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Here are our impressions of the BLU Win HD with Dual SIM LTE

The BLU Win HD Windows Phone with Dual SIM LTE may be the best contract bargain yet

Back in 2014, BLU became one of a handful of new white-label manufacturers to add their services to the Windows Phone ecosystem. Offering low cost but eye-catching phones to consumers, companies like BLU brought something other than Lumias to those in the US. Perhaps more importantly, they finally offered a vision of unlocked, carrier free devices, giving consumers the ultimate choice.

The BLU Win HD was a strong first effort. With its bright colors and bold design, the Win HD had a lot of potential. However, lacking 4G LTE data is a major setback for devices in the US, where the speedy standard is found on the most basic phones. Due in part to the chipset used at the time, this was one of the roadblocks keeping the otherwise stellar Win HD out of some people's hands.

Now, in April 2015, we have a sequel: the BLU Win HD LTE. Nonetheless, this phone is much more than just faster data.


New, much better processor

The specs in the BLU Win HD LTE at first blush do not read as anything incredible. However, there is a subtle difference found in the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that makes this phone very interesting.

BLU Win HD LTE (2015)

  • Colors: Grey, White, Orange, Yellow
  • Windows Phone 8.1 build 14226; upgradable to Windows 10 later this year
  • 1.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, Adreno 306 GPU
  • LTE Band 4(1700) / 7(2600) / 17(700)
  • Dual SIM
  • 5-inch IPS 720p display (293 ppi)
  • 8GB internal storage, micro SD up to 32 GB
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8MB rear camera, auto-focus, flash; 2MP front-facing camera
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Proximity, Gravity, Compass, A-GPS
  • 146 grams
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Bluetooth 4.0


I am going to cut to the chase here: I have been using this phone for the last week, and it is a fantastic improvement from the original Win HD from 2014. Here are a couple of things that I immediately love about this phone.

Dual SIM with AT&T and T-Mobile 4G support

This BLU Win HD finally has LTE and yes, it works on AT&T and T-Mobile for those speeds (MetroPCS, Cricket Wireless, Simple Mobile, and Net 10 too, although I have not yet tried them yet). In fact, since it is a dual-SIM phone I was able to put both AT&T and T-Mobile SIM cards in the device at the same time.

Keep in mind that while dual SIM is common in other markets, it is unusual for those in the US. It is finally nice to see it in action. This is how it works. Insert both SIMs (you may need a micro-SIM adapter if currently using a nano-SIM card) and the phone will ask you to pick the configuration settings matching that carrier. In my case, I chose AT&T and T-Mobile US respectively. You can then choose which SIM handles data, and you can change this at any time (although the radios will reboot momentarily).


Since Windows Phone can handle dual SIM with ease, phone calls and SMS can go to both SIMs at the same time. It is exactly like having two phones in one. 4G LTE data, however, only goes to one SIM, which makes sense if you think about it (you really can't have two data streams in at the same time, plus that would quickly kill the battery). So if this week you want your T-Mobile SIM to handle data, you choose that one, or swap to MetroPCS the next week if you want, all within the OS settings.


Slick design

BLU is not using the same design as they did last year. Instead, this model has a metal strip around the front bezel and some other minor cosmetic changes like 'cross-hatched patterns' etched into the side buttons.

Currently, I have the black version, which is very conservative looking (and yes, it bears a striking resemblance to a certain HTC phone). However, for my personal device, I will likely opt for the bright yellow or orange because they are just awesome. Even the white one stands out in a good way.


The quality of the build for the phone is also very good. No creaks, smooth finish and it feels great to hold with its soft touch paint on the back. Oh and the BLU Win HD finally has backlit keys on the front now. They still lack haptic feedback, but the fact they light up now is a big step in the right direction.


Seems faster

The Windows Phone OS handles 1.2 GHz speeds quite well. However, up until now we have not seen it run on the newer, beefier Snapdragon 410 processor with peppier Adreno 306 GPU. Let me tell you: it gives the Windows Phone OS just enough breathing room to make a big impact on usage. Fewer lags, quicker app launches and just a smoother experience.

Yeah, I could use the older Snapdragon 400 devices, but I did feel the slowdown. The 410, though, is the perfect fit for Windows Phone and makes the Win HD LTE feel like a different phone altogether. BLU is also boasting that this is a 64-bit processor in their sales materials as improving battery life too.

Blu Win HD

Wrapping it up

I'll be doing more on the Win HD LTE and its cheaper, smaller sibling the Win Jr LTE, later this week, including a video hands on soon. All I can say for now is that I would personally use this Win HD LTE as my main phone.

Is the 8MP camera great? I would say it is adequate, maybe what was high-end camera was a few years ago. However, for the pricing of this phone, features, performance, and design, and it is a small ding against an otherwise fantastic entry to the Windows Phone ecosystem. In fact, I think it is an improvement over last year's version, but I need to do a side by side. I have certainly used much worse at this price point.

For those yearning for a new, flagship Windows Phone, we are unfortunately still quite a few months away from that happening (I would personal guess November). If you are looking for a holdover and you do not mind spending $200, the BLU Win HD LTE is your phone. That price is not cheap, but considering you would not be renewing your contract with your carrier, it may something worth considering.

