's Microsoft's top priority. They did say consumer's cum first :)
  • Oh you made my day :p
  • No, that was GAY CrApple Tim Gay Cook and all those GAY workers and GAY organization they support. CrApple LOVES to see gay ppl cum in to their stores ;-) LOL While Microsoft gives millions of dollar to charities, CrApple is ONLY giving to GAY organization. What a great giving company. a True GAY comp with GAY devices.
  • was it as clear and colorful as the videos?  The videos made it seem like you have a floating screen in front of you.
  • They weren't lying, it pretty much does look just like that. Not sure about the resolution, but Minecraft was awesome.
  • So, the transparency of the virtual objects are very low?
    And the picture itself was a great experience as well ? :-)
  • Wow kudos to you Dan, I think you talked about somekind Microsoft's Glasses already 3 years ago and you were right.
  • :3 HoloLens seems to be awesome, can't wait to see them in the market.
  • Cortana hologram please!!!
  • Yeah. I saw some article where she said that she has ambitions and can be a sphere... It is even closer that I thought. So full model is possible :D
  • Maybe she can stand off to the side of the screen on your living room floor while you're playing Halo 5.
  • What if Ikea build an app, with all their products 3D modelled. People can put on Hololens, walk around their bed room, living room, ketchen. Put the Ikea stuff anywhere they want. See if it fits in size, style, color. They can also change the color of the walls, the lights. So, they can order from there. At least, Ikea can have a show room like that, people are given Hololens, they can play any way they want, instead of walking to every corner try to find what why want. Anyone say no?
  • Solid idea!
  • That's a great idea. 
  • Nice, you read my comment on ArsTechnica! Unfortunetly, Ikea can't even build a proper shopping cart on the Web. You have so enter the product codes manually in a text box, instead of adding them with a single click from the product page, like on any other sane online shop.
  • I haven't, but this is a validation that this thing is useful.
  • Windows Central has so many more interesting phases than any of the other Mobile Nations sites, lol.
  • There's other sites?? Holy crap
  • Interesting article, I would love to be able to use the 3d modeling and hologram capabilities to show perspective clients my ideas.
    Also it's spelt Koala, source: I'm Australian. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I doubt it'll be $299 or $1299. Something like this seems like it'll be in the area of $599/$699. I think the top appeal would be the possibility of projecting your Win10 desktop on to the wall making it a giant virtual surface tablet or streaming your Xbox One anywhere in the house without hardware. I'm buying it regardless.
  • Yeah, maybe it will run the the xbox app and let you stream games.
  • One of my first thoughts seeing the HoloLens clip yesterday: So that's why they bought Minecraft.
  • Yep, me too!
  • Or why not build 3D UI for Windows 10, so Win10 is Holograph enabled instead of you have to have a third party app to experience it. The UI is able to detect if it is running on a Holographic device, then turn up to 3D, otherwise 2D. 
  • I bet a 3d Win10 is in the works. It seems necessary at this point.
  • That is already there. Everything that would be a window on your computer screen can now exist in 3d space around you.
  • Top of my list for Christmas 2015!
  • Reed Richards from the fantastic 4 invented it
  • Tony Stark
  • These use cases are more meaningful than anything I have ever seen for Google Glass. Virtual TV! Oh man, I am so buying this. 
  • I want to suggest Microsoft for more ideas to work on that HOLOLENS. Is there any way I can suggest them directly?
  • Yes
  • Show off
  • Good report Daniel. This looks very promising and the minecraft video makes me think they're looking to make a version of the device within the $299 range. Every kid would want that for Christmas just to play minecraft, bundled together with the game they would sell a ton.
  • I just cant imagine the final version having battery life longer than an hour or 2, which is really limiting.  Otherwise, it is very cool tech.
  • a battery back pack for two weeks...? ( or until you pass out )
  • I want it. Hope we see more at Build this year. And if the not exceed 500-600 euro/dollar then take my money. That's an same price as a high and phone.
