Instagram actively seeking and destroying photos published through third party apps [Update]

Those of us attempting to use Instagram on our Windows Phones are left with no alternative but to utilise third party solutions. These apps are solid offerings in place of an official app from Instagram, but of course we're essentially going through back doors to get our content published. All was well for a short while with uploads presently available for viewing, but Instagram has evidently had enough.

It would seem as though Instagram is cracking down on content uploaded and shared through third party apps as popular unofficial app Instance appears to have been blocked. We only just covered some issues with Instance, but Daniel Gary, developer of the app took to Twitter to keep everyone in the loop with what's happening:

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Gary also states he's been in touch with Rudy Huyn, another Windows Phone developer who is looking to create an unofficial Instagram app. It would appear as though it's not just Instance that's affected. According to the Instance developer, Instagram is actively seeking out photos uploaded to the service through third party apps to remove them immediately.

One could assume that Instagram is tracking accounts that use unofficial apps, including Instance. Unfortunately there's little developers can do except work around the issue. After all, we're talking about reverse engineering APIs, which isn't exactly placing developers and users in Instagram's good books. That said, the service could quit wasting resourcing in battling uploads from third party apps and release an official solution already.

Gary has confirmed to The Verge that he's actively working on a fix, but the issue is affecting all users of Instance. "It’s their servers, their service. What I was doing was not approved by them and was using their private API." We'll monitor the situation, we're sure more will follow. For the time being, Daniel Gary has stated he's hidden Instance from the Store.

Update: An Instagram spokesperson has confirmed with The Verge that they recently made some API changes. They claim the changes are made to fight spam and increase security. The changes aren't targeted at any specific app, like Instance, and instead impact any app using Instagram outside of the official API. 

Source: Twitter (@danielgary), via: The Verge

Rich Edmonds
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  • Those. Bastards.
  • I find this to be completely ridiculous! This is the true definition of “anti-consumer”. How are new Os’s ever going to be able to deliver decent experiences if these companies act so selfishly. Okay, you’re not developing an app for Instagram, fine…but you’re not allowing people to use 3rd party apps, to use your services. What the hell is up with that? We all know the deal; no apps, no users. No users, no apps. How can any sort of real competition exist when even a giant like Microsoft can’t properly get their foot in the door. Anyone who thinks we can have 4,5 and 6 OS’s are simply mad! Do you know how many OS’s will rule the majority of smartphones? 3! The same amount of OS’s ruling the PC world; 3!
  • True you do not build an app as there are no users. Since there is no app there is no users. But when 3rd party makes app the WP community is strong so as it cause server overloads or hamper insta experience
  • Yeah, there is enough feedback from WP that they have to delete our posts, but there isn't enough to just make an app for us? Screw them
  • I really cannot grasp the idea of witholding so much from consumers. I mean, Windows Phone is obviously grabbing a lot of attention and people but why the heck these selfish companies are not willing to make an app for a specific OS? I am not using Instagram but I hate reading this news. 
  • I wouldn't be surprised if competition is sabotaging wp by blackmailing developers to not create wp version
  • I think certain people in the industry are paying off the right people, under the table, to stop development for WP. I find no other satisfying explaination.
  • Well that is also what i think , those ****************** are paying 3th party app makers ... i'm very angry i can't use Instagram anymore, i can only like and comment, for how long? 2 hours before we can read here on WPCentral that it is also blocked? Instagram and Facebook needs a big punch in the face ;-)
    Best regards!
  • If this is true then those who are paying so much to stop the development of Windows Phone is obviously scared that another OS will take the reign few months or years from now. Windows Phone is getting better everyday and the mobile industry surely will not be able to take it for granted. 
  • Really? How about the low marketshare? That never crossed your mind, genius?
  • As far as I can remember, Windows Phone 8 was just released less than a year ago, September of 2012 to be exact. If you are whining about the low market share then I would assume that you understand that this cannot be increased overnight. iOS and Android's userbase did not reached anywhere near their current userbase in less than year. Duh.
  • It was November 2012; not September 2012.
  • Is it? I did not 'Bing' that, sorry. But nevertheless, it will still count as less than year ago. For those who are bickering about Windows Phone marketshare, don't expect it to soar and obliterate iOS and Android's position. Obviously, Windows Phone is becoming a real threat.
  • marketshare point is a bit moot to me now, i mean these devs are delibrately preventing apps from coming to WP and the guys that actually did bring their app over usually had good things to say about their performance in the store (pointing towards those must have guys)
  • They have resourses to delete photos from WP users, but not to port their app. Bribery is a valid hypothesis.
  • yap!
  • Lol its not what there share is at, its what the market share is doing. In this case its growing in almost every market. In a few like USA its slow but in others its skyrocketing. Growth means competition so if there theory is true, its best to attack a growing competitor before it becomes a literal threat.
  • Low market share? That would be more of a reason for Instagram to NOT spend resources removing pics uploaded by these apps. Why spend resources battling something with low market share?
  • The story needs to be updated, Instagram has released a statement and the images are removed because they changed their APIs to combat spam and this unofficial and unsupported access is unfortunately a victim of this. I think this is just their way how to cover this up and restrict unofficial app access. But I am actually in the minority here and support them in this. It's their service and they have every right to make the rules about who and how can access their services.
  • I agree with your point that it is their service to manage as they deem acceptable. Here are my challenges, the service is free. Why limit access? All that is being charged is a fee for his time to develop the app. Second, they don't want to expend their resources on developing an app for a small group of users. They don't have to, Daniel Gary did it for them. If they are concerned about his coding for security reasons, then give him the requirements to meet their standards. Seems to me that their is some form of collusion behind the scenes. I don't care about instagram one bit, but I bought the app to support the developer.
  • Completely agree!
  • Google.
  • you know what my friend I was thinking the same thing a while back, bit people that i work with though that i was crazy.
  • Well data sense is such an example Microsoft screws us by not letting third party users make their own counter app
  • Microsoft actually cares about security and they prevent it so other apps cant spy on our data. But yet you believe they are "screwing" us.
    Shut... shut.. shut your mouth.
  • Lol whatever ill wait 5 years to get data sense its okay its just a basic feature that no one needs
  • That's different that is limiting developers from creating an app that can access information for the entire phone. Not too sure I would trust a third party with access to all my phone's data.
  • Lol the entire phone ?? Fanboy ??
  • I don't like it but they could be expending more resources in deleting pics than making a new client. It would be totally awesome if Microsoft would buy it from Google and shutdown the company.
  • What did poor google do, instagram is owned by facebook n ms have stake in fb.
  • Microsoft brought a 1.6% stake in Facebook years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if they sold it after the IPO and took the money before the stock flopped.
  • Facebook owns them not Google.
  • " Okay, you’re not developing an app for Instagram, fine…but you’re not allowing people to use 3rd party apps, to use your services " you forgot to say while its free, its not like its causing any losses to instagram :S
    we should strike against instagram, try to make something else populer :P
  • You said it❕.. This is ridiculous, and I've had enough.. Let's take to the streets, "Facebook/Twitter",, and start a riot❕... Who's with me❔if you are then send Instagram multiple messages, through multiple channels, throughout the day.. Lets hit them up,, "beg",, harder than we ever have before❗❗❗
  • Agreed!
  • I don't think it's selfish, because it does come down to supply and demand. I think they are being pressured by Apple and Google. I think they are influencing the decisions of these large app developers to stay away from Windows Phone, and it's sad because it really is a good phone. They just can't get notable apps. The only solution I see is to have an app developed for Windows phone, have Microsoft promote it and have it go mainstream. There is a calculated effort to suppress Windows Phone and it's a shame.
  • There already is such an app: Fhotoroom.  Microsoft should promote the heck out of that.  "Fhotoroom: A better photo sharing experience, exclusive only to Windows Phone"
  • Remember the antitrust against MS the same can be applied to Google and apple. No?..or what if MS made it so that all window machines could not load Google stuff? this is getting old between MS being so dam slow at everything they do we don't have many features that other OS's have because the worlds largest software maker can't get it dam right.... Maybe it is us who should say know what screw you too MS. getting tired of all the coming soon stuff they only reason WP is moving is because of the efforts of Nokia. and even Nokia is speaking out about the slowness.
  • Instagraph is immune from this, we chose not to illegally use private API just to avoid what is happening now here...
  • Thanks for the info.  The article really ought to mention this.
  • It's not illegal to use a private API, however the company can choose to limit access to it. Nothing it truly private on the internet. When they say "private API" what they really mean is that they intercepted the shape of the service calls and wrote their application to masquerade as the web interface. The fix for this will be to simply control the user agent so it is impossible to tell that it's not using the official web interface/api.