The New Win JR LTE will be available at launch for $99.99 at Microsoft Stores and Amazon US, while the Win HD LTE will be available for $199.99 exclusively at Microsoft Stores both online, and in-store, completely unlocked with Dual Sim functionality and 4G LTE.


You can find more information about the Win HD LTE from BLU here while details about the more affordable Win Jr LTE can be checked out here. Stay tuned for more coverage of the Win HD LTE and Win Jr LTE at Windows Central. In the meantime, tell us what you think of this phone in comments: yay or nay?

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Seems faster lol
  • Hey, that was one of the gripes about the old one, when playing games, the Snapdragon 200 with a 720p display would have noticable lag. So I hope this seems faster. :D  
  • Another gripe was having only bright colors. It's good to see the black / grey model. That alone should increase sales.
  • The old one wasn't available in grey at launch, but did come out in grey after a fashion.
  • I never saw it or was aware of it. Promo material on the net only showed the colors plus white.
  • This snapdragon update and graphc card update should also be brought by microsoft to their Lumia lineup who still are using the same old snapdragon 400 and the adreno 305 .!! Ok that they don't cause so much difference on Lumia but yeah upgraded to the latest means in future making out way to new will be better
  • Actually Adreno 306 is identical in power to the 305. Its just more efficient.
  • I wish is that Microsoft though they must compile for the Arms chipset and would rather them put their Lumias on the Intel Chipset. I would love to have a Lumia on this chipset with at least 2 gigs of memory. My requirement for the screen is to be able to read in bright sunlight and or high lighted places.
  • It's due popular demand!
  • So Daniel Rubino seems to be enjoying SEEMS FASTER... And put that in article heading
  • Um, you do realize the 'seems faster' thing was a joke started by the writers of this site and those in comments years ago, right? We also made a t-shirt with it.
  • Indee. It is iconic in this site. I love the phrase.
  • Hey Daniel, the article suggests you can receive calls from both SIMs simultaneously. That's not accurate. Blu says its a dual-standby phone, which means it'll use time-duplexing to rapidly switch between what SIM it's polling for incoming calls/SMSs on, but once a call comes in the phone has only one radio and it's locked to that SIM until the call is over. It's the one radio in the phone that explains why once data is in use that you can't use the other. There's no point in polling for data use on both SIMs, which is why it doesn't have a time-duplexing option for data. All dual-SIM Windows Phones thus far are dual-standby. Dual-active would mean two radios and the ability to use both SIMs simultaneously, but these are rare in the industry and non-existent for Windows Phone (not to mention bad for battery life).
  • It will send it straight to voicemail if you're on the other line. The article mentioned switching between carriers, but I use it for my personal Utah phone number on one SIM and my Nevada business number on the other SIM, both T-mobile. Very handy.
  • Except with the Win HD, one SIM is 3G and the other is 2G. Hopefully with the LTE model, one is LTE and the other at least HSPA. A 2G SIM slot is useless for most Canadians (and this phone is sold in Canada), as most Canadian carriers are HSPA and LTE only. The only Canadian carrier with 2G/Edge is Rogers. No matter where you live in the world, even if your carrier has 2G, why would you want to have to use it? :-)
  • The other is technically "G" while the lead is LTE (if available).
  • "G" as in GPRS? G as in 3G? I don't follow.
  • connectivity of this smartphone is bad.there is an lte problem i dont know if its the smartphone or if its denim   . i own a lumia 635 lte with cyan ,and dont have the problem . so it might be the ms that changed a setting . or its a setting only nokia provide . in any case . its a nice phone on paper but in real use ? os resolution and this smarrtphone are not matched so everything get confused (win jr lte)
  • Oh... I am active at WC since 6/7 months...
  • Daniel, the headline says "contract bargain" rather than no contract.
  • I want a "Seems Faster" t-shirt.
  • That's what she said!
  • And so I gave it to her...
  • Getting this to replace my work phone. Needed one to use for a sim for metro piece of shit. I despise the LG "Opitimus my ass " I was given.
  • Why yellow is mentioned... As a colour seems to be lime/green... Or am I going colour blind?
  • I believe it's a yellow with a hint of green. Like what many of us from southwestern USA call a Mexican lime. That fruit is more yellow than green.
  • You're banned Rubino! :p
  • Dat HTC ONE design copy&paste OMG! :D    
  • Yet somehow better looking.
  • I need to get my son a new phone so it's a toss up between this and the lumia 640XL.
  • I would do with BLU.. :) looks more fun, premium, better processor and gpu. There's no Lumia exclusive you really need in my honest opinion. Just it's camera software that will roll out to every phone in 10 anyway. I find other apps more useful for editing too. I don't actually trust Microsoft as much as Nokia in terms of quality anymore. They are of course following lower cost trends now. For instance, I do love my 830, but yeah it has spaces between the glass, frame and plastic back like it doesn't fit perfectly.
  • The 830 was built by Nokia not Microsoft.
  • I knew I would get comment like this, of course these phones had some impact from either Microsoft or financial problems. It's build quality cannot stand old Nokias.
  • At the end of the day Lumia phones are designed and built by designers and factories, these designers and factories once owned by Nokia are now owned by Microsoft and pretty much the same are still making devices as they did before. Little change, except brand ownership in my eyes.