  • Anyone else think the presenter for HoloLens looks like the evil version of Joe belfiore? He's to Joe what Wario is to Mario.....almost as if his recent decision to cut his hair spawned a real-life alter ego... lol
  • Funny, before posting my comment about this guy looking like Joe's evil twin I decided to scan for other mentions and there you are... LOL.
  • I think he looked and sounded like Dr. Doofenschmirtz from the cartoon Phineas and Ferb
  • Haha!! Totally spot on!
  • Double reality ftw
  • While looks incredibly cool, I don't see this going anywhere for at least another 8-10 years. Remember Project Natal and the promised "scan your own gear" and all the cool stuff? Yeah. Microsoft clearly showed us that HoloLens is very much possible if there is dev support, but I don't see this as a consumer product for another 10 years, at the very least but I hope I'm wrong. Kudos to Microsoft for pushing the envelope though.
  • this spring to Developers...
  • I think this is different. Kinect is just cool, that alone sells millions, but Kinect doesn't have practical use cases. I have been thinking develop for Kinect, but couldn't come up with an idea that will sell. But for this one, I can think of many practical uses.
  • The kinect is actually used widely in the field of robotics/mechatronics.
  • Actually, don't think this could exist without Kinect tech.
  • Yeah, and all the SmartGlass bollocks that looked so amazing but we have yet to see a single application of it. They showed people playing a game on xbox, transferring it to a tablet, and then continuing it on their phone. All pipe dreams and marketing hype. The stuff we actually got was a pale imitation of that dream. Windows 10 is probably a lot closer to that dream, but I won't believe anything about this HoloLens stuff until it's a proven reality. It still seems like a fancy gimick at this stage, with too much marketing hype than real-world functionality.
  • That make me a WP and W8.1 proud user. :) As of right now I'm waiting for W10!!!
  • One minute silence for Google and apple
  • I'm still amazed
  • This looks interesting.
  • What if you're playing Minecraft in your living room and a hologram covers up the toy your toddler left on the floor? Do you still notice it, or will you fall over it, run into furniture, etc.?
  • even if the HoloLens would augment it ten times you would immerse into the game - the pain comes later...
  • Can I turn my living room into a TARDIS and have adventures in Time and Space?  Say yes, and I'll sell my grandmother into slavery for one.
  • Yes, it's bigger on the inside.
  • Nice avatar. Attack eyebrows.
  • Omg omg THIS
  • If it runs for 299 i'm buying it! but i'll doubt it. Maybe even 399 .. But over a 1000$ nah, i'll also need more than that even though it's awesome and amazing. I would want to be able to use it daily.
  • Lol
  • Umm, it's called augmented reality.
  • Technically true. Also true, Microsoft doesn't once use that phrase in reference to HoloLens. Regardless, it doesn't really matter what you call it. Labels are labels and as such, they deliver preconceived notions and definitions, something which Microsoft appears to be trying to avoid with HoloLens. I can respect that.
  • I work for a large multinational engineering company and I can see this changing the way a lot of our engineers and designers work. 3d is everywhere these days thanks to BIM and the hololens seems to be a more natural way of viewing, interacting and sharing with these models than is currently available. Excited.
  • Daniel how does the other party see you during a video Skype call. Does the Hololens vanish from your face ? Cos it will be very weird to be in a video Skype call and the other party sees you in a helmety mask (don't get me wrong I think Hololens is awesome). Just asking
  • Erm, not at all? There is no camera that can see the one wearing the Hololens...not without adding another device in the mix, but then you could just use that one for a normal skype call...
  • Daniel how was the quality during the skype call? Is it as good as looking through a high definitition screen? Do you think this could effectively eliminate the need for a computer screen/tv ?
  • This is a good question. I mean, HD on a screen is limited by the actual pixels we see.  But when a laser beam is firing beams into your retina... we don't have a bunch of colored rectangles emitting light, its rays of light.  How does the concept of resolution of a screen map into this world?
  • It was good quality, not amazing. Resolution was not like 4k but it was clear, sharp and bright. Only way I can say is it is better than expected. I'd use it for regular Skype calls, sure.