  • Your app is quite crappy and obviously a moneygrab though.
  • Wow, ok Instagraph is very much not a moneygrab. The guys were the first to upload to Instagram from Windows Phone and have built an architecture where they actually have to run hardware to ensure they can upload within Instagram's rules. That architecture costs money and they fund it through purchases of their app. It is not crappy and I suggest you do some serious research into what they have achieved before you level such ridiculous statements at them.
  • I'm quite disappointed to see how the Windows Phone community is pissing on the genuine efforts of third party developers to bring services to the platform. Shame on you.
  • The comments section is clearly poisonous. It's almost as bad as YouTube.
  • Almost being the key word
  • You should be permenantly banned on the Interwebz for life.  Way to be an a-hole.
  • I know im still able to post from instagraph
  • I was able to post a little earlier to but then the picture was deleted. Is that the same for you or the picture are still there?
  • Yeah, right. Thanks for the ugly looking paid app with no other feature other than uploading.. yeah.. thanks. and cropping is terrible.. yeah..
  • You are such a sleazy businessman for this comment... I like it ;)
  • Haha!
  • They are essentially declaring war on their users. Punishing them for wanting to be customers. And Facebook is OK with this?
  • Facebook doesn't even have an app on the Store. The Facebook app we have is by Microsoft.
  • I love the fact that Instagram is so pissed off they are willing to lose users over their hatred for Microsoft. It is really amusing to watch this go down.
  • Instagram employees sound like a bunch of babies. Grow up and accept the fact people use your useless service in the first place. In 4 years they will be crying when they are ditched for the next trendy wb service.
  • We will not be silenced!! Upload using Hipstamtic/Instagraph 100x fold!
  • That's the spirit❕❗❗❗
  • Use Flickr? 
  • did they kill Kenny?
  • <--me calling out instagram and the co-founders.
    Not really proud of myself. It just felt good to get that off my chest. No reply yet.
  • Instagram, you shady scumbags.
  • Sorry? What exactly did they do to you? It's their service, their servers, their rules. Regardless whether you agree with their decisions, it's you that should respect their rules, not the other way around.
  • Did you ever say "f**k M$ 4 blocking Netscape in windows updates"??? 
    It was their service, their servers, their rules.
    What now?
  • Because you could grab the update yourself from Netscape. If IG blocks this permanently we have no other way to get around it. So apples and oranges.
  • Grab what update from Netscape? I'm talking about IE-only ActiveX that was REQUIRED to update your windows machine. It's the same with IG.
    We do have a way around. Sb will emulate the IG apps so perfectly that they wont be able to trace them (the other solution with the remote android servers probably still works because it's 100% emulation)
  • Bad analogy. If you wanted to use Netscape you could keep on doing so regardless of how the OS handled updates. With this IG fiasco users are left in the dust.
  • You're arguing with the wrong guy, guy. He's arguing against the post that says it's okay for Instagram to do that.
  • Oggl.
  • Nah, it's a consumer's right to call out a company for shitty practices, in the same way it's their right to crap on WP users from on high...
  • i agree, double standard seems to be ok now a days, if it was MS doing this, people would be crying foul and pulling out their pitch forks
  • You seem to think that you people have a RIGHT to demand Instagram to be on WP. No, you have a right to choose your OS. The apps that are available in the app store there? That's a question of availability, it's up to each developer to decide which platform they will support. Or hey, let's go ahead and demand from all those iOS and Android developers that they port their apps to WP. How dare they not to develop for the platform of YOUR choice!
  • Erm that's exactly what we're doing Steve, one app at a time. Get over it.
  • Consumers drive applications and development. Would Instagram exist without a fan base? Would any application exist? The purpose of an application is to benefit the consumer, which then benefits the developer(s). It doesn't make sense to purposely exclude potential consumers.
  • Yes, with "Nokia" in your username you are sure to provide a valid and unbiased opinion.
  • If you can't see the problem then you are a shady scumbag as well.
  • That is a fair point, however one should consider what is it they are trying to accomplish by actively using resources to block WP users instead of actually developing an app. This is only creating negative goodwill, so is it worth it?
    Instance showed that there clearly is a market for Instagram on WP platform, to the point where people are willing to pay for the app. So isntagram can cover their development costs by selling an app, or I'm sure Nokia or MS would gladly foot the bill for the development.
  • It's all in their Terms of Service. They want to provide a consistent user experience and of course, protect their IP. It's no rocket science. Regarding the costs... I'm afraid it's not that simple. It's not just a one time development expense - supporting another OS platform requires a continued investment in that platform (support, maintenance etc.).
  • I'm not talking about technicalities, i'm talking about logic, you're right it's not rocket science, but you don't seem to get the fact that this really doesn't accomplish anything for instagram aside from generating a bunch of negative goodwill. How exactly was this affecting the user experience? Is WP all of a sudden big enough of a market share to create a strain for their servers? Or are they that picky about the filters lol? What IP are we talking about? I'm a customer, I have been before switching to WP. Their only asset is their user base, without it, they would be nothing and by doing this they aren't attacking the 3rd party dev their are sending a message to their user base.
    With regards to costs past development, sure Hipstamatic is doing as in paying them and once again MS or Nokia can do it as well.
  • Well... apparently they disabled access to their service he was using via a 3rd party app; so they did do something to him.
    It is their service, their servers, and their rules so if they want to limit access they want but that doesn't mean we have to sit here quietly. They don't live on an island and the rules change once you hit a certain critical mass. They aren't trying to solve a problem, they are trying to forceably control it... which always fails.
    I don't, nor will I ever use Instragram (not my thing), but they are not a spunky little startup anymore. They need to learn how to control their message and provide the best service to anyone who wants access. 
    Evernote and Netflix are great examples of companies who gets this. Don't try to control who can access your service by selectively limiting which platforms gets your service. You never know where your next product champion will be who has influence across platforms. You don't have to give everyone the same level of experience but you should give people access where they want it.
    This could turn out bad for them. Even with small marketshare their are some very vocal members of the community and word of this poor customer experience can spread very quickly.
  • Just because I have guests in my house, that doesn't give me the right to treat them however I want. This is a question of business ethics, and yes, they are being "shady scumbags".
  • They have a right to protect their intellectual property. However, it would be great for them to address the situation with a little message explaing it all. Are all WP users horrible photographers? Do we lack the "hipster" status to post? Or are we so far ahead of the game that Instagram needs time to catch up?
  • Hiding behind your rights doesn't make you right. We are talking about ethics, not law.
  • @Rockartisten I appreciate your passion, but the reality is reality. They have a right to protect their intellectual property. We were all piggy backing onto a service through a back-door. Is instagram really that great anyway?
    As far as Ethics go, Zuckerberg is a complete waste of space. He created a website to pickup a girl and because he had no friends. He stole intellectual property from the Winklevoss'. Since his company has gone public Facebook has turned into a complete disaster of ads, ad driven "news posts' ads in my's horrible anymore. He has no ethics, the only thing he has is a lot of money. That doesn't make him any less of a super-douche.
    Instagram's developer worked at MS as an intern, he didn't like the way he was treated. So he is snubbing MS. He is turning away money. That has nothing to do with ethics that is pure stupididy.
  • i don't quiet understand your ethic point on the ad part for Zuckerberg. i mean to me, as far as it goes, its just bad user experience, but then again a service needs to make money some how (at least they've made the fb app better now) isn't bad ethic something like bullying/stealing/etc?
  • Microsoft develop the WP Facebook app not FB
  • They couldn't handle anymore 38mp photos being cropped to 500px! They are going to introduce a new Instagram HD service, with 1000px uploads!
  • Haha, totally.
  • It is their service and servers, and they do make the rules. But they are making the wrong rules here. If they do not want users to use a third party service, then they should supply some guidance or a first party alternative. Truth be told, Instragram has one of the simplest products imaginable. Their only difficult task is done on the server side (handling a lot of data, and availability). On the client side, it would take them weeks--at best--to provide a working solution for Windows Phone. It's no mystery how the Instance developer was able to write his own implementation so quickly because it's that simple (not to detract from his abilities). That is, unless they have some really bad developers. It sounds to me like someone important in the Instagram unit of Facebook hates Microsoft. There is simply no other explanation that such a simple, widely used service lacks a first party app as they begin blocking third party alternatives that are unlikely to cause issues for Instragram. Especially considering that the Lumia 1020 and 920 are two of the best camera phones on the market. There is a cost associated with maintaining an app for any ecosystem, but Microsoft and Nokia have proven willing to cover the cost of development. And, I cannot stress this enough: Instagram simply cannot get much simpler, and with that simplicity brings likely advantages of code sharing between at least iOS and WP (minus the UI). It's great that they turned such a simple idea into such a large business, but it speaks poorly of their attitude and abilities that they would prefer to block third parties rather than provide a solution.
