IBM spending $360 million on the cloud

We're big fans of cloud computing here at WM Experts, be it Google and the myriad ways to sync to it, Microsoft and its new Live Mesh, Dashwire, Yahoo Go, Apple's Mobile Me or any of a number of other ways to keep your data stored safely off your device and in the ether.

Friday's New York Times brings word that IBM (you've heard of them, right?), is spending $360 million for one data center in North Carolina and another in Tokyo to offer cloud services to corporate types.

Writes Steve Lohr:

The I.B.M. statement says its North Carolina facility will afford its lucky customers “unparalleled access to massive Internet-scale computing capabilities while gaining the cost and environmental protection advantages of I.B.M.’s industry-leading energy efficiency data center design.” Yes, yes, a veritable technological second-coming.

The future. It's coming. Eventually.

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WC Staff