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Instagram for Windows Phone, no official app coming...yet?

Facebook held a new product event today and the possibility of an official Instagram app for Windows Phone was briefly mentioned.

In a nutshell contrary to the rumors there isn't a Windows Phone Instagram app going to be released next week. But the door wasn't slammed shut and double bolted on the idea of a Windows Phone Instagram app either.

The question was simple as was the answer.

"Q: When will we see Instagram with video on Windows Phone? A: Nothing to announce now, but we've been talking with them and we're learning."

So while Instagram continues to be on the fence with the Windows Phone platform, we can still enjoy the Instagram network with the unofficial Windows Phone apps such as Instance, Instagraph, and #2InstaWithMassiveLove.

Source: Engadget (opens in new tab); Thanks, nah, for the tip!

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • I wonder how hard it will be for developers to crack the code to implement video in the windows phone apps
  • Not hard, just hard enough to claim its hard and therefore not worth it.
  • Just use the unofficial vine app
  • The unofficial vine app uploads to Instagram?
  • LOL
  • Rudy is already on it!
  • I enjoy using instagram through the instance app. At the same time, I do hope an official app arrives soon.
  • Honest question... because I don't use IG, nor Instance. But is there a difference?
    Do you want IG to come because "it's good for WP", or you prefer using the actual 'name brand'?
    I'm not trying to bad-mouth at all, just curious. 
  • Well, theres something magical about words "official" i guest, and dont forget instance or instagraph is paid app, sooo yeah you got the point xD
  • It's good for WP for the official apps to be in the WP Store. That's what the average user will look for by name. If they can't find it by name, they usually won't want it.
    Even if the 3rd party app is superior.
  • People just don't want 3rd party apps. No matter how good they might work. Until we get instagram, Pinerest (sp?), tumblr, SiriusXm, vine, etc I don't think this OS is ever going to take off.
    FYI-just last night the Weather Channel app stopped working-both OEM and Nokia versions. Waiting for response to my email but they appear to have abandoned WP7...
  • We have the official tumblr app.
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed Nokia and OEM apps abandoned WP7. Reminds me when the original Xbox had servers still running until April, 2010. They probably abandoned it before the termination date when they announced it. 
  • I think it's good for windows phone. It may give someone who is after "name brands" a reason to switch.
  • There something about official apps. The possibility of instance (or any other unofficial) being taken down or hacked is always concern. Developer quits, moves on and does not update unofficial app. With all the bad app stories you hear about android, "official apps" just seem to be a safer bet. Not saying official app servers can't be hacked cause they can.
  • Well said by a few others but think of it this way... when you have an official app, you know that the original source supports the platform and endorses our use of it, so it's not going to just up and disappear with a big developer.
    With a third-party app, the well could run dry and they say, "screw it, I'm out." Not only that, but the original source could look at those unauthorized third-party apps and issue a take down order, ruining the experience for everyone. It's bad PR all the way around, and it hurts consumers in spite of what it does to business.
    As nice as Instance is (and it's great from what I've heard... I don't use Instagram at all, but I did buy the app just to show the developer support), he is in violation (and so is Instagraph) of their terms of service, strictly speaking. It leaves them wide open to issues.
  • Well, I can tell you before we had Pandora, we had Metro radio which in my opinion is still far superior than the official Pandora WP app. but like most have said, if its not "official" they won't want it just because its not official, oh well. 
  • The official app has better filters. Instance filters are a joke and aviary's are average. That's why.
  • I hope the third party Instagram clients can update their apps to include the new video features!! Please Daniel update Instance!!
  • ...and metrogram....
  • Daniel gary is already looking to integrate video into instance app,check his twitter feed 
  • thanks for the news, whats his twitter
  • @danielgary
  • Great news, Thanks
  • Video!
  • Sigh
  • The benefit of windows 8 is live tiles. This will always lead to a better official app on our platform vs ios or android.
  • If they actually use the live tile. So many apps don't use the live tile, as well as other WP8 features.
  •  I can live right now with an equal -not better- instagram app. But we can't wait 2 more years. 
  • They're still "learning?"
    There goes my hope of receiving an official app before my contract ends.