  • Way to stand up for the platform.. Maybe we shouldn't refer to them as scumbags, but there is something fishy going on... Wouldn't you like to see a app like Instagram come to WP❔... You should❗
  • Nothing, just denying us WP user a way of using their service. I could careless
  • It's "Couldn't care less".
  • I'm out. Deleted my account. I figure if they're gonna delete my photos eventually I'll beat them to the punch and do it for them.
  • was thinking of doing the same. but then felt sad for the pics i took :P
  • I saved them from the web portal :)
  • And this is why first party apps are important.
  • True that
  • No way... Way to be a tool Instagram.
  • Fhotoroom FTW!
  • You know what, I use Fhotoroom, and not instagram, and while the Fhotoroom interface can be a little clunky at times it does a really good job.  Whats more, is that I have noticed lately that it is getting more popular, because early on it was about the photography, and now there is a major increase of pictures of food and girls posing in front of dirty marked mirrors - both a clear sign of windows phone's increasing market share across the globe.
    You'd think a business would want more customers.
    Frak you Instagram!
  • The only problem with that is no one I know uses FhotoRoom.
  • Instagram founder is known to dislike MS, but Really, dude. Come on!!
  • +1
  • +1020 +920 and every other windows phone!
  • I guess that could explain it. But what baffles me about all of this is that Facebook bought Instagram and Facebook and MS actually have a pretty good relationship. In fact I think MS is even a shareholder. So I'm confused how Facebook hasn't forced Instagram to make an app for WP yet. But then again I seem to be the only person in this world that doesn't give a crap about that service.
  • In the same way that MS hasn't forced Skype to prioritize WP. Ownership doesn't mean it can tell the company what to do.
  • Ownership certainly means they can tell the company what to do.  The problem comes down to the top leadership.  Overall I like Balmer, but in the case of Skype, I think he is giving way too much slack on the leash.  I hate saying this, but this is one of the areas I give Apple credit on.  At least under Steve Jobs, Apple had no problems with divisions undermining each other or ignoring company goals.  You can call it authoritarin or whatever, but it was effective.
  • Until they hit a wall like they have, and the creativity has been beaten out of them. The problem with Apple is not that Steve is gone, it's that his method could never stand the tests of time.
  • "But then again I seem to be the only person in this world that doesn't give a crap about that service."
    No, you are not alone. I do believe there to be a coordinated effort by competitors to slow down the growth of WP however.
    AAPL, GOOG, and FB all have services, etc that have been changed to cutoff WP users.
  • WTH! Is this some kind of a joke Instagram? I am fuming right now! If you do not want third party apps then create an official app for Windows Phone instead. Goodness!
  • Was waiting to see how long it would last. :(  He we go again.
  • Must be owed by google lol
  • @kinaton, that's what I was thinking. LOL!!!
  • Instragram was bought by Facebook last year, or the year before.
  • This was was bound to happen..when insta hates wp they can't allow this
  • I'm worried, what to do?
  • Switch to Oggl.
  • But you can't view your friends on oggl, only upload. So, I guess you could use both. That sucks.
  • +1
  • Dick move. Why don't you just make an official app then, Instagram?
  • Because the instagram devs have an apple up their asses and an android shoved down their throats. MS can't ship Explorer as main web browser without being dragged to court but obvious lobbying like this is ok?
    This stinks so rotten.
  • Lol
  • Asses and throats!!! You sir, are a poet in hiding. LOL!!
  • And there goes Instagram forbidding users to use a public service, even though they are lazy and won't build an app for us WP users...I've stopped using it for some time now anyway.Oggl is much better!
  • As far as I know no taxpayer money is going towards funding instagram. It's not a public service. It's a social network owned by a private company.
  • Facebook is a publicly traded company. Not "public" as in the park that is down the street, but "public" in the sense that anyone can own stock in the company.
  • Ok then go buy the majority of the stock and tell the devs to work on a WP app. Money makes the world go round!
  • It is owned by Facebook, which is a publicly traded company, not a private one. That aside, I don't get the appeal of Instagram at all. Aren't there like a dozen other apps you can use to sully your pictures instead?
  • Its the community people want to connect to, ie their friends. Its not about the app itself or the filters.
  • As has been said, Instagram isn't really about the filters, it's about the social network.   It's a network only for photo sharing, without all the other stuff (inane comments, inspirational quotes, ads, spam/other junk) that you get from a Facebook feed.
  • There seriously must be one crazy mad iSheep lover MS hater ruling Instagram for this kind of thing to happen. Oh so low its actually a little bit sad :(
  • +1020
  • I am having the same issue with Oggl!
  • R u sure? If true they might be deleting based on EXIf data as oggl is approved one
  • Well I can´t post because it times out on me so I don´t think it´s their fault. Maybe.
  • No. Oggl works fine for Uploading to Instagram... I have had my last two images up for about half an hour now... Instance uploads were being removed after about 15 Seconds...
  • So if Oggl have an agreement in place to post to Instragram why can't other developers get that?
    Has Daniel Gary ever said if he's tried to get official permission to use their API instead of going through the back door? Or anyone else who has or is trying to build a third party client? I don't see why they don't want to open up their API, get more people using their service (and that would include clients on Android and iOS - where I assume there's only the official client atm?)
  • I contact to Oggl team, Allen. And they reply me that they are fixing. Now I can upload my photos to Oggl. Thanks Allen and teams!
  • Just confirming that when I upload any  pics to Oggl a message pops out saying it failed to share my photo with a bunch of codes and "The remote server returned an error: Not Found"
  • So....just boycott instagram...over and done
  • It is what it is. Enough people switched from MySpace to Facebook, so it could happen again. It'd be nice to see them switch to Oggl.
  • it just makes me so sad that so much energy and rage is spent over fads.  ppl losing their minds over instagram of all things. 
  • Yep
  • There should be a law against deliberately withholding apps from customers willing to pay for your app
  • That's like wanting to sue a supermarket because they don't stock your favorite yogurt.
  • +1 You can't force them, but you can shout until they listen.
  • No, that's like wanting to sue a supermarket because they won't sell you your favorite yogurt because you're a Windows Phone user.
  • I don't know.  I'm not sure Instagram is worth shredding our Constitution for.
  • I wonder what role MS and nokia play here if any..after all it gave instagram to wp
  • You mean that Microsoft allowed Instance to pass through certification into the Store?
  • Yep
  • pretty techno-ist of instagram to do something like this. i hope none of their employees get discriminated for whatever.
  • I don't have a single pic deleted from instagram so I don't understand that part... But well I thought is better to instagram to have more users...
  • Maybe they're saying any new pics uploaded are getting scrubbed. I just uploaded a pic through Instagraph (no Instance on WP7) so we'll see how long it stays up.
  • Instagraph does not use private API so images will be not deleted, don't worry.
  • If Instagraph was as nice of an app experience as Instance, we would use it, but I can't take a step backward in user experience to get uploads. Oggl will get the uploads done for now, I guess...
  • Here's a suggestion, what if instagraph became a full-blown IG client, you could use IG's official API and upload via your servers. It would be much more reliable than instance, and have all the same features. However, it's going to need to stand out from instance and 6stagram to get people to switch. Take this opportunity to update your app before Daniel gets it up and running. You may want to take some concepts into consideration. If you'd like, I could work with you for the design. :-) Best Regards, ticomfreak P.S. Thank you for supporting the Windows Phone platform.
  • I uploaded a pic 15 minutes ago, and it was deleted pretty quickly.
  • Sure seems like it would take a lot less effort to make a WP app than to constantly scrounge their service to delete images from third party apps.
  • Now what is left is that buggy oggl
  • Make an app and this would be a non issue
  • This is probably delaying Rudy Hyun's app. F u instagram you have a large number of users on WP, make a freakin app already.
  • Let the whining begin.
  • You sir, are late. The whining already began.
  • You sir, are late. The whining already began.
  • Is this "Stevie" the professional troll?
  • So unnecessary. I'm really curious to what's going on behind the scenes at instagram.
  • How douchebaggy of them. I have used Instance on my Lumia 920 at least three times. I have Instagram installed on my iPod touch but have yet to use it. But reading stuff like this makes me want to just uninstall it and say to hell with Instagram!
  • Guess they only want you using Oggl...
    It's been said but it really needs to be said again, why spend time & resources fighting this & indy devs when you can just co-op Instance or release your own. Seriously, how long would it take?
