Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile with new UI and logo is now available

Last week, Instagram decided to give itself a makeover with a new logo and a more modern look for its somewhat dated UI. While the apps for Android and iOS were updated within 48 hours of the announcement the Windows 10 Mobile version was slated for a few days later. That update is now live in the Store as promised.

Version 8.0 of the Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile, which itself is a port from iOS, now has an all new UI, colorful logo and hopefully some improvements as well to scrolling and other minor bug fixes (for those we'll have to wait and see).

Regarding the specific changelog, which came before the app update went live, Instagram notes the following changes:

We have a new look! Our updated icon stays true to the camera and rainbow. The simpler design puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app."

For now, you can head to the Store and update your app or just grab the link below. Let us know below in comments if you find any other features or fixes as well. Finally, as others have noted you will need to repin the Live Tile to get the new logo to show.

Download Instagram from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

qr: new instagram

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • ☔ This was posted in a pineapple under the sea.
  • Good one :D
  • Am the only one who thinks its icon are windows 10 mobile type? Lord at Age Of Emperors, AOE: Castle Siege
  • I had to re-pin the app in order for the new logo to change. Just keep that in mind if that's your case Posted using the W10M Windows Central app +950
  • A true windows app won't need to re-pin in order for the logo to be change.
  • Mine didnt need that tho
  • Just because it didn't happen to you,doesn't mean it didn't happen to others.
  • Just resize the tile or reboot the device... A purely cosmetic issue.
  • It means that it's time for a factory reset with no restore cuz your phone is in a weird state. That's windows for you. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Lumia 950xl
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  • Come on people... It was only a joke! It was a reference to The Hangover. No need to make this a political debate This was posted in a pineapple under the sea.
  • You people are never happy.
  • I'm very happy with the update! I just wanted to make people aware that it may not update the logo by itself. Posted using the W10M Windows Central app +950
  • Chill bruh... The live tike images are cached for performance sake, so they don't have to be reloaded every time you go to the Start Screen (Which is probably a lot). Until a live tile pushes an update (I.E: Display a new article on the tile) or otherwise gets a refresh request from the app, it will continue using the cached image. It would've eventually updated, this guy merely cleared and refreshed the cache by unpinning and repinning the app. This has nothing to do with being a "true" app, whatever that means. It has to do with caching, which all operating systems use to some extent because it's preposterous to reload common UI elements, that are mostly static, all the time.
  • So for the people it wasn't an issue, is it a "true windows app." Or do you make up the rules as you please?
  • Why do you have to download it again?
  • Who said that? Posted using the W10M Windows Central app +950
  • Others have said you have to download it again in this thread. I've gone to the store down, found the app, it said there was an update. I clicked the button to update it and then it downloaded it. I suppose I could have waited for the update to be pushed out.
  • Actually this is a client side (phone) thing. The fact that there's an update button for you means that it has been rolled out to you. But your phone only checks for app updates every few hours automatically (as, to do so all the time would kill your battery even while you're not using it!). Had you waited for a while, it would've been updated without you knowing it did. :)
  • You don't need to download it again unless you've still got the old instagram beta app installed. That needs uninstalling and the new app in the store should be downloaded.
  • You don't need to download it again unless you've still got the old instagram beta app installed. That needs uninstalling and the new app in the store should be downloaded.
  • You don't need to download it again unless you've still got the old instagram beta app installed. That needs uninstalling and the new app in the store should be downloaded.
  • Just resize the icon and it will update Posted from WC for W10 running on my 930.
  • I just had to resize it and voila, thee new icon on the tile. Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • thanks... works like a charm
  • Been waiting for this! App used to be like a charm now
  • I love this new design. It's so much cleaner. You need to re pin the tile in order for it to change to the new one.
  • It's great! Now for facebook!
  • I don't use Instagram but I like the support for the Windows platform so far
    GJ Facebook.
  • Just want them to add multiple accounts now
  • Multiple account support has been there since day 1 of the new app. It's literally a port from iOS with 100% feature parity.
  • Really? I read it was a port and looked but couldn't find it.
    Thought it was weird, will check again.
  • Account icon > Settings cog upper right > Scroll all the way down until you see 'Add Account' right above 'Log out'.
  • Yup found it, perfect thanks.
  • I really don't like the new logo... So I guess I wont need to repin the app. @Daniel Rubino you know windows central still remains the number 1 site for info on the windows ecosystem, I really appreciate you all. Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • This may be stupid question... If the app is IOS port, and scrolling works perfect on iPhone, why it doesn't work smooth on Windows devices?
