Instagram reportedly coming to BlackBerry 10. Presages Windows Phone?

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If there is one nagging issues that Windows Phone can’t get away from it’s the so-called "app gap". Specifically that some major apps or services are still missing from the platform and will prevent potential customers from switching smartphones. The problem lessens every day when a new big name title launches on Windows Phone, but if there was one that people really want, it’s Instagram.

We’ll leave our personal opinion about the hipster photo service to the side because in the end, it doesn’t matter if we like it or would rather stick a fork in our eye than use it. The masses have spoken and Instagram is a “must have” just like diabetes for Americans.

Our friend and colleague Kevin Michaluk from CrackBerry has gone on record recently, vehemently we might add, stating that Instagram is absolutely coming to BlackBerry 10.

Instagram - Coming to BlackBerry 10

The article was written in response to Venture Beat who claimed otherwise. Kev’s response was very straightforward:

“No offense to VentureBeat, but whatever sources they have that are familiar with the matter, I have better sources that are even more familiar with this matter. I checked in with my contacts that all but gave formal confirmation that RIM continues to have a strong relationship with Facebook, who now owns Instagram, and that you will see Instagram come to BlackBerry 10.”

We know Kev, we know his links to Waterloo and we know there isn’t anyone on the ‘net who knows more about RIM’s plans than himself. So if he’s willing to buy someone a car if he’s wrong, we’re confident in his prediction too. (Seriously, he’s offered to buy someone a car if he’s wrong.)

That leads us to Windows Phone—we still don’t have that app. We have our fingers crossed that when Microsoft reveals Windows Phone 8 on the 29th they will also have a ton of announcements for new apps and partners. That’s how it’s been done in the past with Redmond: show off product, show off new hardware, and then announce all the big app and game titles that are co-launching.

Our prediction is on October 29th, Microsoft will announce a dozen or so Windows Phone 8 games using the new native coding ability in addition to showing new and updated apps for the platform. Could Instagram be a part of that?

If BlackBerry 10 is getting Instagram--an OS that’s not even out yet and in our opinion destined for failure (sorry, Kev)--how could Microsoft and Windows Phone not get it as well?

We won’t bet a car on it but if Microsoft doesn’t show off Instagram at the end of October, well, guess what headline you’ll be seeing. 

Source: CrackBerry

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Don't hold back NOT telling us how you feel about Instagram, Daniel. I actually feel the same way, LOL!
  • Funny thing, I'm such a photo geek you know I'll end up using it on occasion, then I'll have to explain that to everyone, lol.
  • lmao, that we knew from your love affair with the titan ii's camera!
  • Its all about the community.
    Why would I use a photo app/community were none of my friends are?
    Its like I would be stuck using Google+ when all my friends and my team-mates are planning and booking all events and practices on facebook.
  • Community my arse... How many people use the Instagram "community"... They use Facebook and twitter, and its just handy for them that instgram intergrates well with both. I will be honest here, and say instagram is not as mass-market as its fans seem to think it is... The main people who use it are apple slaves, and they use it for one reason and one reason alone - because its trendy to do so, and they feel it gets them noticed. The photos the app produces are shit, and can be made at any point with a filter software or app, but they look different and the posted via instagram tagline on Facebook is of vital concern to these people. These types of people will never leave apple anyway, so if its available on android, WP and blackberry, and suddenly wasn't on IOS, it still wouldn't matter to them, they'd find another app to show off.
  • Yeah that may take away from your photog points, hahaha! Part of it is that all you see is people using Sepia tones. I'm a photo hobbyist (beginner level) and Instagram is mostly panned in that community. Still, like you said, having Instagram is good for the platform.
  • edit:delete-function would be nice
  • I love it how you totally left out your opinion on Instagram. Absolutely no way to deduce it from this article :)
  • I guess BB's relationship is stronger than MS, even though MS was an early (and big) investor in Facebook. If we don't have a first party app why do we think we will get Instagram? Unless FB gives MS devs access.
  • BB10 Facebook app is made by RIM. It just happens to look like the official ones
  • Instagram: Making bad photos worse.
  • Agree
  • Agreed.
  • +
  • +1000
  • ++++
  • That's pretty much how I feel about it too.