    You guys say boycott, but I say the opposite. I say upload every picture you've got through a 3rd party to Instagram. If they really want to take time & spend money fighting this, then make them fight with everything they got.
  • I like this idea!!!
  • I'm tempted...
  • Love it! lol
  • +1
  • Hahaha... Lets create an app that does automatic uploads and then everyone can just spam the sh*t out of their servers.
  • I don't know how well this will work seeing as it is just a program that does this, and we would most likely be uploading all at random times and not fast enough, but if we do a lot at once it could overflow which would be awesome.
  • See my suggestion above, an app with automatic uploads (spam app) for the whole community. We could call it "#instawithhate"; "Instance Turbo"; "ADHDgram"; "Itsdaspam" or something:)
  • Aha! I simply like this idea! Lol
  • How do you even pronounce Oggl?
  • Ogle... Hehehe
  • Now I can't upload pics at all, it blocks me from uploading. Bumer, at least I can follow RiRi & Cassie (thank God:)
  • #2instawithmassivelove ftw!
  • Instagram is overrated anyways, lets go to Fhotoroom
  • So not cool. Ridiculous actually.....
  • Btw itsthagram uses a official android app to upload the pictures so it's no way they can block them
  • And this is why its not especially smart to base your business on the availability of and using reverse engineered private APIs. You not only lose your business in a single day but disappoint all your customers too. I was wondering how long it would last.
  • Except no one is disappointed in the work of Daniel Gary. If anything, he's the metaphorical Robin Hood of Instagram for Windows Phone users. The disappointment is all on Instagram for wasting time and resources seeking out uploads from WP users and deleting them rather than taking that time to develop an official client.
  • Meh... I'm pretty disappointed (before this) that you can't upload/view videos, and that if it is ever added, it will cost more... after I already paid for the app to start.
  • That's f*****g dumb, hey asswholes at ig, realize people don't always keep a windows phone or Android or iPhone, and pissing off windowsphone users now could make u lose future users. Why the hell do these big services not make official apps then start stacking the third party apps. If ur argument is that WP doesn't have enough volume then that small volume uploading to ur service shouldn't be a problem, but if it is a big enough problem for you to waste resources to delete photos then just make the app, you greedy corporate ............
  • My photos are still posted at least under my profile
  • this is sick.
  • All my photos uploaded today through Instance are gone. The developer is adopting the right, mature stance though to the issue that befalls him. 
    Sadly it's Instagram that needs to get their act together. It's almost as if they don't want people using their service.
  • But deleting someone's content? Shabby. Break the api, deny service, but many people have come to WP from other platforms and may have had accounts long before this.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if that Hipstamatic crap App was behind this. They do have a deal with Instagram to allow photos to be posted through their shitty doing this they perhaps hope people will adopt their shitty App instead. Well, as far as I go, they're out of luck. Oggl sucks and I'm not using it nor raising my 1 star rating. That said...Microsoft doesn't solve this problem because they don't care. Which goes in line with the criticism we were talking yesterday from Nokias VP.
    Microsoft has FB shares.
    Microsoft has enough power and money to simply buy Instagram from Facebook and put an end to this.
    Microsoft is doing absolutely nothing.
  • Whoa buddy you sure are one demanding customer. Inb4 everything is MS's fault.
  • Demanding why? Because I think Oggl sucks?
    Or because I think Microsoft attitude towards WP is nothing more than lazy and this entire InstaDrama is a result of that laziness? You do realize Microsoft has the technical and economical means to solve this, right? So if they don't, it's because they don't care.
  • So let me get this straight, you think Microsoft should spend millions of dollars because you want to share your food pics? No wait, you think Microsoft should buy out every company that currently doesn't publish its apps on Windows Phone? You are delusional.
  • No you idiot. I think Microsoft has a mobile platform that needs to grow and for it to grow they need to offer customers what they want. And like it or not, customers WANT official Instagram (and YouTube but that's another story) apps.
    Microsoft HAS to spend money to bring those Apps. Even if they have to shower the devs with money. Everything and everyone has a price. Either that or watch their platform die because customers will not keep with it.
    If Instagram is acting the way they are, Microsoft has the ultimate means to solve the problem. They can just buy it. Actually, Microsoft willing it, they could even buy Facebook. And they wouldn't be wasting money because they are lucrative platforms. There's no logical reason to buy FB...but they can buy Instagram.
    It's called hostile-approach. It's what Google does. And look where Android is.
  • ^^ Here we observe the art of rage and cluelessness. Please observe, but do not feed the animal.
  • ^^ Here we observe a rare species of human being whose internal organs were formed in reverse, making him speak sh*t and fart words.
  • No, android gets apps because it has market share, it has market share because it's open source and manufacturers can pump out tons of shitty cheap phones people buy. Google didn't have to buy instagram to get it on android. Apple never spends money on getting android apps to their platform. It would be really unfair and inaccurate to say that MS isn't spending money on bringing apps to windows phone. Just look at all the dev payouts they give for bringing apps to WP.. Chill dude, it's one app, it will eventually come around.
  • You missed the point. I'm not saying Microsoft has to buy Instagram. I said that they *can* do it. Or at least threaten to do it. iOS was the first, the novelty. Android has the open source advantage (with all the bad things that also brings) which made it grow. Microsoft has nothing. It's not a novelty 'cause they arrived way late at the game, and it's not open source which means the developers have to invest in it. Instagram clearly isn't interested in spending money on WP. And Microsoft isn't interested in paying everything for them.
    The problem is, if Microsoft doesn't do that, the apps won't come. If the apps won't come, the platform won't grow and consumers won't come and those who are here will leave. Sure, it's just one app...the problem is that it's a VERY popular App. Put its absence along with the absence of YouTube (and Gmail etc) and you'll have a platform weakened from the start.
    Microsoft isn't spending *enough* money on WP. That's why even Nokia directors and share holders are unhappy. While it's a bit harder to get Google on board, Instagram shouldn't be. They belong to Facebook. They have a partnership with Facebook already. All they needed to do was shower Zuckerberg with money and Facebook would command Instagram to develop for WP or in partnership with MS.
  • Microsoft IS spending money on apps.
  • Lousy Instagram. Either make an official app or let 3rd party apps be functional. They are so Google-like
  • I already hated the whole concept of Instagram and thought it was stupid. But now Instagram just made complete assholes of themselves. This is just as dirty and anti-customer as Google with the YouTube app. Screw both those companies.
  • I'm done with Instagram. Even if they release an Official App for Windows Phone. I WON'T USE IT.
  • +10000000000000
  • Shhhh, let them make an app and then do what you will
  • Ok. Incredibly bad business plan. Investors take note. I am done with Instagram forever. If you had a company wouldn't you want as many customers as possible? It just doesn't make any sense at all. Especially since Microsoft invested in Facebook long ago, and Instagram is owned by Facebook, you would think there would be some pressure to cooperate a bit. Maybe Microsoft should play hardball and dump its Facebook shares...
    I apologize for the shouting but action must take place, THE TIME IS NOW!!! @_@
  • HERE!!! HERE!!!
  • You need to calm down. It's just photos.
  • My Instance is back up and running. My photos are still there.
  • Will this be related to the release of Hipstamatic Oggl. They should have paid Instagram for the upload API. That's reasonable for Instagram to stop any other hacked uploads.
  • Except Instagram doesn't sell their API. Otherwise Nokia would have bought it and released their already-done Instagram App as an exclusive long time ago.
  • Devs have begged, pleaded and offered money to use Instagram's upload API but they are forbidding any WP developer the right. This is why we now have reverse engineered APIs and cloud uploads through Android VMs. Instagram won't play so we found our own ways.
  • Maybe people should stop using a service that so obviously doesnt want you there because you use a specific platform?
  • This has always been known to be an issue using third party apps. A change in the API or just BOT to watch out for third party uploads they don't want.
    MS has to get this sorted with Instagram some time soon. It's a silly blight on WP. Then they have to sort out the Google issue. You'd hope the MS could sway a small company like Instagram compared to Google though.
    So are there issues with Oggl? Or is that an official third party app?
  • You do know that Instagram is owned by Facebook, right?
  • and microsoft owns part of facebook.
  • You know that MS only has 1.3% of Facebook right? To put that into perspective, they're less than 2 people in a room of a hundred, in case you need help with math.
    Facebook lets Instagram run independently. They own it but it is run like it's own business. You know the term subsidiary?
  • Oggl is official, hipstamatic pays Instagram for access
  • The rumor is one of the heads of Instagram was fired from MS and has never forgiven them. I'm sure MS has tried to sway Instagram straight up and through Facebook (parent company) but to no avail.