  • 830 was made by Microsoft. Even 735 was made by Microsoft. Last phone made by Nokia is Lumia 630. Check the back of phone and you will see(I know you cant do it on 830 because of monolith)
  • Those are speed holes.
  • Speed holes? .. Anyways its not only me noticing this, I found this issue on forums so I'm not alone. It's my first phone with such design issue. (frame not fitting perfectly on some locations (not brushed well), 0.5-0.7mm space between camera glass and half the back plate)
  • It was a Simpsons reference.
  • Dw man, someone here got the reference (me)
  • Arrr alrighty then :D
  • The 830 was made by Nokia not Microsoft.
  • I think the 830 was made by Microsoft, but using Nokia name
  • Strange that you mention the 830 as an example of declining quality.  The 830 was one of the last phones that Nokia designed (it is, after all, just a resized Icon/930).  Any hardware problems you have is because of Nokia, not Microsoft.  And my Nokia designed Lumia 1520 has a screen sensitivity issue.  Even worse, it's a hardware issue that affects almost every 1520.  Oh, and my old Nokia designed Lumia 920?  Gaps in the handset allows dust to get inside of the camera lens glass.  A ton of people had to get their 920 exchanged because of it.  We all like to think that Nokia makes perfect phones, when in truth Nokia's quality control isn't always the greatest.
  • How would you explain the massive flop of MICROSOFT Lumia 535 with touchscreen problem? Would you ascribe that to Nokia also? :)
  • ...which has nothing to do with Nokia's past hardware problems.  No one is saying that Microsoft's phones are flawless.  We're addressing the myth that the build quality of Lumia phones is worse since Microsoft took over.  Have we forgotten that Microsoft purchased Nokia's hardware division?  There's nothing to suggest that the build quality is any worse (or better).  The biggest difference is that the Microsoft Lumia phones offer more bang for your buck due to better specs.
  • Lumia 1520 is the best there is..... I've been using it for the past 3 months with the Denim update & is better than today's Android flagships... No issues with the screen either..... Not to mention the best smartphone display ever with an awesome 4K video capture!
  • 1520 "Ghost screen" was solved by a M$ firmware. And The issue isn't hardware flaw, but software dependent. 1520 is a flagship as anyone other is.
  • It's really remarkable flaw is the really fragile GGII screen, but it was a logistic option. 6" GGIII were inavaible in industry, at its conception.
  • Oh please Lumia phones are better. I'd recommend the Lumia over this for the sheer reasoning it is likely to be better supported.
  • 640XL Microsoft supports lumia more than other brands...believe it
  • 640xl will have much better front and back cameras. And almost an inch more screen.
  • Also twice the price
  • Ya it resembles certain HTC phone in a gud way
  • Not really. It looks loads better than that certain HTC
  • Sometimes copies can be better than the original.....but I doubt this is that time
  • Considering HTC crap they have thrown out. I doubt it.
  • Come on Micah, this isn't a Lumia either so it's also rubbish right?
  • Actually I like this phone :) I'd be inclined to buy one of their higher end models if they ever released because blu appears to support windows phone :)
  • Was wondering if it'll work on a Sprint, no mention of them, ny girlfriend hates her Iphone and wants something else, she really enjoys using my phone and wants one herself. ​ ​
  • The phones are GSM ready - however, Sprint is solely CDMA.
  • You mean Verizon is CDMA.
  • Yes but some phones of them are GSM like 822
  • GSM LTE for data only. Verizon and Sprint still both use CDMA technology for voice. Different bands at that. So BLU would have to make special devices for either carrier in order to work.
  • Wasn't Verizon switching over to VOLTE in a few months? I'm pretty sure it is live in NYC and SF.
  • yeah, VOLTE will eventually supplant CDMA, but we are talking years from now. Both carriers have legacy CDMA support on their maps for a long, long time.
  • She's a keeper!
  • Question... Why is the W10PCTP so much more polished than the WPTP❓
  • Does windows phone even have 64bit support?
  • I googled it and found out that.......
  • Drum rolls please
  • 64 bit support is .........
  • What are you on, Dial Up? You should have the answer by now :P
  • Error 404 ... File Not Found ....
    Try to type the correct address and navigate again ....
  • The Windows NT core used in Windows Phone supports 64-bit since like, forever...
  • Ya 8.1 update 1 added I don't have the article but you can find it out in the WC search I guess
  • In the toilet? O.o x{D
  • As far as I remember, it was to support 64bit processors like 410. But the OS itself still in 32bit.
  • No, WP8.1.2 still doesn't support 64 bit and nothing has been announced about W10 regarding 64 bit.
  • wp 8.1 supports 64-bit CPU (the SD 410 is 64 bit), but OS itself is 32 bit
  • Windows Phone is still a proper name to our smartphone platform (second picture). Will it change much after Windows 10? Ok, experts already use "Windows 10 for phones", but it's commonly called WP. Interesting!
  • It is still "Windows Phone" no matter how you dice it; as its a phone running a variant of the Windows O/S :P.
  • It's going from "Windows Phone" to "Windows phone", is all. :-)
  • I just call it my phone. If someone asks what it runs I say Windows.
  • If the 640xl doesn't make it to Canada (especially with Wind spectrum) this will probably be my next phone. I actually like this phone better, look wise, but it is the camera that keeps me wanting to stay in the Lumia family.
