Instagram launches new app for iPhone else after a year of abandonment on Windows Phone

Today owners of the iPhone, had something new from Instagram. Layout is the popular photo sharing service's take on the collage, allowing you to group together a bunch of your favorite images and share them with your friends and the wider world on your favorite sharing service. And it came a day over one full year since the last update to the Instagram app for Windows Phone.

While that's a pretty bad state of affairs, it's at least one we can do something about.

The Instagram app for Windows Phone was announced on stage at Nokia World in late 2013. I remember it well, I was sat in the audience in Abu Dhabi with Daniel Rubino and Sam Sabri. And it was huge news. All those frustrations folks have with Snapchat today, that was Instagram in 2013. When it launched, the CEO of Instagram had this to say:

"Our ultimate goal is to bring Instagram to everyone who wants to use it…We're looking forward to watching the Windows Phone community use Instagram to capture and share beautiful moments in the coming weeks."

And then all work stopped on March 22, 2014. Not all that long after the announcement, considering Nokia World 2013 took place in October.

So the Instagram app for Windows Phone seems to have been left to wither and die. But I did say that we can do something about it.

Use 6Tag. It was probably the best Instagram app at the time the official client launched, and it's probably the best still to this day. Especially when you consider it has some features, like Re-gram, that even the official apps on iOS and Android don't have. It sucks that Instagram (and or Facebook, its owners) seem to have abandoned us. But at least the Windows Phone developer community has something even better to fall back on.

QR: 6Tag

Update: Clarified that this new app is in fact for iPhone only. Sorry folks.

Richard Devine
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  • Its like first class vs coach.  You all get there at the same time but in your section, they charge for peanuts.
  • These articles make Windows Central sound like babies.
  • I'm glad they're reporting it. They have the largest voice in the WP community and they're using it to hold these neglectful companies accountable.
  • Neglectful??? Give it a rest fanboy. The market share after two years is pathetic.
  • The market share inthe US is low, but not so much in other countries around the world. Let's not forget there are still millions of Windows Phone device sold. Market share stats do not accuratley portray the fact that millions of people use WP. So, why deny your app to millions of people?
  • I think they strike the right tone. Instagram is huge and it's still in Beta. It's clear they have been ignoring WP, and at what point do you stop pretending they're not? Might as well do it here in this style. Also a good opportunity to promote the excellent 6tag.
  • This. Rather than the myriad of articles about the death of Windows Phone, how liberated they feel after switching to Apple, how Lumia is the best phone you shouldn't buy. These outfits such as Instagram, Snapchat, et al do not think of people as THEIR customers or users, but as some number on a spreadsheet. Google is a prime example. And while it is easy to simply say, "Well, they are competitors." Fair enough. However, I would bet the largest number of users of all Google services are Windows users. Instagram would love to have everybody in the world use their service, but you people over there will just have to suck it up and access us just through desktop. Reporting that this is the case is journalism. If it were other, these companies would reach out and tell this community of their users the app is on the way. But they won't. Your involvement doesn't matter. Personally, I have an account I haven't accessed in over a year. Just not into it. But that doesn't mean I don't feel empathy for those who wish to use the service on their devices with native apps that don't stink.
  • 6tag is not excellent... It's poor quality upload, especially for video (that I paid extra for), buggy messaging, inability to use copy-paste for text, has a buggy text box, is filled with irrelevant ads (that I paid extra to remove), heats the phone up and lowers battery life more than any other app, crashes often and has an irritating and unattractive UI... After using it for a year, because I HAVE to if I want to access instagram's features, I think it's terrible and - since the main reason for me having a smartphone is to use instagram for work - I will be switching from the windows phone I was very, very happy with, to android.
  • Agreed.   I expect this on WMPU, not from WPC, which has generally operated in a much more journalistically (??!) professional manner. I keep expecting to read that D. Rubino is leaving ( read: going Android ) and then I'll know it's time to gather my candles and fill the tub.
  • Its not easy coming up with stories to run every day here. Sometimes the writers need to get creative, and I understand completely.
  • Know what we should really do? Make Microsoft popular and top notch! How? Buy their products, use them, recommend them and most importantly - send feedback (pointing out what needs to be worked out etc.)
  • It's not whining, it's the pulse of the enthusiast WP market which helps in driving adoption. We at Microsoft also use these articles all the time to post internally to get attention of the right people. So kudos to WC, keep up the good work.
  • This.
  • Not babies but frustrated.  We've seen this happen time and again but this is first and foremost a business decision by the app makers. The time, resource and energy spent to develop and perfect apps is finite. They're looking for the biggest bang for their buck and thus iOS and then Android. What works in MS' favor is the oncoming app-apathy a lot of users are starting to come to terms with - the desire not to continue to load more and more apps on to their devices, to constantly sign-up for services of neglible value and to use phones for what they do best. In the 90's the computer stores were stacked to the rafters with proprietary Windows software with very little Mac software. Ultimately software became web based and proprietary software went away. Ideally, that will happen again to the gain and favor of MS.  
  • True. Whining seems to be the trend in the comments section as well. When will Windows phone users get it in their heads that FB, Google, ms, or any of the tech companies out there are not operating a charity. The puny numbers of windows phone users just doesn't justify their spending vast sums of money to create and maintain a dedicated WP app. The numbers should make sense... As in any business. In this case the cost to benefit ratio is too high. Instead WP community should demand MS improve WP to the extent that people actually want to use it and that will attract app developers as well. If u build it... They will come Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • It's called Windows 10. But if the developers don't come, it won't be because the OS wasn't good enough. The problem is a chicken and egg issue. When you let the competitors get way out in front, you will play hell for many years trying to catch them, if you ever do. Secondarily, Microsoft has become the old stick in the mud that the hip crowd shuns like the plague. I wish it wasn't true and I pray to god that Windows 10 on some great new devices can get us to the tipping point of 15%, but I have a very bad feeling 2 years from now we are going to be sitting at 5 or 6% and wondering why it never happened.
  • Layout is NOT available for Android yet, they say it will come in a few months (I hope this article is corrected to reflect this). I guess iOS is first class, Android is coach and WP is... luggage area? :)
  • Instagram/Facebook should be embarrassed. A lone developer, Rudy Hyun, creates and supports a Windows Phone app, 6tag, that THOROUGHLY OUTCLASSES THE OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM APP!!!
    It's news worthy if you ask me.
  • Allbeit OldNewsWorthy.
  • they should hire him to make the official app for instagram. 
  • 6tag is nice. I didn't care for the official experience. As long as API remains open, we shouldn't sweat it. By the same token, for developers that are publishing third party apps.. BUY from them if its an option. Fun doesn't pay the bills and these developers are providing us with some sort of experience, at least.
  • Nokia paid and launched the app , money stopped = no more development
  • If 6tag had real time notifications, everything would be swell.
  • Can they open that up as a feature in Windows 10 please?!
  • Yeh and a cooler UI too. No offence to Rudy, its an amazing full client Instagram app, but the UI just looks lame to me.
  • I like the UI
    Notifications are limited for third party clients as far as I know.
  • Rudy doesn't have access to IG's push servers
  • I use the beta app for notifications and just go to 6tag to check them. Lol Sucks using two apps, but hey, it works.
  • Ha ha, same setup I use
  • I got instabanned for using 6tag to create an account so no not everything would be swell.
  • Well if they don't want people using 6tag, update and maintain your freaking app. I'm sick of hearing the excuse of market share because apparently 6tag has enough users to draw instagrams attention so they blocked him from the push servers. Businesses decision my *$$.
  • Interesting. They aren't banning people for USING 6Tag, so I'm surprised that they are banning people who sign up with the app. 