  • They're "learning" how much Microsoft will pay them and provide the developers.
  • What is that supposed to even mean?
  • they really need to bring the official app over so we can be included with the rest of the world
  • Funny, once Twitter created an Instagram like service with filters there is action, competition is good
  • I very much enjoy the lens integration so easy and fun.
  • Exactly, which is why Twitter bought Vine. That is the only reason Facebook considered the video in the first place. Competition is great!
  • Fb u suck fr this....
  • By the time Instagram comes, we won't care because Instance is already good enough. This will be the same story as metrotube and rowi. Its good to have official apps, but at the same time I couldn't care less because of Instance.
  • I don't use IG, but I agree 100%.
  • I love instance because it gives us the opportunity to be part of the instagram community from Windows Phone. Still it lacks very much from the official app. And the dev will sadly always be step behind. A quick list: - it's not free. I bought it, but most people just won't. And they are right if they don't choose to.
    - It lacks the filters. It's the "Big Mac" of instagram, unlikely anyone is going to crack the recipe.
    - No activity feed for other people
    - No tagging of people
    - No tagged photos of people
    - Video stuff. Cinema and the filters won't be coming either I think. Some of these can be fixed, but it's probably not even worth it for the dev. So in my eyes, the official app is deadly necessary for Windows Phone and it's ecosystem.
  • At least there's a free, ad-supported version of it with full functionality now.
  • Agreed. Although Intance still has to grow a bit in terms of the capabilities when compared to the official Instagram. And Daniel Gary probably doesn't have as much time as Rudy Huyn to perfect his Apps with the kid and all. 
  • Why doesn't this article have more comments. It's about instagram, and windows phone. Oh wait that's right. They released good third party apps for instagram. So no more complainers?
  • No, even Instance is better because it let me download photos.
  • Dat tipster His name is nah
  • Must be Asian
  • Hello Guys, 
    I'm back. Firstly I would like to apology about all my troll posts about Windows Phone, specially because the lack of Instagram. 
    I tried Android, after Windows Phone, then iOS, and now I'm back to Windows Phone. I couldn't stay on Iphone 4, more than 4 weeks, even though I enjoyed so much Subway surfers and Vine.
    iOs is so boring, that is the truth. Some complain of missed features on Windows Phone, but guess iOS design are worst. Usually I stay a little longer with my smarts, my Xperia I stayed with for a year. My lumia 710 for almost 6 months, but my Iphone a week.
    Then, I am back to a lumia 800. Yes, it is not Windows Phone 8, yet I have 90 apps on it, and enjoy them so much, better than all the new apps and updates on iOS.
    About Instagram? I always complain about this app on Windows Phone, I even discuss with Daniel Rubino about it. But to tell the truth I don't care anymore, with programas like Instagraph and #2instawithmassivelove, who cares about instagram? Instagraph even have the same filters from Instagram ( I only use Lo-fi.)
    Instagram can die without doing an app to Windows Phone. They are so worried about Vine (since Vine surpassed them in download speed on Android) that they will release a kind of vine version.
    Who cares? Artists and companies are already using Vine. Twitter always offer a nicer support to us than the shit FB company. They offer nice updates, nice apps, and they believe in Windows Phone.
    FB is a dead horse.
    I couldn't care less these days, about FB. Then, I only will beg to Instance dev to keep his word and dev instance for my Lumia 800, and someone Vine too. 
    The rest, I guess with 90 apps, I have everything on my phone.
    Windows Phone, hate or love, I hate, but I ended missing this early adopter plataform. Best decision on my life was heading back to Windows Phone.
  • Welcome back!
  • Good. Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you.
  • " Who in the blue hell is marcusadrusal? " let me answer my own question. It doesn't matter who he is..
  • +10K
  • I heard instagram is going to have videos now.
  • I really don't get why multimillion dollar companys have to spend so much time learning and talking to microsoft to get them to develop apps when they should be realeasing an app as timely as possible.
    Their entire business is based of apps and the internet, why would you not release for as many platforms as possible.
    It's like a Goodyear only making a tires for fords and toyotas.
  • It's simple. They, like several other company's have an agenda.
