Instagram client 6tag gets multi-account support, notifications and more in latest update

The popular Instagram client 6tag has a new update now live in the Store. Version 1.2 is now available to download and while it is still only for Windows Phone 8, it brings along with it a handful of useful new features.

The big one that is truly unique is the ability to support multiple Instagram accounts. As far as we know (as we asked), that feature is not available on Android or the iPhone, making this a first for Windows Phone. The feature is what it seems: users can add numerous accounts to the app and dynamically switch between them. It’s intuitive and easy to use. For sites like us, it sure makes using 6tag a breeze as we can now change between our personal and WPCentral Instagram accounts on the fly.

6tag version 1.2 changes and additions

  • Fast video upload mode (use 3 times less data and 2 times faster)
  • Toast notification every 30 minutes
  • Display notification page faster, no more loading
  • Keep in memory the last posts to access them offline
  • Improved 'full picture' feature with better image quality
  • Use accent color for Live Tile
  • Settings to disable double-tap to like and remove stripes
  • Tap-to-focus improved

That’s not too shabby of a list and we know Toast notifications were a huge want for many of you, so now you should be all set. We’re also a fan of the “remove stripes” feature as we think the plain light grey background looks swell.

Even more good news? Version 1.3 is on the way and should be available this week too. Rumor has it that people who prefer to swipe (over tapping) will have a new UI option available. We should find out more soon enough.

Pick up 6tag version 1.2 for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store

Via: Windows Phone Central Forums (Kevin D.)

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