  • I didn't say the blocked people from using 6tag, however they did block certain features to keep 6tag from having all the features of instagram. So again, apparently 6tag garnered enough attention for instagram to block certain features and deprive wp users of an app that does everything a native instagram app has.
  • The guy above you said that he got banned.
  • I would suggest to remove the create account ability from 6tag and have new users create their account with the official app first.
  • I use 6tag for upload and all, and Instagram beta for notifications ;)
  • 6Tag >> instagram beta app
  • Thus, less of an incentive for Instagram to upgrade their app.    If users are using 6Tag, what need is there for Instagram to put forth the resources to improve/add features to their own app; they'll have WP users of their services either way.
  • Then make a deal with 6tag developer to let him use the official title.
  • That's exactly what I was going to say, what incentive do Instagram have to maintain and update their app on WP when we have 6tag? It's a double edged sword.
  • Pride in their trade? One single dev created and maintains an app like 6Tag along with several others while Instagram with all its money, resources and manpower can't be bothered to do the same for one single app. Rudy is keeping another company's clients happy. A company which I'm starting to feel that doesn't deserve some of the clients it has.
  • What incentive do they have if everyone will use their lame, abandoned, perpetually beta app?  If we'll just use whatever scraps they deem fit for us peasants, they only need throw scraps.
  • And the best thing about 6tag: Collage built-in. :)
  • Let us upload videos from the media library.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You are so funny...
  • Why ? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You will be able to upload your video from media library with 6tag 5.0. Because it will be universal app
  • Still waiting for it... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • it'll be on Windows 10 for phones... so, it'll be released a bit after Windows 10 is...
  • Who are you talking to?
  • Rudy Hyundai i guess... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • hmmmm ! WISH REAL ONE! 
  • Like youtube i dont expect for these app anymore.
  • Exactly.... We can't expect more until MS finds a way to sell more mobile devices...
    Nevertheless, I think that if Instagram is gonna have a app for WP then they should support it the same, instead of less than the others... If you're going to do something then do it well, or don't do it at all.... I can understand Instagram totally dropping support for WP, if market share is low, but they should never do anything half assed.....
    Like I said... Either support the platform, or don't. But, don't pretend to. SMDH.
  • They should just pull their app from the store already. Sick and tired of these twats mistreating us "the minority", what's the point of giving us a barely functional app?? Its as good as it being non-existent
  • I wouldn't like to see them pull it, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did....
    I don't think it's to the point to where it's "barley functional"... It's just missing some features... I've used it everyday,, up until this article.
  • To me its barely functional, i consider myself lucky when I manage to upload a photo, most of the times it fails then crushes. I still have the app just so that my start screen looks cool with an instagram app.
    What baffles me is that its a free app, if it was a paid for app I would understand the "well there ain't enough WP users to cover the maintenance costs"
    I normally don't buy into conspiracy propaganda but I'm starting to give in, google might be behind this.
  • Lol.... Maybe so.. I don't really care for Google myself.....
    Here's a conspiracy theory for you... (maybe MS is behind this) ooooooooohhhh❗❗❗
  • MS is behind this lol. I don't think Aul, Joe, hell even Gates etc and other Ms employees use WP, if they did, they would be begging devs to come on board
  • Yeah.... Now, Daniel might not, but Gates has some serious pull..... Gates could buy Snapchat his damn self.... Heck, Ballmer bought a damn BB team... You think they couldn't get us better apps....
  • I'm pretty sure Microsoft paid Instagram to build the app, they needed to check off that box. Ever since it came to WP, Microsoft has featured it in advertisments, trying to get their money's worth.
  • That sounds about right.
  • You can be sure, an iPhone is hidden in there back pockets. They only take out WP for demoes.
  • That's jacked up...
  • Dunno about Gabe and Joe, but I know Bill is very MSFT-centric. There was a story going around several years ago about his kids were mad at him because he wouldn't get them iPods for Christmas or something, and all the Macs in the test labs on the campus had to have protective warding spells cast on them (only joking about the latter).
  • We may be the minority, but how is 10s of millions of users not worth going at? I just don't understand...
  • 10's of millions of users wouldn't look so big to you when you have your eyes set on MILLIONS Of MILLIONS of users... Lol.
    Seriously, I know a lot if fans try to justify that fact, but WP is still just a drop in the bucket compared to the other... And, these companies are big timers... What seems large to yall is nothing to them.. Nothing... That is the struggle. That's what's so hard for MS.. If it was just about having 50 million users then more developers would be on board, but they obviously could care less about 50 million extra users, and are banking just fine without us... That's the reality, my son..
  • I know that we are a drop in the bucket, I get it. I am in the industry and I am ridiculed often for my choice of platform. With that said, it is still a large number no matter how you slice it.
    I really do get it, we aren't enough to want to do anything with. But what company would turn down 30m+ users. I work for a very very large company. Very. 30m is 2/3 of our customer base.
  • Well, then It must be Goxxxxxogles fault because a whole lot of developers make the very same choice... Lol. IDK.
  • I know they do (devs), we all know they do. I am just saying I don't fully understand why.
  • Blaming all of Windows Phone's problems on Google is ridiculous. You guys talk about Google more than Android Central users do.
  • Lol! That's a joke on my part.. You know that.. You know I blame MS for any issue with their platform... It's their platform, their problem, and their job to make sure it's successful... Nobody can reasonably disagree with that..
  • I didn't mention Google and Rodney was saying it in jest. Nobody in this conversation was blaming google.
  • Perception is bigger than numbers. Instagram and Google should be perceived as uncaring, not treating everyone equal, being disingenuous. It would be a minor effort to correct their major character flaw.
    Start calling them racists. Let's fat shame them!!
  • Racist... Hummmmm.
  • lo freaking l to that. haha
  • ...and MS's mobile device strategy, up the numbers with cheapos in order to get the apps we need or desire.
  • That's actually everyone's mobile strategy... It really is... Nobody could survive with high end device sales alone.... Even most Americans can't afford to buy high end devices off contract...
    Not sure what BB's is, though... They seriously worry me.
  • ...but you'll see millions of poor chaps sporting an iPhone. It's not just about low or high end products, image plays a key role as well. The 920 started the domino effect but MS/nokia keeps fucking up with their piss poor marketing and device strategy: Scroogle, 530, 535, 620, 435, 830. This is the kind is strategy that killed HTC. Like samsung, You need one device leader (hero phone) to hold the fort. The rest falls into place. In fact, don't need to make thousands of variations like what MS doing now. HTC is doing what Samsung has done today with device strategy but it was too late. Besides, using the "M" moniker is stupid anyway.
  • Marketing has always been terrible.. Lets just hope they manage to do with WP what they have with Surface...
    I don't really think all the different versions matter.... It's a bit much for us, because we know about them, but the average consumer will on see two, or three, devices on store shelves at a time... I don't see what that hurts...
    With the exception of India because they seem to get every WP device known to mankind... Lol.
    ...... But you're right.. Every store should have high end midrange, and low end devices.. I hate when att gets the 1520, and T mobile only gets the 520... That's stupid.. Not that that was MS, but hopefully this will change.
  • It's the 'chicken and the egg' scenario. To gain momentum in sales of Windows Phone one of the factors is the perception of many of the popular apps, and the reality of brand name apps in the OS Store. If the Store had 900,000 apps, with the third party apps of quality, it still wouldn't bring a good portion of consumers to the OS mainly because they have been subjected to consumerism and too reliant on the brand name. There are subtle differences in regional areas, eg the USA is heavily brand driven and are basically blinded by 'the brand' toward other equally good products. This is not so much the case in other countries like the UK or the EU collective, and the Middle East where they will decide for themselves what is good, and see through the facade of brand consumerism. If the Store had 100,000 apps yet each app was the 'popular branded' app there wouldnt be the so called app gap myth, even though it would be a relatively small app base. The Windows Mobile Gen 10 will expand and grow with the cutting edge features, and with the right spark of marketing input (which i believe MS is prepping for with the release of 10), it should get this chicken to lay some eggs and the larger developers will take the Windows Mobile ecosystem (or should this be eggosystem), seriously. Let's face it MS haven't really been serious until now with thier mobile solution, so why should developers? I am optimistic, and will look back in 12-18mths to see how far we've come.  I hoping for good things.