  • Take..... My....... Money...... Now.......Please! :D
  • Architecture applications, vehicle design hell even surgical procedures are 3 applications this will be used for once it is out in big numbers especially if real time data can be imputed, same for military applications. I honestly don't think that this is going to be just a new piece of game equipment. Cry me a river if you want but then build me bridge to get over it... Posted from my HTC M8
  • If you move your head too fast with this thing, does it miss frames or anything? Hard to believe a first iteration could be so flawless....
  • Seemed to keep up pretty well, but obviously we did not stress test it, lol
  • slight lag
  • Certain industries will be onboard in a flash. Disney World is probably thinking up new ideas for their theme parks
  • I just need this to be "affordable". Whatever that even means for this type of technology. 
  • This could be a major game changer in healthcare. Imagine a surgeon in India being able to practice on a CT scan with the guidance of an expert from John Hopkins before actually performing surgery. Or a field medic/paramedic getting on site directions from a trauma surgeon at the Medical Center.
  • I'm thinking the same....for Med Students.
  • so when u do skype, is it thru the speaker or are you wearing an earpiece?
  • It has speakers built in. They're not headphones, it just sounds like they're talking directly to you, really neat.
  • the helmet has earpieces / loud speakers build in
    total surround sound
  • LARPERS HERE WE GO!!!  On a serious note, this is just another example of the innovation that has been going on at Microsoft Research for years.  I love reading their website (for the stuff they hint at or share publically).  I am anxious to see how this gets positioned.  It would makes sense to get this in the hands of people who can make money off of it (read: businesses) since that helps give it staying power. But it would also be neat if they can make it consumer grade, as well, as that would give it more of a market.  But how ready are people for this?  If you read any review from various press outlets (not WP), you see that they don't understand the difference between AR and VR or are just blindly biased.   This is a step forward.  Regardless of whether or not it comes to market, this is a stepping stone to the holoprojectors maybe. :D
  • It's a game changer for sure.  This is the future of Personal Computing.
  • I'm definitely excited for this, but also reserving some of that excitement, to see what MS does with this device and technology. I'm glad they didn't push gaming on this beyond Minecraft (which is a perfect fit for the Hololens) because things like graphic fidelity, color, framerate, all become major factors with how you enjoy that game. If we were to use HoloLens for that purpose. Using it in a collaborative environment, Skype, personal home use, emails, design, marketing, etc. makes perfect sense. In the professional world I see this major very big strides. Hands off communication, collaboration is something the corporate world would love. Designers could turn this into a completely new way to think up ideas. A fashion designer could visualize clothing on a client in real time. Construction could see a potential idea for a floor plan. A wedding coordinator could show a couple a reception layout. A offensive coordinator could literally draw out plays on the "live" field. I mean its truly endless. However, the interface HAS to be fast. If they want people naturally walking around in the environment, interacting with applications in their world, then the HoloLens needs to be very fast in processing, reading and interaction. I need to have the ability to turn my head and immediately snap a Skype call to the wall. Turn around and jump right back into my 3D model render. Stop that and go through my email.and respond through voice. All this needs to happen to make the experience seamless. Delays causing the user to have to stop walking, wait or hold their hand in mid air until it responds will kill the experience. I' hoping MS makes sure this is new product is more than ready for prime time
  • it is already fast enough
  • I showed this to a few coworkers, some of my students, and my school president. All of them were blown away. Almost speechless in a way... but not. Because they couldn't stop talking about how amazing it was. It's hard to believe that this even exists. We live in the future!
  • now we know MSoft spent so much cash on Minecraft. They needed a killer app so they brought one. Good plan.  