  • See above comment. Instagram is still it's own company for now. Also MS doesn't have huge sway. If MS really wants an app they'll probably have to pay for it. I expect the price to be large.
  • Sounds like a decent possible explanation. Do you have a link to any proof? I'd enjoy investigating this further.
  • The only information I have is from Wikipedia. Which can be considered a respected source of information. You look up Facebook on wiki  then Instagram to start with but then look into the Facebook / Instagram buyout by doing a search on the internet. There's lots of information about.
    It really is the only plausible explanation. Instagram is a business wanting money for it's services. WP is a small market so it doesn't see the value.
    If there was money to be had we wouldn't be having any issues with regards to missing apps. I have very little doubt that Google or anyone else would ignore WP if the market share was big enough. It's fairly logical.
  • Thanks!!
  • They removed a pic I uploaded today but not the rest. Thank god!
  • best solution is to just dump instagram.
  • WTF yeah screw instagram. Its just a fad. Just post directly to twitter.
  • Why are we, as consumers, wasting time with this bullshit service? They already steal your content and resuse it for their own promotional use, and they are openly hostile to working with anyone.
    So the question is... there are plenty of ways to share images AND apply creative, unique filters to better services-- Facebook, Twitter, SkyDrive, Flickr, etc. So why are we still entertaining Instagram?
  • My friends use Instagram, maybe my friends should switch?
  • And if I had to bet, I'd say those same friends are on any or all of the other services such as FB, Twitter, etc... so why post across a half dozen services? In other words, why give an openly hostile company support and business?
  • Then they should get off their fat arses and use these resources to create an official app for us!!
  • A Services company should not care what platform is consuming its API .. oh wait .. they forgot that they actually should write an API for other platforms to consume ... I think its pretty obvious how to kill instagram for ever.
  • I wonder if this is happening on iOS and Android as well? Both have 3rd party instagram apps dont they? And what if you upload through the browser?
  • Nope. What they have are apps that open Instagram for uploading.
  • Well let's not jump to conclusions -- a lot of commenters here are pretty riled up but Rich, your title makes an assertion against a whole company. We have not heard from Instagram, nor can we verify for sure that this is completely their conscious and intentional doing. Daniel Gary, for one, is saying on Twitter this is only his best guess as to what is happening. To regard this as fact is speculative and damaging to a company's reputation..
  • No offense but it is fact, WP uploads from instance are disappearing as fast as they are uploaded. Instagram needs to say something about this, you're right.
  • Sorry, but read the facts. The Verge confirmed through a spokesperson from Instagram that a new API has been put in place and as a security measure the system attempts to block out spam and unsafe input....this is broader than Windows Phone itself as I suspected, not a company's malignant intention to cast us users out of the dark.
  • They really are blocking uploads. This is funny.
  • Last I checked instagraph still works at least...
  • That's because it uses a different server to upload pics, not the hacked API Instance uses
  • Even though I agree that Instagram is a crappy service that is a great way to ruin good photo's and I wouldn't miss it at all there is a principle at stake here. If we all just say "screw you Instagram" and forget them we achieve very little.
    If we can somehow scream and whinge our heads off and make their lives difficult to the point where they are forced into doing the sensible thing and creating a Windows Phone app then lots of other app providers might decide its time to bring their app to Windows Phone.
    After all it's such a low illogical act that it's indefensible ... we won't release an app because you don't matter, but we will go to the trouble of not letting you use it! Ridiculous.
    I suspect that the recent Hippstamatic app is behind this. I have it, but they won't let you use an existing photo to post, so screw that.
    Time for some people power!
  • Just tested with two photos, gone in 17s
  • So they're spending time, money, and developer resources to scrub content from other apps, while not using those same resources to develop their own app? Sure, I understand they want to run their service their way, but at this point, they're noticing the demand and practically going "nuh uh, nuh uh".
    People have gone around Instagram because of their unwillingness to create an official app for Windows Phone. So now it's like they're literally sweeping that noticable demand under the rug, still saying "it doesn't exist - there's no demand for Instagram on WP," and what are they gaining out of it? 
    Even if Instagram doesn't have an official app, people are using their service one way or another. That's a good thing for them. They need to get off their ass and just make an app already instead of wasting time policing things that aren't their app because they're too lazy to do otherwise.
  • I blame the Illuminati.
  • +920
  • Always holding us down from true Tech glory
  • Instawho?
  • Instagram has a dev page describing how to use the api.
    To be honest, I am one who came late to this game and I find it unappealing. And I am actually quite tired of people who have felt that WP is not worthy due to the absense of this one official app.
    And I think if this is true, it is highly humorous that on same page they note that the content uploaded by users belongs to the users. Then they delete? That would be rich, now wouldn't it.
    I think it was Paul Thurrott who noted that people would rather take a decent photo and trash it up to look like a poorly filtered polaroid than post a high qualiy shot. With so many social media sites all supporting similar features or at least providing a great forum to share, this might be the most over-hyped site of the season.
  • Possibly, but people still want to post to social networks that they're friends are on. Posting on FB has the downside that in order to view photos, you also need to get through all the other crud in a Facebook feed, wading through inane comments, spam, ads, pages that other people share. On Instagram it's strictly about sharing photos with your network. No 'quote of the day' or any of that junk.
  • Just to note that Instagraph uploader works perfectly.
  • Just to note: when you don't clearly disclose that you're the dev, it's called "shilling," a practice that doesn't tend to go over too well. 
  • For now... you really think you or Rudy might not be next on the list?
  • They can't be because instagraph uses their own servers to connect to an Android VM to upload. The only way to shut it down is to shut down the official Android app.
  • Instagram is owned by FB as we know.  FB is trying to launch their own platform based on Android.  Connect the dots.  Inspite of what MS is saying, they DO NOT have a good relationship.  In fact, they are business enemies.  Don't expect an official FB developed FB or Instagram app until the WP installed base is high enough that FB accepts defeat and is compelled to support the WP platform
  • Yet we have an official Facebook app. So, I'm confused.
  • Yes official because it's permitted to exist by FB, but Microsoft developed it.  FB wouldn't even invest the time to develop it themselves or invest any effort in it.  I'm surprised they don't do the same thing with Instagram but I guess they feel its more of a strategic product for them right now and don't want to give WP that advantage.  Or maybe, its a timing thing.  Maybe they simply agreed to let MS build a FB app before they realized they wanted to develop their own platform and compete with them.  Now, with things being different, they may regret it and don't want to duplicate the mistake with Instagram. 
    Either way, building an app for instagram would take an average developer about 3 weeks to write.  It's NOT a resource problem LOL.  They are definitely fighting MS at this point and denying them something they know will help them 
  • Here's the REAL question folks. Since instgram is putting the effort to kick us out and not putting ALL effort in letting us in. Hoe many of you will sign up and use the site when it is available??? I'm taking my 1020 to flikr, the can have their crap hipster make my photo look like ass site.
  • I get it stumpy I feel like you. I purchased instance and setup a test pic weeks ago as to support the dev first and add +1 to the WP user count. I have no use for insta but millions use it, its growing like twitter did and we need support for it, and more apps like these, if we want any significant growth to the WP platform. I don't think its my job or duty to promote either apps nor platform; however I believe WP can be the best and therefore worth $1.50 and a few mins creating an account. I don't want to go back to iOS and surely don't want Android malware. Just my 2cp :)
  • Maybe MS/Nokia is doing this so that when the real instagram app is released, it will be used instead of the 3rd party ones. Then instagram later on will re-allow 3rd parties to create apps again. (just wishful speculation, time will tell). Just think, most windows phone owners that want instagram are using something right now so an official app my not get much love if/when it is released. This is called "forward thinking".
  • Except the absence of an official Instagram App has done more harm to Windows Phone's sales than good. We have to face the facts: people will not buy a phone when they see essential popular Apps like YouTube and Instagram are missing. Sure you have 3rd party Apps, but when you're new to a platform, you don't dive in the 3rd party apps right away. You first want to see the official ones.
  • Have I missed something? It seems Daniel has removed the app from the store?? :/
  • He said on Twitter that he hid the app. Maybe as a precaution
  • Wow. Time wasting corporate-lovers. Instagram developers should be ashamed of themselves, of their jobs.
  •  So its either instagram removing/banning photos from instance server or thats just some bug of Instance app and instagram is doing nothing!  Lets wait and see. We're all waiting for 6gram anyway
  • Would 6gram have this problem?
  • Also. Because not only Instance had this problem, 6gram could have the same issue made by Instagram themselves.
  • I say we go to Instagram headquarters and riot
  • Well, if you want. But I'd prefer to switch either to Photoplay and Path.