  • You're absolutely right.... That is why I've always said that an extremely huge marketing campaign in the US is critical for WP....
    We've never seen that here, and we've never seen WP gain popularity here.
  • What i see in here is WP is trying to be in the middle of top between ios and Android but in reality WP can't beat any one of them in terms of hardware, software and marketing.
  • I never say never... Well, you know what I mean...
    The only thing that gives me hope.. Three things.
    1. MS products are great. Or good enough.
    2. W10, and the market share that it can literally bring as a whole.
    And 3. Surface marketing... I'm depending on MS to do the same with the new high end mobile devices this fall... Surface is taking off.
  • In theory I agree. But the app store would be pretty empty if everyone pulled apps that didn't have the features people are used to in iOS or Android. And the companies wouldn't suffer, WP would. Try playing Words With Friends on WP for example, it's so much worse than on iOS or Android I had to resort to playing it on Facebook on my PCs web browser instead. Of course, as a WP user I'm conditioned to putting up with shitty apps anyway.
  • Nobody is suggesting they start pulling apps, rather they start having some decency... Lol.
  • I think MS is trying to make the apps the way they want then to be. I bet if they let the official apps in without having to rebuild them it would help. For instance the official FB app, why redo it... Did they make it better? No. So why not focus on growing windows and let the official app makers do their thing... Just my thought
  • Could be right..
  • I agree which is why I believe MS has "toned down" the use of metro for W10. So apps can easily be ported to Windows phones without having to put more resources into developing an entirely new app. Making W10 a bit more "Androidish/iOSish" should hopefully help bring more apps to Windows. Here's hoping im right.
  • Microsoft provides developer and financial support to large companies to make apps for WP and instagram falls into that category and so do banks like chase and bank of America; so what they did was got the help and finances and didn't do anything afterwards..... That's why it hasn't been updated.
  • Exactly, and sometimes Microsoft will even build the app if the developer is unwilling.
  • MS is and will be still in trouble selling more WP devices if some services people love to have in the device are missed. The service providers will only support WP if it has sold in great number already. So here we are.
  • And, that sir is the bottom line.
  • At least google is finally getting the idea people dont want flash
  • Wrong article.... Go up one.
  • The thing thats really strange about the whole app situation is that in many cases the 3rd party app is better than the 1st party efforts; but trying to communicate this to the average consumer is basically impossible. In the case of Apple and Google they too have their share of superior 3rd party apps, but I think they are mostly used by the enthusiast community and not by the majority.   Bottom line is that the "app gap" problem has two fronts for MS.  They not only have to get more 1st party apps, but now the arguably bigger challenge is keeping them on par with android/ios counterparts. Tough uphill battle is ahead....
  • Because the average consumer is on iDroid, and it doesn't really need to be communicated...
    I ran into a flight attendant and she had a 1520.. She was complaining about Instagram on WP, and she already knew about 6tag... I forgot what her problem with it was... She was just really picky, though,,, but the point is that she found 6tag in the store..
    But, you're right... Tough, nearly impossible, road ahead,, and the windows 10 model isn't yet proven... Nevertheless, this is a bit more exciting than if MS was just doing good... Kinda interesting to see if they can pull through it..
  • This is off topic, but I wanted to complement you Rodney on your comments I've read today. They've shown a much better representation of you than you had been showing off earlier in the month. Kudos.
  • Well, in that case let me complain about marketing, and MS's inability to gain market share in the US.... Lol.... Don't want you guys getting to complacent around here.
    But, if you notices one thing notice that my consistent "bitchin" has rubbed off on a lot of people, and that's my ultimate goal... I think a bunch of Angry fans are way more useful than a bunch of (as I mentioned) complacent fans, who make up excuse, after excuse for MS, or anyone for that fact.... We'll get much farther if we stay consistent with addressing want MS needs to do, and not worry about Insragram, or Chase... That right there is a lost cause... So, I keep on moving forward, whether some fans understand why, like it, or not...... But, thanks.
  • "Don't want you guys getting to complacent around here."
    HA :)
  • It's true❗❗
  • Perhaps the complained about the degrading in photo quality when using 6tag? 'cause that's literally the only problem I see with it. The official Instagram app on Android (and I assume iOS) maintains the photo quality when posting but 6tag (and the official Instagram Beta for that matter) degrades the photo quality when posting it.
  • ^ I've noticed this too. This is why I never use the 6tag or Instagram filters when posting a photo, only the Lumia photo editing app.
  • I thought that was the point... Lol.
  • "I forgot what her problem with it was... She was just really picky, though,,, but the point is that she found 6tag in the store.."   You made no point, Rod. You didn't say what was the complaining about. Hence why I wondered if it would be that. Because both Instagram Beta and 6tag downgrade the picture quality when uploading to Instagram, something that doesn't happen with Instagram's official app on Android and iOS.
  • No... My point was that average users do find these 3P apps..... Lol, and no.. She wasn't complaining about picture quality.. I think it was about not having video support, and she was complaining about some app American Airlines uses for their flight attendants... You know she's mad that's not available...
    Anyways, she must be very hard to please because she said she didn't like Android, iOS, WP, or BB... But, she was hot, so I didn't call her a dumb biach..
  • IIRC there's a 5MB limit on WP background file transfers while on mobile data. That might be the reason.
  • Don't think so... It's more likely to be a complaint on not being able to upload videos since 6tag is the Instagram app that keeps most of photos quality. It's even better than official apps on Android or iOS.
  • What? That makes no sense! 6tag is the Instagram app that keeps most of photos quality. It's even better than official apps on Android or iOS.
  • Amen x is their Achilles' heel. From WP to Xbox to Win8, so many missed opportunities to explain products to people and incentivize their distribution channels. The majority of people I talk to are either not aware of the functionality that exists, or in the case of WP, that it exists at all.
  • To me the app gap is more a problem with smaller local apps, not the big official players; e.g. my telecom provider does not supply a music streaming app for WP; no app for Cinema booking; no app for TV show voting; no app for small banks; no app for basically anthing advertised that provides an app for Google Play and the iPhone Store. 3rd party app developers are not developing those types of apps at all of course, because they are niche but added up there are hundreds of them, missing; with WP you just go without. Getting to the point where I am doubting any change will come, and I am an app developer myself. And to me, WP 10 will not change this picture one iota. Why should it?
  • Why should we be surprised when even Microsoft leaves us out?
  • What do you mean?
  • Microsoft has deployed and announced more dor iOS and Android over last 6 months than MS. Oh, and what phone does Nadella use? iPhone.
  • Nadella, iPhone? Proof?
  • He uses a 930. I remember him saying so in an interview.
  • You hope he uses both of the other 2 and notices how much better the apps are.
  • Come on, windows phone is still work in progress, you don't live in the house you are building do you? Let him use iPhone, he will resort to windows when all work is done. By spreading Ms apps to other OS's they are making them more relevant. So people will stop crying for google apps and use Ms services. If they can't give us google apps, let us make our apps make more sense to them.
  • They built the empire state building in less than 2 years.... Lol. Just saying.
  • You know what he means.....
    What he is taking about is a direct consequence, and good example, of how WP is treated like a RHSC...
  • He's one of the old zone fanboys ...aka whine all day long and never move in.