  • I would imagine since this is techically a "computer" and it has to be one of the most advanced things out there, we should expect this to cost at least $1000... even at that it would sell like crazy... As long as this can be had for $2000 or less take my preorder NOW... this to me is worth far more than an expensive and nice laptop. Oh and I expect an "ultimate gamer" edition that is a Halo style helmet and it can project holograms of Cortana on the surfaces in your house!  We already have a functional Cortana and she is coming to Windows 10... how did that demo not make it into this thing?  Instead of putting Terry M. on that stand during the presentation it should have been a little blue Cortana guiding us around the demo!
  • forerunner to a real UNSC ?
  • Google Glass show you the weather, while HoloLens brings you to Mars.
  • Daniel; I have read lots of articles from some folks who were there with you, Y'all seems to express the same experiences with the hands on, but here is the differerenciator between your article and theirs and that seals it for positively of cause "There is a role for HoloLens to play just about everywhere." That was what I thought when I was viewing the feed, but a naging feeling of mine that if only someone who is there can confirm that thought. Thanks you did. My wife and I just need to agree on which of our 3 kids to sell to make funding my Hololens a reality.
  • Always the middle child. You wont ever miss him/her/it.
  • Ha egbon, e ma je ki granma gbo o.
  • davidtayo; O se jare, Mi o ni so fun won.
  • "My wife and I just need to agree on which of our 3 kids to sell to make funding my Hololens a reality."
    lmao ...and thanks
  • I wish I had a wife and kids!! :D
  • You don't need them if you have the HoloLens.  o_O
  • ho'LOL'ens !
  • Wow! This is amazing.
  • Just a curiosity, Fortaleza is a city of Brazil. As the Kinect's creator is a Brazilian.
  • It's the coolest thing Microsoft has done in LONG time!
  • Are they sticking with the Hoover logo for the HoloLens?
  • What about people who were glasses?
  • As mentioned in the article, it is designed for people wearing glasses as well as without.
  • He should know there are these things called "words".
  • I just want to go out in the street with this and scan every person's power level like a saiyan in dragon ball z. It's over 9000!
  • This is so out of the movie Disclosure... if you haven't seen it, you should. Michael Douglas + Demi Moore, high tech company in Seattle and glasses just like these.... 
  • I'm sure MS will reimburse the writer of that movie, just like Apple/Samsung/MS reimbursed Gene Roddenberry's estate after they made tablets with Facetime/Skype that were just like devices shown on Star Trek.  Oh wait.... lol.
  • When is it coming to India? *dodges objects*
  • I would certainly want one. It would definitely have to be more expensive than the Band because it does so much more. Asking for only $300-400 seems a bit too silly. I would compare it to a high end laptop or PC at around $1000-1200 minimum..... Ok maybe $800 if Microsoft was feeling generous, but I would personally dish out $1000 for one so long as the battery life was around 8 hours of continuous use. That too would be reasonable considering it's the first version, new hardware, new software, three processors required, etc. They should also include a portable charger so you could continue doing what you were doing without having to sit next to a wall socket.
  • Gr8 idea bro..!
  • This looks fabulous as it is right now but imagine, what if the team is working on creating a smaller version which we the 'common people' can just buy from a retail store and just walk out of the store wearing them like regular sunglasses talking to our SO's, family. Imagine if this becomes sort of a simulator for the AirForce trainees, race car drivers and/or special children who can for the first time walk, interact with 'virtual' things around them... I have a dream... This should be placed next to the wheel in terms of inventions that changed our life... :)
  • So many things in announcement... But hololence steal every one's attraction... Simply amazing...
  • Finally i can play yugioh in real reality ^^
  • HoloLens sounds much like one of the cool pieces of tech featured in Daniel Suarez's two-book novel, Daemon (part 1) and Freedom (part 2).
  • Nice Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Being a medico I wonder how this can be used to revolutionize both, the teaching and the surgical sectors in my field...
    Imagine a class having students all having HoloLens and the teacher using that for making them understand things by showing them 3D models....
    Imagine a surgeon using this..for teaching surgeries to the students....
    This thing can simply revolutionize how people learn...
    Will love to get one....
  • Amazing...!!! I wish I had one..
