InstaWeather Pro for Windows Phone 8

Here in the North East, we’re dealing with a kind of nasty heat wave, so weather and apps seems appropriate (our “real feel” is 109F, which is crazy). That’s why we’re kind of excited to see the app InstaWeather Pro headed to Windows Phone in the coming weeks.

We’ll give you a sneak peek, including video of it in action, in addition to launch details and what’s it all about.

InstaWeather Pro, found on iOS and Android, is part of that new crop of apps that allow you to take a photo and overlay your current location and weather with just a few clicks. You can then easily share those images to Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare or email.

At first you may think such an app is an odd thing, but truth be told, we found it quite fun to use when we travel, as it’s a good way to share with your social network where you are in the world and what it’s like.

Now, the team behind InstaWeather (which also has a website with mapping ability: let us take a quick look at the upcoming app and it’s quite elegant. The app features numerous skins (more will come out in updates), and a half dozen or so designs to choose from. It then access the Windows Phone “Share” option, meaning you can send the image to any other app or social network. You can also configure it for Celsius or Fahrenheit, metric or imperial and include the logo overlay for the app as an option.

InstaWeather Pro for Windows Phone 8
Gosh, it's hot

We’re told the app will launch for an introductory $0.99, which is a $1 cheaper than on iOS, and is near final stages. The developers are looking to add Facebook Places and foursquare integration in future updates as well, making it even more useful for those who uses those networks.

We’ll keep you posted on when the app is available, but for now, we’re excited to see another developer embrace Windows Phone.

InstaWeather Pro Sample

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