I'm Here: Share your location fast and seamlessly with this modern Windows Phone 8 app

Windows Phone is a platform where you can do a lot out of the box without needing a lot of apps. Compared to iOS and Android it could be argued the basic experience is better in many aspects. It’s jam packed with features and you don’t need to open the Store to get apps to do get things done. Sometimes a built in feature is good, but can easily be improved. I’m Here is an app that helps to make sharing your location easier and packs a little more feature wise compared to the SMS method in Windows Phone. Let’s check it out.

Right now you can easily share your location through SMS/Messaging by attaching your location. It’s built in to every Windows Phone 8 device and makes meeting up with people or sharing your location easy. But it does lack a few features and can easily be improved. I’m Here takes that idea and gives you more sharing options – email and social.

So why use the app? The developer, Shayne Boyer, created the app to help his teenagers keep tabs with the parental units. They like to check in with services like Facebook or Foursquare, but you can easily fib your location with those apps. I’m Here helps to address that.

The app is simple, effective, and has a nice UI. Just launch the app, it automatically finds your location, you can then toggle map views, and share through SMS, email, or social networks. Recipients will get your address and a link to a map view. It’s a really nice app. And unlike Foursquare or Facebook, I’m Here will only share your location with those you want, when you want. A nice way to touch base with your family and close friends when you’re travelling.

I’m Here hit the Windows Phone Store a few days and already got an update today. The update added the ability to shorten links, change the map modes, and addressed minor location fixes.

You can grab I’m Here for Windows Phone 8 devices here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. Don’t forget to leave feedback for the developer below.

QR: I'm Here

Sam Sabri
  • Love this app, highly recommend. 
  • But it can't share your location all the time, can it? Seems to be only on demand. There was this app called Instamapper, for all the other platforms, that could share your location continously and anyone that you'd give the link could see where you were, from any browser. I haven't been able to find an app that replicates that kind of functionality for WP. Of course, I know there's some sort of OS limitation that 3rd party apps cannot access your location in the background.
    Still, I'm gonna give this a try.
  • Oh and Glympse can share your location continously, but it has to remain in the foreground.
  • I've used Glympse in the past and liked it.. at the time.. .it's in need of an update bad. 
  • Yeah I really like Glympse but it does need tone updated for WP8
  • Do your cats use it?
  • Love it too
  • Stalking app, basically.
  • If by stalking you mean I send my location to people I want...then sure..stalking. 
  • But if it only works to send your location to people you want, how's that different to just texting "i'm here at..."?
    I would prefer an app that could show my location to people I want, all the time. I think the iPhone has that, doesn't it?
  • iPhone does it. Also Android. 
    I love Google Latitude. I can track my friends and families GPS coordinates in real-time. Too bad WP doesn't have that. :(
  • Latitude is built into GMaps.
  • Yes, but Gmaps doesn't support 2 step verification...
  • Yeah....i miss it too... But unfortunately Google is at war with Microsoft, so we can forget about it...
  • Downloading now after reading such good feedback.
  • I dont understand why that kind of app exist. In WP8 you can share your location in message app.
  • Did you read the article? I don't think you did because this app addresses a few limitations with the built in location sharing of Windows Phone. 
  • What kind of limitations? Did U mean social networka sharing? U can share your location from Nokia Maps to social network/s, by email, by sms... and so on.
  • Right on... I don't see any advantage of "having an app for that". Maps/HERE has the feature built in.
  • You can even share your location from Whatsapp
  • Not everyone uses WhatsApp. Everyone has email or SMS though, c'mon...you can do better
  • Already built in to Messaging. Attach > My Location > Send. The destination map page is formatted for mobile, looks nice and people have made approving comments about it. HERE and Maps just as easy and allows more service options. Not a problem at all.
  • Is that free or mms charge?
  • Created because the Nokia DVLUP programme had a challenge to build an app with this exact functionality. Hence there are dozens of apps identical to this on the store now.
  • What happened to We're In?
  • That's what your buddy below is talking about.. Why don't you go on down there and make a new friend? Playdate! Playdate!!!
  • Sounds like the "I'm Here Notifier Tile" app challenge on dvlup. Now that my "Name That Tune" style game is done I was thinking of trying that one.
  • This is lame! I use here maps with all the share options
  • There needs to be a way to allow people to track you in real time that can be turned on and off (so you turn it on til you meet up with the person then turn it off).
  • Exactly, and it needs to be built-in... Try Glympse. Not built-in but it works. At least it did the last time I used it.
  • Where is it important foe everyone to know where I am. The phone is already being tracked.
  • It for people who are trying to meet up with others. Its so much easier than explaining where you're at! Don't you think it's good to have a variety of functional apps,, even if you don't want to use them?
  • When the phone is being used by my teenage daughter.  I'd like to be able to know where she is if there is something wrong.  Call it "Parental Peace of Mind."
  • Yeah, I sometimes use the find my phone feature on the website for that :-)
  • Yeah, but we will soon have multiple WP and it would be nice to have all of us locatable on one screen. 
  • Buddytude uses google latitude to give your current location in real time and across all platforms
  • Buddytude steals your google password, so be careful....
  • I use WhatsApp to share my location... Fast and efficient!
  • I just wish I could use openstreetmap, Navteq does not have good maps for the Faroe Islands ;-(
  • Someone needs to build a replacement for Microsoft's old "we're in" app that constantly shared location to approved parties
  • Instagram? Wait a minute.. Wait a minute.. Wait a minute......
  • Slightly off topic, but in the past I used an app called Latify on my Android phone when driving home. It allowed me to share my position in real time with my wife while driving home from work. She could see where I was and based on my speed also determine if I was stuck in traffic and how long I had to go. Saved me making repeated calls letting her know where I was and how long I thought I had to go.
  • Glympse does that
  • I was hoping that it would have features like twist (twist.com) where it automatically texts your eta and once again when you're about to arrive
  • I just tried it... I'm in Auckland New Zealand and the Bing map from a message said I was off the coast of Papua New Guinea!!! Fail!!
  • why not just fire up Here map and share location?
  • I really like echoecho. Apps on all platforms
  • I too like echoecho.  Recently used it to find a couple friends that were needing to be picked up roughly 190 miles into a 320+ mile gravel bike race who were out in the middle of nowhere Iowa.  Neither of them were on Windows Phones so the cross platform support was a huge benefit to us.  It worked awesome and made getting to them SO much easier.
  • Tried it. Better than the built-in Nokia Here / Bing Maps apps for sharing because it's specifically designed for sharing. Yes, the other apps can also share my location, but it takes more taps to do it. I look forward to future updates, like being able to pin a tile to send my current location to a predefined contact via a predefined sharing method with just one tap...
  • Does it use the downloaded maps, or it downloads maps again?
  • Nice but a continuous location share built in to the Rooms feature would be amazing. Open the room and swipe to the map page that illustrates locations of room members... Opt in, on/off capability for each room... Would allow every room member to instantly know where members are at. Would be great for my Family Room on the phone.
  • I wanna try this app except that I'm still stuck at 7.5 (can't even upgrade to 7.8, damn Samsung), yeah yeah I'm a loser but at least I'm not bitter like some other guys here. LOL, take the bickering somewhere else and it wouldn't hurt you that much if you actually read and understood the article...
  • A nice companion to this is PleaseRobMe.
  • Thanks for all the feedback, wanted to chime in and let you all know an update has been submitted. Features:
    Whatsapp integration
    Nokia Here links in lieu of Bing Keep the comments coming, I am listening and appreciate the reviews in the store.