  • Lets do it! Hold signs out front
  • Yes!
  • Photoplay anyone?
  • Yeah!!!
  • I keep forgetting about that app! It's a pretty app, but they need to update it.
  • Photoplay,Fhotoroom are good apps,but the big problem is no one I know uses them.Shit, even my grandmother has a instagram page.
  • Enough of this, Instagram. I'm upset with you who has discriminating us, the Windows Phone users! I'm switching to Path NOW.
  • Just stop using these idiots. Its overrated anyhow.
  • Instagram could always, you know, just release their own WP8 app. Just sayin'.
  • But they should not take this step as their option prior the release of their app! They have now made WP users upset. Photoplay please.
  • Hell. I used the instagraph, and my photos are only showing to me. It is disappearing all the photos. MY photos. More than 600 photos, dead (instagraph only). Hell hell. I hate instagram and I will not get oggl, cause I have WP7.8 hell hell.
  • They erase a picture that i upload today... I unistall Instace to reinstall it, but now instance is not in the Store... Where is it?????
  • @DanielGary hid it, so users wont complain that it is not working
  • Thanks, you can search instace news and read the qr code ... I just did and it worked.
  • Developer took it down.
  • He took it down to prevent others from purchasing a broken app, but here's the link if you want to continue wading through this Instagram bulls***. I'm planning to moving Path, or something. Not really sure what yet.
  • Thank´s... If anyone wants to download it again, you can search instace news and read the qr code ... I just did and it worked.
  • That Oggl Pro app or whatever it is needs to get to more devices asap. That's an "official" solution for instagram, isn't it?
  • Pro version 1020 only, Oggl (normal) for all 1 gb devices, soon for 512 mb we hope. 
  • Why is Instagram so important for everyone? Theres hundreds of ways to share photographs. If all WP users stopped using instagram in all of their devices (phone, pc, tablet), instagram will be the loser. How about Internet Explorer blocking Instagram all together? BTW I don't have an instagram ac and I am not even fussed to try it out. There's many things in the internet that we might not be able to live without, but instagram is none of those.
  • It's because Instagram has become such a huge social network. It's not all about the crappy filters, it's because all your friends with their iPhones and Android phones are already on Instagram. If they released a public API I've a feeling the advertising they're planning under Facebook's stewardship could be hidden. So they're going to continue the douchebaggery approach I fear
  • Dear Instagram....  I am not a user of your service, but I have an idea for you....  just hire Daniel Gary, re-brand Instance as the official Instagram client for WP and let him continue to develop and support the app for you!  Problem solved, your users on WP will be very happy (instead of pissed off like they are right now), you won't have to develop the app from scratch, and you will have an in-house expert for WP development.  Like it or not Instagram, WP is a growing platform, and even at 5-10% market share, we are still talking about potentially millions of Instagram users on WP.  Let's end this nonsense and move on to something more productive.  Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
  • That real sad part is how this stop probably won't be covered on other websites
  • look at the source it came from
  • Yea, I should've clarified and said other non-pro WP sites like Gizmodo or Engadget if they are still are. I haven't been there in about a year
  • I'd say that the Verge is one of the sites that is the least friendly towards Microsoft. Actually, that may be why they are sharing it. Showing why and how Windows Phone will fail. I can't stand those guys at the Verge.
  • wp is poor :(
  • Solution: Microsoft should search for an up and coming start up with a social network with tons of potential and emerging user base. Then buy up said start up, create a a social networking platform with an entirely different but much more likeable ad model than Facebook. Load it up with Outlook email, SkyDrive and Skype integration, make all Live ID users members. And let it bleed out up with Twitter and Yahoo! to support it further.
  • MS has been there done that, even Google tried and failed. The traditional social network trend is slowly receding as more niche networks are becoming popular.
  • Google+ and MySpace failed,it's not that easy.
  • Isn't Instagram owned by FB and wasn't Microsoft a major investor in FB? Seems odd they would do that...
  • Hey Instagram! You cannot do that! make a proper app for windowsphone then!
  • Does Instagraph still work? I can't login with it at the moment so can't test.
  • So.. Their spending lot of time and effort to track down and removing 3rd party uploads. Hey, let's all just upload like crazy 24/7 until they can't handle it and be forced to make un official app. Come on! Get them pics on! :)
  • Chances are that they've automated it. It might have cost them initial resources to build the automation, but its probably running with no effort by now
  • Yeah, writing a search/remove script in SQL is about 30 seconds worth of time after what's probably a half hour of deciding the parameters to search.
  • Think about all those man hours wasted when it could be put to good use developing a full featured WP app
  • Hahahaah good idea !!! I will start  right now ! 
    Best regards!
  • I just contacted mister Stephen Elop about the fact that we want and need a official Instagram app, i hope he can provide me good news :) 
    Best regards!
  • You made me laughed there. If only we know the number of Mr. Elop or the CEO of Instagram whoever he is they will surely be bombarded with calls from irate customers.
  • Well i'm sorry to make you laughing...  I just emailed him that's all :) 
    Best regards!
  • Could the release of an official app be the cause of this?
  • No, if an official app was coming, they wouldn't want to piss off their customers. But a truly good business wouldn't piss off their customers anyway, so that just tells you what a crappy, poorly run business Instagram is.
  • Probably because Nokia wants Hipstamatic Oggle to be the only third party app allowing uploads to Instagram
  • I doubt Nokia would be involded in something this sinister they need Windows Phone to Succeed & have a strong 3r place with a vision of 2nd or 1st 
  • Just another way that Facebook is alienating their User base. Let Instagram die, there are other places to post to.
    It would be interesting if MS sued Instagram for acting to create a monopoly. I wouldn't mind a president limiting this kind of behavior.
  • I'm glade I don't have an instagram and that my life don't depend on a shitty website like instagram lol
  • i dont use it either BUT that doesn't mean that our small, but growing, WP community can get more momentum but pleasing to the ones who want the app. I dont have an Instagram account but I now have an idea how douchey they are.
  • Why doesn't someone remove the metadata from a WP pic or use another pic, and upload to Instagram to see if it is removed
  • To do list:
    1 - Delete instagram account - Done
  • Reason is they are a brand. And they want to maintain their identity. So if someone uploads a photo with non-branded app, plus unbranded filters obviously they will take an action. Question is why they just noticed? Because now Windows Phone is growing. A very good news for us! They will for sure get their app on WP8! Mudassir
    Vixl ... Apply cool filters on your video -
    Pixk ... Flickr simplified -
  • You wanna see something happen? Go to the founders twitter and take this battle to their faces! @kevin and @mikeyk are the two *** in charge of Instagram, I say we make them SO sorry for their stupid narrow perspective ... >=(
  • +920
  • +1020
  • I don't use Instaspam nor do I have any plan to but this lil bit of schoolyard bullying/petty snarkiness without actually offering any official solution is just reprehensible. Makes me ill to think consumers could still use a service that treats hardworking people trying to offer a solution/service like this...
  • I don't care for Instagram but this??? This is why I'm so upset by the lack of major apps in our store. This is getting out of hand and I'm switching to iPhone as soon as I get the chance. Microsoft is getting to far behind w app development. This kinda crap would not happen if we had all the apps we need...but of course we don't.
  • Er, how would WP have all the apps when d-bag devs like instagram won't actually develop said apps?
  • Microsoft can't do anything about it. Not their fault.
  • Can anyone list 3 reasons of why using Instagram instead of Facebook Photos? (skip the "filters" please)
  • I like Instagram simply because i don't ahve to wade through political (ill informed) political rhetoric, game invites, ads, 'suggested posts' and constantly don't have to switch from 'Top Stories' to 'Most Recent' to view pictures that my friends post.
  • 2 truths: 1. REAL pictures of true significance are shared more personally, via text or email or such. Posting to instagram is just playtime for people to post mundane junk. When my friend wanted to show friends and family how her son lost his first tooth, she doesn't post that to instagram, twitter or facebook... she sends it out to everyone via email or text. Instagram is just junk. It can be fun, I'm not saying its not, but its not a serious communication tool... its just another time waster. Another friend of mine posts on Instagram and he takes pictures of the DUMBEST SHIT, its not even funny. He's always asking me when I'm going to get Instagram and I PROUDLY say "They don't have that for my phone". Even when he does take a picture of a genuine moment, he ends up re-posting it to other sites AND emailing/texting the same pic out because he knows its worth more than just posting on Instagram 2. Instagram will evolve like Reality Shows and Twitter: 'everyday' people will be crowded out by celeb-reality B.S. People jump on twitter now to follow celebrities, not to be 'heard' and communicate. That's what its evolved into. Instagram will get to the point where people only sign up to see what new pics Justin Bieber or Sarah Palin posted and not give a crap that their friend in Jersey just posted a picture of their french fries.