  • True an 8MP camera isn't the top end these days, but my Lumia 800 had an 8MP camera as well and even by today's standards, it takes good photos and video. Personally, 8MP is my limit. I would never go any lower. Though as my 930 has a 20MP camera, I'm happy.
  • The 8MP camera in the original Blu Win HD was nowhere near as good as the one in the Lumia 800. It's more than just the megapixels.
  • Knowing Microsofts track record it probably wont. At least not for a few months. We might get it when windows 10 has come out.   I love Microsoft and their services, but they dont seem give a shit about canada, we dont get any of their products until they have become obselete (if at all). Still waiting on the 1520 and the 930...
  • or the Microsoft Band or Cortana (unless you count some Alpha version we get in Canada).
  • Move to Australia like I did :P pretty much every Windows Phone is here and all of them are on Denim on all carriers. I checked what is in Canada and the best phones are the 1020 (dated) and the 830 (not a high end option) what's worse is only the 830's have Denim and there's a couple of phones still on Amber. That's just sad, but I blame the carriers like Rogers and Telus more than MS.
  • I'd love nothing more than to escape this frozen wasteland and move to Australia. Unfortunately I'm a fresh university graduate with no job experience. Not only is that way too expensive for me to afford, but I would also be screwed for jobs.
  • Well after a few years now I'd trade these +40 temps for -40 for a while. You can always add more clothes on to get warm... But there is only so much you can take off to cool down.
  • 1520 and 930 were both under Nokia. Every Lumia released in North America since the handover has come to Canada, namely the 830 and the 635.
  • No Gorilla Glass 3?
  • At first sight thought it was an HTC but it looks good
  • The back look awesome in this pic
  • Looks and sounds very interesting. What is the closest Lumia? 640? Would be nice to see a camera and feature comparison. Edit: Thanks for the review too
  • This is a mix of 540 and 640...better than 640 I would say but on lower side to 640xl...
  • Wait...... Snapdragon 410 seems faster than Snapdragon 400.....? Should I buy 640 XL or Wait for 645 XL...? Confused
  • If he really meant the 400 then so am I.   I assumed that by 'older devices' he was refering to the origional Win HD/Win JR, so i assumed that it was a typo and that he actually meant 200.
  • Lawsuit from HTC in 5... 4.... 3... 2....
  • Lawsuits will be done with bigger companies..... Did anyone lose minds when Micromax brought iPhone clone in 2013..? Canvas knight... But if they do now... Apple will surely files case as Micromax is developed now
  • There are like 5 companies around the world with this exact same phone. They are all made by the same manufacturer but with a different logo strapped on the back. If HTC was going to sue, they would have a long time ago.
  • Yay
  • Looks like a much better deal than the 540/640. But what is the capacity of the battery?
  • 2500 mAh, same as Lumia 640 LTE
  • I thought it was an HTC & then read the title & I was like wait what? Anyway, good to finally move from the standard Snapdragon 400
  • It's a nice looking phone and not bad for the performance / price range it is in, however since I went from an L800 to an L925 and now to an L930, it would be a downgrade for me. If there was a situation where I needed to get a low/mid range phone, it would be in the top three..... However the rear camera placement is a huge turn off for me. One of the main reasons why I love Lumias is the placement of the rear cameras. Having the camera so far to one end and so far into a corner forces people to take more portrait shots than landscape due to fingers getting in the way or having to hold the camera in a funny way. I hate videos people take in portrait and is one of the scourges of the mobile world. I can not support a phone that positions their camera like that. Due to this, I would sway more towards the 640XL if I had to choose.
  • In just using the app but... No video review?
  • He said a video review will be coming soon. Have to edit things like swearing and your parents screaming in the background to clean your room, etc...... No? Must just be me then.
  • This makes me wonder why the Lumia 640 doesn't have the same Snapdragon 410 rather than the 400. That was kinda disappointing.
  • I really want the L640 but this phone is already available in the US and has snapdragon 410. Need to see proper reviews of both devices before I make my decision.
  • Looks like m8
  • Seems Pricier :(
  • Three questions in regards to this phone compared to say, the Nokia/MS 640. Why is the sdxc card limited to 32GB? That seems unusually low in this day and age, as prices on 64 and even 128 GB sdxc cards are coming down. How is the outdoor screen display? Nokia phones do an excellent job, probably the best, with ClearBlack combined with its daylight-brightness-boost feature. And how reliable is the wifi and GPS antennaes? I typically use my drive navigation without using any data connection, and rely solely on GPS, which typically Nokia has been able to connect to quickly. Thanks, WW
  • I have 64gb sd card in my gen1 HD even spec say 32gb, I bet 64gb will have no issues. On Gen1 wifi is more reliable than data, and no issues with GPS. 
  • I'm sure it can. The 1st gen Win HD can do 1080p @30fps.
  • Yes according to the specs on the microsoft store website
  • "In my case, I chose AT&T and T-Mobile US respectively" Sim 1 and 2. You can tell whos the better wireless carrier. Nice phone hope the carriers start to have this phone in store.
  • Where I live, AT&T kills Tmo for coverage. Case in point, I get zero bars for Tmo at home, making it useless.
  • Yeah I am happy with AT&T. Great 4g LTE everywhere I go. Tmo only has 2g in my area, 4g outside my city. They have stepped up their game just not enough for me. Still better than Sprint.
