I'm Here: Share your location fast and seamlessly with this modern Windows Phone 8 app

Windows Phone is a platform where you can do a lot out of the box without needing a lot of apps. Compared to iOS and Android it could be argued the basic experience is better in many aspects. It’s jam packed with features and you don’t need to open the Store to get apps to do get things done. Sometimes a built in feature is good, but can easily be improved. I’m Here is an app that helps to make sharing your location easier and packs a little more feature wise compared to the SMS method in Windows Phone. Let’s check it out.

Right now you can easily share your location through SMS/Messaging by attaching your location. It’s built in to every Windows Phone 8 device and makes meeting up with people or sharing your location easy. But it does lack a few features and can easily be improved. I’m Here takes that idea and gives you more sharing options – email and social.

So why use the app? The developer, Shayne Boyer, created the app to help his teenagers keep tabs with the parental units. They like to check in with services like Facebook or Foursquare, but you can easily fib your location with those apps. I’m Here helps to address that.

The app is simple, effective, and has a nice UI. Just launch the app, it automatically finds your location, you can then toggle map views, and share through SMS, email, or social networks. Recipients will get your address and a link to a map view. It’s a really nice app. And unlike Foursquare or Facebook, I’m Here will only share your location with those you want, when you want. A nice way to touch base with your family and close friends when you’re travelling.

I’m Here hit the Windows Phone Store a few days and already got an update today. The update added the ability to shorten links, change the map modes, and addressed minor location fixes.

You can grab I’m Here for Windows Phone 8 devices here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. Don’t forget to leave feedback for the developer below.

QR: I'm Here

Sam Sabri