  • That's just retarded. They don't make an app for us and destroy pics uploaded by 3rd party app?!
  • Lets DDOS instagram? XD
  • Why? Why keep going to them?
  • Instagram is slowly turning into Jack Woltz, and making Windows Phone into Johnny Fontaine(If you get the reference, you know what I mean).
  • So, are the limiting ALL 3rd party apps or just Windows Phones 3rd party apps?  Are there unofficial 3rd party apps on iOS or Android? BTW - for those that use Hipstamatic Oggl - is there a way to upload pictures to it that I've already taken/have on the phone?  Or if I want to upload to Hipstamatic and convresely to Instagram through it, i have to use the Hipstamatic Oggl app to take the photo?
    Also - At least it isn't Instagram deleting whole accounts that use 3rd party apps like they did a month or so ago...  
  • On the oggl app, you can't upload pictures already in your library. Only the ones you take with that crappy app. Not a 100% sure, but I looked all over the place for the "choose from picture library" button
  • I can't even log in account thru any app either instagraph or instance.. Or the website What the big fucking deal posers
  • Seriously, Instagram...if you don't like it, then get off your lazy ass and make us an official app!
  • #2instagramwithlotofhate will never use this service
  • Nothing new here, destroying photos is what Instagram is all about. They've just switched to deleting them instead of ruining them with rubbish filters.
  • +WhateverTheNewNumberOfTheDayIs
  • Can a brotha get a refund?!?
  • They are probably spending more time and money limiting their network by hating on WP users than it would cost to actually make an official app. Doesn't seem brilliant.
  • What a joke of a company lmao
  • As a developer myself, the worst thing about this is that it shows Zuckerberg and others at Facebook are not one of us anymore. Money must have gone to their head. They forget they started Facebook using assets and another's system.
  • He made Billions of someone else idea!! Practically the same freaking idea to be exact. He's such an ass and that's why Twitter will always be #1 or Facebook and Vine will make a comeback from the idea he STOLE from them as well.
  • Well I just got a picture up using Instagraph (which I bought for the occasion)... it was a Roman Temple, but I did point out that it was posted from a Windows phone and screw them!
    Of course I just had an account so a few people could see my holiday snaps and no one follows me, but its the principle that matters.
  • I say: Everyone who has a Facebook account and owns a WP should disable their account in Facebook until they fix this **** or make an Instagram app for Windows Phone.
    I don't use Instagram, but I know that because it doesn't exist for WP people have doubts in changing their Android's or iPhone's.
    So... we have power... we just need to start using it.
  • Where is our leader Microsoft and Nokia? I see an app like Hipstamatic that paid for access and yet our fearless leaders can't do the same for us? In the end, Microsoft has no balls and just sits there and does nothing for us. I guess they thought just because they are Microsoft people would come running to their feet. Anyway, this is getting old and im starting to give up. After all, why should I inconvenience myself when Microsoft won't do anything.
  • I'm not am Instagram fan but I let them have it on twitter. Bastards pricks
  • This is such bullshit... They'd rather waste resources on making sure Windows Phone can't use their service at all, than making an official app for us to use.
  • Instahate Instawaste Instabastard..!!
  • I Truly believe Apple and Google are paying Instagram to stay only on their platforms. Either that or they HATE Microsoft so much and want nothing to do with them. By the actions Instagram are taking I believe both Apple & Google are fearful of WP taking over the top spot.
  • Keep dreaming never gonna happen with this slow pacing progress of WP OS. With which Nokia too is frustrated, Nokia VP clearly lashes out...
  • You know what bother me most about this dick move from Instagram? How about the fact that I had the Instagram app on my iPhone for over two years, yet never actively started using it until I acquired my Lumia and made the switch to WP8...
  • Pictures aren't worth taking unless you take them with a Windows Phone #Zeiss
  • Is there any app that will upload picture's ?? 
    Best regards!
  • Oggl will upload to instagram legally. But that app is pure garbage. Photoplay is a great app, but none of my friends have it.
  • Instagraph and Hipstamatic Oggl both work.
  • Instagram is being the worst & the bitchiest bastard..!!
    However thanks to Rudy Hyun & Gary like developers. Uninstalling Instafuck & PhotoPlay is much better with all size pictures like 16:9 4:3 or square whereas Instagram can take only square pictures.
  • If Instagram doesn't make an App for WP, Microsoft should find a way to block their instagram page page from web explorers on Windows PC Os ... If they did that, i'm sure that instagram would released an App the next day!!!!!
  • Haha I like that.
  • I can't even log in thru there own website..
  • Instahate Instawaste Instabastard..!!
  • Even if i now get instafuck i would just say InstaFuckOff..!!
  • It took less than 3 sec. for my pic to get deleted, Effin A man!
  • If this is indeed true and Istagram is actively tracking users and deleting their pics if they don't use the official app, then I don't know why anyone would ever want to use a service from a company like that.
    People need to wake up and see some of these companies for what they are, and stop using their services however good some people may think they are.
  • I the only one who finds instagram to be a blight on the field of photography, or no? We've already had picture sharing abilities, the only thing instagram ever brought were sh*tty looking filters...if you want that, get Paint.NET, then upload. Secondly, I never use it, but visit this site often and its a constant game of whack-a-mole with these jackoffs. I don't get why any single person would want to be a part of a company that does this to its customers just because they're not using a certain platform.
  • I would suggest microsoft to bribe people into using wp. Create a photo sharing app, ms will start sharing the photo to a random user, then he/she will also sjare it randomly, and so on, until the photo reach say the 10000th user, he/she wins a 1000 dollar. Do this for a year. I bet more people will use wp just to win. : )
  • It seems that the idiots behind the scenes on instagram have it in for Windows Phone. Where is the official app? I say some of these developers here on windows should partner up with Microsoft and create a photo app that will swamp instagram.
  • How petty!!! Maybe Nokia and D.G. should collaborate on an Instance site and develop Instance as a cross platform app :-) People are constantly blaming Microsoft for lack of "official" apps when often times the 3rd party apps are better due to the creativeness of the WP developers. I say it's time for a Windows Phone revolution. We are the ones being "left behind" being the "minority". I say we hit em where it hurts by recruiting users of other platforms to our cause.
  • Mark Zuckerberg should fired CEO Instagram immediately cuz of stupid actions.
    users are the most valuable asset, why do they even throw???
    FUAAAKKKKKKyoouuuuuuu Instagram.
    * Please do not ban me because of my words Dan :p
  • As windowsphone user we should come up with our own photo sharing/video messaging app. We have the best phones or the market worldwide.. Many user are leaving Iphones and android for Lumia. I say fuck them. We are always left behind.. Well lets start some new and make everyone flock to us. And make the app only for windowsphone 7.x and 8.x and 9.x if 9 is in the works. All hail windowsphone users..
  • Options:
    -Use Oggl [Sike! that app sucks]
    -Not upload from WP anymore [I still have IG on my old Android, so I can still upload pics from it]
    -Wait and see if they start deleting my pics, then delete my account
  • You can also upload through Instagraph. :P
  • What the hell is wrong with Instagram? Just release an app already instead of playing childish games like this
  • This!
  • Never used instagram, and never will..... but i hope there are developers who can create good app (even better than that blessed instagram) and build the wp ecosystem up.... screaming here will do us no good.....
  • I removed itsdagram from facebook apps , maybe they wont find my posts
  • I'm able to post from instance on my L521 still.
  • Just as well that I deleted my account a few days ago. Boring concept in the long run. Too much of the same.
  • Well I got another picture up with Instagraph, and my first one is still up. So all you Instagraph users why not get posting ... and pointing out you posted from a Windows phone.
  • I say: Everyone who has a Facebook account and owns a WP should disable their account in Facebook until they fix this **** or make an Instagram app for Windows Phone.
    I don't use Instagram, but I know that because it doesn't exist for WP people have doubts in changing their Android's or iPhone's.
    So... we have power... we just need to start using it.
  • What's wrong with fotoroom?
  • popularity... most of hipsters like instagram lol
  • I must be getting old. I'm not hip.
  • No one said you're haha :P
  • what is this?

  • Instagram has confirmed changing the API which has caused this issue.
  • As much as I hate it and think instagram is immature for doing this, this is what happens when we praise an app too much. They are going to do what we hate most because they can.
  • I want to Fu%&§(/"$(%$$$"CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK  Instagram !!!
  • What I see here?
    I see a under-table conversation between google and instagram... They both are a piece of crap :)
  • Between google and facebook
  • Indeed!