  • He is a she (classic assumption all tech people are men.) I am a long time Microsoft fan and have been around long enough to see Microsoft pull this garbage before. Windows Phone is toast. They have moved on. No real innovations for us in the platform and the innovation we have being given to iOS and Android. Nadella has been quick to show off his iPhone over last several months in interviews. Microsoft is like the cheating husband who always promises something better "next time."
  • So if he is using that iPhone then he must know by now how bad WP apps are compared to IOS and crapdroid. So what's he gonna do about it? Wonder if he even cares?
  • I'm interested to see links to some of these interviews. I don't really mind if he uses another platform, many other MS employees do so openly, granted they aren't at the top of the ladder like Nadella, but still just interested to see where he's shown it off in interviews the last few months. Microsoft services being available on different platforms is a good thing, it may seem like WP is getting left out but with things like the OneDrive app WP got some features first, whilst Android got others first (Example PIN lock on Android first) Also building things on other platforms (Like the MS research work done on android) could ultimately lead to new ideas being implemented into Windows 10.
  • I use the official to let them know there is a demand
  • They know exactly what data comes from 6tag, so they know the demand is there.
  • I thought 6tag spoofed android. So technically it shows more usage for them.
  • No that's the other one.... Can't remember the name, but it was the first app for instagram we had. Think it was made by venetasoft (hope I got the name right).
  • They're one of the most popular apps in the world. I'm PRETTY sure they know there's demand...
  • Lol.
  • I just want that 6tag and even the eternal beta app could post a picture without loose the photo quality. Everytime I post a picture I feel the quality downs. By the way, everyday, like 10 times per day, I check for apps updates in the Store with a little hope that Instagram will be updated... I still do not loose hope but I know I am foooling myselft...
  • Instagram does that hardcore. 6tag actually compresses it much less.
  • Yeah it does this on my iPhone and Droid tablet as well.
  • I'm holding thumbs for the 940 to be a prolific success so that our market share is pushing 10% by this time next year. Wishful thinking I know but I'm tired of being the underdog & being ignored like there aren't hundreds of millions of us who want to use these services. Besides, the 920 managed more than 10 mil didn't it? I remain hopeful that Windows 10 will be a huge success. We really really need it to be.
  • +940
  • The market for a flagship phone is relatively small. I suppose the 940 wouldn't even make one hundredth of the dent 640 or the 43X would make. That said, a flagship may indirectly boost market share by putting windows phone on the map. I am too, hoping that Microsoft makes a neat Windows phones to show off Windows 10.
  • All hail Rudy!
  • Lol.... We don't "hail" to anyone here in the US...
    But, we like Rudy very much.... How about a hand clap❓❓
  • Golf clap, slow clap or Ace Ventura clap?
  • Special clap.
  • Express your appreciation in the manner that you find suitable. 
  • Except the Chief!
  • I don't think anyone was rejecting him...:-\:-\:-\
  • I am closley watching the Windows 10 for Mobile and if it will be behind the iOS and Android with basic funtions like delivery raports with in the messages or stupid ring and vibrate than I'm going back to Android with new sexy Sony phone. App gap is one thing but to have OS that lacks functions and customizations it's sad and I have been with Windows Phone since 7.5. And than there is no updates(Instagram, YouTube) or lack(Snapchat) of apps.....
  • Lol.
  • We don't care... You can leave already :D
  • There was a pretty good YouTube app from Microsoft....for about a week lol
  • Why would you even bother to give Instagram a word of publicity within WP Central? As far as I am concerned, no offence intended, but we readers on WP Central could have most happily done without this article.
  • You think Instagram needs publicity? A billion dollar company that's the most popular photo sharing service on the planet?
  • He never said that
  • That would be snapchat actually...
  • Richard, please correct the article to note that Layout is NOT available for Android as it claims.
  • Does it matter?...
  • Huuuhhh❓ ummmm, no.
  • I disagree. These things should be pointed out.
  • They are waiting for Windows 10 in order to start releasing good apps for the platform. Just like Microsoft. :P
  • nope they are not
  • Yes and we will be using the app while we fly over Narnia on pigs on our way to Hogwarts.
  • I don't think you guys get the sarcasm in my comment. :)
  • Thats because most people who write something like that on here genuinely believe it.
  • Tom Warren said WPs APIs don't allow video compression which instagram wants ...basically saying current APIs are holding them back from updating the app.
  • Yeah read something like that as well. Its the same for other apps to.
  • There's no reason for them to care when Rudy is doing their job, and doing it well, for them.
  • That sounds about right.
  • Except they don't really monetize on it, he does.
  • Why aren't the folks here that run this site calling these people on the carpet about this situation? One would think that if they had contact with the people who are responsible for the app they would do more than just recommend using a different app..... IMHO all that will do is to give them reason to pull it off the store instead of lighting a fire under their butts and updating it as what was promised Posted from my HTC M8
  • We'll get in touch with Mark Zuckerberg immediately.
  • Is that sarcasm or? (one can never be sure with you guys)
  • 100% sarcasm. Sorry, we do not have high contacts at FB or Instagram. Even if we did, would you expect a legit, well thought out response or some PR canned bullshit from such companies (hint: expect the latter).
  • I look at this like this.. As well known and respected as you are... Why would you expect a canned answer? Posted from my HTC M8
  • Sure its funny. I'm sure you aware that 97% of the mobile market also find WP funny. So does mark zuckerburg! So sure we can find the sarcasms in this article but at the end it really good for WP? Maybe they pull instagram and block API for third party? Still funny? Ok what to do about apps not updating or pulling out of WP? Nothing! Ms isn't doing anything about it......why should anyone else? Read a good point on a a comment here. Nadella uses an iPhone why on earth would he care if apps don't update or leave WP? His apps update and and just keep coming just fine! WP feels like an ms garage project .
  • Sad, but true.
  • I wonder if MS employees use WP? Hell even Bill Gates.., I highly doubt!
  • Bill uses 6tag.
  • "WP feels like an ms garage project ." At this point, I'm inclined to agree. W10fP is a mishmash of styles and fonts (I know it's just a beta), and I don't get any feeling that Nadella or any high-ranking MS people care about it. They are, (understandably!), focused on getting apps out where the market share is, to get people to use Microsoft services like Office and Windows, their real cash cows. Like Google, if they can have a service presence on mobile, they don't care if it's on iOS or Android, instead of on WP.
  • Kind of reminds me of the downfall of Sega. Went from being a major force in gaming to just releasing games on all platforms, and shutting down their other divisions. Before any "smart guys" want to try to over analyze my analogy, I know there is a huge difference. Just had a similar feel to it, at least as far as their phone division is concerned.
  • Mark and instagram can go suck on an egg as far as I'm concerned!
  • Who cares about instagram, is not like you Los a limb or a finger
  • Millions, on top of millions care... And, they still get to keep their fingers..
  • You could ask, ' who cares' about any app? Obviously people care, it's one of the most popular apps on each phone platform
  • Lol, wow. Clueless.
  • Microsoft cares about instagram as they show the pathetic instagram beta to sell WP
  • Not surprised. Instagram official APP Will not be updated even in Windows 10 in my opinion, and if It does, 6tag will be miles ahead that piece of eternal beta crap
  • It's really sad; because of apps like Instragram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. etc. and all of those apps the regular users wants to use in their new smartphone, they also want them to work well, but thanks to this not only app gap, but the update cycles they got in others OS but not in WP, is what makes the regular users to leave for their first Windows Phone and get an Android or iPhone. Not because the OS is bad, but for the apps, and the regular user is not going to look trough the poor designed Store (let's be honest, it have a terrible interface) to see if there are going some other apps that do the same as the oficial apps in other OS (and to see if those apps are free, because if the app requieres an extra-charge because the developer needs to eat, it's going to be really big chances that the regular user is not going to buy the app) ("'C'on!", they say, "the YouTube app in Android or iPhone is free, but in Windows Phone isn't event exist an official app, and some third party apps are not free!!"; they are going to be pissed off because of that).