  • Now to just make it less *look at me i have a computer on my head*
  • And one inside too;-)
  • Before going for all this, Microsoft should focus on basic features like attaching 2 document files in email and attaching a document while replying.. I wont use hololens but I would definitely use a mobile phone for emailing.. The problem is that these tech companies do not know what an ordinary guy wants. He wants peace with technology. He doesn't want to use technology unless it makes thing simpler and convenient. Hololens is a good thing but is it that tough to incorporate simple functionalities which are missing from wp
  • Well if this is not the precursor to the Holodeck on the Enterprise, then I don't know what is! All that is needed now is a little static field around objects to simulate solid surfaces and we are in the 23rd century! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  •    Damn the cost. I want one.
  • This used to be the concept of Pranav Mistry(TED talk show). And a while ago there was news spreading that Pranav is working with Microsoft in building something BUT it eventually came with a much sophisticated product, Hololens! But I dint see Pranav any where there. Was this wholly a MS concept?!!
  • I'll buy for $1299 but if its $299 that's a no brainer
  • NP, I'll buy 1 at $1299, I'll buy 4 at $299. Use the change on Mountain Dew, Redbull and 5 hours energy drink. Then I can say let the Holing begin
  • Revolution! I can't help it but this must be the way...Mycrosoft Way ;)
  • Daniel nobody mentioned about hologram quality. For instance while 3d modelling whether the hologram is clear and crisp like LCD or like a weak light?? Minecraft is another scenario. Do objects made in minecraft match the quality of real objects in room?
  • In the official demo it was quite clear.
  • Just like what Tony Stark imagined in Iron Man movies.. Appreciate your efforts, Microsoft. :D  
  • It's awesome and everybody needs it.....
  • This is highly intriguing ! Minecraft in real world that's crazy.  
  • Wow. I'm realy interested in price!@  
  • What about porn.. O:
  • You should have tried windows 10 phone and posted some video or photos for us
  • feature finally is here and guess who brought it? KING Microsoft has done it again. We no longer have to dream about something as futuristic as this unbeleivable technology any more. Thank you MS, I'll wait in line to get my hands on the future. THANK YOU MS. Hololens is truly is WOW. in your face CrApple. What have you(CrApple)invented lately, or i should say EVER, beside iSHEEP? oh yeah, NOTHING. I guess keep COPYING others, and then pretending it was all your idea, has paid for you, since iSHEEP around the world keep buying your overrated crap. i guess we have to wait and see how long before you COPY, MS Smart Band, Surface Pro 3, 84 Inch 4K Touch screen with 2 camera and 2 special stylus Surface Hub TV, Helolens, Touchscreen computers,...................Even Microsoft had Tablets, and Smart Phns YEARS BEFORE 2007 iJUNK phn and 2010 IMaxi-Pad came out.  Also CrApple, you should be so embarrassed, that you can NOT invent ANYTHING, and sit around like a vulture to see who comes out with new inventions and idea, before you steal them. What a pathetic loser company. I know you have stolen $160,000,000,000 that you keep overseas, from your iSHEEP fans that you have ripped off, but you are still a big fat loser, in a sence that you can NOT invent ANYTHING whatsoever. If Microsoft, and other REAL comps, stop inventing and comup with NEW ideas, you will be screwed.  
  • Decaf...  You really need to try decaf.  Seriously.  Decaf.
  • I don't need decaf. I speak the truth. If ppl don't like, don't have to read it. I tell it how it is. CrApple is PURE GAY EVIL, and they have stolen everyone's idea, and brainwashed iSHEEP it was all theirs. CrApple hasn't invented crap, but yet ppl think they invented the universe. They've STOLEN, NOT INVENT. Sorry if you don't like to hear the truth. I will NEVER stop bashing this greedy,EVIL gay comp.  
  • Think of replacing the nowadays simple head up displays in some cars with this technology - one big holo screen - no battery problems - could be really nice...
  • Use for 4D porn, must be sold out,hahaha
  • Charles Arthur (Apple fanboi) eat my dust. Microsoft have just shifted the Computing UI paradigm to the next level
  • Daniel you are so lucky man I can't wait to try it on !!!