  • It works smooth on my 640XL Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • Your phone is useless that's why.
  • Well its a optimization thing, not because of being a port. iOS isn't smooth because of its apps, because the OS and the apps works well together on the hardware and software. The apps are native in short. In our case, it seems the tool used to port these apps weren't well optimized as it gets built. So it needs further effort to make the performance better, but it seems that they just "testing waters" with this tool and just released it to us without much further optimization and UI tweaks. Performance of the really needs works as ir scrolls mine and animates with low framerate. Opening library of photos takes alot of time, some glitches though bit rare, and sometimes it may crash (though not sure if its W10M issue or the app, since other apps may randomly crash anyways). Sent from Turing Machine
  • It should be noted this doesn't use the Windows Bridge for iOS, but third party tools Cordova and the Ionic Framework. That's why performance isn't up to snuff on Windows.
  • Scrolling is bad on my L1520
  • Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using My Beastly 1520
  • Hi Dan! Am not sure about 100% parity. Vignette filter hasn't been introduced even after several updates. But other main features particularly multiple account has been there since Day 1.  
  • OH WOW!!! It even has the same gestures of iOS version, so no need to use the "back button" of a Windows Device, that is completely a port, a good one.
  • No UI change for me, after update and all, anyone else? (Lumia 930)
  • Just reboot. It should change.
  • Logged out and in again nothing, rebooted my phone nothing. My tile has changed but the actual in-app UI is still the same
  • Bla1ze at WindowsCentral comments... Might that mean that BlackBerry is about to dabble with W10M? :P Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Pineapple PineBook XPS 13"
  • By Dabble, how do you mean? Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • Play with.
  • Seriously though ... I'd blame it on "Slow news day" over at Crackberry if it weren't a weekend. :P
    Or maybe Bla1ze is exploring new waters ... His next choice if Blackberry ever goes belly up or full-Android? :P Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Pineapple PineBook XPS 13"
  • Awful... Black and white should be mostly black! Or at least follow system theme... Anyhow, I'll live with it. :P Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Pineapple PineBook XPS 13"
  • Ok
  • You can change the theme.. Just change your phone's theme to white and your accent to a little gray... It'll be fine. Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • No, I mean that if my phone theme is Dark, the background should be black. You know, like 6Tag. My 950XL loves deep blacks and so do I. :)
  • I agree
  • I love the dark theme and both my 640XL, L520 and Dell Inspiron 15 are all set to dark theme,but, I still prefer some apps to use white background.... Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • That's the problem with apps ported using third party tools.
  • Transparent tile! Sweet
  • Finally, it has a normal splash screen! Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • Amen!!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just preferences: I "effin" hate splash screens, they have no reason to be there, other than show you the app logo. Splash screens is a "feature" that annoys me of W10M, sometimes it takes several seconds before I can see the main screen of the app. I mean, even when you create a new W10M app on Visual Studio with absolutely nothing but a blank screen, there's a splash screen, doing who knows what before the main (blank) screen shows up. As I said before, just my thoughts.
  • Scrolling is faster, but the bug with screen size on digital nav bar persists
  • You can thank iOS for that... Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Pineapple PineBook XPS 13"
  • Its their porting tool and the lack of further polish is really the issue there. Its really feels a direct port without much changes. Sent from Turing Machine
  • iOS until very recently did not allow apps to have different sizes on the same device, and I think that feature is still not available for iPhones and iPods, just the iPad Pro. Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Pineapple PineBook XPS 13"
  • Still crash on edit profile page. Like the previous version
  • I think I might jst keep the current build, I have the new one on iPhone and it sucks xD
  • Won't last long I'm afraid, W10 will auto-update it for you.
  • Yes, it's true. The update is not colorful as that of Android and iOs. It ended up as black&white on my Lumia 640 XL. Lateef1972
  • The new design is universal, so even Android and of course iOS have same design theme. The problem though is that W10M version is really just an iOS port where it retains the UI that toggles, search bar, back button icon are iOS, not Windows. The status bar is also left with black ones instead of making use of it just like iOS, Android and what Windows app normally does. Sent from Turing Machine
  • It also brings up the wrong keyboard when commenting. I get the one where you have the ".com" button, and no spell checker. It's pretty annoying.
  • Seriously! No access to the comma key and spell check doesn't work with this keyboard...
  • The black and white design is part of the new Instagram UI.
  • You can turn off auto app updates in the store settings.
  • Anyone else's app still the same UI as previous version?
  • Dunno O! I'm still trying to update Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • Me
  • The UI and Logo changed on mine. Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • Yeah I just reinstalled it, all good after that.
  • Picture selection is so much better, nice new UI, great update
  • My UI is blue like before.