  • +1 exactly, its like goodyear only making the tires for ford and Toyota but not Suzuki because they don't sell enough cars
  • LEARNING??? Daniel Gary for a lesson or maybe he'll SELL you his code or maybe give him some of your buckets of cash and contract him to build it with his one-man-show that your BILLION DOLLAR company can't seem to "learn" how to do.  Ugh.
  • I hope Daniel Gary does get hired by Facebook. He can make a killer official app. Then retire by labor day weekend.
  • Instance is great but it lacks a lot of what Instagram is about. Instagram has great photo editing options and Instance has very poor filters. Instance should think about merging with Fotor to create an amazing experience. Also Instance still doesn't allow for certain tasks to be acomplished that Instagram does, for example, editing the profile. I think Instance is great but it is simply buying time IMO. There are other small bugs in Instance like loading time and upload failure. What makes me really mad though is that if these developers weren't going out and doing it on their own we would still be way behind "the rest of the world" as someone stated. Microsoft needs to make this happen, like a year ago. It is just ridiculous at this point.
    EDIT: The words used from Instagram were "We do not have anything to announce at this point" when asked if Instagram was coming to WP. So technically it still could be announced next week with the Nokia release of the Lumia 925. Lets hope!
  • Instagraph has original Instagram filters, I hope it adds video upload  and filtersnow too ;)
  • PhotoPlay is better.
  • Its good because whenever instagram adds new features, such as video, it will mean at best a long delay before it comes to WP, or it could never come at all. I love the work the app developer for instance has done but if he has to constantly update the app for a shrinking income stream (as in most people have already purchased the app) he has every incentive to not support new features if they are to hard to do.
  • Not much to learn. Hire Daniel Gary, switch the "Instance" name with "Instagram" and the fonts and colors to the official and they're done.
    It's like devs turn a blind eye to what other devs do with their apis until it stops them from making money. The opprotunity is right there!
  • What I can understand for the life of me is why FB wouldn't make an instagram app for WP since MS was an early investor in FB who purchased instagram right? If FB owns Instagram, I guess their ultamatum to MS is allow the flopping FB Home or No App???
  • Seriously?  MS owns Skype and yet WP is the only platform that did not get updated to send video messages.  If MS can't even support WP with their own apps, why would an outside company?
  • Bingo! This takes the cake!
  • Makes sense to me. Seems like a small development shop. They don't even have a iOS iPad app yet. And it's been years!
  • I'm sorry but....whats the point of instagram??
  • I could care less about the point, all I know is that MS invests (put millions in stocks in FB before it was popular), donates, and saves companies from oblivion (huh hmm...Apple) and all they seem to get is disrespected in return. All of the companies it invested in and/or saved Sh*t on them and discourage developer from making apps. This isn't counting all of the personal wealth Mr. Gates donates around the world. Can someone explain to me how all of the good they do is looked over and they are percieved as evil?
  • I hate instagram, but I have to admit that Instagram Videos are cool!
    Now I really want an official instagram app :(
  • I wish they'd fall off that fence....
  • I just want to point out that the original question from your excerpt is "When will we see an Instagram with video app on Windows Phone" not trying to hype up anything but since the question was so specific it does leave room that a basic Instagram app could come first.
  • Please allow me, a non instagram user, to rant a bit.      I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Considering that instagram continues to give WP users the finger why not do the same back? You are in more control than you think because they need you far more than you need them. So... well, f*ck 'em!  They have been telling you that very same thing for a while now.    Don't give them or any other app developer the benefit of the doubt. They can easily create a WP app. Hell they can easily port their app over. Do you really think these 'indy' developers can easily crank out an app (good or bad) and a multi million dollar company who's SOLE PURPOSE for existing is to build an app (not multiple apps, ONE app) doesn't have the ability to do it for WP?? They have an agenda. And their agenda is currently telling you all to go f*ck yourselves. Maybe they are being snobs, maybe they are decidedly anti-Microsoft. But either way, they aren't trippin off of you. I don't know if their intentions are like google's. Google has bold-face lied... there's not enough WP users to legitimize creating apps for this OS?? Bullsh*t! They are leveraging their services against WP hoping that not having google available will drive people away and hopefully kill it off.    Now is IG on that same page? Who knows. But to this point they have shown no love... and frankly there is no real reason for it.  For me, I'm not an app fiend. I don't measure a device/OS by the apps available. Honestly, that's marketing hype created by Apple. Yes unfortunately they are important, and I know I may be in the minority here but I simply don't care. I use them, I like them, I appreciate what they are, and do but that's it.  If I've allied myself with anything it'll have to be with the OS it's self. Because no app in the world can hide an overall shitty OS. Beyond that I've invested my money in Windows Phone, so damn if I'm going to let a FREE app determine what decisions I make.    The sad part is they could drop a WP app tomorrow and all will be great, and forgiven in the WP app world. But it shouldn't be. Same with google and youtube. They have taken their stance, and I have taken mine, f*ck them and their add riddled apps. Keep 'em.   /Rant.