    Sorry, it's not sad; it's really really sad.
  • It's sad because Windows Phone started out as the best mobile OS for social media, and in less than 5 years, has deteriorated into the worst mobile OS for social media.
  • Yes, but that's not all. Windows Phone solutions for social media (in theory) are quite good, but these developers doesn't even care about this anymore, or their apps, abandoned time ago, gaining dust and bad reviews by the users in the store
  • More multimedia then social media kin was more directed towards that market
  • If instagram doesn't want to update the app they should talk to Rudy and see if he can take over the official app
  • Just like he did with Dropbox. That would be great.
  • Nokia built them an app, back then. They wouldn't publish it. Microsoft built them an app too, back then. They wouldn't publish it either. Then Nokia managed to put pressure on them and Instagram made an app themselves for Nokia to show at Nokia World. Nokia left WP in April. Instagram stopped the updates shortly before that. I'm not saying there's a connection between Nokia leaving and Instagram dropping WP support...but I'll be damned if it's not likely.
  • In the end it's a real shame that it doesn't get support. I use 6tag but the average user buying a WP for the first will notice that this app and others are bad and will return the phone immediately......
  • Why can't we also tweet Instagram to voice our demand for Windows phone updates. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  • I had both the "official" Instagram app and 6Tag...Instagram's half-assed WP offering is nothing more than a waste of storage space when compared to 6Tag.
  • Really like 6tag, use it 50 times a day! But I wish I could use the real one... :'(
  • Exactly my sentiments too. Its sucks using 3rd party apps. Ones hand is not the same as the real thing of you know what I mean
  • LOL
  • Why does it suck using a 3rd party app if it lets you to do all the things you want it to?
  • Would you wear a shoe that is better than a Nike, but with a backwards Nike Swoosh❓❓❓ ... Lol. Think about it.
  • Why does it matter if it's Nike? If the shoe is better, then why wouldn't you wear it? In terms of third party apps, the only reason Instagram and other name brand apps could be categorized as "better" is due to receiving updates the faster. I've learn REALLY quickly that some third party apps are at least equally as good, if not better. Third-party app creators tend to listen to their users more and have more room to explore functionalities their users request. They also tend to get bug-fixes out quicker than original apps.  If that isn't better, than I don't know what is.
  • It just does... People want original.. People want official... That's just the way it is, whether it's always logical, or never logical.. This is just the way it is... It's called uninformed consumerism, or just plain stubbornness, but brand name is brand name...
    Now, my comment about Nike is obviously a joke, and I have many different pairs of shoes, because I have the option to do so... That's the issue with WP.. No option.. People aren't against using 3P apps, but they also want the option of using the original.. Nothing wrong with that....
    Lets also be honest about one thing here.. iDroid has a lot of popular apps, not just the obvious ones, but ones a WP users wouldn't know about.... 3P apps are SOMETIMES a better experience that the official app, but that's not always the case.. With WP this only might apply to some typically popular apps like FB, Tinder, Instagram, or the former Snapchat app... But, that's not enough to make 3P apps the awnswer for WP's app gap.... Not anywhere near enough.
    So you'll never hear me bring up the excuse that WP has some good 3P apps.. No, WP has a few good third party apps.. Lets not fool ourselves here, and downplay the real situation.
  • Well, for one it's not free, like the official one. It doesn't have vid upload from library. I know that's not Rudy's fault, but it is a major feature that's lacking. Those are just two quick points.
  • What exactly do you mean❓
  • Love 6tag but it's not working that great after the recent updates. Tired of some photos loading a blank screen. Hope his planned universal app update later this year is better.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • My connection is good. Happens on LTE or Wi-Fi. One out of ten pics never load unless I scroll up and down or refresh the app. This never happened before all the updates in recent weeks. Maybe I'll reinstall it.
  • Works fine for me...
  • What surprises me the most is that its the "free" popular apps that are not available on the windows store. Underline free
  • #6tag is he best so far.  
  • I would not be surprised if they are just holding back for W10
  • Stop dreaming buddy: Windows 10 won't change anything about lack of app support. The only devs will take advantage of these things are the devs that already support Windows and Windows Phone.
  • Stop dreaming.. Lol.
  • Yeah. What does Instagram care if people can use the app on Windows 10 on a computer? Instagram is an app specifically designed for mobile use, PC marketshare is irrelevant, and they already have access through the web browser. Maybe Windows 10 for Phones will provide some functionality that Instagram wants/needs, but if the thinking it that the universal apps thing and PC marketshare is a factor, that's just dreaming.
  • Ummm...aren't you the one always trying to get apps for the Brazil WP Store? By your thinking  "The only devs will take advantage of these things are the devs that already support (edit:) the Brazil WP Store and Windows Phone." Don't poo-poo on someone else whose glass is half-full re: Windows 10.  You're putting yourself out there hoping for improvement on a different front, and kudos for that, but, you know, glass houses and all that...
  • Isn't that the truth its still up to the devs especially if they dont use 1st party tools(double meaning)
  • I highly doubt that is the case.
  • Can we just delist Instagram from Windows phone store?
  • All in all, this was an article to promote 6tag?
  • It's a response to something I've seen constantly the past 24 hours on social media. People talking about the fact it's been a full year since an Instagram update. It sucks. But we've got better solutions than whining. One of those is to use an app created by someone who gives a damn.
  • Well put! I didn't even realise it's been a year already. Interestingly, today I was just showing this guy (who happens to prefer WP over Android and iOS) the advantages of 6tag over the official Instagram. I wonder if things will change after Windows 10?
  • I appreciate that, but please correct the article to note that Layout is NOT available for Android as it claims. Posting this here too so people will notice it and not feel AS left out. :)
  • Using 6tag is not the answer to fixing instagram on windows.
  • For many of us existing users, it absolutely is. Marketing and sales wise, no.
  • The funny thing about this Layout app (second app for users to download, which is funny in itself) is that I think I always preferred 6tag from day one because it had a collage feature more nimble than other apps, Instagram related or not. I'm sure Layout is nicer, but I'm perfectly happy with the third party app with everything built in.
  • Yeah, there doesn't seem to be anything particularly exciting in Layout that we can't get on WP. I think it's more the general attitude.   We should also point out that Layout isn't available on Android yet either, it's said to come in a few months. Goes with the origins of Instagram, it was iOS only for the longest time.
  • I love 6tag but I hate ads and I can't buy the app ( don't have visa or master card ) :3
  • Use Bing get free gift cards buy apps. Have been doing this forever, have never paid for Skype credits or any paid apps
  • pick up a prepaid debit card from walmart load $20 on it and BAM you have a VISA or MasterCard or Amex
  • I wouldn't call 6tag "somethg we can do about it." I don't use Instagram, no use to, but I know people have their wants with apps, and this is one. Third-party offerings can fill gaps, and even top first-party offerings in UI and whatever, but there aren't enough examples of third-party solutions to problems. 6tag can fill in for Instagram, except in the realm of public perception. No matter how good 6tag performs and looks, it won't change the fact that people will say, "Instagram doesn't care about Windows Phone." That's not terrible on its own, but thrown next to the mass exodus of banking apps and the continued omission of Google apps and Snapchat (plus the blocking and banning of the third-party solutions and their users), it all still paints a disappointing, frustrating picture for current and potential users. Windows 10 offers a glimmer of hope becuase of the universal nature of apps, but it's really hard to say if it will meaningfully make things better. Will developers look at the added user base of PC, tablet, and Xbox users and make an app, or will they see Xbox One as a pointless platform and just point the PC and tablet users to the browser, while still refusing to make applications for Windows 10? We'll see, but I have my doubts for sure.