  • Why I'm not seeing Instagram app yet on the Battery Saver Always Allowed Apps list ?
  • Have you launched it yet? And let it run a couple of days
  • It's been installed for months now and I use it daily.
  • Still getting bad scrolling issues when searching/exploring. Posted a feedback message to them... Again...
  • Still ! Time to loading local photo library for ages on my phone (1520 ) , hope they fix that soon
  • YES!
    - Transparent Tile (though, the icon is low quality if you look closely)
    - Splash Screen finally works
    - Scrolling is a lot smoother
    - Liking the new UI (though, I hope they use system light/dark theme eventually)
  • Icon quality is good for me (Lumia 1520 with 4 columns tiles)
  • Strangely I downloaded but there is no design it's the old one
  • I got a newish logo after repinning but not the colourful logo they were showing. Don't know what's up with that
  • The rainbow logo wouldn't work on transparent Live Tile, so it will stay as solid white as usual. If they make option for solid/non-transparent Live Tile, then they can make the tile have colors. Still I wished they make use if Live Tile to cycle with latest photo feed, instead of staying as a static logo for the rest of the tine when there is no notification. Sent from Turing Machine
  • I've never seen icons take so much heat before. The app itself looks fantastic on my 1520.  Great layout, smooth scrolling, the people I follow still look better and make more money than me, I'm in heaven! Screw an icon. This is great.  Thanks devs.
  • Looking gooooood...☺
  • Anyone else have an issue where it now will only let you post from camera roll library? Won't see screenshot or saved pictures folders etc. +950 XL DS NAM CV Windows 10 Mobile
  • Got that problem too
  • Aight, thanks for the confirm. IG official, you're on the bench... 6tag, you're up!
  • Anyone noticed it can be installed on SD now? ;) Was surprised!!
  • Make sure your SD card is formatted as a NTFS drive, otherwise you might run into updating problems later. Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Pineapple PineBook XPS 13"
  • I guess it is... But I'll check that later. Thanks for warning! :D
  • When I formatted my SD card in NTFS, the Store just told me, that it has to be formatted in FAT32 or exFAT to be able to install apps on it. But exFAT works just fine ;) Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on Lumia 535
  • Mine is working fine since I bought it, so... I guess it has no problem with drive type. xD But always nice to know this stuff! Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • And yes, I think it had to be FAT because it is a detachable drive. Like a USB to a PC. :P
    If it was NTFS, as SD card, it would be easily corrupted and would be slower in access and recording.
  • Not "same day", but certainly a lot quicker than I was expecting this. Transparent tile too which is nice.
  • Glad they went with an accent/transparent tile Looking at you, Facebook and Twitter
  • Salt belongs in your food, not here.
    I am someone, of the 2639th variety.
  • Still painfully slow on my L550 and scrolling as well . When they get it right on this device it will be better on the others.
  • This is the tough reality for low end Lumia phones- if/when devs create apps based on either Project Islandwood or Windows 10, those low end phones won't be able to support. Might be time to start considering a 650.
  • I have a 950 XL I just wanted to see how this is gonna work on my lower and telephone. I haven't updated the bigger phone yet, but I'll do that later today.
  • It's really nice to see Windows support come along so quickly after the iOS and Android versions!
  • This
  • Preach.
  • Happy to see it brought to Windows, just wish it was optimized for Windows. Controls are iPhone, no theme color control. Maybe in future. I'll stay with six for now.
  • I like what they did They just need to make this thing open faster on the Windows Phone.
  • I got he new icon but there is no rainbow colors. It's the same as my tile colors. I've repined the tile and did a soft reset. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using My Beastly 1520
  • Its WM signature. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thank god it's not the rainbow icon!!! Opening saved images for posting is faster than the last build. Sweet!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Cool Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using My Beastly 1520
  • 50.9 MB. How the hell did you do that, Facebook?
  • is that good ? once it's installed the size jumps to almost 100mb
  • Finally we have a mother ducking splash screen, now the app feels like a complete app. Sent from the fabulous Lumia 1320 running smoothly Windows 10 Mobile
  • Now it shows a proper intro on the app like other W10M apps a dark background and the new logo instead of the previous glitch load screen, seems that they knew they were gonna change it at the end maybe that's why they never fixed that glitch on the previous version. and I like that the new tile is transparent is nice to have great apps on W10M, though they need to work on the library stil
  • That wasn't a glitch, it's like that on iPhone too. The idea is that by showing the empty app UI immediately upon launch (before any content actually loads), it makes it seem like the app loaded faster, psychologically.
  • Yeah it could be that too, playing with our minds XD From my Lumia 950
  • The 3D touch "peek" feature seems to have been ported directly from the iPhone as well (press and hold on a miniature image to enlarge). Not sure if it was already there, but it's really cool.
  • This feature came out since day one.
  • Not giving update for wp8.1. Give support for this also..
  • The package size is reduced I think. Previously it was around 47MB and now it's around 29MB. But the size(and the app icon) is not updated in the store.