  • Unfortunately, this phone supports only one of the three T-Mobile LTE bands.  There is no support for Bands 2 and 12, so your LTE experience on this phone if you're a T-Mobile subscriber will be severely gimped.
  • Yes and no. Even though I get zero Tmo coverage (just talking basic signal, G, HSPA, whatever), where there was Tmo it almost always got LTE. Even better, speeds were crushing with like 30mbps with only a few bars. I actually like Tmo and their speeds a lot, just wish they had better coverage here.
  • I doubt many carrier stores will carry this... They are Factory Unlocked from an emerging OEM and that doesn't really fit the carrier model. Just get it off the interwebz and pop your SIM in. Why do you want a carrier store markup? Look how much more Nexus costs in carrier stores.
  • The only reason I said I hope it makes it in stores is for the general public. More WP's to pick from. If you were to walk into a carrier store your luck if you see 1 or 2 WP's. More the better.
  • I'm just thrilled to have a dual SIM Wp finally available in the US. Suck it carriers!
  • Can you get wifi calling to work on this phone with TMobile? I am in the process of switching >50 lines to TMobile but I am stuck on the fact that I dont have many device choices that allow for wifi calling which is a large part of the reason that we want to switch.
  • Nope, it would need Tmo firmware to get the app/enable it to work AFIK.
  • I hear you but our reps keep saying that they are waiting to hear if wifi calling is included in windows 10 by default.
  • Have you looked into a MVNO like Cricket?  I use Cricket and the service is great, especially since they use AT&T's towers.  And my bill is only $35 a month. Although... since AT&T owns Cricket, is it accurate to call Cricket a MVNO?
  • Tmobile savess us roughly $18k/yr over our current package with an MVNO that was recently bought out by AT&T. We are pretty rural so even with AT&T service we are relying on in building repeaters which is a pita and doesn't help much.
  • The screen on my 2014 model seems kind of sticky, where my finger wouldnt glide smoothly like it does on other phones. Is this still the case?
  • This is a side effect of the factory installed clear shield. Use a soft dry cloth and wipe the screen vigorously. It will mostly remove this sticky effect.
  • Removing the oleophobic coating?
    Creating a finger print magnet?
  • I want that green & orange version so bad!!
  • Seen like major upgrade over my gen1, if they go on sales at $129 like when I get my Gen1 will for sure pick one up.  Anyone know if it has the same 8mp camera?
  • Camera is said to be improved, although not sure on the specifics
  • Hopefully, ProShot gets tested on the BLU Win HD LTE. I'm curious as to whether the BLU hardware will support all it's features.
  • Xbox music+ video time on one of the images?
  • Preferr my Xiaomi or even my Wikio Phone compared to this.
  • When did you use this phone? It just came out.
  • It's so frustrating that you can walk into the Microsoft store in Canada and get one of these BLU devices off contract, but can't get a 1520 or 930.
  • I think this is a very good alternative choice for the Lumia 830. Premium design with decent specs. But I'm sure the 830 beat this on camera no doubt about it.
  • OIS
  • Plus the 830 has Glance, wireless charging, and a shutter button.
  • I had the first win blu hd and the only thing I didn't like about it was the speaker and sound from the audio jack, it was bad
  • Looks a lot like HTC M8
  • M7 design was better
  • All HTC designs are better
  • What company is BLU, from what country?
  • They are from the US, based in Florida.
  • Miami, Florida USA
  • Blu is a US company that outsources manufacture of their design to China
  • it looks interesting 
  • I purchase two Blu HD phones for my daughter and her husband for Christmas and.the phones are nice and sexy. My only problems is the 8.0 mp really sucks. Pictures come out very grainy.
  • Thanks again Daniel for reminding us here that a flagship might not come until late fall. A lot of people in the forums recently have been speculating some kind of announcement or release at Build. That would have been be great, but considering that Windows 10 Mobile probably won't be ready until late fall it makes sense. Many will be disappointed come Build. Happy with my recent Lumia 830 purchase for now, but this Blu phone does look nice. Still I can't see myself using anything but a Lumia device for a while. 
  • I think this is a very welcome good news! Windows phone will only succeed if the OEMs be successful too and make money not only Lumia phones.  Is the whole body made of aluminum?
  • Whish its whole body was made of copper
  • So it can oxidize?
  • my gf has the non lte version. as lte has yet to be turned on in my town i dont beleave it is an issue to her yet. but i am sure someone will be pleased with this phone.  when i hold hers i no longer want to hold my lumia 1020.  big screen so slim. 
  • First gen design was better at all.
  • So this potential kills any hopes of the L640 doing great. Better processor and GPU, maybe not the storage capacity (only 32GB on the SD?), stunning looks versus average plastic but, the big thing is availability. We're still waiting without any word on if and when the 640 and 640 XL will be here in the US. I was holding out for a XL after having now lived with a 635 for a couple months. I've realized I don't need the flagship device but, I need a screen bigger than 4.5" This phone will definitely be getting consideration for my money.
  • I've had a 64gb in the JR before and had no problems
  • How does this potentially kill the 640? Most normal people will never hear about this phone. In fact, most consumers have no clue a Microsoft store exists (physical or online).
  • People know about Microsoft stores they just don't know what's in it
  • In the chilly mornings you can always use your nose on the inferior phones. I prefer a Lumia with super sensitive "gloves on" screen.