  • +100000000000 I know several friends who repeatedly feel the urge to post pictures on Facebook"via Instagram" and it does annoy me, if only slightly. It is a pointless app and, funnily enough, they're all iPhone owners lol!
  • The masses have spoken and Instagram is a “must have”, just like diabetes for Americans. Hilarious! Considering Microsoft has part ownership of Facebook, you'd think they would have a stronger relationship than RIM does.
  • I found that line about diabetes hilarious as well and unfortunately, disturbingly accurate.
  • Haha I had a good laugh at that (not that it's a good thing tho)
  • That was the best part of the article.
  • You guys REALLY need to fix the Comment Box to work with IE10.
  • Dude, I thought it was just me. I only comment using the app or at work, and I've been on Win8 since it was released on MSDN in August, so I never put it together that it was IE10's fault.
  • Jessica Alba uses Fhotoroom, judging by her recent posts on Facebook. If Jessica Alba can transition from Instagram, so can other people. :P
  • Now that's a good endorsement.
  • Hahaha!
  • Jessica Alba's on Fhotoroom? I need her user name stat!
  • This is kind of ludicrous I don't understand why its taking those crap stains over at instagram to make a windows phone app...
  • No kidding. Its a joke really.
    And If its released at the event and wont support WP7,8, I'l snap.
  • +1
    WP7.8 support, please.
  • I will have to say this...
    I don't really care, but one more app for WP = one less reason for people to stick to iOS/Android. That's a good thing.
  • +1 Absolutely agree.
  • +
  • One thing we know for certain is that both MS and Nokia have reached out to instagram in an effort to get the app to WP. If BB10 is getting it and we're not, I'm almost reluctant to say that I'm starting to really believe there is a conspiracy amogst specific big app makers to attempt to kill WP or extort high moneytary fees from MS/Nokia just to get these apps on the platform. THIS IS FREAKING BS MAN!! I CAN'T BELIEVE BB10 WITH A MUCH SMALLER APP COUNT IN THERE APP STORE COULD GET INSTAGRAM BEFORE US.....not that I would even use it, but others on wp want it.
  • I think you might be partially right since MS did pay devs to make apps.  Some developers probably figure if they hold out long enough MS will pay them as well.
  • I tend to lean toward the extortion angle or a mis-placed efforts to stick it to the "old guard". Think about it, with all the Pandora clients on the Marketplace it's clear why there isn't an offical app: $$$$.
    Problem is (for those devs) is that they WILL have Windows 8 apps. They can't ignore Windows 8 or somebody else will step in to take their lunch so to speak. 
    So once its clear that they developed Metro style apps there won't be any doubt about WHY they won't do the little bit of re-work to get it on Windows Phone.
  • OK. Just though about the Pandora situation a little more and realized that MS may simply say "Eff you Pandora, we don't need you"
    Since MS will be offering free streaming through XBOX Music (with unlimited skips) I think Pandora will soon see the error of their ways...
  • Personally, I think Pandora's absence is far more of a problem than Instawhatever.
    Number of platforms I have downloaded Pandora on = 4
    Number of platforms I have downloaded Instawhatever = 0
    And as we have seen, Pandora's modification of their API really FUBARs the third party apps.
    Will Pandora mssing prevent me from moving to WP8?  No, but I sure will miss it.
  • Pandora isn't available in Canada and is irrelevant for me and for the rest of the world. You cannot compare Instagram or any other popular, internationally-available app to Pandora.
  • I used to love Pandora but that was years ago before they got in legal trouble and shut the rest of the world out from the service. I like Zune better.
  • The difference is that Pandora has many alternatives whereas instagram has few and is a social app. If all your friends use facebook, you can just move to MySpace and have a comparable experience.
  • Ya know, Odog...I agree.  Frankly, I think that if Microsoft has stopped talks with the Pandora developers, then that would be fantastic - XBox Music will more than suffice the streaming needs for many and given that XBox Music may be cross platform, that it will actually rival Pandora.  