  • I love it!
  • I personally feel this will be a success regardless of price (You were really not serous about battery life, were you?). Let us not forget, it is a computer in itself and decides and acts independently of a PC or a phone. Doctors, Archtects, Engineers, Scientists and even artists et. al. will have a great utility for this device and they would not mind paying more than for a top-end smartphone or even Laptop for this. Imagine creative people like animation artists or movie directors getting their hands on this device. Then you have gaming enthusiasts. Once you have third party developers interested, there will be too many fanatics who would want to get their hands on this device.  At this point in time I can't really see much utility for personal use by most of us, but it is very early days. This was just a concept that was displayed, and MS made it very clear that it is not coming into the market anytime soon. It is more like a concept car being displayed in an auto show. The real thing hits the road much later and it actually quite different from the concept. This is not 'exactly' a concept but more of a prototype, yet there is a long way to go before it hits the shelves around us.
  • Engadget made one good point as far gaming w/ HoloLens is concerned and that's if it runs Windows 10 then in theory the Xbox one could stream to it and it project the game on any surface you wanted. That would put the game in chokehold! Literally playing anywhere you want!
  • Whilst darting around like a Looney on the run from Arkham :P.
  • Omg so amazing, wanting it so bad
  • It's very promising that press was able to try this and verify their claims.  I'm sure it'll be out of my financial reach the first few years, but so were smart phones, and I'm now on my third one. I wonder if the the processors in the headset are actually doing all the work, is it capable of running everything on it's own?  I would imagine since they're pushing W10 integration for everything, that this will basically process and display information sent to it from a PC/XBOX/Surface.  And also send the "Kinect" information back to the base unit so it knows where to place all the holo elements.  To really get decent graphics and bigger environments you would need some heavy processing power, and that would get heavy on your head! This would be awesome for modeling purposes, especially architecture.  You could take an empty room and fill it with a virtual tour of a house, etc.  I thought the bike example was excellent, and like someone else mentioned, very Tony Stark-ish, lol.  Imagine a "hands free" Haynes manual with exploded 3D models for your car/bike/washing machine... A military version with drone feedback would be a big help in combat situations (though I think they may be working on something similar already), letting you see a virtual overlay of rooms, etc.  I would love a motorcycle and car version of this, to help highlight other cars, traffic alerts, lane guidance GPS, pedestrian/animal recognition, etc.  There are some instances of these things already available in some form, but nothing consistent, and only available from certain OEMs.  If any auto manufacturer could license the system from MS, it could really propogate across the market, and save many lives (and repair dollars).
  • Well said!. +920.
  • It's a real innovation my Microsoft..
    Future of Windows 10 seems more bright than IOS n Android
  • Windows 10 will dominate again
  • I dont think that such a machine with cutting edge hardware and millions put in for research will cost $299. $1000 for sure. 
  • This hololeans are like grandpa of google glasses...
  • Daniel, some reviewers claim that head movements made the holograms move around. Is this true? Was it in fact difficult for pinned holograms to stay still while the head moved? Cheers.
  • Of everything Microsoft announced this week, this is top of my must-have list.
    I can imagine so many ways I can use it at work and at home already.  I just hope it has an affordable price-tag and is marketed in such a way that people won't just want it.  They will need it.
  • Think about the ad possibilities guys! This is amazing!
  • Lucky!
  • Lol . Hololens is awesome
    Imagine hololens with porn...
  • Hopefully the hand controls work a bit better than the Kinect which is slow as Hell just to select an option.
  • Another great and futuristic device of Microsoft !!! :-)
  • $1,299?  This thing should initially be $3,999 and it would sell.  Either the hardware or the software is going to be expensive at the beginning.  It has to be.  Innovations like this always start very expensive, and then gradually over time move down-market so that the masses can participate.
  • It doesn't have to be, especially if they're not in place to make a profit off of it yet. It's going to be expensive, but only for the manufacturing process and maybe not so much as this could be 3d printed in a few hrs. I can't wait till were all like Tony Stark and making our own iron man gear!!!!