    Also ClearBlack™ performs better in direct sunlight.
    Optics and camera software.. .
    Do I need to go on???
  • Having owned a L920 for two years, I'll grant you the glove thing, Glance, and no question on optics and camera software. I guess it's more of what I've learn of my usage by "downgrading" to a L635. I need my phone for certain things daily and limited things occassionally so not having to pay for a "contract" on a flagship phone isn't something I'm interested in anymore. If they've available at the same time, I'll plow through the reviews and check them out side by side in the Microsoft store. It's nice to see an option like this out there at an affordable price.
  • Lumia still wins for camera, shutter button (on pureview models), OIS, wireless charging, glance, and GGIII. This is a nice second tier phone though, good upgrade from gen1.
  • Oh god I'm going to sound like all the other WC whiners but i can maybe live with that. I really really like haptic feedback on those keys. It's almost a must. It is a pretty phone tho.
  • I'm pretty sure it does going by the specs, but does it support Glance? I'm so used to it on my 925, if it's missing I'd rather get a 640 even though it has a lower spec processor, I'm not much of a photo guy so that's not high on my list of features.
  • Glance is a Lumia exclusive.
  • Yeah unless you have a new Galaxy S6. Saw an oh boy "the next big thing is here" commercial for the S6 the other night, and looks like they copied Glance on the S6 screen. Looked exactly the same. Same font and everything!
  • Microsoft should have patented the glance
  • Maybe Nokia had it patented and samsung pays them for it but I doubt it. Then again I'm not sure if the S6 works like Glance where you can pass your hand over the display to activate the display. But in the S6 commercial the date and time looked exactly like the Glance display on my Lumia.
  • It's such a small feature but I use it all day and night without even thinking about it. I'm sure I could get used to it but I'll get the 640.
  • I'm Confused. Do you hare to use 2 sims to get LTE speed? or Can I get the speeds with My single AT&T Sim?  
  • You only need one Sim.
  • Thanks!
  • All Day YAY. I think is great that another company is taking a chance with Windows. I like their last effort and this new phone looks like they are stepping up their game.    Awesome 
  • How good are they at releasing updates for them though?
  • they released update gdr2 within a month, possibly faster than most of the lumias
  • If they release the white or orange before the Lumia 640 XL, I really might consider this.
  • Nice
  • On the Snapdragon 410... Is it finally testing faster than the S4 ruining in the Lumia 920? I know that the Lumia 830 was about the same performance and the graphics were not as good as the two year old 920.
  • Might try to do some benchmarks. Certainly feels similar.
  • Hmmm, might finally be the suitable replacement for the Lumia 920 for its price.  It just needs a comparable camera.  
  • goes to show how overpriced and overrated the lumia phones are.
  • with "gloves on" display, ClearBlack™ sunlight filter, better optics and camera software, etc
    sure, sure....tell yourself that...
  • Yeah, Lumias still bring a lot to the table.
  • The front side looks a lot like HTC one.
    The windows phones are better than this. The best one upto now is nokia lumia 925 but they are not making those type of designs now.
  • I really enjoyed the L925's design
  • I'm currently using Lumia 925 too and Couldn't agree more
    But the BLU Win HD really look premium and appealing too
    I would probably recommended to my sister to if it is available outside the U.S
    The design of phone really fantastic !!!!
  • I'm married to my Lumia 920's wireless charging, otherwise I'd probably grab this. Bummer.
  • You don't need so many phones Dani, you should give me this with your selfie on it. send it to me, I promise I will cuddle evernight thinking of you. This looks like a nice phone. I hope this Blu sells alot so they will keep doing more WP ^__^
  • BLU phones probably are selling decently since they actually bothered to release a better brand new version of their older devices
  • Daniel, would it be possible to use 2 SIMS from the same carrier?
  • yes
  • first time seeing 8mb rear camera ;)
  • Looks so much better than the m8
  • Yeah and $450 cheaper!
  • Hey, Danial. Blu phone question. How much / what kind of bloatware, if any, does Blu install on their phones and can it be uninstalled?  
  • Any and all bloatware can be uninstalled from a windows phone easily with just one click. This applies to blu as well as any windows phone including HTC and Microsoft's own Lumia line. Besides i don't think blu has budget for making useless bloatware apps, so it should be like any other windows phone.
  • "How much / what kind of bloatware, if any, does Blu install on their phones and can it be uninstalled?"
    BLU ships with just the basics. Literally no customization or preinstalled third-party software. Barebones.
  • Do you know if this has Glance Screen or Double Tap to Wake? I didn't see it in the first impressions. I'd like to know about those two features before finalizing my decision.
  • Daniel, would this replace any other phones in your arsenal for you personally, or do you find it to just be a nice addition to the WP line?
  • I use the Icon and 1520 quite regularly as I do like taking photos. However, I will be adding this to my "one of three or four phones" I regularly carry around. It's a really nice phone that i just enjoy using. I even ordered up a yellow one to use. I do wish it had a better camera, but I'm keeping what this phone is in perspective.
  • Cool. That's my biggest concern about a non Lumia since I also love taking pictures.
  • Great review and seems to be a nice device too.