  • What about instagram on 8.1 store Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 8.1 is dead. Long live Windows 10
  • That has been removed from store.
    Do visit Windows Central daily :-P Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Fully transparent tile... Yeaaaa!!! Greetings from Lumia 540 running Windows 10 from India.
  • Facebook app next then messenger please.
  • Also we need a UWP WhatsApp and please not an iPhone Port cause the UI on iPhone sucks Android and Windows have the best WhatsApp apps in terms of menus From my Lumia 950
  • There is a transparent live tile for instagram now!
  • Just needs screen resizing when you hide navigation bar. Also it needs both dark and light theme choices.
  • Still cant load the pictures or its too slow and I give up, I still have never seen my gallery load ever.
  • At last there is a title screen! Other than that just different colors and better live tile (transparent).
  • Does this app work on W10 PC? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is anyone facing buggy scrolling when mass liking a hashtag? Like the image you've scrolled through will reappear. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • @Daniel_Rubino I am just the one that noticed that the vignette filter is not available in the Win10 Mobile version? Or this was already addressed somewhere else and I may have missed it?
  • Finally an update within the same year as android and IOS
  • Update for instagram win8.1 needed it was working fine as it was untill an unnecessary unknown update on 4-4-16 last it crashes everytime nothing fixes it
  • Finally got the update and the logo is fully transparent and not blue :D !!!!!!!!!
  • Finally, a transparent live tile for the app too.
  • It says it's not compatible with my phone! 950XL UK
  • Cool of Instagram to not let these special windows users down. Keep up the good work!
  • It's great that we are getting official stuff, but it's extremely sluggish on my Lumia 950. It's worse than the laggy slime that is my 6 year old android phone, so I really hope they do some optimizing, as I'm used to a smooth experience after switching from android to windows.
  • I have a 950 too and the app works almost smoothly, the only problem is with the library that it takes a while to load but as a workaround I can share a pic to Instagram from the photos app and it works From my Lumia 950
  • Logo changed without re-pining. Scrolling is smooth but it should be a bit faster. Also I still can't upload videos from my 1520. App just crashes every time you choose the video and hit the next button.
  • Just updated the app and nothing changed!! Only the start up logo changed!! WTF? Posted from my pretty NOKIA Lumia 630 Windows 10 Mobile App
  • Thank-you Intagram development.... we happy, God bless you.
  • uninstall 6tag.. love this one. :D
  • App looks great but little bit leggy not smoother than 6tag. And not customize for Lumia 640Xl if i swipe up navigation bar App UI cropped.
  • Scroll through the comments to find someone with a similar problem to mine... with no sucess. When trying to post, library takes a while but then crashes, I don't even have time to pick the photo and click Next. Using it from my Nokia 830.Anyone else?
  • Apparently it works better on devices with more Ram and Snapdragon 805 or greater I had a 520 and I never got to load the library or even share from Photo app. From my Lumia 950
  • True
  • Ick. I really don't like iOS's DL. I'm grateful they gave us this new app at all instead of keeping us lagging behind but I'm disappointed this is just a carbon copy of the iPhone app
  • Glad to see them bringing things to us quickly now.. And I'm SO glad our logo isn't as ugly as the other platforms. They need to rethink that logo I mean just LOOK AT IT
  • I love this update, faster, smoother, more stable, more beauty. I love new live tile. I showed this tile to my friends and ask them a opinion, they said that it does a lot better than them. :-P
  • I actually like the new logo but I hate the gradient fill. Good thing that the W10M version replaced it with something much better: transparent tile.
  • Its good for now but it should've been a light/white theme and colour icon/logo on the startup with mobile. and favourite button its still black and should change to its original colour red with animation on it. Windows 10
  • Finally seeing regular updates
  • Who had that problem who try to upload a video and the app crashes?
  • Has anybody noticed that after this update, the root folders for the images were gone? What's left was the "Camera Roll" folder but other folders were gone :/
  • Since before this update, anyone else annoyed by the keyboard that pops up when typing in the official Instagram app? It seems to be the email address keyboard (shows the .com key) and there's no way to type a comma, nor use spell check...
  • Hi, new to this site, made an account to ask for some help/advice, I’m aware its the internet so haven't got my hopes up but here it goes. Obviously we're all now aware the instagram app has been updated, I however have a problem, it won't let me upload videos to it, every time I go to the app crashes and starts again.  I have tried the following; Turned the device off and on again/removed the app and completely re-installed and I have even re formatted the phone too but still doesn't help. Obviously far from impressed as I got the 950xl thinking it would be a good phone but it's been nothing but a disappointment thus far.   Thanks in advance :)
  • Strange thing is that Windows does not suggest to its users of a Windows phone (case is a Lumia 830) standard provided with windows 8.1 to upgrade to Windows 10 ... a on your Windows PC the push is all times present. On a Lumia 830 with windows 8.1 you can only download Instagram Beta which stops after some days ... to disappointment of the user. Finally after searching around a bit I found the solution, it would have been easier if Windows suggest right a way Windows 10 (the device is only 1 year).