  • Is It possible two people with HoloLens share the same "holograph"? It would be really cool
  • Most likely, they had a video segment where two people were collaborating on a motorcycle design.
  • One of my primary concerns is the battery life, as the amount of processing they have managed to fit into the device is mind blowing. To maintain that untethered feeling and selling point as I imagine anyone who uses this will easily be wrapped up in their own bubble for several hours lol. Regardless I hope they do incorporate that tech into phones :P.
  • @Daniel Rubio So I am pretty sure Microsoft stole my idea.  Last year you guys posted about a contest to surface pros for the classroom and being a teacher I was all on board.  So I created this as my idea as to a future way microsoft ould use their projects.  Not only did I not become a finalist but the person who won looked like they did their project on a napkin and there use for the Surface was to translate text into different languages, which already exist.  Here's my idea posted a year ago almost to the day .
  • Did you read the article? They've been working on it since at least 2012. But thanks for coming out! Make sure you grab your parting gift before you leave. ^.^
  • Anything new and exciting questions are abundant , it doesn't take away from the fact that this is Legendary and the masses will flock to this.
  • I'd like to see a sports version of this or the capability to bike or workout on a treadmill. In conjuction with the band and\or other fitness tracking hardware, I think the possiblities are incredible.
  • someone need to make a rugged version with integrated helmet and sell it to Army, oil company, explorer, aircraft company, or any danger industry. A bomb tech need to disarm a bomb?  np Oil rig have issues?  np Need to land a plane?  np Everyone can be Neo
  • Daniel is very lucky to be among the "few" who have experienced it first hand. I am very excited to see the device in action. I just hope it would be priced as what Dan mentioned for "Minecraft Fans", and not for engineers, doctors or astronauts  only. Maybe there would be some specs variations for different group of users.
  • Imagine a Holographic movie you're watching as if you're part of the scene. Much more awesome if it's interactive movie. Great job Microsoft.
  • This... Is... SICK!!!!!!! :D
  • *ahem* SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!
  • I think this was the main reason for the Minecraft acquisition to be the showcase for this device. They needed that killer app. Still wonder what the fidelity of the experience is.  If there is flicker like in those old movies trying to simulate this type of thing. If items appear solid. If items drift out of position etc.
  • I wil buy this even if it's $1500  
  • Please, just say when it is going out or can i try them :D
  • I saw the demo and it looked fantastic. The applications of such a device are endless, being a medical professional myself I can see practical use for Hololens in a hospital setting. However, that being said there is one thing that concerns me greatly and it is privacy. I have yet to hear a word about it and I hope it is a point of focus from day one and not an afterthought. A device like this that maps your surroundings in such detail, stores an immense amount of personal data. Everything in your house, from the products you use to the brand of furniture you have and your dirty laundry can conceivably be picked up by its 3D camera and stored. Where is this information going to be stored and how will it be used? It will completely deter me from going anywhere near Hololens regardless of how awesome it is if it stores or analyzes this data in the cloud or uses it in targeted advertising.
  • I am not sure about this technology, it does look cool, notebooks are getting old if this is trully what it claims to be. I think this technology has the potential of reaching great heights. Imagine just playing video games with voice chat, pinning the display on wall and controls are ur hands, or watching a movie or something, this thing could be the most revolutionary invention ever. Although it looks great and cool, i am worried about how it might effect our brain after using it for long run. Microsoft does say that it tricks our brain into thinking light beams as 3D objects. There might be a possibility that we may have trouble sleeping or headaches because our mind will be in use as much as the chip inside the damn thing, Whatever happens we will see in the upcoming future, but if this thing really proves to be good then its gonna change the way of computing, And that is certain.
  • how about selling hololens (hardware) for same price and charge for programs separately  such as different for minecraft (or any other game) and different for architectural,NASA, and Medical applications etc .  Anyways  seems pretty sexy stuff :)