  • Daniel , on the right top of the phone are notification light or sensors?
  • I'll be touching upon this tomorrow: it's an LED for charging right now. Since this phone is so 'Windows 10 Ready' according to all the press materials, will it be a notification LED? I have no idea. I will say it's not tremendously bright, in fact it's darn faint.
  • They look nice... But are they fast?
  • Their faster..
  • Wait.  Did someone say 64bit?  Is the the first WinPhone with it?   Besides the 720p screen and 410 processor, I almost mistook this for a flagship!
  • It'll have to do for now.
  • And the Lumia 540 beat the hell out of this phone.
  • It definitely looks similar to the HTC One M8
  • A close HTC One knock off but overall a pretty solid device. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Sample photos from the camera please?
  • We'll be doing that soon.
  • Cool. Also maybe a quick performance comparison between s410 and s4 for those who want to "upgrade" from 920/925s thanks! :)
  • This phone I very tempting for me as im planning on switching to T-Mobile soon. But I feel like I should wait a few weeks for the L640 instead, could maybe be cheaper as well.
  • Wich number iis shown at Chip-SOC-Version in info? Snapdragon 410 is not supported, there must be the number from 400
  • Do the BLUs have SensorCore capabilites like the newer Lumias have?  This feature made it into the 635 and its honestly one of the best things about the phone next to its value.  If the quality of the camera is up to the 920 I use as my daily driver, I might switch to HD LTE.  The ol' 920 needs a charge every 5 hours.  Just getting long in tooth I'm afraid.
  • Touch input on the Win HD was laggy, hopefully this fixes that. Also, the glass had no oleophobic coating, meaning oil from your body smudged it up quickly. Plus it wasn't Gorilla glass, Dragontrail, Xensation or similar. My wife dropped hers and it chipped a corner, not a huge problem, but something to consider. All in all, the Win HD v1 wasn't all bad considering the price. I'll probably buy v2 since my wife's v1 is kind of beat up.
  • The display "feels" much more premium on this version, definitely smoother.
  • Dual Sim, Dual Active in a decent phone sold in the US... at it works... with LTE speeds.  Honestly, I thought US carriers would always put up a fuss over this, but it looks like some of them are playing nice.  Excellent! Looks like a decent alternative to the 820/920 if you are looking for dual simm... but you'd need to price in a good fast 64GB sd card as you'll be putting your apps, downloads and media on that... just keeping the phone storage for the OS. I like the placement of the headphone jack and usb port on the top...  instead of on opposite ends. I hope MIcrosoft takes a cue from this and gives us Dual Simm, Dual Active in the 1520 replacement this fall.
  • I had just about decided on an 830 that I found at a decent price, now I'm not sure. This looks pretty good though. I like my 1320 but it is just too big for some occasions and my 920's battery life (and screen size) just don't work for me anymore. looking for a 5" screen. Probably going to get one of the BLU's - hope I can find a rugged case for it, work out in the field quite often.
  • Tri-band lte should makeup for lack of a/n(5ghz).
    "two phones in one" or 2 line service(which I dont know of any carrier in NA that still does that) I wonder if services like knowroaming would work(sim applications)
  • They won't ship to Canada.... M/S's loss ..
  • Will it be available in Europe?
  • Getting one for my niece for her birthday! Looks like a great deal.
  • I'm a Lumia snob, but at $200 for an unlocked Windows Phone with these specs, it's a potentially very good candidate for replacing my cracked screen L920.
  • This at $199 makes me fear it'll undercut the Lumia 640 and make it a tough decision between the two. Slower processor but other specs for the Lumia at a premium or the BLU?
  • Only thing I'm waiting to see are camera samples. Maybe compared to the previous model, this model and some newer current Lumia model.
  •  My 920 died and I am looking for a replacement. Quality/price it seems a great optinon. Does this phone support nfc?. Thanks
  • Why no video preview guys? :D
  • This or BLU Studio Energy or 640 XL can't seem to decide. I need a dual SIM LTE phone. I have two Sim cards. One from TMo and one from vodafone India on roaming. Blu studio energy is not an LTE phone but it has 5000mah battery, gorilla glass, double tap to wake and so on.
    Decisions decisions
  • Blu is doing the different rollout date by color again- how annoying.  Black and yellow are the only available colors and they have not announced the release date of the other two.  Of course the orange is the one I would want- damn you Blu! Another plus- these phones come with the same accessories as the first WinHD- cover, screeen protector and headphones.
  • What's wrong with the right edge of the phones? In the pics on the linked pages, you can sort of obliquely see a bit of the right on the Win HD while on the Win Jr they are very careful to avoid showing any glimpseof that right edge at all. Also, if you compare the spec sheets, the Jr doesn't seem to have a MicroSD slot. 4Gb internal memory and that's it? Epic fail, if that's the case. Even the lowly 520 has a MicroSD slot.
  •    The phones do not look bad at all, maybe that's because of that certain resemblance to HTC's phones. Heck, even the Win Jr LTE looks like 8X from a few years back (I clicked on the link). I will definitely keep this phone in mind since I'll probably be changing carriers in the next few months.
  • I saw this pop up on the US Microsoft Store while I was browsing there the other day. If the Lumia 640 or Billy 5S never make it up into Canada (as I'm persistently concerned they won't), I hope this will be available as a strong alternative. I want to stick with Windows Phone as it becomes time to replace my aging HTC 8X, and this looks like a keeper.