  • All true. I could add more but why bother? Waiting game is on................
  • I get that some people will be sad not to have this, but there's nothing to stop you creating your Collage in one of many other apps and then uploading it to Instagram, maybe I'm missing something and it does much more than this? Whenever I use instagram on my 1020 I pretty much always upload a photo I took in the normal camera app anyway, rather than going into instagram specifically, I get a better quality photo that way anyway.
  • Seems to me that Apple and Google are paying off the the developers to try and kill our love for WP. If the most popular apps are not available then maybe users will jump ship. Personally don't care and love my WP. Not leaving anytime soon. ​
  • L I K E W I S E !
  • I like 6tag. It's great!
  • Uninstalled instagram a few weeks back.
  • Just tell me where does mark live.
    I'm going to kill him!
  • I love my Lumia 1520 and I love Windows Phone but its getting hard to hold on. My upgrade is in June and if there is no flagship or signs of life, I will have to jump ship. Until then, I am a dedicated fan boy that hopes MS gets it together.
  • Really starting to feel this way myself as well and I've been using WP since before WP7.
  • My guess is that MS probably wanted to do the same thing that they did with the FB app and FB said no. MS doesn't need to remake every app that other companies have made just give us the ability to use the official app. I appreciate the devs that try to fill the void for the official apps we are missing and am grateful for all their efforts.
  • This^^ same here.
  • Lets be real people. Most people are stupid. Stupid people go with crowds. Crowds are distracted by shiny objects. Apple and google have the shiny object strategy on lock down. Until Microsoft dumbs enough things down to where a 2 year old apparently can look like a genius, and some douche wearing flip flops calls it cool, nothing is going to happen in this space. Everyone that I have moved to windows phone says the same thing, "I can't believe I used an iphone/android for so long" why do they say that? Because the phone itself does things that are leaps and bounds ahead of the shiny objects. So unless you become a shiny object, getting the stupid crowd is going to be a non-starter. But when people actually use a windows phone and realize that there is more to what you do everyday that windows phone just knocks out the park that ios and android are still horrible at, they tend to not care about the dumb shit like Instagram. And 6tag does fill the gap. But I always say support those that support you. Our biggest problem is americans in large are too stupid to follow instructions like that. And since wp is a small player that doesn't make any real noise, other than to bitch to microsoft all the time, we end up getting no where.
  • This right hear is 100.. % real! ^^ exactly!
  • Nice rant but won't help. Microsoft sending in the big troops of Win10 to save us all. Fingers crossed for winning a battle!
  • Agreed, WP is a fantastic OS at this point, and the phones are great. It's just a tough sell, both to people who are used to apps, and to developers because of that. Not to mention to resellers, who are not interested in carrying them (for whatever reason).
  • I've honestly never met anyone with a Windows Phone that was happy with it. Not trying to prove you wrong or make a point. Just stating a fact. They always return it, after realizing it is far behind in many areas. And also complaining about it loudly to anyone who will listen.
  • I just deleted my Official Instagram app and official Twitter/Vine apps because I was tired of these half way made apps by these @#$% heads they call companies, I will still use 6Tag over the official as long as they have every function even if the official catches up with other OS for them playing us like that... SnapChat f'd up, I'm done with them even if they come back. And whoever else wanna leave Windows Phone or screw us backwards lol..
  • There is a CNN article (site won't let me include the link in my comment) that claims that layout was also released for Windows Phone. While they are clearly wrong I guess it's a good thing that someone is assuming that apps are being released for Windows Phone alongside iOS and Android, shows that people at least know we exist now.
  • It is not out for Android for another few months. iOS only.
  • The instagram app shows me crappy little square images of food. What's there to update
  • Well, there's no surprise :). The fact that they didin't pull the app out, unlike pinterest, makes be hope/think that someday we'll se an updated version of it. Sadly, not with a priority :).
  • The article is like stand up comedy better yet Comedy Central. No problem just use third party or better yet Web App. #SlowlyDying
  • The official Instagram app for windows phone a real shame for the ecosystem! But not only this, also other "official" apps like Linkedin suck..... that's so sad
  • This is true
  • That's true, Windows Phone is like the ugly duck, big mobile developer companies  don't like it and don't make updates for their apps.  But this is not Microsoft's fault, it's Google's fault since they copied iOS and big players like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo have flood the market with cheap devices giving Microsoft a poor chance of success. 
  • by just looking at how fast microsoft developed windows phone and  windows phone native apps the past 4 years i can't blame any company for not supporting windows phone..... i feel sad but optimistic about windows 10
  • Fuck Nastygram!
  • The BETA tag is only still there so they can use an excuse to say why the app is half-ass. Their Windows development team is probably gone and never coming back. I wouldn't be surprised if the app goes unlisted when/before Windows 10 is released.
    I really do enjoy using 6tag but I prefer the push notifications of the official app. If 6tag (somehow) gets push notifications, I'll never go back to the official app.
  • What notifications are you not getting? Everytime I post a pic I get them from people who like my pics.. Unless you're talking about something else.
  • I used 6tag from day one Instagram official app is shit. Shame on them for having a third party app that makes there's embarrassing. Wake up Instagram not everybody is an Iphone Sheep
  • Dear Rudy, please add lockscreen support to 6tag!
  • Rudy, we love you. But instagram, go f*** yourself.
  • Instagram, another iSheep application nobody really needs.
  • Lol okay take your pills. Millions use it daily and calling them isheep or stupid is such a ridiculous and immature reaction.
  • I said "nobody really needs", not " nobody uses". And I don't understand your butthurt reaction to my statement about an app. It seems you can make a better use of those pills ;).
  • Soon
  • Though, maybe instagram will fix the problem... I mean, like if you gave a farmer a peanut you cant expect them to have a field in a day (or weeks or months or years...)
  • Insta.... Who?
  • Good article and well written, it seems the norm now to develops apps for iphone and android and leave windows behind, come out a few months later or a year and state due to high demand from our community were are developing an app for windows, like we don't have better apps out their than the originals
  • Honestly instagram is dead to us, without 6tag it would mean millions of users would be unable to get instagram services, smh
  • Well, I also have to put the blame on Microsoft. They said that developers have to update their app... They only update it once and just said fuck it. Well, if Microsoft was serious like apple does with their app store then we wouldn't have this problem.
  • This is a sad state of affairs. This "solution" is by no means perfect. MSFT had better have a universal app up their sleeves. At least bb10 can side load. Ridiculous.
  • Kinda sad #2instawithlove was killed off
  • Windows 10, please help us. We pray. Make it the OS that will succeed in mobile, desktop and tablet. Make it where it needs to be.
  • Long live Rudy Huyn!
  • So say we all.
  • CNN Money article says it will be available for Windows Phone: 6 tag is far better than the actual instagram app. Not even close. Thanks Rudy!
  • Windows Phone is a fucking JOKE. I could not be more happy to have left the platform after 2 years and return to Android.
  • Wow, you came on here just to post your hate for WP. Good for you, the exit is to your left!!!!
  • It's a ranting article isn't it? So he posted his rants. Nothing wrong.
  • Lmao! :D
  • Yup thanks for your post. We really needed. Wow and it was so well worded too.
  • Did you have to yell?
  • That's nice.
  • I stick android phones in your moms butt :D
  • I think that us users, yes I'm one of the guilty ones, have to shoulder some of the blame for this situation as we effectively abandoned the official and so called "inferior" app in favour of 6tag. What do you think that says to the developers of the official app?
  • They should try to make it better than 6tag?
  • That's exactly it though, if we as users don't use the official apps that we do have then where's the incentive for the developers to develop the official app further.
