Improve your WM sound: SRS WOW Plugin

We all have been underwhelmed by our WM device speakers at one time or another. Sure, some devices are actually quite usable and pleasant (e.g. Motorola Q + Q9 series have fantastic stereo speakers) but a lot of devices are quite "".

One trick to improve that sound (and the one via your headphones) is via an audio plugin that artificially enhances the sound--much like the "loud" button on your fancy-schmancy car stereo. Well now you can do the same for your PPC and even WM Smartphone device.

We won't get into the details as Werner "Menneisyys" Ruotsalainen over at PPC-Mag (who makes me look like an amateur any day) has gone above and beyond in explaining how it all works and how to get it on your device. And although Werner shows that this does increase your CPU usage, it ain't too bad at all and well worth the trade-off for better sound.

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WC Staff