    Same goes for BBC iPlayer - I really don't feel that Microsoft and/or Nokia should pay these folks to develop an app.
  • MS has Xbox Music and Nokia has Nokia Music with unlimited free streaming. I could careless about Pandora :)
  • Google does this...
  • If developers look at userbase as their indicator as to whether or not to develop an app, then it's possible that they are looking at the total BB userbase (I think it is about 80 million) even though many may not upgrade to BB10 right away.
    But I agree, I think that some developers are looking for Microsoft to 'fund' their development for apps. 
    Some developers used the excuse (valid or not) that the developing language for WP7/7.5 made it a challenge to port their apps; but with Windows 8, I just don't see any validity as to why porting their app would be a problem.  If developers still don't port their apps to WP8 after W8, then I'm going to go with the more terse term, extortion :)
  • After instagram then it will be something else. When will it end?
  • While I agree with the sentiment (remember Angry Birds?) that's actually easy to answer: when Windows Phone receives parity with Android and iOS.  By that I mean when a new service launches, it comes to Windows Phone 8 at the same time as other OSs.  That's when this will end, but until then, we'll always be playing "catch up".
  • I'm looking forward to the day when I see a local TV ad where they mention they have an app, followed by "available for your iPhone, Android and Windows Phone!"
    We have a local news station promoting a weather app, and it's available on iPhone, Android, and...get this, Blackberry!! I mean, seriously?
  • Whenever that happens I just complain about the lack of a windows phone app, maybe if I and others complain enough we'll get one.
  • +100000000
  • Lol I know what your saying. However to answer your question, never!!!!!!
  • Oh come on!! Lets start a riot!!! I want instagram on my 900 and soon to be 920 asap!!
  • So I guess BB is not dead just yet.....:D
  • As much as I love WP, BlackBerry is a stronger, more known brand. I can see why they would take more of a risk with it
  • Agree
  • True; but BB10 will not be released until Q1 2013!   In other words, given that BB10 will be out at the earliest Jan 2013, and at the latest March 2013, there is plenty of time for Instagram to bring their app to WP8.
    I don't foresee myself using Instagram if it does make its way to WP8, but I realize that some WP users would use it; for those users, hope you get your app :)
  • I would like to agree, however it's been a LONG time since I've seen someone carrying a Blackberry out in the "field."
  • They don't have to. 10 out of 10 people know what BlackBerry is. Only about 3 out of those same 10 would know what WP is. It ain't about how BlackBerry is doing now, it's about how many people know what it is
  • I totally disagree with that statement. Everyone may know what it is, that's fair enough. But that doesn't mean 10 out of 10 people would use it? If im developing for a platform, I wouldn't even consider how many people know about the platform, its purely how many people would use the app, end of story.
  • You can't use a phone your not aware of, silly. Lol
  • The blackberry name maybe stronger, but I really don't know how much its used in corporations. Personally out of 300+ employeess in my organization, only about 10 use BB and they're waiting for VZW to release WP8 devices so I can switch them to it. Oh yeah, remember Yahoo offering it's employees every device except BB.
  • That's only cause of the product is slacking right now but if BlackBerry 10 ends up being a great product that surpasses expectations, it has a higher chance of making a comeback because of it's name than WP does taking off. I'm sorry but too many people still aren't aware of WP. A product can't take off in sales if people don't know it exists or even know what it is when they see it. As it stands now, more people know about BlackBerry 10 than they do about Windows Phone 8, that's a sad truth
  • Most users don't like it, but others do like it, and not having this kinda of apps in WP8, will be a deal-breaker.
  • I have a feeling that each "app craze" is getting shorter and shorter nowadays, e.g., Draw Something. I think Microsoft and Nokia should stop wasting money on getting celebrity apps on other ecosystems to Windows Phone and create more celebrity apps exclusive on Windows Phone instead.