  • I don't disagree with what you're saying, but you're speaking against the trendiness of the app... and people-- mindful and mindless-- enjoy being a part of something bigger and popular.
  • facebook people are Really slow. Instagram ppl wd have created WP App immidiately :/
  • They didn't in the two years WP was in the market before they got bought by Facebook.
  • Just got this from the developer of Instance on Twitter "@danielgary: Ok, viewing video is done. That was easy enough :)"
  • Will Instance got an update?
  • Instagram, instagram, insta.... It's really so important? Really 'must have'?...
    In fact we have imo better, more powerfull app from  the 'social photo sharing category' - FHOTOROOM!
  • I don't like fhotoroom. Its ok but not as good as instagram
  • Exactly. Fotoroom is better because it is a WP social networking platform. Exclusivity.
  • if eating shit an option other than using windows phone..i will opt to eat shit... never again to windows phone. .. the sales man tricked me in saying  windows phone has all the games and apps  others have.. they said i will find 90% of popular apps.. i didnt find even 20 %.. real cheaters..100s of people are fooled daily  and made to purchase windows phone.. i mean nokia..  when i returned to shop and asked for some particular app .. the sales man will show something similar to that and say this is offical version for window phone.. like when i asked him where is subway surffer .. he showd temple run  and said.. this is same as subway suffer..  nokia sales people are fooling  100s .. please stay away from   windows phone    people
  • What are u even talking about? its not kept a secret we don't have official apps... Stop being ignorant
  • 5% of the market fooled you? Windows Phone is still growing. Its like Android was at this stage, give it some time.
  • Enjoy eating shit.  And we'll enjoy a buttery-smooth platform that we love that has both very good low-end and high-end phones.  Go use an iphone or an android.  That's your choice, no?
    No one forces you to use a cell phone, do they?  No one forces you to not go buy something else and then sell your Windows Phone, do they? 
    Ok, then...goodbye. 
  • yes ture no one... but its cheating  to say things u have and  when bought it has nothing.. i must say  this kind of cheating will  make users never  come back.. i  went to nokia store to know more abt  windows phone and.. the sales  guy cheated.. selling fish and selling rotten fish are  2 differnt things.. windows and nokia cheated me... if they had said they dont have  that apps or games.. i would have bought it still but they said  it has  and  cheated me.. the thing is that i cant even sell this  nobody wants  and they offer  low price .. never again to windows
  • Given that the platform is growing, albeit slowly, I don't think necessarily agree with you.  But we can both believe what we want.
    Now, the real issue.  What apps are you missing?  You feel cheated...please be *very* specific.  Which apps would need to appear to make you not feel cheated?  Which apps were you told that were there, that aren't that lead you to feel cheated? BTW, which phone do you have?
    Instance is great.  Well worth the $.  The free, ad-supported version has all the same features as well.  This was an article about Instagram afterall...
  • Poor you. I searched all thru google about apps available for wimdows phone before i bought one. I know that some popular apps are not available but i know they will someday. I bought my WP just for a reason, i love MetroUI and i want a difference between androids, ios n blackberry....
  • Oh well, it's your fault after all, before getting a phone, you should look it up and search if your favorite apps and games are available or not!!! Don't depend on salesmen, they'll always trick you!