  • So, same price and very similar spec to the 640, so which do I chose?? The tiny 32GB expandability lets the BLU down for me...
  • Decent looking phone, if the cameras not bad I'll consider buying one.
  • Does anyone know if this has the glance screen or tap to wake?
  • I think i read that those are Lumia fatures, so no, this phone will not have them. Just ordered one so 'll know for sure in a couple of days. My biggest concern is that internet sharing works correctly.
  • Thanks, it was going to be a gift for someone who has both those features already on their Lumia device. It needs to have at least one of those so it doesn't look like a "step down."
  • It doesn't have either of those features, I'm afraid. I do miss double-tap to wake, although I'll adjust.
  • Internet Sharing (over WiFi) does work, though, at least for me!
  • Thanks. This just fell off my list while I'll wait for a 640. This might have a better processor, but, as long as Lumias have those "little extra" I'll stick with official Lumia devices.
  • Here's a quickie review--mine arrived yesterday. The Good: T-Mobile's LTE is lit up in my area, and works very well. At my house with 3 bars, I averaged (over four tests) 24Mbps down, 8.5 up. Battery life seems good--better than my old 810. Installing about 20 apps and fiddling with all the settings for an hour and a half took me from 60% to about 35%. Pictures are a little blurry (almost like autofocus isn't calibrated right), but the white balance is good under fluorescent, LED or sunlight. It's also very quick to snap and save the image. A big improvement over my Lumia 810, which has a MISERABLE camera. The front-facing camera is also better than the 810, but just barely. The display gets nice and bright. I really like the size, which is just about perfect for me. MicroSD card slot! I have a 32GB one in there now, and the documentation says that's the biggest it'll take, but I plan to try my 64GB one soon. Apps load pretty quick, although generally navigating the OS and apps doesn't feel much faster than the Snapdragon S4-based Lumia 810 (see Bad below). I think it looks nice. I love the soft-touch back and the fact that it came with a little gel case. I think the case makes the phone a little uglier, but I like that I have the option right out of the box. Speech-to-text works better in noisier environments than on my 810. Perhaps an improved microphone array? Dedicated, backlit capacitive buttons for Back, Home and Search! The Bad: Typing is a chore. Keypresses often fail to register, despite the little popup animation indicating a press. Typing too fast makes the keyboard stop responding altogether for a second until you lift your fingers off to give it a breather. Even when it does work, it's laggy (not as bad as my Nexus 4, but close!). Overall, touch input doesn't seem to be as responsive or accurate as the old 810. This would have been a dealbreaker if I'd known. Here's hoping a future firmware update improves things! I don't think the display is covered with Gorilla Glass. It's not as smooth as my 810 (making WordFlow typing less enjoyable) and picks up fingerprints a lot faster. I also miss the OLED's blacks (they were actually black--not dark gray). Dropped frames in animations, especially when returning to the Start screen--the tiles don't swing in smoothly every time. Loading and scrolling through pages in IE is often choppy and slow. Like the GPU isn't beefy enough. No way to "turn off" the empty SIM slot--the Messaging and Phone tiles show a little superscript "1" next to the icons all the time (indicating their attachment to SIM 1), and the empty SIM indicator for slot 2 is always present in the status bar. Not an actual problem, but just annoying. No way to move offline map data onto the SD card (that I have found). No 5GHz Wi-Fi. And although it doesn't seem to affect the speed, the signal strength indicator consistently shows a much weaker signal than my 810 on the same network (2.4GHz). The backlighting on the Back, Home and Search turns off after about 3 seconds, then back on again when you touch the screen, leading to it turning on and off all the time while you fiddle with your phone. There is no way to adjust this. There's also no haptic feedback "buzz" when they're activated. Overall, it was worth the $200 experiment if only to have a backup phone, and I'm willing to pay to get a phone that isn't beholden to those clowns at T-Mobile for updates. I like the size and shape of the phone and LTE is nice, but if I'd known how laggy the touch input was going to be, I would have waited for the price to drop or for a better phone to come along.
  • Do you have the screen protector on? I wonder if that could be responsible for the lag on the input?
  • Nope. I tried to put the protector on, dropped it and got cat hair all over it, tried to wash it off...Yeah, naked screen! It's weird. It's like it's really bad at handling multi-touch. Pinch to zoom is finicky, too; like sometimes it doesn't respond at all, and other times it jumps all over the place.
  • Thanks, I don't make a habit of returning electronics, but Microsoft does have a 30 day return policy just in case it gets to be a problem for me also- I have a Dell convertible laptop/tablet with screen issues that makes it very difficult to use, not interested in having another device with similar problems,
  • Does this have double tap to wake? Some of the BLU android phones has it. I am sure glance is not there.
  • I know that the first WIN HD came with a screen protector already on it and plus one in the box. Does this WIN HD LTE come with a pre-installed screen protector?
  • It's actualy a lot quicker than my Lumia 735 and Lumia 640. The screen is brighter and more responsive, I paid £59 here in the UK new from Amazon, and for that price I am stunned. Just as good as anything $400.