  • 6Tag is much much better looking than Instagram... my Android friends are jealous. So, not bothered at all... :-)
  • Cheap Lumia phones are top-sellers on Amazon and many online retailers, I don't get how all these units are not moving marketshare up to the point that Microsoft can go to these companies and say "Look, we can take care of full-development of your app for our platform, support and all, just let us do it." Why is it so hard for Nadella to personally call Zuckerberg, whoever is in charge of Snapchat, and whoever leads app development at BofA/Chase and ask for Rudy to run development of their apps? Microsoft can provide support and any other needed logistics. Am I assuming too much to think that they haven't already tried such?
  • For what it's worth, this 'Layout' app is currently iOS only although they say they will release for Android in the coming months. This doesn't change the overall situation for WP, of course, but still wanted to correct the article. There is a CNN article that incorrectly states it is available for all 3 platforms (including WP). Maybe they will release one for Windows 10 (wishful thinking).
  • Sorry re gram was added on the iOS And Android versions. It's just not called regram and it's under the share button. That's no longer a special windows phone feature. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Rudy Huyn is a boon for WP Users!!
  • Isnt instgram for taking pictures of your junk? Or was that something else?
  • No, that's InstaWang. Easy mistake to make though.
  • Ahhh... Thanks. Lol
  • Wasn't there a condition that all apps need to be updated and maintain once a year?  MS should removed Instagram beta from the store.  Tons of people will complain but what's the point of a bad app.  I do use it but I use 6tag as well.  Quality = user satisfaction. Just like FB, the experience is horrible.  I ususally open it to check notification for less then a min each time.  I'm sure will reach a point where I delete it for good.
  • I see a lot of people saying the Facebook app on WP is poor compared to the iOS and Android versions, but what exactly doesn't it do? I'm a VERY light Facebook user (Prefer Twitter personally) and it lets me see notifications, post messages, add friends etc, I don't really see what is missing, and performance seems normal etc. Being a light user, maybe I don't see the massive list of missing features / problems, and I'm not saying you're wrong but nobody ever lists the specific problems when I ask, and I'm interested to know, am I just blind to what I am missing out on?
  • When I first saw the title for the article I thought it said Instagram launched an app for us...
  • This is why I think Microsoft should think in a Plan B in case Windows Phone fails and continue with something similar than Nokia X, a Android experience without Google services, similar than Amazon Fire OS and Amazon Appstore which is Google free.  Just my 2 cents.
  • No, they should stay the course.
  • I agree with you. Besides, the Amazon Fire Phone was probably the biggest failure in the history of smartphones so far.
  • I don't think an Android experience without the Google Play store etc. would be worth doing at all - It won't be the android that people have come to expect and will still be considered "different" and not pushed in stores etc. At least count yourself lucky your not on Firefox OS lol, although the idea of the web platform for apps is romantic and would be nice, I'm pretty sure it has worse app support than Windows.
  • We got official instagram only to shut us up. Clearly neither instagram nor Microsoft care if get an update or whether we use it or not.
  • The mission should be to create a service that everyone else wants, but Windows Phone would be the premier platform, while the other platforms would be supported, but with "also ran"or "feature X coming soon" status.
  • Come on WP central, you need to correct this headline as well as article immediately. It is completely wrong that this is available for everyone else, and the tone of the article changes completely once you know it's iOS only, for the next few months at least. I expect this site to be factually correct.
  • Screw Instagram. I've tried it (abandoned app and 6tag) and it sucks. The web version sucks too. I'd rather share photos on twitter or facebook.
  • Rant mode acivated..... But no. I don't want to use 6tag. Not that 6tag is bad, but I prefer official apps! Besides Whatsapp and Facebook messenger, I see lots of official apps are not even coming nor updated for Windows phone, even till this date! What's going on?? Also, I keep seeing newer updates happening now and then for Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instragram, etc on Android while we are so quiet over here at the windows phone camp. Don't tell me because the Android versions are filled with bugs hence with the constant updates. Well, are WP versions perfect? No. Is because till date, devs are still not giving a damn about Windows Phone. Look at the "official" Facebook app. When is the last update from MS again? Unniversal apps will save the day you say? Fat hope! Look at the Facebook app on Windows 8.1. It has not been updating as well! Do you still really think Universal apps will help the platform? Face it. Devs cannot be committed to so many different platforms. iOS and Android alone have already drive them nuts. Now we expect them to create another WP versions of their apps??! Future of WP is just so no looking good.... Rant mode ends.....
  • Bredrin... The Truth! Has been Spoken! Have u seen how fluid 5.0 is? WP 10 I fear has already lost
  • Same here, but I'm using it until we get that... Hopefully
  • Owning devices from all three platforms, I can day WP isn't lacking any more than iOS and Android are in their own ways. It's the perpetuation of anything Microsoft makes is crap by people who have the most influence. Time and time again I see people say they don't like Windows Phone when they haven't even tried it or are thinking its Windows Mobile. I have often others places where iOS and Android have their own failings and WP succeeds but they have been trained that if it is Microsoft it is bad. Apps are the main problem but that is because developers got burned by Microsoft years ago like they are getting burned by Apple and Google now. Microsoft needs go get over that but tech people, my colleagues I work with, need to actually use the products they criticize so they do so properly and with full knowledge.
  • Well said. I've used all 3 platforms, and each does have it's benefits vs it's limitations. No one is better than the other except in what fits an individual's needs. Three things I wish we could see:
    1: How about a survey of what apps are wanted - do this to showcase interest in the missing apps to put the numbers out there for developers to see how many users they are missing.
    2: How about some community driven tutorials on how to develop for WP? AppStudio to VIsualStudio, databases, communications, various APIs to talk to hardware, etc.
    3: And the one I most want to see - a grass-roots, community driven marketing campaign worldwide. There has to be tons of people who are good at making videos and such to showcase features we can share on social media to drive up interest. I Know it's asking a lot and probably a huge pipe dream, but I wouldn't suggest it if I didn't want to see it be successful. I think if we all can do something to get it over that 10% marketshare hurdle, things may start to change.
    I will keep wishing and doing what I can though.
  • Not because they have not try Windows Phone, but because tiles itself already is a big turn off for most of them. Those messy and flipping chessboard looking squares and rectangles already making them scare. Let alone asking them to try. Yes, the OS is great indeed, but apps are such a letdown. Apps are so much polished on iOS / Android. Just the Internet Explorer itself is already bad as compared to Google Chrome. So many times pages rendered so badly on IE wile Chrome is so good, just like on the desktop. Chrome has already implemented pulldown to refresh pages, and what improvements do we have for IE on phone so far?? NOTHING! Wait for Spartan you say? By then, Chrome will be leaps and bounds ahead once more.
  • Feel like I was duped into clicking on this article, w/e enjoy the ad revenue
  • I think Microsoft should make windows phone be open source and let devs mess with it and make unoficial apps
  • WP and open source? You want a laggy device?
  • Dude, open source != laggy. Android 5 is so smooth now. Also, open source doesn't mean every tom, dick and harry can mess up the OS anywhere they like.
  • Instagram dev head weight y they cant better app for WP Microsoft gave full API access to dev .telegram, moliplayer and many apps can achieve lot of things y not instagram ;/
  • Its hasn't been released for android yet.. Only iPhone and android is coming in a few weeks Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm hurt :'(
  • Third party apps are fine....until the owners decide to pull the public APIs, and make it proprietary, like Snapchat.