    If they always try to port those apps to Windows Phone, when it's done, the hype is almost or already over.
  • The sad thing is that there arent enough people to create exclusive WP celebrity apps, they just dont take off since there are too few of us.
    The way these things work is that the word spreads through friends, IRL friends, not some forum.
  • Well I remember reading somewhere it was rumored to be a pre-loaded "lens" as part of the camera app.  That would be great and have it pull into your pictures hub feed.
  • That would be cool.
    But then they need to integrate Instagram with the OS so we can browse, like and comment other instagram-users pics.
  • F***. Instagram. Actually wait, don't f*** it, it's un-F***-worthy!
  • Intesgram will be integrated to windows phone 8
  • I'd bet on this
  • I remember way back when articles were being written that windows phone would get instagram before android...
    i guess we will have to wait and see.  I dont care for instagram, but if you want your platform to be popular, you need popular apps. 
  • Hey. We got Netflix before Android. ;)
  • Yes that's true, but probably because that dude that own the company worked on Microsoft's board..
  • BB10 ship March 2013 at the earliest. WP8 ships in a mere days. Instragram coming to WP has no bearing on Instragram coming to BB10 and vice versa. Regardless, if Microsoft can't get Instagram on WP by the time WP8 devices hit stores, that is a huge failure on their end.
  • You mean if MS doesn't put a gun to Instagram's head? A company that is not owned by MS and can do whatever it wants?
    I think if Instagram wants prominent placement in the Windows 8 store & current/future Xbox consoles, they will find a way to fall inline very quickly...
  • No. If WP isn't compelling enough on it's own to atract Instragram with dedicated WP and Metro appls (Modern windows market place apps for x86/Arm) then Microsoft has grossly failed at presenting the case for it's competing ecosystem to developers in a timely manner.
  • +1
  • "...just like diabetes for Americans."
    Seriously uncalled for.  Not cool, WPCentral.
  • uncalled... but that's the reality mate... :S
  • While it's true that the US has a big problem with diabetes, the EU is really not far behind.  There is no reason to single out the US.  Did you know that Germany has major issue with their crematoriums?  They aren't large enough for the increasingly large population.  The point is, every country has their issues, and diabetes rates shouldn't be joked about.
  • I'm an American and diabetes is a must for me! Just kidding but he is being real diabetes is a real big issues in America with a fast food in almost every corner it's hard to not be tempted. Aside from that I'm also frustrated with not having the hottest apps that iOS & Android have so until that doesn't change I will not recommended wp8 to my iOS & Android friends because I know they use instagram. So come on MS you want user to make the switch you have to also offer them the apps they already have.
  • Apple, Google, and Microsoft don't make the "hot" apps you refer to. Direct your plea to the app developers...
  • @Odog4ever I never said Apple,Google & Microsoft make the "hot" apps I refer to. MAKING them and OFFERING them is something different.
  • it was just a lame attempt at humor aping the recent SNL skit.
  • while i do have an account on instagram... really... there is no point in using the app when you know what you want. and for those who is sub par in editing images - for sure, they will love Instagram... oh, that's just me :))
  • Well if it's absence deters people from jumping from other platforms I suppose I'd like it to come. Personally, anyone who is obsessed with photographing every minute (and usually tedious) detail of their lives and plastering it over Instagram/Facebook etc.. has a screw loose as far as I'm concerned.
  • The masses have spoken! Individuals like sharing personal info on the web: name, age, sex, address, phone number, everyday personal life, and yes, PICTURES! Which in all makes the job for the government, killers, stalkers, sexual predators, identity thieves, much easier to find. Isn't that great!
  • Unfortunately this statement is correct. :(
  • Lol Daniel!
  • None of this would be a problem if the folks at Instagram opened up their API (even if they charged for use) to Metrogram & Instacam.