  • After months and months and months of waiting for instagram (we technically don't have it yet), Instance comes out with an amazing client for it. To me its pretty much Instagram...But now Instagram has video and we are once again behind. I really love Windows phone and I'm prob not gonna switch over to another OS anytime soon but this whole "lack of popular apps" thing gets to me sometimes. Its just frustrating
  • I just waiting for instance to come to WP7
  • *9000!!!!!!!!!! Its been so long now. I have a feeling it might not come at all
  • ^Yes
  • Have been on Instagram for a while and still don't understand what all the fuss is about.
  • I totally agree. It's ridiculous. I still bought a copy of Instance just because I want to support good developers like Daniel Gary. We need and want developers like that to succeed so they can serve as an example to other developers.
  • Absolutely agree. I did the same thing for Swapchat. :)
  • I think that the wrong question was asked and now we are no more wiser about when an official app may be available. Just because they have been discussing instagram "video" doesn't mean that a normal instagram app, without video, isn't going to be available soon.
  • "Nothing to announce now, but we've been talking with them and we're learning." Then they have a pretty seriously learning disability. Seriously, WP8 apps are cake. Did my first one last month. The majority of it was done over a weekend, which has photo upload features to a website. App will be revealed later, it's not in the store yet, but it's a WP version of of a popular iOS app.
  • I hope IG doesn't come to WP anytime soon because that will mean that hard working developers may lost out on money/revenue. This is coming from a guy who has WP7 and is hoping that Instance is released for WP7 so I can spend money on an app that I'll more than likely never use, I just want to support the developer.
  • I'm not an Instagram user, but I have to admit that an official Client could only be a great thing for the development of our platform
  • We want official Instagram client with all features of ios (like video). Please Microsoft make it happen, pay them whatever they want. Its an iconic app and the lack of it hurts WP sales.  Instance can't fill the gap. 
  • It's coming this June 28th!!
  • "Nothing to announce" doesn't mean there isn't an App ready ;)
    I would say that by "we're learning" what they meant was "We're trying to get a good money deal out of this from Microsoft and/or Nokia before we release it".
  • I have Instance. Nice app! Having said that, for you cats saying that the filters suck, then run you pics through Nokia Creative Studio, or Fantasia, then upload through Instance. Simple. Problem solved. Also, I joined Instagram, through Instance, and now what? I mean, ok, I uploaded a few pics. I've checked out some other folks pics. Big whoop! I could've done that on fb, or Twitter, or Fhotoroom, or a million other sites. If WP got an official app tomorrow, you would all have forgotten about IG in three days. Its a check box app. Nothing more.
  • Meh. They don't care about Windows Phones and I bet at this point they aren't even trying.
  • I'm counting Daniel Gary for video on instance. Make it happen please.
  • It is time for Instance to get updated. Videoclips are coming on Instagram... :) my Instance nowadays is stop notifying me... Need updates i guess...
  • Learning? I bet there are some dumb ass developers there, because i coded mynfirst wp8 in less than a day. Its been 2 years and yet there are learning?
  • Would be ironic if an official app finally arrived and it was really bad compared to Instance.  Anyway I was surprised at how boring Instagram actually is when I recently started using it. After all the mass hysteria. Seems a bit passé now with all its hipster retro effects.
  • *ywaaaan*
    I'm bored of this crap, they make it, they don't, whatever!!!
  • I wonder which app will get video support first. Including the apps who don't support uploading
  • Sigh. I wrote a complete Instagram clone on Windows Phone 7 back in 2012. It was feature complete and matched everything Instagram does using the Metro look-and-feel. The only thing I couldn't do was upload photos. That was a limitation of the API. Even in an email exchange with Kevin Systrom at the time, they wouldn't budge on opening up the API. Here it is a year or so later and nothing has changed. There are a few Instagram apps that allow browsing but nothing that uploads. Someone did create an uploading Instgram app on Windows Phone (using Azure on the backend) but basically they bypassed the official API and created web pages to do the work for them (which is a violation of the TOS of the API). I gave up on this pursuit as it was clear Instagram isn't interested in getting users on Windows as I simply offered them the app gratis with no strings attached.