  • I think the WP platform needs an a good app that we can take pride in and make popular. One that is available to ALL windows phone users not just Nokia or something.
  • This is one hot topic!
    There are more than enough WP8 & WP7 users to justify an official Instagram App but nowhere in this equation is it justifiable to pull rank and block 3rd party devs and limit user experiences.
  • Instagram is a bitch
  • I think what we really need to ask ourselves is whether we should continue to use Instagram when somebody is able to reverse engineer their API's? How safe would our photographs be on Instagram??? Of course most of what we share is intended to be public and hardly anything personal and for show off and attract others to admire your snaps and comment and like them. Am I missing something here???
  • Just download and upload through OGGL, that app is official.
  • Tried uploading with "Winstagram" and photo deleted instantly, uploading with "Instagraph" works like a charm.
  • Hello my friend, but the old pictures that you posted is not showing to others. Mine either. Only the recently and with another apps like instagraph. The worst, That I always used Instagraph and now I am facing all the blank album (only to me is showing)=/
  • How are they petty enough to have time to search and destroy thoughtful apps but can't even develop their simple app for the WP8 platform? There must be more to this. Maybe a deal between Google & Facebook to keep Instagram off Windows Phone. I mean Facebook doesn't make an official app for us, so I don't expect an Instagram app any time soon. I might just stop using Instagram. But what is the deal with the MSFT/Facebook relationship? It isn't good and it seems like Google might play a role in this (a la Facebook Home).
  • wp is such a good platform it is starting to make others aware that it came to shake things up!!
    It is only natural for google and iOS to try and persuade the likes of instagram and others from opening up to us WP users.
    In time it will be more profitable to make use of a third platform and such things will become irrelevant.
    So don't worry guys it will take time but most developers are migrating to windows phone. I would like to see nokia backing those guys in protest against an official app, maybe hacking apis of their own and adding to #2instawithlove and see where that leads like Microsoft did with their oficial Youtube app!!
  • Its also blocking past posts from being seen. I was told by my friend that when she went on my profile it said I had no posts
  • I use Instagraph and I only can see my posts. The others are blank. SHIT.
  • Fhotoroom is porting to iOS, too. It's tine for InstaGRIME to go away
  • Just can't catch a break
  • NOW , i think the winows Phone Users dont need Instagramm again

  • Just uploaded a photo using Instance and it was gone in a blink of an eye! WTF!
    Time to use fhotoroom more!
  • Mine is still working to browse my timeline but I will stop publishing photos through Instance for now... I assume, because Hipstamatic Oggl has an agreement with Instagram, that publishing through that app will still work.
  • Someone clearly hates Windows Phone. So much even that they'd actually screw their own customers. Some services (sites, apps) are begging for active users and Instagram does everything it can to force them to competitors.
  • Over the past weeks I've been struggling to justify posting to Instagram. I mean, I have Twitter and Facebook where I have all the people I'm interested in sharing pictures with. Being honest, its only these same people of whom I share pics with on Instagram anyway! In light of this news, I will no longer support the social site/app. I can see how some will be annoyed, but for me there's no real loss.
  • I'm so glad I'm not into Instagram (services), but I understand the frustration of the people who do.
  • The tragedy of this situation is eventually they will need our patronage to become "BIGGER THAN FB", and WP user will forget this insult is support them.
  • Its time to take to Twitter. We need #instagramsucks to be trending...
  • Do Apple own Instagram or something?
  • Get on Flickr, try Pixl...leave Instagram ;) #Revolution! And Flickr gives you much more tighter control on your privacy, and if you like to post on Facebook, and Twitter just activate it in your account. Pixl for Flickr ( and yea you can use Flickr like Instagram with 36 filters!!!!!!
  • 1. I can't believe people didn't see this coming.
    2. I REALLY cannot believe that people didn't see this coming. 
    It was made clear from the start with Instance that any change to the API could affect the function of the app. The article here needs to be updated to reflect that Instagram have made an API change to improve security which is preventing uploads from unsigned/unnofficial apps.
  • Yep (from the Verge): An Instagram spokesperson has confirmed that the company has implemented a recent change to its API. "We recently made an update to the systems that we use to fight spam to help prevent future attacks and increase security," says a spokesperson. The change will affect any apps accessing Instagram outside of the official API, and it appears to be a broad change that doesn't target any particular application. 6tagram, another third-party Windows Phone Instagram client currently in beta, is also experiencing issues 
  • I get that, but what's up with them deleting old photos? If Instagram wants me to stop posting from 3rd party apps, okay, But don't just start deleting old photos and wiping accounts. That's not cool...
  • I have a secret herb that will make you all forget about instagram.
  • Total DICKS
  • Fhotoroom is way better :)
    The time IG are using deleting pics, they've had time to build an app...
    But... WHO is paying off IG/FB???
  • Ok so instatards once again kill an experience that could have been good for them. How about this - everyone email into the president of the USA and say how instatards ate freaking screw heads and are deliberately trying to slow competition OS's. Or what ever you like. So say the pres gets 500k emails o one subject it may force his hand to at least get some questions answered on it.
  • Welp, they started deleting my pics. Already 8 of them gone.
    Goodbye Instagram.
  • Instagram only thinks short term, they are happy now because they probably took some bribe from google or apple, but companies that don't think long term will go down in time.
    What if in a few years android and ios will have only 5% market share and windows phone will have 90% market share, like in the pc? Windows phone users will remember what Instagram did to them and the company will go down in flames.
  • Officially banned instagram from all my devices, this company can eat shit, at least Gary got my coin though for a now broken app, instagram-should be called googlegram
  • One more reason to switch back to iOS . I'm sick of bugs and numbered apps. Reasons:
    1) Heavy user on instagram. Used Instance earlier
    2) Other Storage Issue
    3) Duplicaiton of music and videos
    4) Less no: of apps and games :'(
  • 1) C ya, wouldn't wanna be ya
    2) So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night
    3) Hey, hey, hey, goodbye
    4) Hasta la vista baby
    'nuff said...
  • Pure hate
  • OK, we still have Hipstamatic/Oggl, but I hate their UI.  And there is no way to upload images already in your library/taken with the native camera app.  If I am trying to capture a shot quickly, by the time I launch Oggl, the moment is gone.  I wish they would at least update it so you can select images you have already taken.  The way to apply filters isn't as intuitive either.  I think most people just want a simple way to take a photo, apply a filter, and upload it.  Instance was perfect at that.
  • I don't use instagram, after this I never will, it is one thing to stop uploads going forward, another to delete previous photos already uploaded. We should all boycott Facebook. I always thought it was an arrogant company.
  • Just leave instuckgram, move on to the path..
  • I say screw instagram, the community should show this much interest in more important apps.
  • I don't find this unfair. Just make a frickin app already.
  • Well I have removed my instagram account, screw them
  • The thing that makes this unfair is that we don't have an Instagram app. Give me an official one and then destroy everything. Thank you.
  • I will be deleting my #Instagram acct.
  • This is pure evil, some kind of personal vendetta. Shame on Instagram, shame on Facebook!
  • So what, they think any content from apps other than their officially developed one is "spam"? Instragram users will only be allowed to post content through their approved channels that they can regulate and enforce, and effectively "ghettoize" everyone else? Technology shouldn't feel like we're being socially ostracized here!
  • You give a lot of attention to Gary, but should follow Huyn as well. Being another player/developer in the race, from my perspective, you should throw some money at the screen when checking his Twitter.
  • Additionally, I just visited my profile for the first time without being logged in...and the only photos which loaded were the ones I uploaded from the official app. Photos which were added through Instance did not show up until I logged in. So, not only are they actively deleting uploaded photos, they've also flagged past photos and aren't displaying those to anyone who isn't logged in.
  • Even after updating the article,it still doesn't explain why they are pulling pics and post's.
  • Fvck instagram... I use Mobli.. 10x better and cross platform
  • Deleted instance,will use my Nexus 10 to upload pics until wr
  • Even after updating the article,it still doesn't explain why they are pulling posts and pics.
  • Instagram needs to be dealing with ACTUAL problems. Like the amount of porn/child porn photos. ACTUAL spam from IG users, who only make profiles to spam comments about other services. Etcetc
  • I don't get it! Why Instagram anw? If you want to share photos, there're many other apps can do so. And yes, it's lack of your friends, but if your friends don't use it, and so do you, then how can you expect it to be used by others? The fact is Instagram started with no friends of yours... Just use it and show your friends how is it better than Instagram! You chose wp8 in the beginning without friends too! We customers should lead and demand the service companies or we leave it. Not to be leaded by them... What's wrong with it?