  • Instagram is a great service and application, I can't see anything to dislike about it to be honest. I suppose it would be hipster to hate Instagram. Personally I like it, a lot of great content and photographers are on instagram.
  • WTF IS "desitny"
    picture caption text is wrong in case F7 doesn't work....
  • With the ability to take great photos with lumia phones, I careless for Instagram.
  • When crackberry Kevin says something it's pretty much a done deal.
  • Use Flickr.... Who cares about instagram... SMH...facebook bought it to hide it from APPLE..
  • Just use get me rated
  • I'm sure wp8 will get instgram soon, fb own it and Microsoft has a good friendship with them
  • But windows phone has a good relationship with facebook too...
  • We don't have a official Facebook,Instagram,or Facebook Camera app,seems to me that Facebook has no interest in WP at this time.Maybe like the article states we might see that change with WP8.
  • I kind of like instagram. I put our hopes on Nokia, especially for we soon to be WP users.
  • I want instagram. I use it everyday on my iphone. However, I do want to switch, but the lack of instagram is a problem, specially since the 920 is the perfect instagram phone. 
    Oh, and if all you see in your instagram feed are pictures of food and coffee, you need to follow other people. 
  • Ya, Idk how im the only one who seems to remember that MS said that Instagram would launch with WP8. This was announced sometime near their surface announcement... So yes we will have Instagram before Blackberry does...
  • To those who are still confused as to why Instagram is popular, take a step back and think about when Facebook, YouTube and Twitter launched. Facebook: Why would I sign up to another social network when everyone I know already is on MySpace? YouTube: Why am I going to upload private videos for the whole world to see, that's stupid! Twitter: I don't get Twitter, why would I waste my time telling people what I'm doing, don't you already do that on Facebook? now Instagram: I don't get it, why am I going to add ugly filters on even uglier poorly shot photos? Every major platform becomes popular because of the integrated social layer that becomes second-nature to it's users who appreciate not the functionality of the app per-say but the fact that you can follow other people without the fustrating and sometimes awkward barrier of dealing with friend request rejections and in turn feel a little bit closer to the person; because photos are personal and telling about a persons life more so than status updates. Also the reason why people need Instagram is because it's a mobile-specific app which means the photos users take may not be shown through other social networks because it's a walled-garden experience. So to some users that's important because it means they're going to be left out of a particular experience.
  • Instagram... Blah!
  • I'd like to see Grinder make its way to Windows Phone :)
  • Lol +1 I know what you mean.
  • I just use Lomogram. Works fine for me.
  • Very very very poor taste and very very obnoxious analogy comparing Instagram to Diabetes. Diabetes is a disease and a worldwide problem and should not be used in this context or any other way except medically. For Shame!
  • Instagram, Facebook, and the like in reality is a disease in its own merit. They just don't know it.
  • Instagram.  Ruining photos since 2010!
  • I just hope the platform gets Instagram soon.
  • If windows phone 8 does get it, im sure it'll be a Nokia exclusive. Lumia 920 camera + instagram= epic win.
  • lol who cares about instagram is so gay. Even if wp8 will not have it by end of October don't mean I will ditch wp8 just for stupid instagram. Hahhaha use your head people
  • i don't give a crap about instagram give me my hook up apps (grindr, jack'd) that i have on my SGIII then i will make the switch to a wp (the nokia L920 (yellow) looks very tempting). so here's hoping the release of wp8 these apps would be annnounces too or soon!!! if not then the nexus 4 it is.
  • This a petition to get Instagram on Windows, it only needs a few more signatures. SIGN IT AND SPREAD THE WORD
  • why isn't anyone interested in TEMPLE RUN and the delay of that !!??  :( Why can't we have a few threads and write ups about Temple Run? :(
  • Instagram is now on BlackBerry 10 since yesterday. It's a port.. but works as good as anything out there.