  • why WP is ignored everywhere? :(
  • It sucks, I wish we had the official answer
  • 6tag already has collage function
  • The biggest issue from my perspective is that MS is not marketing the platform like they should. Look up the YouTube videos for the original iPhone and ask yourself - does it showcase not only the phone, but how to use it? Yes. This ad was the first in a series that all aired heavily during the first two years, and is why so many consumers said it felt 'easy'. Now, look up past Zune ads - almost no showing of the UI or what it was capable of. Next, try the Windows 7 and WP7 commercials - never really showed using it. The 1st & 2nd gen Surface commercials? Again, didn't really showcase what they could do. The Surface Pro 3 commercials are somewhat better than the dancing picnic table video, and I hope that's a sign of learning - showcase the OS/Device and what it can do, not some disconnected mess. And even then, MS is not driving most of the WP commercials. They have left that up to the carriers, but they are incentivized more to promote iOS devices, so unless there's a 'bonus' incentive that nets them more than what Apple pays during any given time period, they don't care to market it beyond a basic web ad in a rotator. And as a result, market growth is stagnant at best except in those areas where it is advertised. Like I said, we may need to take it upon ourselves (the community) to put something together and blast it out there worldwide for the next few months. As consumer interest grows, developer interest will follow because it means more dollars they are missing out on if they don't get on board.
    I wouldn't pronounce it dead yet by any means. I will continue to promote the platform where I can. I wish these naysayers would put some effort into doing the same. So, maybe we can get Daniel, Sam, and the rest to spread the word to get people to tweet, post, etc., something they love about WP, keep it alive for the next 90 days and see if it has an impact? (I know, "Keep dreamin!", but I have to try :) ). I think once they see interest on social media, Instagram, Tinder, mabe even Chase, BofA,and similar will reconsider and bring apps back to the platform and maybe others get their apps updated, too.
  • Well I don't use instagram. So I don't care.
  • Oh, and a HUGE Thank You to Rudy for creating 6tag! :)
  • Really 6tag is the best!
  • From the beginning it seems instagram creators were really not happy about launching an app for Windows phone. So.... Instagram, GFY! You have anxious users and you only spit on them
  • That feature for iPhone users is really good.. I m sure Rudy will work on that feature ;)
  • Windows phone so so so so underrated. Windows phone is not appreciated like all the other platforms.
  • This^^
  • Well i read most of the comments and I must say as regular instagram user and owner of a Lumia 1020 and an iPhone 5S - That 6tag is way better than the official iOS version, you can regram and save pictures that you like (it's ridiculous that the official client of a picture based service doesn't do that). And speaking of the LAYOUT app it just sucks, it's basically a very basic collage app, even 6tag is better at it. Period. All hail Rudy Huynh
  • These bastards will suffer with windows 10.
  • you can say that again
  • U must be slow, if u feel like this then why don't u just leave our community and never come back? Numbers make sense, millions of people use windows phones not hundreds, millions, and it shouldn't cost that much to maintain one app, other companies do many apps just fine without the huge user base insta has, hell look at Netflix they make an app for almost every single piece of electronic out there no matter how many users. That's good business, giving your user base a way to connect to their service no matter what device or platform u use. Doing what these companies are doing is lazy, dochebagish, and not good business.
  • Agreed.
  • Oh please. Not every company works like Netflix. For a start, I don't see Apple iTune or any Google official apps working on Windows Phone, even though almost all MS services are available on iOS and Android. Every company has their unique culture. Lazy, dochebagish, and not good business?? That's your opinion only. But to Instagram, why waste resources on Windows Phone when they can polish up their iOS and Android versions, making the bigger user bases happy instead?
  • that's sad
  • Ppl still use this???
  • It's 2015!!!..come on Microsoft...instagram,facebook!
  • This is depressing and not helping in any way
  • Continue on your triumph. We have Rudy Huyn.
  • Fuck you Instagram & a big thanks to the dev Rudy Huyn
  • Instagram has abandoned Windows. Its time they should better get back to work.
  • Who cares we have phototastic collage.... Duck off instagram
  • Is not about phototastic collage or not. Is about why companies are not giving a damn for Windows Phone. Instagram already ducked off long before you say so.
  • Duh!!!! Will keep using 6tag and will keep clicking every add I see on it to make Rudy Hyun richer. Hahaha #Retaliation #SupportForRudy
  • In what century WP store is releasing the original app for Instagram not the f Beta version?
  • In windows app store only dev. Like Rudy are getting richer, Microsoft must do fuckin something bout dat
  • I visit less and less. I've Turned off alerts and live tiles. Why because we complain not to complain and we still complain..ha just wanted to post because I just logged back in to wCentral after a hard reset. So I'm really not complaining just glad I don't visit as much because of all the complaining. So I'm not going to complain about complaining.. Right bye, fk it
  • No it is not for iPhone will be launched for android in several months....
  • Third party apps are great, but they are not the solution, only a workaround. It's only a matter of time when Instagram will, once again, close their APIs on developers like Rudy and all the others. That's why I'm annoyed by "just use 6tag" comments. Yeah, use 6tag! Please, use it, it's great and it works but THAT IS NOT THE SOLUTION. Instagram/Facebook are big jerks, right down the alley with Google. They all forget how they started. As if Google had one hunder thousand billion users at the very beginning. Or Instagram, for that matter. They all tend to forget their beginnings. And it's not about not having the user base. Look at Wunderlist (first thing that came to my mind)! They support all three platforms, release new features and bugfixes almost simultaneosly! And Wunderlist's team is much smaller than Instagram's, not to mention their finances! How come they find Windows Phone worth the trouble? Honestly, how many people use Instagram, and how many use Wunderlist, for example? And they still find it profitable or at least manageable. It's never about the finances or worthiness, it's all rivalry and greed. :(
  • Oh well.. They are depending on Market Share to develop the products.
  • I just uninstall Instagram beta. I'm sticking to 6tag.
  • I will say again because I like the butthurt reaction: An iSheep app nobody really needs. I don't have it on my Lumia 930, I don't have it on my iPhone 5. I don't see the point of dealing with 5 different social platforms.
  • PS: I don't have it on my Nexus 7 either.
  • An iPhone-only app and from the app-maker who has no love for Windows Phone (I'm talking to you Instagram). How the hell this story make it to Windows Central?
  • I never use the official one. 6tag on one phone and Pictastic on the other. They work great and are regularly updated.
  • The app on WP is still better, so I don't care...
  • The person who announced with Instagram is not so good right now.
  • I own a 930 which I received free through work(I work in telecommunications) and whilst I adore it I simply cannot use as a daily phone to due small issues which should not exist. With that said I enjoy Windows devices a lot, I enjoy my 360, XBone, and my several Windows PC's. A case example of my frustration for something that just simply shouldn't be so is the, facebook app. 1) Receive notification of comment 2) Click on Toast to go to, facebook post 3) Read post and want to now view the, facebook Newsfeed 4) ?? No home button and the back button takes me back to previous app(or home screen) 5) Hit home button to return home 6) hit,facebook tile to view newsfeed. Is this a minor bug? Absolutely 100%. Could I go on living my life with this bug? Absolutely 100%. As a consumer should I have to deal with crap like this when on my previous (insert iOS/Android) I didn't? No. With that all said and done, I went back to my iPhone. I am on the Dev preview and keep my 930 charged and watch the updates come, hopefully Windows Phone 10 fixes this but as of now, there is a level of polish not being shown to Windows Phone and I believe Microsoft needs to drive developers to create identical apps all the exosystems and not just there preferred though that is a near impossible task.
  • Good to see the trolls frequenting WP forums lol.
  • No issues here. 6tag does the job. Lots of bleating about a non issue here. We have access and it works. I do not care about instagram as a company after all. Too much drama about nothing thanks to Rudy.
  • 6tag developers! thnx a lot for your amazing app
  • Stop crying like a baby... We have the best OS in the market! I say that because I am still using my iPhone 6 and my Sony XPeria 3. The main problem is MS: They are giving a shit to WP...
    Believe me: WP is much better than iOS and Android!!
  • Only on Windows Phone do you get people talking about the announcement of an abandonware version of Instagram like it's the Apollo moon landing.
  • Rudy huyn deserves some respect huve that man a medal